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What to Wear With Your Gold Colored Contact Lenses

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

There is nothing new about the intense allurement of gold. For centuries gold has fascinated and enthralled, with the price of gold being a barometer of currencies. Unlike bygone centuries when gold was confined to the jewels of royalty and the aristocracy, we can now grace gold-colored eyes, thanks to colored contact lenses. If you succumb to the unique attraction of gold contact, you’ll want to know what to wear to enhance your stunning new assets. What you should wear with gold contacts very much depends on the occasion.

For a Daytime Event

We have to admit, being the ultimate glamorous color, gold contacts should primarily be prized from their case for an ultra-glamorous occasion. If, for example, you are attending a racing car tournament or a similarly glam event you might want to wear your gold lenses with a similarly-colored hat. Angelina Jolie’s 1920’s cloche hat in a beige/gold color would complement the golden tones of your eyes to a glamorous event.

Take the aristocratic 1920s look even further by wearing a smart gold-colored suit or jacket. Your make up should be not too heavy. Your sparkly eyes will look even more enchanting with a subtle use of mascara and perhaps a thin flick of gold eye shadow.

. Where gold contacts to only the most glamorous of daytime events
. Complement the tones with similar colored clothes and accessories
. Don’t overdo makeup. Use it subtly to enhance the beauty of your eye


Recreate Alice’s Look With Gold Twilight Lenses

For A Night Out Clubbing

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, now’s your chance to ‘let rip’ with your gold contacts. If you’re going to a club, rave or party and want to stand out from the crowd, augment your magical irises by wearing some striking make up and accessories. Red and gold go beautifully together so why not wear a red Lyrca mini dress with your gold contacts?

Complete the look with eye-catching red lips and perhaps a pair of sparkling gold shoes. The beauty of the gold can also be exemplified when surrounded by dark, smoky make up. Really go to town with eye liner, eye shadow and mascara to create a smoky look that makes your gold lenses look even more magical.

. Red lipstick and dark ‘smoky’ eyes will complement and enhance the color of your eyes
. Stand out even further by wearing an eye-catching outfit such as a red Lycra dress

For a Fancy Dress Party

Being such a glittery, glamorous color, gold lenses were simply made for a fancy dress party. If, for example, you were going to a 70s night, make your glittery, knee-high platform boots, your super short baby doll dress and your afro hair stand out even further with a pair of gold contact lenses.

. Go to town with other equally glittery clothes and accessories
. Don’t be shy, now’s your chance to shine – literally!


Get Golden Eyes Like Angelina

What to Wear With Your Red Colored Contact Lenses

Monday, September 8th, 2014

There is nothing quite like the color red to denote danger, spookiness and intrigue. It’s hardly surprising film directors around the globe are increasingly turning to the aid of red contacts to intensify the mystery, creepiness and destruction of a character. One only has to look to the Twilight Saga to realize the unique allurement of red ‘vampire’ eyes. The great news is red eyes are not confined to actors on movie sets. With red contact lenses we can all boast the mystifying look red irises portray. But what do we wear to really make our eyes glow?

A Daytime Look

Okay, so you might not feel comfortable wearing a pair of red contact lenses to the office or on a picnic with the in-laws but that doesn’t mean to say these striking lenses are void of daytime wear. Pick the right occasion and your lenses will make a powerful addition to daytime attire. Take a music festival for example. With some subtle use of make up, a fabulous hairdo and the right clothes, your red eyed lenses will really make your festival look come to life.

We recommend wearing a dress with some red in it. A floral maxi dress emblazoned with red flowers would complement the red tones of your eyes and make them really stand out. We also advise that when wearing red contacts during the day your choice of make up should be subtle. A fairly heavy coating of mascara with place greater emphasis on your eyes but perhaps skip wearing any eye shadow or eye liner. A gentle flick of red lipstick will also complement your eyes, but again refrain from over doing it.

. Only wear red contacts during in the day if an appropriate occasion occurs
. Keep make up to a minimum but make your eyes stand out further with mascara
. Wear an outfit with red in it to complement the tones of your eyes


Get a Deadly Look With Twilight Contact Lenses

A Fancy Dress Party

Whereas wearing red lenses during the day demands some subtleness, a fancy dress party is your ticket to really go overboard. Choose a character renowned for their devilish eyes and have fun crafting an outfit around that character. For example, if you decide to attend a fancy dress party or Halloween event as a vampire, accompany your vampire lenses with an authentic vampire costume. Get inventive with your make up by enhancing your eyes with dark, sultry eye make up. Wear blood red lipstick to help bring your eyes to life and craft an even spookier tone by having fake blood dripping from the corners of your mouth.

