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Top 5 Statement Contact Lenses

Friday, July 25th, 2014

When it’s time to make a statement, you can spend hours and hours writing the perfect speech, or you can just pop in a special pair of colored contact lenses and you can make that statement without even opening your mouth. From thought-provoking designs to spectacularly colorful lenses, there are plenty of colored contacts to help you stand out from the crowd and send a message to the world. Here are five of my favorites and the reasons why I love them, all with a 90-day lifespan once opened so you can wear them again and again so long as you care for them as instructed.

Silver Space Pants Not Included

There are so many options for making brown eyes blue, but among the best are these Fantasy Blue contact lenses which feature a black outer rim, while the main turquoise blue center is speckled with tiny yellow slivers. The ragged outer rim accentuates the brightness of the blue while the yellow slivers add a fantastical texture which will have people gazing deep into your eyes as they fall madly in love with you and dream of being whisked away on a wild adventure through space and time by their hero with the out-of-this-world eyes. Team with large, unlaced military boots, tight black vest and even tighter silver trousers to maximize this effect.

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe Contact Lenses Look Amazing

Sex on the Brain (And In Your Eyes)

It seems that these days if you really want to make a statement then you’ve got to get sex in there somewhere. These Alchemy AC/DC contact lenses can certainly help you do that as they feature a combination of the male and female symbols which immediately inspires thoughts of the naughtier kind. Whether your statement is that you like to keep things traditional or that you like a bit of both is totally up to you and the trousers you wear. Though if they’re skin-tight silver pants then be prepared for people to assume the latter.

Unique Geek Chic

There have been some amazing stories created in Japanese manga over the years with some memorable characters, though most of them have the standard huge black eyes which are a little boring (though you can still recreate them if you want with the Big Eye lens selection). Or you could wear these beautiful Hotaru Tomoe contact lenses mimicking the eyes of the Sailor Moon Senshi which are a lovely violet color with lilac highlights which create a unique and unforgettable style for your eyes. Even in a party full of people wearing colored contact lenses, these ones will make you stand out from the crowd as a either a statement of unrelenting beauty or of unrepentant geekiness.

Android 2

Achieve The Ultimate Bionic Look

Eye, Robot

Question what it means to be human with these Bionic Eye contact lenses. You can then practice your robot dance moves and access your inner android with these awesome lenses, and don’t forget to stop suddenly in the middle of doing something and ask inappropriate philosophical questions about what it means to be human, Maybe approach strangers on the subway and ask them, in as monotone a voice as you can muster, what it’s like to cry. I’m sure that will turn out just fine.

I Think, Therefore My Brain Hurts

It’s easy to change the color of your eyes and it’s easy to question the concept of humanity without coming up with any solid answers. However, now it’s easy to both change your eye color and pose philosophical questions regarding the human condition at the same time! By wearing these black and white Barcode contact lenses you can look people square in the eye and wordlessly demand they ponder the consequences of our materialistic and consumer-based society. That they also look really cool is a pure bonus.

Contact Lenses & Allergies

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

If you plan on wearing some awesome colored contact lenses at some point during the next few months – and there should be plenty of summer party opportunities to do just that – then you’ll be wise to learn about the seasonal eye allergies that can affect us and how best to combat them so the lenses don’t aggravate any eye problems we might develop. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to keep our eyes feeling fresh so we can break out the colored contacts whenever we need them.

Man with Allergy

Learn More About Hayfever & Contact Lenses

Common Summer Eye Allergies

We’ve written before about the problems and solutions specifically to do with hay fever and contact lenses, but this common summer allergy isn’t the only issue we can have with our eyes during this time of the year. There’s also Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), often called Spring Catarhh even though it is more commonly suffered during the summer (also more accurately referred to as Warm Weather Conjunctivitis). VKC is an inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the thin lining covering the white part of the eyeball. Most commonly affecting young adults and children (and boys more often than girls), it is a seasonally recurring and bilateral allergy which isn’t caused by wearing contact lenses, but can indeed be aggravated by wearing them.

