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What to Wear with Your Orange Colored Contact Lenses

Monday, September 1st, 2014

There is no color quite like orange to add some spice to a look. With the autumn approaching and the likes of Halloween round the corner, now might be a good time to succumb to the aesthetical charms of a pair of stunning orange contacts. But what do you wear with your orange lenses? Take a look at the following advice on what make up, hairstyle and clothes to wear to accompany your bright orange eyes.


Brighten Up Your Look With Orange Lenses

For Everyday Wear

So you might get some strange looks when you walk into the office sporting a pair of bright orange irises. Whilst not a natural eye color, the unnaturalness of orange eyes should not prevent you from wearing this type of lens whenever you want, including during the day. The trick is to tone down other elements of your attire.

A gentle flick of mascara and swipe of gray eye shadow would be enough make up to enhance your orange lenses further without going overboard. As the color orange always goes well with citrusy siblings, wearing other ‘sunset’ tones, such as a pale yellow shirt with a red scarf, would bring out the cheery tones of your eyes without looking too gaudy.

. Go easy with the make up, just enough to enhance the beauty of your eyes
. Wear other citrus colors to complement the orange but keep them subtle

For Costume Parties

Orange lenses put the perfect finishing touches on a ghostly, witchy look at a costume party such as Halloween. Coming in various patterns and tones, you can really go to town bewitching fellow party-goers at such an occasion. Heighten the creepy enchantment of orange-themed lenses by surrounding them with blood-stained, elaborate make up. Scrape your hair off your face to really draw attention to your eyes. Alternatively, dye your hair a citrus tone, such as bright red or pink to bring out the tangerine tones of your eyes. Your costume should be equally as flamboyant. Instead of opting for more traditional witchy colors like black and green, wear a bold witch’s dress in orange, sported with a pair of black and orange striped tights.

. Go to town with make up, the more blood, dirt and creases, the better
. Draw attention to the eyes by scraping your hair back or dyeing it a citrus shade
. Wear a flamboyant, eye-catching costume, preferably another autumnal shade


Orange Cat Lenses


UV Orange Lenses


Pumpkin Eye Lenses

For Evening Wear

Whether you are going to an all-night rave this Saturday or to a house party, orange contacts will ensure your presence is noticed and remembered. As orange goes well with blue, draw out the beauty of your orange eyes by surrounding them with tones of blue eye shadow, mascara and eye-liner. Your lips should be augmented to a similar eye-catching status with some orangey-red lipstick.

In terms of clothing, as orange is a fairly versatile color, you have the option of wearing very bright shades to more demure colors. Depending on the evening event you are attending, you could either opt for a bright red, orange or even blue outfit to really enhance the glamor and flamboyance of your look. Alternatively choose more demure colors such as black, gray or brown that would be equally as complementary of your orange eyes.

. Opt for blue eye make up to bring out the orange tones
. Wear citrus-centered lipstick
. Opt for either fellow bright shades or more demure colored clothes
Now stand back, take a look in the mirror, admire your handy work and prepare to turn heads this evening!

Girl Creates Eye-catching Looks with Makeup & Lenses

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Who needs a Masters in theatre, make up design or art when you can achieve what Elsa RhaePageler managed to achieve by herself? The self-taught video editor, producer make up artist and Photoshop expert really has got talent when it comes to creating frighteningly realistic horror makeovers. Take a look at some of Elsa’ most eye-catching looks and be inspired into creating your own terrifying make up feats simply by using some cheap make up materials and some awesome colored contacts.


Elsa has named one of her most inspiring pieces of theatrical makeovers ‘Unknown’. We have to admit with its spikey fanged double jaw, distressingly pale and lined face and orange eyes that have a creepily wishy-washy undertone, Elsa’s ‘Unknown’ character would certainly rival even the most compelling and widely-replicated of Hollywood villains. Once again all you’ll need to create your own Hollywood-esque villain is some cheap face paint, orange contact lenses and a steady hand.

The Grinch

Green, green and greener is the name of the game in order to achieve a frighteningly realistic Grinch look. As Elsa RhaePageler admits she’s only been doing theatrical face painting for less than a year and has had no professional training besides a YouTube degree. To get an equally as effective Grinch look get your make up talents quickly up to speed by watching a Grinch Make up Tutorial. As you’ll see in the tutorial what you need is lashings of green face paint, some face molds and of course, to really finish the mischievous look, a pair of bright green contact lenses.