. Get theatrical with your make up – the more gruesome the better
. Complete the look with an authentic fancy dress costume

Out Clubbing

Make sure you’re noticed under the glare of the strobe light by wearing a pair of red contact lenses. Take your eye-catching look even further by donning an equally as conspicuous clubbing outfit, such as a red PVC dress. As things can get pretty hot when dancing under the strobe light, wear your hair tied back. Not only will wearing a ponytail help you stay cool but it will also draw greater attention to your mystifying eyes.

. Wear an eye-catching clubbing outfit
. Tie your hair back

Now go out and enjoy your red contact lenses, that’s what they’re designed for after all!

What to Wear With Your Black Colored Contact Lenses

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Dark eyes have long been synonymous with mystery and intrigue. Completely black eyes take the enigmatic appeal of dark eyes even further and craft an eerie yet bewitching look. The unnerving merits of black eyes are blatant, but what should you wear with your black lenses to do the look justice?


Black Contacts Will Make Your Cruella Look

As Black as Halloween

Black contact lenses should be accompanied with a black outfit, especially on Halloween when the world is cast in darkness. When it comes to black Halloween costumes to accompany your black eyes, the world is literally your oyster. Whether you opt for a vampire costume, a Dracula dress or a witch’s outfit as black as the Ace of Spades, your eyes will look infinitely more threatening when wearing an equally as dark costume.

Eyes Like Ebony, Lips Like Blood

Black lenses will really come to life with the right choice of make up. Create a fairytale look that the evil witch in Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs would have been proud of by painting your lips in blood red lipstick. Make your skin deathly pale with some face paint to ensure your black eyes and red lips are spectacularly noticeable.

. Wear a spooky black costume to accompany your black contacts
. Enhance the dramatic look with blood red lips and deathly pale skin

A Daytime Choice


Wear Our Blackout Lenses With Your Vampire Costume

Of course black contacts need not be confined to the full moon of Halloween. On the contrary, irises as dark as a raven can be worn anytime of the year to a myriad of occasions.
A festival, for example, would be the perfect occasion to stand out from the crowd and get into an eye-catching spirit with a pair of black contacts.

What Would You Wear to a Festival?

If there are two colors that go great with each other despite being overtly contrasting, it’s black and pink. Make the most of your black eyes and get into true festival spirit by dyeing your hair bright pink (a pink wig will suffice!) Really go to town with the pink and black contrast by wearing pink lipstick, pink eye shadow and even a pink dress!

Of course if you’re not partial to pink opt for a different color that also goes well with black. Red would be a good choice, just as long as you opt for red hair, red lips, red eye shadow and a red outfit. Alternatively you could set white against your black eyes, though you might run the risk of looking like Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians – great for a fancy dress party but perhaps not so appropriate or a festival. Then again, it depends what type of festival you are going to!

. Make your black eyes stand out with a contrasting color
. Steer clear of wearing anything too Halloween-esque!

Finally, black contacts are designed to make their wearers be noticed. Embrace the conspicuous nature of your lenses with an equally as eye-catching outfit, hair and make up.

What to Wear with Your Orange Colored Contact Lenses

Monday, September 1st, 2014

There is no color quite like orange to add some spice to a look. With the autumn approaching and the likes of Halloween round the corner, now might be a good time to succumb to the aesthetical charms of a pair of stunning orange contacts. But what do you wear with your orange lenses? Take a look at the following advice on what make up, hairstyle and clothes to wear to accompany your bright orange eyes.


Brighten Up Your Look With Orange Lenses

For Everyday Wear

So you might get some strange looks when you walk into the office sporting a pair of bright orange irises. Whilst not a natural eye color, the unnaturalness of orange eyes should not prevent you from wearing this type of lens whenever you want, including during the day. The trick is to tone down other elements of your attire.

A gentle flick of mascara and swipe of gray eye shadow would be enough make up to enhance your orange lenses further without going overboard. As the color orange always goes well with citrusy siblings, wearing other ‘sunset’ tones, such as a pale yellow shirt with a red scarf, would bring out the cheery tones of your eyes without looking too gaudy.