Allergies Caused by Medical Treatments

There are also common allergic reactions to certain medications which can inflame the eye and cause soreness and discomfort. Anaphylactic and papillary reactions can occur up to a week after ingesting antibiotic and antiviral medications, as well as more serious medical treatments such as penicillin and anesthetic. Always be aware of the possibility of a potential allergic reaction such as this if you plan on wearing contact lenses shortly after medical treatments which might cause an inflammation of your eyes.

Re-Wetting Drops

Read More About Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Minimizing the Risk of Eye Allergies

Most allergens which affect the eyes are airborne and practically impossible to avoid aside from wearing a scuba mask all day and night. But there are a few measures you can take to protect yourself as much as possible as well as care for your eyes should you pick up one of these seasonal allergies. First of all, you’ll want to clean your contacts regularly; much more regularly than you need to during the winter. This is because the allergen microbes travel via pollen and dust particles in the air and can easily attach themselves to the surface of a contact lens. You also need to keep your eyes moist while wearing contact lenses, so keep yourself well-stocked with re-wetting eye drops.

How to Treat an Eye Allergy

If you do pick up an eye allergy, then remove your lenses as soon as possible, or avoid wearing them. If you are an everyday wearer of contacts then you’ll need to break out the old specs and wear those until the allergy clears up. It’s also very important that you don’t rub your eyes when you have an allergy, especially if they are red and swollen. They may be itchy but rubbing your eyes in this situation will only result in an even worse inflammation as the rubbing action spreads the allergens around creating a wider affected area. Instead, use a cool and damp compress to ease the discomfort and relieve the itchiness.

Eye Doctors Have Preventions as well as Cures

If summer eye allergies have been a problem for you before then you can visit your eye doctor in advance to discuss the various medical treatments available which can prevent allergies. As well as providing treatments for current sufferers, there are treatments which can help you avoid suffering in the first place, freeing you up to wear your contact lenses whenever you like.

Top 5 Strangest Contact Lenses

Monday, July 21st, 2014

One of the best parts of dressing up in fancy dress and elaborate costumes is it provides you with the chance to really go to town, let your hair down and look fabulously flamboyant. Thanks to colored contact lenses we can take our penchant for dressing up in frighteningly lavish costumes to even greater heights and really ‘put the lid on’ a desired character or look. If you’re intent on going to a party, parade, Halloween event or any other kind of theatrical spectacle in as bizarre a costume as you can possibly imagine, you might want to put the final stamp of devilish splendor on the outfit with one of the following delightfully strange contact lenses.

Mesh Contact Lenses

Is it a robot? Is it Arnie in Terminator? Or is it a Cyberman from Dr Who’s fictional race of cyborgs? When wearing a pair of mesh contacts, your identity will be truly hidden. Covering the whole of the colored part of your eye as well as the pupil, these mesh lenses cleverly enable you to see but gives you an intriguingly mysterious look. If you are intent on looking utterly strange then freak out your friends with a pair of mesh contacts.

mesh contacts

Mesh Lenses Will Create a Dramatic Look

Manson Contact Lenses

Boasting a plain white background and a black ring around the outside you simply cannot fail to stand out in the crowd when wearing a pair of Manson Contact Lenses. Not only does the white completely cover your iris but the outer black ring gives the contacts additional definition and intensity. In fact one word immediately springs to mind with Manson contacts – strange.

UL13 Alchemy Lenses

UL13 what? Long gone are the days when if you wanted to be a gothic, black hair, white skin and purple lips would have to suffice. These alchemy lenses are perfect for anyone experimenting with weird and wonderful gothic looks.
From lenses that feature a classic Magic 8 Ball design to contacts that have the Ace of Spades embellished on them, the UL13 contact lenses is designed for individuals who are looking to escape convention and normality.


White Lenses Are Also A Popular Choice Too

i-Glow Bat Lenses

Being nocturnal, silent, dark and mysterious, bats are one of the strangest and most mystifying creatures on our planet. Utilize the unique mystery of bats into a Halloween costume by wearing a pair of i-Glow Bat Symbol Contact Lenses. Not only will having an icon of a bat inscribed onto your eyes generate a whirl of intrigue and astonishment but the black bat silhouette contrasts spookily with the glowing yellow background – you can almost hear the werewolves begin to howl.