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion

This girl doesn’t do theatrical make up by halves and we cannot deny Elsa’s Mortal Kombat Scorpion look is more convincing than the costumes you can buy, allegedly designed by the professionals. Scorpion is of course a resurrected ninja in the Mortal Komat fighting game series. The Scorpion is defined by his death-defying white eyes, bright yellow jaw and gray metallic armor. With some vibrant gray and yellow face paint and a pair of white contact lenses, you too can achieve Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion’s shocking look.

V for Vendetta

The masked vigilante known as ‘V’ is ferociously skilled in the art of deception and combat. Since V for Vendetta arrived at the big screen in 2005 his mystifying look as been recreated with varying degrees of success. You can forget about buying expensive V for Vendetta costumes. Simply follow in Elsa’s footsteps and use some black and white face paint, black contact lenses and a black veil to cover your head, hair and shoulders. Step back, admire your handy work and let the complements come rolling in.

Create The Unknown Look with Orange Lenses

Create The Unknown Look with Orange Lenses

Harry Potter Contact Lenses

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Even though the movies have finished, it’s still fun to dress up as one of Harry Potter characters. We have a wide selection of movie contact lenses which you will enjoy pairing with your fancy dress costume. Below we have chosen two interesting characters and their striking lenses which will really enhance your look and draw compliments from all your friends. Our impressive Harry Potter Lenses will get everyone talking about you and they can be used with other costumes you decide to wear in the future to parties and big events, the possibilities are endless!

Madam Hooch

This intriguing character has bright yellow cat eye which shimmer beautifully in the light. Our dazzling Yellow Cat Lenses have a solid yellow background which will cover up your natural eye color and a black vertical pupil which will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Madam Hooch is also known for her short and spiked silver hair so use some talcon powder to complete your look. With a fantastic life span of 90 days once opened, you can enjoy showing off these attention-grabbing lenses to all your relatives and friends.

They will be amazed with the design and comfortable material which will keep your eyes hydrated and clean. Show off your fierce side with these fabulous cat lenses which will look great on both men and women.

Nagini Snake

Freak al your friends out with these spectacular Nagini Snake Lenses. This large snake from the Harry Potter movies is the perfect choice for frightening Halloween fancy dress parties and spooky nights out.

The luminous orange color and black vertical pupil will also draw compliments from everyone and will leave you feeling confident and feeling scarier than ever. The bright orange will define your eyes and will coordinate with your dramatic face paint and amazing costume.

Go to all your parties with your friends all dressed up as characters from the popular wizard movie, everyone will want a picture with you!

Stand Out With Orange Colour Contact Lenses

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Get big beautiful eyes in an instant with our glamorous orange contact lenses. Choose from a wide range of eye-catching patterns, life spans and water contents which you will hydrate your eyes and look fabulous worn to all your special occasions.

Pumpkin Eye Contact Lenses

Pumpkin Eye Contact Lenses

Pumpkin Eye Contact Lenses

Show off your beautiful pumpkin eye contact lenses which will really make you stand out from the crowd. These eye-catching orange lenses with a black outer edging will define your eyes and cover up your natural eye colour. They have a life span of 90 days once opened and a fantastic water content which will leave your eyes feeling fresh and hydrated. Perfect for absolutely any occasion and outfit, these dazzling rich orange lenses have a beautiful glossy finish which will definitely make all your friends jealous. You can buy them as a pair of lenses or single for a creepy Halloween look. Try pairing these attention-grabbing contacts with our glamorous long orange feather eyelashes and shimmering violicious glitter glam liquid skin sparkler for the ultimate party girl look.

Energy Crazy Contact Lenses

Light up your look with a gorgeous pair of energy crazy contact lenses by ColourVue. These bright orange lenses with eye-catching yellow spots will really grab everyone’s attention. Whether you’re going out for the evening or a day out with the girls, these fabulous contacts will instantly open up your eyes and impress your friends. Our hypnotic energy lenses will also look incredible paired with our Ben Nye gold aqua glitter paint and golden glow mini luster creme. This amazing professional quality makeup will add a touch of sparkle to your look and will get you in the mood for a party.