. Go easy with the make up, just enough to enhance the beauty of your eyes
. Wear other citrus colors to complement the orange but keep them subtle

For Costume Parties

Orange lenses put the perfect finishing touches on a ghostly, witchy look at a costume party such as Halloween. Coming in various patterns and tones, you can really go to town bewitching fellow party-goers at such an occasion. Heighten the creepy enchantment of orange-themed lenses by surrounding them with blood-stained, elaborate make up. Scrape your hair off your face to really draw attention to your eyes. Alternatively, dye your hair a citrus tone, such as bright red or pink to bring out the tangerine tones of your eyes. Your costume should be equally as flamboyant. Instead of opting for more traditional witchy colors like black and green, wear a bold witch’s dress in orange, sported with a pair of black and orange striped tights.

. Go to town with make up, the more blood, dirt and creases, the better
. Draw attention to the eyes by scraping your hair back or dyeing it a citrus shade
. Wear a flamboyant, eye-catching costume, preferably another autumnal shade


Orange Cat Lenses


UV Orange Lenses


Pumpkin Eye Lenses

For Evening Wear

Whether you are going to an all-night rave this Saturday or to a house party, orange contacts will ensure your presence is noticed and remembered. As orange goes well with blue, draw out the beauty of your orange eyes by surrounding them with tones of blue eye shadow, mascara and eye-liner. Your lips should be augmented to a similar eye-catching status with some orangey-red lipstick.

In terms of clothing, as orange is a fairly versatile color, you have the option of wearing very bright shades to more demure colors. Depending on the evening event you are attending, you could either opt for a bright red, orange or even blue outfit to really enhance the glamor and flamboyance of your look. Alternatively choose more demure colors such as black, gray or brown that would be equally as complementary of your orange eyes.

. Opt for blue eye make up to bring out the orange tones
. Wear citrus-centered lipstick
. Opt for either fellow bright shades or more demure colored clothes
Now stand back, take a look in the mirror, admire your handy work and prepare to turn heads this evening!

Girl Creates Eye-catching Looks with Makeup & Lenses

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Who needs a Masters in theatre, make up design or art when you can achieve what Elsa RhaePageler managed to achieve by herself? The self-taught video editor, producer make up artist and Photoshop expert really has got talent when it comes to creating frighteningly realistic horror makeovers. Take a look at some of Elsa’ most eye-catching looks and be inspired into creating your own terrifying make up feats simply by using some cheap make up materials and some awesome colored contacts.


Elsa has named one of her most inspiring pieces of theatrical makeovers ‘Unknown’. We have to admit with its spikey fanged double jaw, distressingly pale and lined face and orange eyes that have a creepily wishy-washy undertone, Elsa’s ‘Unknown’ character would certainly rival even the most compelling and widely-replicated of Hollywood villains. Once again all you’ll need to create your own Hollywood-esque villain is some cheap face paint, orange contact lenses and a steady hand.

The Grinch

Green, green and greener is the name of the game in order to achieve a frighteningly realistic Grinch look. As Elsa RhaePageler admits she’s only been doing theatrical face painting for less than a year and has had no professional training besides a YouTube degree. To get an equally as effective Grinch look get your make up talents quickly up to speed by watching a Grinch Make up Tutorial. As you’ll see in the tutorial what you need is lashings of green face paint, some face molds and of course, to really finish the mischievous look, a pair of bright green contact lenses.

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion

This girl doesn’t do theatrical make up by halves and we cannot deny Elsa’s Mortal Kombat Scorpion look is more convincing than the costumes you can buy, allegedly designed by the professionals. Scorpion is of course a resurrected ninja in the Mortal Komat fighting game series. The Scorpion is defined by his death-defying white eyes, bright yellow jaw and gray metallic armor. With some vibrant gray and yellow face paint and a pair of white contact lenses, you too can achieve Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion’s shocking look.

V for Vendetta

The masked vigilante known as ‘V’ is ferociously skilled in the art of deception and combat. Since V for Vendetta arrived at the big screen in 2005 his mystifying look as been recreated with varying degrees of success. You can forget about buying expensive V for Vendetta costumes. Simply follow in Elsa’s footsteps and use some black and white face paint, black contact lenses and a black veil to cover your head, hair and shoulders. Step back, admire your handy work and let the complements come rolling in.

