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Create a Scary Dragon Look with Lenses

Friday, November 21st, 2014

The ancient winged reptile race, which are feared and loved in equal doses for their magical capabilities and fearless prowess, have been the source of fairy tale fantasy fiction for centuries. Being such a timeless and enchanting feature of fiction for so long it is hardly surprising that these giant reptiles get mimicked at parties, parades, plays and shows around the world. If you are wanting to go to a forthcoming event dressed as a fierce and fantastic dragon, take a look at the following steps in creating the ultimate scary dragon look.

Complete Your Fiery Look With Dragon Lenses

The Make Up

It’s safe to say that when dressing up as a dragon, you’ll need plenty of face paint. One of the greatest things about face paint is that you can craft a myriad of authentic looks in a simple and cost-effective way.

An authentic dragon look can be easily produced with some creative and generous use of face paint. Create a silvery scaly look by flicking shades of silver and blue scallop shapes across your cheeks.

On your forehead, concentrate on crafting some elaborate diamond shapes to generate a stunning dragon-like look. Don’t leave any part of your body untouched. Complete the look by painting your lips in an elaborately fearsome dragonish color such as glittery silver or dark deathly blue.

Have a look at this tutorial to get some ideas on how to make up your face so you mimic the fantastical legend-like look of a dragon without having to spend too much money.

The Wings

Now for the really fun part. A dragon can’t be a dragon without wings and the great news is these vital dragon traits can be made fairly simply and cheaply.

As this tutorial titled ‘How to Make Cheap Dragon Wings’ demonstrates, all you will need is fabric, a tape measure, a drill, some poles, some wire string, blots, VC cement, scissors, foamies sheets, a little patience and tones of creativity.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you will have some eye-catching extending dragon wings that will definitely turn heads at a parade or a party.

The Eyes

As we said earlier, no part of your body should be left untouched when creating the ultimate dragon look, including your eyes. Make your whole dragon costume come to life by wearing a pair of dragon contact lenses.

Whether you opt for bright and fiery tones of yellow and red or the classic dragon shades of green and yellow, a pair of dragon contacts will completely transform your look. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t get left in the shadows at a fancy dress party or play this festive season, follow the above steps and tips and you’ll have a breath-taking, fire-breathing, eye-catching costume without having to spend too much money!

The Most Amazing Animal Kingdom Lenses

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Calling all animal lovers…, unbridle your wild side and let the fun commence with our wild and wacky range of animal contact lenses. Animal lenses are the perfect way to reveal to the world your love for a creature – both real and fantasy. These colorful, cleverly-designed lenses would lighten up any fancy dress, Halloween event or party where standing out, being noticed and having some wild fun is the name of the game. Check out three of the most compelling and unique animal contact lenses.

Cobra Eyes Contact Lenses

There is something fascinating and captivating about reptiles. If you are a fan of snakes, then you’ll be excited to learn about the Cobra Eye Lenses, which will mesmerize everyone who looks into your eyes. The color of these deep green lenses is intriguing in itself but what really makes these contacts stand out is the vertical pupil, which makes the whole of the eye come to life, just like a cobra’s. These enchanting lenses will certainly be a conversation-stimulator at any party and if you are mad about snakes and reptiles then these are definitely the lenses for you!


Cobra Lenses Are Perfect For Halloween

White Cat Contact Lenses

Is it white or black cats that symbolize good luck? Many believe it’s a white cat and if you walk on the road and see a white cat, then it’s your lucky day! Superstition aside, if you’re a cat-lover and are going to a forthcoming fancy dress or Halloween party, why not take your enthusiasm for cats to greater heights by wearing a pair of White Cat Lenses?

These stunning lenses have a plain white background, broken up by a black vertical pupil down the middle. These cat-like eyes would also work well with an eerie vampire or snake-themed costume. One thing is for sure, when you walk into the room wearing these White Cat Lenses, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.

Wolf Eye Contact Lenses

When it comes to frightening animals, what could be scarier than a ravenous pack of wolves? Is the wolf a man in disguise? Is it really the devil? Should it really be a creature to be revered? There are numerous superstitious beliefs surrounding the wolf and consequently these fearsome creatures make great characters at fancy dress parties and on Halloween.

Make your wolf costume really come alive by wearing a pair of Wolf Contact Lenses. Like the devil himself, wolves are known for their threatening yellow eyes, so these statement-making contacts with their red and yellow tones, will mimic the frighteningly captivating eyes of a wolf impeccably. Whatever your favorite or most feared animal is, our funky range of animal lenses are designed to get you noticed.