Energy Crazy Contact Lenses

Energy Crazy Contact Lenses

Ben Nye Gold Aqua Glitter Paint

Ben Nye Gold Aqua Glitter Paint

Mini Luster Creme Golden Glow

Mini Luster Creme Golden Glow

Theatre Contact Lenses

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Add some drama to your eyes with our professional quality theatre contact lenses. We have loads of eye-catching designs and colours which will pretty up your style and really make you stand out from the crowd. Here at we provide fantastic quality contact lenses which will feel soft and comfortable on your eyes.

Funky Eyes Orange UV Contact Lenses

You will love these fantastic orange UV contact lenses by Funky Eyes. The vibrant shade of orange will light up your look and impress everyone who sees you. Pair these 90 days life span lenses with our fantastic Ben Nye bright yellow liquid paint and orange body paint which will make your eyes glitter with style. Perfect for theatre performances, fancy dress and neon parties, our comfy orange UV lenses will glow under UV light and instantly refresh your style. You can be sure to make a bold statement wearing these stunning contacts which will keep your eyes feeling fresh, clean, hydrated and cool all day long. We recommend using our amazing contact lens care lens; this includes a 120ml solution, soft tipped tweezers and a sterilised lens case which will keep your lenses clean and safe.

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Yellow Liquid Body Paint

Yellow Liquid Body Paint

Orange Liquid Body Paint

Orange Liquid Body Paint

Colour Vision Violet Mesh Contact Lenses

Violet Mesh Contact Lenses

Violet Mesh Contact Lenses

Pretty up your style with our fantastic violet mesh contact lenses by Colour Vision. Everyone will be amazed with your fantastic new lenses which will completely cover up your iris and pupil, however you will still be able to see through. They have a life span of 1 year once opened and a water content of 38%, so you can wear these comfy lenses all day long without any problems. Everyone will love the pretty shade of violet and eye-catching design which will instantly grab everyone’s attention and look wonderful paired with our light pink plume false eyelashes. These gorgeous lashes will define your eyes and add a touch of girly glamour to your look.

Clubbing Contact Lenses Look Awesome

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Spice up a night on the town with a pair of contact lenses as clubbing contact lenses look awesome and give any outfit a funky twist that will get heads turning. Choose from a range of bold styles for eye catching attention and really freak everyone out with a pair of lenses from our rave and glow contact lenses section. All these lenses have a vibrant colour that looks bright in natural light but glows wonderfully under UV light. If your going somewhere that doesn’t have UV lighting then we also have a fantastic range of funky design contact lenses. What ever design you choose make sure you pick an attention grabbing look that will compliment your outfit and create a style that’s worthy of any energetic night out clubbing.

UV Contact Lenses

We have a great range of coloured UV contact lenses from bright plain colours to funky patterns each with a gorgeously bright glow under UV light. Here I have picked three of my favourite colours that will look great with any outfit. The bright orange lenses completely cover your natural eye colour giving you funky orange eyes in natural light that transforms into a gorgeous glow under UV. The blue contact lenses have a rich colour and a fantastic 1 year life span from first opening making them perfect for a whole years worth of glowing style. Having UV pink eyes is a great way to get people talking and you will definitely stand out from the crowd especially when they show their full potential under UV lighting. Make sure you take a look at our full range for a wide selection of colours and styles all with an awesome UV finish.

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Blue UV Contact Lenses

Blue UV Contact Lenses

Pink UV Contact Lenses

Pink UV Contact Lenses

Other Awesome Clubbing Contact Lenses

If you’re out clubbing and you know you want to make a statement then contact lenses are the way to go. Here I have picked three awesome designs that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Get mesmerizing eyes with the red spiral contact lenses the funky red and yellow spiral design will brighten and completely transform your look. Let your eyes smile with the big grin smiley contact lenses, the cheeky design is perfect for putting you in a good mood and the infectious grin will put a smile on everyones face. Completely freak everyone out with the white screen contact lenses the white mesh design completely covers your iris and pupil although the clever little holes allow you to still see through. Create a whole range of different looks and styles perfect for any night out clubbing!

Red Spiral Contact Lenses

Red Spiral Contact Lenses

Big Grin Smiley Contact Lenses

Big Grin Smiley Contact Lenses

White Screen Contact Lenses

White Screen Contact Lenses

Orange Contact lenses

Friday, December 24th, 2010

For a truly awesome look try a pair of orange contact lenses to change your eyes from a natural colour to a vibrant orange. Choose from a range of different designs and shades of orange from bold cat eyes to funky UV for a great unique look that is bound to impress your friends. Contact lenses are a great idea for when you feel like a change from the norm, and a pair of bright orange contact lenses is perfect for any occasion whether it’s a fancy dress party or a night on the town.