Create The Unknown Look with Orange Lenses

Create The Unknown Look with Orange Lenses

Top 5 Statement Contact Lenses

Friday, July 25th, 2014

When it’s time to make a statement, you can spend hours and hours writing the perfect speech, or you can just pop in a special pair of colored contact lenses and you can make that statement without even opening your mouth. From thought-provoking designs to spectacularly colorful lenses, there are plenty of colored contacts to help you stand out from the crowd and send a message to the world. Here are five of my favorites and the reasons why I love them, all with a 90-day lifespan once opened so you can wear them again and again so long as you care for them as instructed.

Silver Space Pants Not Included

There are so many options for making brown eyes blue, but among the best are these Fantasy Blue contact lenses which feature a black outer rim, while the main turquoise blue center is speckled with tiny yellow slivers. The ragged outer rim accentuates the brightness of the blue while the yellow slivers add a fantastical texture which will have people gazing deep into your eyes as they fall madly in love with you and dream of being whisked away on a wild adventure through space and time by their hero with the out-of-this-world eyes. Team with large, unlaced military boots, tight black vest and even tighter silver trousers to maximize this effect.

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe Contact Lenses Look Amazing

Sex on the Brain (And In Your Eyes)

It seems that these days if you really want to make a statement then you’ve got to get sex in there somewhere. These Alchemy AC/DC contact lenses can certainly help you do that as they feature a combination of the male and female symbols which immediately inspires thoughts of the naughtier kind. Whether your statement is that you like to keep things traditional or that you like a bit of both is totally up to you and the trousers you wear. Though if they’re skin-tight silver pants then be prepared for people to assume the latter.

Unique Geek Chic

There have been some amazing stories created in Japanese manga over the years with some memorable characters, though most of them have the standard huge black eyes which are a little boring (though you can still recreate them if you want with the Big Eye lens selection). Or you could wear these beautiful Hotaru Tomoe contact lenses mimicking the eyes of the Sailor Moon Senshi which are a lovely violet color with lilac highlights which create a unique and unforgettable style for your eyes. Even in a party full of people wearing colored contact lenses, these ones will make you stand out from the crowd as a either a statement of unrelenting beauty or of unrepentant geekiness.

Android 2

Achieve The Ultimate Bionic Look

Eye, Robot

Question what it means to be human with these Bionic Eye contact lenses. You can then practice your robot dance moves and access your inner android with these awesome lenses, and don’t forget to stop suddenly in the middle of doing something and ask inappropriate philosophical questions about what it means to be human, Maybe approach strangers on the subway and ask them, in as monotone a voice as you can muster, what it’s like to cry. I’m sure that will turn out just fine.

I Think, Therefore My Brain Hurts

It’s easy to change the color of your eyes and it’s easy to question the concept of humanity without coming up with any solid answers. However, now it’s easy to both change your eye color and pose philosophical questions regarding the human condition at the same time! By wearing these black and white Barcode contact lenses you can look people square in the eye and wordlessly demand they ponder the consequences of our materialistic and consumer-based society. That they also look really cool is a pure bonus.

Zombie Conventions To Die For!

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Good news for zombie fans this year as many of the horror and sci-fi conventions are featuring a Walking Dead reunion theme with past and present actors from the show ranging from the top billers to the men and women who regularly feature as various different zombies. There are plenty of other attractions to get excited about as well including many other celebrity guests, special effects workshops and costume competitions.

MonsterCon – Greenville, SC (July 18-20)

The largest three day multi-fandom and pop culture convention in South Carolina features plenty of celebrity guests but is far more than just an opportunity to get some autographs. MonsterCon will have a special effects workshop with RJ Haddy from SyFy’s FaceOff, a film festival as well as a costume contest. The competition will be pretty stiff so if you want to stand a chance then you better get some zombie contact lenses to perfect your costume. There are plenty of great tutorials online on how to make a great zombie costume as well.

However, if it’s your first cos-play attempt then don’t be intimidated by all the cos-play experts you will run into. MonsterCon welcomes the veterans and the newbies equally and there will even be a special event on the first day to help new cos-players and show them that absolutely anyone can take part in this awesome hobby.

Of course, don’t spend so long sorting out your costume that you miss the special Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead Q & A with plenty of cast members including several who play multiple different zombies, such as Sonya Thompson (who was also in Zombieland) and Michael Koske who has played more zombies on the show than anyone else. You’ll also get to see Savana Jade Wehunt who played The Governor’s daughter Penny.