Wolf Eye Lenses Look Striking

What to Wear With Your Yellow Colored Contact Lenses

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

We’ve been gathering plenty of advice from fashion experts and professionals over the last few weeks for people with all sorts of eye colors like the common blues, greens and browns. But you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there isn’t an awful lot of fashion advice out there for people with yellow eyes.

Fear not, as we have also been gathering some color combination and costume tips for those of you sporting irregular color contact lenses, such as red lenses, white lenses, or indeed yellow contact lenses. While most of the advice for yellow eyes will be costume-centric, there are still a few pointers for anyone wanting to rock a pair of yellow contact lenses without dressing up as a comic or screen character as well.


Take a Look at Our Eye0-catching Selection of Yellow Contact Lenses

Color Combinations to Enhance Yellow Eyes

The key to making yellow eyes work as a general fashion statement is to clash. Wearing yellow colored clothing with yellow eyes doesn’t work as well as other colors do in highlighting a similar eye color (such as wearing green to accentuate green eyes). You also need strong colors, so avoid pastel shades and any very light varieties. Purple works really well to make yellow eyes stand out, but you can wear true reds, blues and greens as well.

Another interesting combination to try is wearing yellow contact lenses with a grey outfit. In this instance, it is better to wear lighter greys than darker, stronger varieties of the shade. With your yellow contact lenses being the only splash of color, they will stand out tremendously. Black and white can also work, but a grey ensemble is a lot more stylish and works surprisingly well with yellow.

Quick Tips:
• Clash with strong, true colors.
• Avoid pastels and yellow colored garments.
• Wear light grey for an especially stylish look.

Yellow Eyes - Anakin Skywalker

Get Yellow Eyes Like Anakin Skywalker

Costume Ideas for Yellow Contact Lenses

Colored contacts are perfect for party costumes and cos-play. With yellow eyes, there are loads of famous fictional characters you can dress up as well as plenty of generic characters such as werewolves. In fact, yellow eyes have been the preferred eye color for movie and TV werewolves ever since the classic American Werewolf in London flick changed the game for special effects in monster movies over 30 years ago. Today, it’s still the eye color of choice for werewolves as you can spot similar werewolf yellow eyes on both MTV’s Teen Wolf series and Hemlock Grove on Netflix.

Werewolf Costume Tips:
• Fake sideburns help mimic the mid-change werewolf look.
• Glowing UV contact lenses add extra spookiness.
• Get more ideas for the rest of your costume from current TV werewolves.

Star Wars fans can easily recreate Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side with a pair of yellow contact lenses, preferably with an angry red rim like these Wildfire yellow colored lenses. The look is from the Revenge of the Sith film, and marks the moment Anakin passes the point of no return on his journey to becoming Darth Vader. All you need to complete the look is a brown bath gown or baggy brown sheet wrapped around you, a hood to gaze menacingly out from under, and the complete and utter inability to inflect any semblance of emotional depth into your voice.

Anakin Skywalker Costume Tips:
• Wear yellow contacts with fiery red rims.
• Wear a hood to enhance your dark side.
• Only speak in the monotone inflections of a bored teenager.

If you prefer dressing up in red leather – which, let’s face it, we all do – then you can pull off one of the most iconic images of the entire 1980s. Michael Jackson’s Thriller video is still regarded as one of the greatest of all time. And while it was and still is an awesome tune, it was the accompanying ghoulish video and short film that it is most remembered for.

Younger readers might recognize the popcorn-eating gif that has been circulating the internet since forever as the standard response when other people start arguing with each other. But for older viewers of the original video, it was pretty shocking when Wacko revealed his spooky yellow eyes for the first time. To recreate the vintage look yourself, just team those yellow eyes with a red leather jacket, practice a few crotch grabs and high-pitched squeals and you’re all set for a thrilling time.

Thriller Costume Tips:
• The red leather jacket is vital (and instantly recognizable).
• Surprise people by putting on the yellow lenses halfway through the party.
• Use yellow contacts with an animal theme, such as cat or reptilian.

Achieve the Ultimate Devilish Look

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

With summer quickly becoming a distant memory and the kids back to school the next major event on the annual calendar is good old Halloween. We have to admit, with all the gory dressing up to do, trick and treating fun to be had and spooky parties to attend, it’s hardly surprising children and adults everywhere get increasingly excited as Halloween approaches. You’ve set your heart on dressing like the devil this October 31st. The good news is, you’re in the right place for advice on achieving the ultimate devilish look.