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Orange UV Contact Lenses

Grab everyone’s attention with these orange UV contact lenses. They are a great addition to any clubbing or fancy dress outfit, as when you get under or near a UV light your eyes will start to glow an amazing bright orange. With a generous lifespan of 1 year after opening you can get plenty of use out of these lenses. These orange UV contact lenses will definitely get you noticed when out and about and are a great conversation starter between friends.

Energy Crazy Contact Lenses

Crazy Energy Contact Lenses

Crazy Energy Contact Lenses

Featuring a vibrant orange colour with a bright luminous yellow dotted pattern these energy contact lenses will add character to any style. Whether you want to wear these as part of a fancy dress costume or just generally when out and about you are guaranteed to turn heads. The dotted yellow design creates a hypnotic swirl that looks funky and will completely change your look from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Easy and comfortable to wear these energy contact lenses will brighten and refresh any look.

Werewolf Contact Lenses

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

There are some blinding new werewolf contact lenses in stock, just in time for Halloween. You’ll transform your look wearing werewolf contact lenses, not to mention look awesome and at the height for fashion. You can choose from a captivating orange yellow blend or tranquil yet ice cool green werewolf contact lenses, both ideal for any werewolf costume. In addition to werewolves, you can wear werewolf contact lenses with other fancy dress costumes such as witches, demons and devils.

Orange Werewolf Contact Lenses

Orange Werewolf Contact Lenses

Engage any party, wearing these amazing orange werewolf contact lenses by ColourVue. The edgy luminous design of these orange werewolf contact lenses stand out incredibly well, thanks to a black outer ring and they compliment any costume you wear them with, putting some fire into your suit.

Green Werewolf Contact Lenses

Green Werewolf Contact Lenses

Unravel the beguiling beauty of these green werewolf contact lenses, you can wear these lenses for both scary and captivating characters, depending on your costume and the make-up you wear with them. Featuring a blend of green and turquoise, these lenses look very dramatic against the black outer ring and sure to make an impact at any party.

Werewolf Contact Lenses Info

• You can wear the new designs for a year after first opening
• Suitable for light and dark eyes
• High oxygen permeability
• Patented Hydrogel material
• Full day comfort

Fancy Dress Contact Lenses

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Look the bee’s knees the next time you attend a fancy dress party by wearing fancy dress contact lenses for the occasion. The designs of fancy dress contact lenses are so striking that you are bound to make a huge impact that nobody will be able to miss. It can also help to define your character if you wear fancy dress contact lenses at the same time as transforming your own character.

EDIT Luna Eclipse Fancy Dress Contact Lenses

EDIT Luna Eclipse

Enjoy a sexy look in these striking black and white EDIT Luna Eclipse fancy dress contact lenses. The black background and white starburst design works very well and can be used for characters such as witches, demons or even vampires. Due to the colours of these lenses they look dramatic from the moment you put them in.

Gold Wolf Eye Fancy Dress Lenses

Gold Wolf Eye Contact Lenses

These bright orange lenses are superb for wolves but also other wild animals and look great around Halloween time too. Featuring a thick black outer ring, the gold wolf eye fancy dress lenses stand out making any monster come to life. Made by Funky Eyes, these lenses feel great as well as look it and will keep eyes well hydrated throughout use.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Enjoy sexy looks by wearing the great range of cat eye contact lenses available. You can choose cat eye contact lenses in a variety of colours, both natural and unnatural. Cat Eye Contact Lenses always add interest to your look but are particularly great for fancy dress parties, Halloween and theatrical events. You will find that wearing cat eye contact lenses will completely transform your look due to the vertical pupil and outrageous sharp colours.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses Info

• Dramatic Transformations
• Wide Colour Options
• Minimum 90 Day Life Span After Opening
• Most Available in Single & Pair
• Full Day Comfort
• Suitable for Light & Dark Eyes

Cat Eye Contact Lens Colours

White Cat Contact Lenses

Pink Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Yellow Cat Eye Lenses

Orange Cat Eye Lenses

Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Aqua Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Green Cat Eye Lenses

Blue Cat Eye Contact Lenses

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