Zombie Walk Costume with Red Contact Lenses

Get the Zombie Look with Red Lenses

Monster-Mania Con – Cherry Hill, NJ (August 15-17)

The Crowne Plaza Hotel plays host to the semi-annual horror film and memorabilia Monster-Mania convention this year, which will include a guest panel of Walking Dead stars including Lawrence Gilliard Jr (also of The Wire), Alanna Masterson (Tara) and Steven Yeun who plays everybody’s favorite geek, Glenn.

There are plenty of non-zombie guests to get excited about too, including fan convention stalwarts and original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward. You will also get to see the T-1000 in the flesh as Robert Patrick makes an appearance along with actors James Remar, Kenny Johnson and Verne Troyer.

You can also meet wrestling legend and occasional action movie star Rowdy Roddy Piper, and look out for Bill Moseley who played Otis in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

Scare-A-Con – Verona, NY (September 12-14)

One of the best horror and sci-fi fan conventions of the Northeast incorporates a film festival, a special film makers’ meet and mix gathering, their own awards ceremony and a psychic fair. There are plenty of themed parties as well including Saturday 13th’s ‘Zombie Massacre-ade Costume Party’ which will feature live entertainment.

There are loads of celebrity and horror-themed guests booked for Scare-A-Con over their three days at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, including two of the actors who have portrayed the iconic Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise, C. Thomas Howell and the always awesome Chris Sarandon – he of original Fright Night and The Princess Bride fame. Plus gentlemen of a certain age who were falling in love with Baywatch babes long before Pamela Anderson arrived on the scene will be pleased to note an appearance by Erika Eleniak.

Zombie fans are in for a celebrity treat as well as Scare-A-Con will feature both Lew Temple and Vincent Ward who played Axel and Oscar on The Walking Dead, plus you will also get to see Eugene Clark who played the legendary zombie Big Daddy in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead.

Scare-A-Con Logo

You’ll Love The Scare-A-Con

Walker Stalker Con – Atlanta, GA (October 17-19)

This convention is the pick of the bunch for Walking Dead fans, and what better place to have it than in Atlanta. Walker Stalker has the most cast members and crew attending as guests, including currently alive characters and those who have long since been eaten by the undead and/or shot by their friends and/or family.

Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies will be in attendance alongside their equally perished pals Michael Rooker and Laurie Holden. Among the actors portraying currently alive characters are the increasingly awesome Chad Coleman (Tyrese) and Josh McDermit (Eugene). Melissa McBride has also recently been added to the guest list and there may be more additions yet. Also keep your eyes open for the actors who played Michonne’s pet zombies, though they’ll probably have their arms and bottom jaws attached so you’ll need a keen eye.

Greg Nicotero and Jay Bonansinga will also be answering questions and more than likely revealing little tidbits about the next season. And who knows, attend in an awesome zombie costume and you just might get noticed by the show’s bosses and hired to eat somebody’s face before taking a hammer to the head!

Zombie Walks

If conventions aren’t really your thing but you’d still love to zombie-up with like minded folks then you need to get involved with the zombie walk phenomenon. Movements like the Crawl of the Dead have swept across America and have gone worldwide with people from all walks of life dressing up in their best zombie costumes and coming together to create their own wandering horde of the undead.

There are so many nowadays that I won’t simply pick one and publicize that, but there are plenty of websites which document and advertise up coming zombie walks and you should be able to find one near you. And if you can’t then you can simply organize one yourself!

Some of these zombie walks even have competitions for the best costume, so you’ll want to do a bit more than splash some fake blood on your face and wear a torn t-shirt. Get some zombie costume advice from some of the many online tutorials (there are also plenty posted on our blog) and perfect your costume with something like these white contact lenses to give yourself the creepiest appearance possible. Then just get out there and help bring the zombie apocalypse down upon your own home town, all the while screaming BRAAAAAAAAIIIIINNS!

Enthusiasts dressed as zombies take part in a  Zombie Walk procession in Prague

Try a Zombie Walk This Year

How to Achieve the Ultimate Vampire Look

Monday, June 9th, 2014

It’s so easy to create an awesome vampire costume that I’m surprised more of us don’t go about our daily lives dressed as the immortally cool horror icons. Even if we do have sensible jobs that prevent us acting out our fantasies every day, there’s no excuse when it’s comes to costume parties. The best thing about dressing as a vampire is you can pretty much wear whatever clothes you fancy as it’s all about your face. Though it is indeed a good idea to dress appropriately according to the type of vampire you are, so before anything else you need to decide what kind of vampire you want to dress up as.