Get a Devilish Look With Red Cat Lenses

It’s All In The Eyes

When dressing up as a spooky creature if there is one part of the body you cannot afford to miss out, it’s the eyes. Whenever people look or talk to us they are effectively talking to our eyes. To therefore craft an enchanting devil look, which eerily mesmerizes all that look at you, wear a pair of Devil contact lenses.

Not only will the red of the lenses create a deadly, unmissable look but the devil designs on many of the lenses will cause people to stare deeper still into your devilish and definitely different eyes. But eyes alone aren’t enough in our quest to mimic the appearance of the devil.

The Make Up

A Halloween outfit would not be complete without some deathly pale skin, blood dripping from the corner of the mouth, lips as red as rubies and black eyes surrounding your theatrical lenses. For a step by step guide on wearing stunning devil make up, take a look at this devil make up tutorial.

. Make your skin as pale as possible with some white face paint.
. Darken your eyes by smudging black eye shadow and eye liner around the top and bottom lids.
. Plaster your lips in dark red lipstick
. Drip fake blood from the corners of your mouth

Devil Costume

Accompany your flamboyantly made up devil face with an equally as impressive devil costume. Remember, the primarily color when it comes to the devil is red. Wearing a red dress with some red boots or shoes will ensure the room is stunned into an awe-inspiring silence when you enter. And don’t forget to wear one of the most widely-associated devil emblems – a pair of red horns!

Complete the look by fastening a red or perhaps black tail to your behind and put in a pair of fearsome fangs – the more blood-stained the better. This video shows you how to create a devil look this Halloween that is guaranteed to get a few pulses racing! And there you have it, the ultimate devil look. Just remember to stare deep into the eyes of everyone who dares to talk to you.

Top 7 Spooky Contact Lenses for Halloween

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Before we know it Halloween will be upon us, so now’s the time to start planning what you are going to wear for the spookiest night of the year. Whether you decide to terrify onlookers by pacing the streets as a zombie or craft an eerie stir at a Halloween party by going as a she-devil, your unnerving look can be dramatically enhanced by some delightfully theatrical contact lenses. Take a look at the following top seven contacts lenses for Halloween.


Red Lenses Are Perfect For Halloween

1. Stitched Mummy Lenses

The great thing about dressing as a Mummy is that it is unlikely they’ll be half a dozen or so other mummies in the room. Have fun wrapping yards upon yards of bandages round you but remember to leave a space for your nose, mouth and eyes. Though don’t leave your eyes ‘bare’. Make sure they come alive and enhance your look with a pair of Stitched Mummy Lenses with a scary stitch design emblazoned across the iris.

2. Blood Red Contact Lenses

If there is one human body part that is synonymous with the gore of Halloween, it has to be blood. A pair of Blood Red Lenses will propel your Halloween costume to scary new heights, regardless of what blood-curdling creature you are dressed as.

3. Gothic Contact Lenses

The art of Gothic and the spine-tingling nature of Halloween go hand in hand so why not marry this ‘match made in Heaven’ by sporting a pair of Gothic Contact Lenses? Gothic lenses come in a range of colors and styles, all of which will craft a bold and dramatic look to augment the appeal and uniqueness of any Halloween costume.

4. White Out Contact Lenses

Perhaps you plan to dress as a ghost this Halloween? Or maybe a skeleton? Either way you’ll have lots more fun if you really bring your costume to life with a pair of White Out Contact Lenses. With the white of the lenses completely covering your eye, a freaky, ultra-scary look is guaranteed with these playful lenses.


Stitched Mummy Lenses


Dracula Contact Lenses


White Mesh Contact Lenses

5. Wolf Eye Lenses

As soon as the moon comes out on Halloween the wolves begin to howl and the creatures of the dead start to stir in their coffins. Enlighten the imagination of Halloween further by wearing a pair of Wolf Eye Lenses. Create an authentic wolf look by wearing a pair of Yellow Werewolf lenses, the true color of wolf eyes!

6. Dracula Contact Lenses

October 31st is certainly Dracula’s favorite night of the year so why not craft a really authentic Dracula look with a pair of Dracula Contact Lenses? Bring out the vampire in you and accompany your dark cape by sporting a pair of Dracula Cape Contact Lenses.

7. White Mesh Contact Lenses

Freak out your friends and anyone else who dares to glance in your direction this Halloween by wearing a pair of White Mesh Contact Lenses. These super scary white lenses which comprise of a mesh design that covers your iris as well as your pupil will transform your look, regardless of which creature of the supernatural you are dressed as.

What to Wear With Your Gold Colored Contact Lenses

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

There is nothing new about the intense allurement of gold. For centuries gold has fascinated and enthralled, with the price of gold being a barometer of currencies. Unlike bygone centuries when gold was confined to the jewels of royalty and the aristocracy, we can now grace gold-colored eyes, thanks to colored contact lenses. If you succumb to the unique attraction of gold contact, you’ll want to know what to wear to enhance your stunning new assets. What you should wear with gold contacts very much depends on the occasion.

For a Daytime Event

We have to admit, being the ultimate glamorous color, gold contacts should primarily be prized from their case for an ultra-glamorous occasion. If, for example, you are attending a racing car tournament or a similarly glam event you might want to wear your gold lenses with a similarly-colored hat. Angelina Jolie’s 1920’s cloche hat in a beige/gold color would complement the golden tones of your eyes to a glamorous event.

Take the aristocratic 1920s look even further by wearing a smart gold-colored suit or jacket. Your make up should be not too heavy. Your sparkly eyes will look even more enchanting with a subtle use of mascara and perhaps a thin flick of gold eye shadow.

. Where gold contacts to only the most glamorous of daytime events
. Complement the tones with similar colored clothes and accessories
. Don’t overdo makeup. Use it subtly to enhance the beauty of your eye


Recreate Alice’s Look With Gold Twilight Lenses

For A Night Out Clubbing

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, now’s your chance to ‘let rip’ with your gold contacts. If you’re going to a club, rave or party and want to stand out from the crowd, augment your magical irises by wearing some striking make up and accessories. Red and gold go beautifully together so why not wear a red Lyrca mini dress with your gold contacts?

Complete the look with eye-catching red lips and perhaps a pair of sparkling gold shoes. The beauty of the gold can also be exemplified when surrounded by dark, smoky make up. Really go to town with eye liner, eye shadow and mascara to create a smoky look that makes your gold lenses look even more magical.

. Red lipstick and dark ‘smoky’ eyes will complement and enhance the color of your eyes
. Stand out even further by wearing an eye-catching outfit such as a red Lycra dress

For a Fancy Dress Party

Being such a glittery, glamorous color, gold lenses were simply made for a fancy dress party. If, for example, you were going to a 70s night, make your glittery, knee-high platform boots, your super short baby doll dress and your afro hair stand out even further with a pair of gold contact lenses.

. Go to town with other equally glittery clothes and accessories
. Don’t be shy, now’s your chance to shine – literally!


Get Golden Eyes Like Angelina

What to Wear With Your Red Colored Contact Lenses

Monday, September 8th, 2014

There is nothing quite like the color red to denote danger, spookiness and intrigue. It’s hardly surprising film directors around the globe are increasingly turning to the aid of red contacts to intensify the mystery, creepiness and destruction of a character. One only has to look to the Twilight Saga to realize the unique allurement of red ‘vampire’ eyes. The great news is red eyes are not confined to actors on movie sets. With red contact lenses we can all boast the mystifying look red irises portray. But what do we wear to really make our eyes glow?

A Daytime Look

Okay, so you might not feel comfortable wearing a pair of red contact lenses to the office or on a picnic with the in-laws but that doesn’t mean to say these striking lenses are void of daytime wear. Pick the right occasion and your lenses will make a powerful addition to daytime attire. Take a music festival for example. With some subtle use of make up, a fabulous hairdo and the right clothes, your red eyed lenses will really make your festival look come to life.

We recommend wearing a dress with some red in it. A floral maxi dress emblazoned with red flowers would complement the red tones of your eyes and make them really stand out. We also advise that when wearing red contacts during the day your choice of make up should be subtle. A fairly heavy coating of mascara with place greater emphasis on your eyes but perhaps skip wearing any eye shadow or eye liner. A gentle flick of red lipstick will also complement your eyes, but again refrain from over doing it.