Choosing Your Vampire

Take some time to decide what kind of vampire you want to be as there are quite a few different styles out there to draw inspiration from. Do you want to be all teeth and crazy eyes like the vampires from TV’s Supernatural, or a sparkly Edward Cullen? You could become a vintage vampire by recreating Christopher Lee’s Dracula from the English Hammer Horror franchise of the 1960s, or maybe mimic Gary Oldman’s version from the more modern rendition of Bram Stoker’s classic.

And don’t forget the Interview With A Vampire characters, excellently played by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise; although dressing up as one of those involves only about 5% vampire costume and a good 95% of old fashioned dandy. One of the easiest things to do is to create your very own vampire style, taking a little inspiration from a few of the bloodsucking characters that have gone before.

Vampire Make-Up 1

Transform Yourself Into A Vampire

Easy Vampire Make-up Effects

Follow this five-step guide to turn yourself into an awesome vampire for relatively little cost. You’ll need access to some make-up of course, though most of what you’ll need will be in the average lady’s make-up bag, while anything not there won’t be expensive.

1. Create a pale face base using the lightest shade of foundation you can find. Theatrical face paint can work too, but it tends to be smeary and will look very obvious and more comedic than sexy or threatening. It’s a good idea to moisturize your face before applying the make-up as well as otherwise it can become caked when too dry. Be sure to apply the make-up to your neck and any exposed chest area as well so it all matches up, then dust a light amount of baby powder to reinforce the slightly decaying but still sexy skin look.

2. To give you a slightly gaunt and ghoulish appearance, you’ll need to apply some dark eye shadow underneath your eyes and on your upper eyelid, either grey or you can experiment with some purple or violet tones, Don’t go too crazy with this unless you really know what you’re doing as it’s better to under-do it then overdo it.

3. Break out the eyeliner now to accentuate your eyes and your lips. Try it first on just the upper eyelid as you will probably find this is enough. Now use the eyeliner to outline your lips, going heavy if you are wearing red lipstick or light if you aren’t wearing any. Another option is to wear black lipstick if you can find some or are willing to buy it.

4. Now your make-up is almost complete barring a few optional effects, it’s time to choose what crazy color eyes your own personal vampire has. This is an important step as the type of color contact lenses you choose can determine how your vampire is interpreted. Dark blood red eyes are a sexily subtle touch, while bright yellow contacts have a fiercer edge to them. You can always go ghostly with some pure white contacts or get some Cat Eye contact lenses to give you that beastly reptilian look.

5. The last step is about the optional effects you can add to finish the vampire look off nicely. A little bit of blood trickling from the corner of your mouth can look really cool, and you can make your own by mixing a little corn syrup with red food coloring, adding a tiny dash of blue food coloring to give the fake blood a realistic appearance. You can also add a couple of fang marks on your neck, or even apply some sparkly skin lotion or shimmer powder to recreate the sparkly vampires of the Twilight films.

Vampire Make-Up Being Applied

See WikiHow’s How to Get the Vampire Look

Homemade Vampire Fangs

I don’t recommend buying fake fangs from a costume shop as you’ll probably only wear them once when you first arrive at the party and then you’ll have to take them out to talk to people. If you really want some fangs for your first appearance though, you can try cutting the head off of a plastic fork and removing the inner prongs, then inserting the remainder of the head with the two outer prongs under your top lip.

Other options for fake fangs include using fake fingernails or making an entire row of teeth out of the base of a Styrofoam cup. If you get the make-up and the vampire contact lenses right though, people will be too impressed by the rest of your costume to worry about where your fangs are. It’s not like you plan on biting anyone anyway, right? Right?

How to Achieve the Ultimate Avatar Look

Friday, June 6th, 2014

When Avatar arrived on the silver screen in 2009 it was a huge hit in the cinema, dubbed as the “greatest adventure of all time.” The incredibly realistic animation in the film meant people around the world went crazy, feverishly replicating the movie’s characters. If you fancy going down the little less conventional route at a Halloween or fancy dress party, dressing up as an Avatar is guaranteed to be well-received. So how exactly can you replicate James Cameron’s Avatar with authenticity and depth?

Neytiri Avatar Halloween Tutorial

Neytiri, princess of the Omaticaya clan and second-born daughter of Eytukan and Mo’at, is one of the most recognizable characters of Avatar. This informative tutorial describes how you can look like Neytiri in a few simple steps.