. Only wear red contacts during in the day if an appropriate occasion occurs
. Keep make up to a minimum but make your eyes stand out further with mascara
. Wear an outfit with red in it to complement the tones of your eyes


Get a Deadly Look With Twilight Contact Lenses

A Fancy Dress Party

Whereas wearing red lenses during the day demands some subtleness, a fancy dress party is your ticket to really go overboard. Choose a character renowned for their devilish eyes and have fun crafting an outfit around that character. For example, if you decide to attend a fancy dress party or Halloween event as a vampire, accompany your vampire lenses with an authentic vampire costume. Get inventive with your make up by enhancing your eyes with dark, sultry eye make up. Wear blood red lipstick to help bring your eyes to life and craft an even spookier tone by having fake blood dripping from the corners of your mouth.

. Get theatrical with your make up – the more gruesome the better
. Complete the look with an authentic fancy dress costume

Out Clubbing

Make sure you’re noticed under the glare of the strobe light by wearing a pair of red contact lenses. Take your eye-catching look even further by donning an equally as conspicuous clubbing outfit, such as a red PVC dress. As things can get pretty hot when dancing under the strobe light, wear your hair tied back. Not only will wearing a ponytail help you stay cool but it will also draw greater attention to your mystifying eyes.

. Wear an eye-catching clubbing outfit
. Tie your hair back

Now go out and enjoy your red contact lenses, that’s what they’re designed for after all!

What to Wear With Your Black Colored Contact Lenses

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Dark eyes have long been synonymous with mystery and intrigue. Completely black eyes take the enigmatic appeal of dark eyes even further and craft an eerie yet bewitching look. The unnerving merits of black eyes are blatant, but what should you wear with your black lenses to do the look justice?


Black Contacts Will Make Your Cruella Look

As Black as Halloween

Black contact lenses should be accompanied with a black outfit, especially on Halloween when the world is cast in darkness. When it comes to black Halloween costumes to accompany your black eyes, the world is literally your oyster. Whether you opt for a vampire costume, a Dracula dress or a witch’s outfit as black as the Ace of Spades, your eyes will look infinitely more threatening when wearing an equally as dark costume.

Eyes Like Ebony, Lips Like Blood

Black lenses will really come to life with the right choice of make up. Create a fairytale look that the evil witch in Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs would have been proud of by painting your lips in blood red lipstick. Make your skin deathly pale with some face paint to ensure your black eyes and red lips are spectacularly noticeable.

. Wear a spooky black costume to accompany your black contacts
. Enhance the dramatic look with blood red lips and deathly pale skin

A Daytime Choice


Wear Our Blackout Lenses With Your Vampire Costume

Of course black contacts need not be confined to the full moon of Halloween. On the contrary, irises as dark as a raven can be worn anytime of the year to a myriad of occasions.
A festival, for example, would be the perfect occasion to stand out from the crowd and get into an eye-catching spirit with a pair of black contacts.

What Would You Wear to a Festival?

If there are two colors that go great with each other despite being overtly contrasting, it’s black and pink. Make the most of your black eyes and get into true festival spirit by dyeing your hair bright pink (a pink wig will suffice!) Really go to town with the pink and black contrast by wearing pink lipstick, pink eye shadow and even a pink dress!

Of course if you’re not partial to pink opt for a different color that also goes well with black. Red would be a good choice, just as long as you opt for red hair, red lips, red eye shadow and a red outfit. Alternatively you could set white against your black eyes, though you might run the risk of looking like Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians – great for a fancy dress party but perhaps not so appropriate or a festival. Then again, it depends what type of festival you are going to!

. Make your black eyes stand out with a contrasting color
. Steer clear of wearing anything too Halloween-esque!

Finally, black contacts are designed to make their wearers be noticed. Embrace the conspicuous nature of your lenses with an equally as eye-catching outfit, hair and make up.

What to Wear with Your Orange Colored Contact Lenses

Monday, September 1st, 2014

There is no color quite like orange to add some spice to a look. With the autumn approaching and the likes of Halloween round the corner, now might be a good time to succumb to the aesthetical charms of a pair of stunning orange contacts. But what do you wear with your orange lenses? Take a look at the following advice on what make up, hairstyle and clothes to wear to accompany your bright orange eyes.


Brighten Up Your Look With Orange Lenses

For Everyday Wear

So you might get some strange looks when you walk into the office sporting a pair of bright orange irises. Whilst not a natural eye color, the unnaturalness of orange eyes should not prevent you from wearing this type of lens whenever you want, including during the day. The trick is to tone down other elements of your attire.

A gentle flick of mascara and swipe of gray eye shadow would be enough make up to enhance your orange lenses further without going overboard. As the color orange always goes well with citrusy siblings, wearing other ‘sunset’ tones, such as a pale yellow shirt with a red scarf, would bring out the cheery tones of your eyes without looking too gaudy.

. Go easy with the make up, just enough to enhance the beauty of your eyes
. Wear other citrus colors to complement the orange but keep them subtle

For Costume Parties

Orange lenses put the perfect finishing touches on a ghostly, witchy look at a costume party such as Halloween. Coming in various patterns and tones, you can really go to town bewitching fellow party-goers at such an occasion. Heighten the creepy enchantment of orange-themed lenses by surrounding them with blood-stained, elaborate make up. Scrape your hair off your face to really draw attention to your eyes. Alternatively, dye your hair a citrus tone, such as bright red or pink to bring out the tangerine tones of your eyes. Your costume should be equally as flamboyant. Instead of opting for more traditional witchy colors like black and green, wear a bold witch’s dress in orange, sported with a pair of black and orange striped tights.

. Go to town with make up, the more blood, dirt and creases, the better
. Draw attention to the eyes by scraping your hair back or dyeing it a citrus shade
. Wear a flamboyant, eye-catching costume, preferably another autumnal shade


Orange Cat Lenses


UV Orange Lenses


Pumpkin Eye Lenses

For Evening Wear

Whether you are going to an all-night rave this Saturday or to a house party, orange contacts will ensure your presence is noticed and remembered. As orange goes well with blue, draw out the beauty of your orange eyes by surrounding them with tones of blue eye shadow, mascara and eye-liner. Your lips should be augmented to a similar eye-catching status with some orangey-red lipstick.

In terms of clothing, as orange is a fairly versatile color, you have the option of wearing very bright shades to more demure colors. Depending on the evening event you are attending, you could either opt for a bright red, orange or even blue outfit to really enhance the glamor and flamboyance of your look. Alternatively choose more demure colors such as black, gray or brown that would be equally as complementary of your orange eyes.

. Opt for blue eye make up to bring out the orange tones
. Wear citrus-centered lipstick
. Opt for either fellow bright shades or more demure colored clothes
Now stand back, take a look in the mirror, admire your handy work and prepare to turn heads this evening!

Girl Creates Eye-catching Looks with Makeup & Lenses

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Who needs a Masters in theatre, make up design or art when you can achieve what Elsa RhaePageler managed to achieve by herself? The self-taught video editor, producer make up artist and Photoshop expert really has got talent when it comes to creating frighteningly realistic horror makeovers. Take a look at some of Elsa’ most eye-catching looks and be inspired into creating your own terrifying make up feats simply by using some cheap make up materials and some awesome colored contacts.


Elsa has named one of her most inspiring pieces of theatrical makeovers ‘Unknown’. We have to admit with its spikey fanged double jaw, distressingly pale and lined face and orange eyes that have a creepily wishy-washy undertone, Elsa’s ‘Unknown’ character would certainly rival even the most compelling and widely-replicated of Hollywood villains. Once again all you’ll need to create your own Hollywood-esque villain is some cheap face paint, orange contact lenses and a steady hand.

The Grinch

Green, green and greener is the name of the game in order to achieve a frighteningly realistic Grinch look. As Elsa RhaePageler admits she’s only been doing theatrical face painting for less than a year and has had no professional training besides a YouTube degree. To get an equally as effective Grinch look get your make up talents quickly up to speed by watching a Grinch Make up Tutorial. As you’ll see in the tutorial what you need is lashings of green face paint, some face molds and of course, to really finish the mischievous look, a pair of bright green contact lenses.

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion

This girl doesn’t do theatrical make up by halves and we cannot deny Elsa’s Mortal Kombat Scorpion look is more convincing than the costumes you can buy, allegedly designed by the professionals. Scorpion is of course a resurrected ninja in the Mortal Komat fighting game series. The Scorpion is defined by his death-defying white eyes, bright yellow jaw and gray metallic armor. With some vibrant gray and yellow face paint and a pair of white contact lenses, you too can achieve Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion’s shocking look.

V for Vendetta

The masked vigilante known as ‘V’ is ferociously skilled in the art of deception and combat. Since V for Vendetta arrived at the big screen in 2005 his mystifying look as been recreated with varying degrees of success. You can forget about buying expensive V for Vendetta costumes. Simply follow in Elsa’s footsteps and use some black and white face paint, black contact lenses and a black veil to cover your head, hair and shoulders. Step back, admire your handy work and let the complements come rolling in.

Create The Unknown Look with Orange Lenses

Create The Unknown Look with Orange Lenses

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