The video begins by advising watchers to braid their hair, put yellow contact lenses in and put on foundation. You then paint your face a shade of bright blue, draw in the infamous avatar eyebrows and ‘re-create’ your eyes with ample black eye shadow. Black stripes are then drawn on the forehead and cheeks, with white dots following the stripes. You then put fake eyelashes on the top and bottom lids to augment those alluring Avatar eyes.

The video then advises to cut out the ears from hard paper, color them the same shade of blue with black stripes and stick them in your hair with a hair pin. Then put feathers on your ears with another hair pin. And there you have it a wonderfully authentic and cost-effective Neytiri Avatar look.

Avatar Contact Lenses

Of course Neytiri would not be Neytiri without her wild, yellow eyes. You too can have eyes this invitingly golden by wearing a pair of Avatar Contact Lenses. Escape to Pandora with these stunning yellow contacts, which will bring a new dimension to an Avatar costume. Whether it’s the classic movie look you aspire or a more subtle Avatar glare, these lenses are available in brighter colors and more natural designs, ensuring you can achieve your desired Avatar look with ease.

DIY Avatar Costume for Under $20

Look like an Avatar for less than $20! All you’ll need for this Avatar costume is are brown leggings or a brown bikini bottom, a brown t-shirt, tank top, bikini top, or fabric, chunky necklaces and bracelets, and a waist-length black wig. For the make up you’ll need cutips, black eyeshadow, light blue and dark blue eye shadow (or face paints), white face cream and large amounts of blue body paint. As you can imagine, this Avatar costume technique involves plenty of rubbing blue eye shadow or face paint into your face and body. For full instructions visit and let the fun commence!

avatar 1

Avatar Lenses Will Complete Your Desired Look

How to Achieve the Ultimate Zombie Look

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Whether it’s for Halloween, to a fancy dress party, for a part in a play, or perhaps as a dare, going out dressed like a zombie can be a lot of fun. In fact out of all the deadly creatures of the night dressing like a zombie is one of the most terrifyingly theatrical. There’s plenty of accessories at hand to help you perfect your zombie look, the trick is knowing about them. Take a look at the following ways to achieve a zombie- semblance that would make Ash in the Evil Dead look like Cinderella.

Wear Plenty of Make Up

You  won’t look like a zombie unless you have deathly white or gray skin, period. The quickest route to a pallor complexion is through ample use of make up.

  1. Apply the lightest shade of foundation or concealer you can find to your entire neck and face. Go over the foundation with a generous application of baby powder to give you a real deathly look.
  2. Brush generous amounts of black, gray, green or even purple eye shadow to your eye sockets and cheek bones in order to accent the sunken areas of your face. Make it look as if your eye sockets have shrunken to almost non-existence by applying darker make up towards the corners of your eyes.
  3. Create a dramatic color contrast by using a subtle amount of red lipstick. Apply this’fake blood’ to your lips, or even down your cheeks as if blood is dripping from your eyes.
  4. For the ultimate zombie make up tutorial, check out this video below on YouTube. With some tissue paper, fake blood, liquid latex and colored contact lenses, you can go from looking like Barbie to looking like a zombie who’s been dead for the last 50 years in less than 11 minutes!

Choosing The Perfect Contact Lenses

When it comes to replicating the most horrifying of characters don’t underestimate the power of contact lenses. Let’s be honest when did you last see a zombie with green, blue, brown or other ‘conventional’ eye colors? To craft an authentic zombie look you’ll need a pair of pale zombie contact lenses. Such colored lenses will transform your look creating a spooky, dead-like and dramatic effect which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


Pale Zombie Contact Lenses

White Zombie Contact Lenses

White Zombie Contact Lenses

Zombie Grey Crazy Contact Lenses

Zombie Grey Contact Lenses

Don’t Neglect the Costume

Now for the costume. You’ll need to decide what type of zombie you want to be. For example, school girl zombies tend to work well with their ripped shirt, blood-stained knee-length socks and back combed bunches generating a terrifying look. Zombie nurses are another costume not to be reckoned with, just make sure the nurse’s uniform has plenty of blood splattered over it and your looking perilously menacing with a blood-tipped syringe in your hand. Though we have to admit, the best part of dressing like a zombie is you get to pass out anywhere!

Get Bloodshot Eyes Like These Zombies

Get Bloodshot Eyes Like These Zombies


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