Black Contact Lenses

If you were asked to name the color that denotes mystery, strangeness and trickery the most, it would have to be black. Funky Black Contacts make the whole of your eye and the pupil merge together, creating a truly freaky and bizarre look. Whether you are looking to win the best dressed award at a forthcoming carnival or merely want to make a statement these funky black contact lenses certainly won’t let you down in the freakish stakes.

The Hottest Summer Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Blue eyes are beautiful there’s no doubt about that but like all our most beautiful natural assets, there’s no harm in accentuating your stunning blue eyes. With the blue sky framing green fields, colorful bursts of flowers and endless hours of light, blue eyes come to life in the summer, particularly with some clever use of make up. Take a look at the hottest summer make up looks for blue eyes.

Terracotta Eye Shadow

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to the Mediterranean this summer then no doubt you’ll come into contact with some terracotta tiles and furnishings. This rustic color goes particularly well with blue. Layering your eyelids with a warm terracotta eye shadow is one of the quickest and most effective ways to draw attention to your blue eyes – the perfect summer look.

blue eyes

Dazzle Everyone with Blue Contact Lenses

Turquoise Eye Liner & Navy Mascara

If might sound like a bad combination that Bet Lynch would have worn in Coronation Street but combining navy mascara with turquoise liner is all the rage this summer, particularly if you’ve got blue eyes. The bold turquoise shade will accentuate blue eyes whilst the navy mascara will bring out the blue tones further.

5 Make Up Looks That Make Blue Eyes Pop!

From wearing a subtle shade of light beige eye shadow to enhancing the eyes with eye lash curlers, this step by step tutorial gives you five simple ways to make blue eyes pop! Denoting energy and vitality, the orange-toned eye shadow used on this video is particularly appealing for the warm, summer months.

Light Purple Tones Bring Dark Blue Eyes to Life

Purple is considered a hot color this summer. This powerful shade has long been used to symbolize magic, mystery and royalty and none more so in the summer when it comes to fashion, virtually anything goes. Good news for people with blue eyes as purple tones really bring the blue of the eyes to life. Purple eye shadow, eyeliner and even purple mascara looks great, especially if you’ve got dark blue eyes. Although the trick is not to overdo the purple makeup. Apply the purple shadow lightly to the lids so it creates a subtle contrasting background to your beautifully colored eyes that isn’t too ‘heavy’ for the summer.

Bring Out The Beige Highlighter

If a woman is well endowed on the chest area it is not uncommon that she aims to accentuate her arguably greatest assets. Whether you are blessed with natural blue eyes or are experimenting with blue contact lenses, emphasize the beauty of the color by using an eye-brightening beige highlighter. From beige maxi dresses to beige handbags, beige is another color of the season. Applying this subtle shade to the inside lower lash line will make blue eyes appear bigger and really stand out.


Get Natural Blue Lenses

Top 4 Contact Lenses For Star Trek Fans

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Do you consider yourself a die hard ‘Trekkie’? Or perhaps you’re a mere fan of the legendary sci-fi series. Either way attending a fancy dress or Halloween party as a Star Trek character is certain to turn heads, generate Star Trek quizzes and conversation and generally be a success. Whether you recreate Spock, Captain Kirk or one of the alien crew mates you’ll have lots of fun dressing up as a Star Trek character so you can start solving pseudo-scientific problems. You can begin by mastering the eyes with the following top four contact lenses for Star Trek fans.


Get Blue Eyes Like Leonard H. McCoy

Funky Yellow Lenses for the Data Look

Serving alongside Captain Picard, Data the android is one of the most popular of the Star Trek: The Next Generation characters. Data’s appearance is characterized by hypnotizing bright yellow eyes framed by a ghostly pale face that borders on the metallic. To perfect the look Data’s actor Brent Spiner wore a pair of yellow contacts. With a subtle use of white face paint and some yellow contacts, you too can look like the android Data.

Create the Deanna Troi Look with Black Out Lenses

Commander Deanna Troi is half-human and half-Betazoid and can sense emotions through her psionic ability. This alien race look exactly like humans expect for one difference, their eyes are completely black. Asides wearing a black jumpsuit uniform Deanna is typically dressed in, perfect the Deanna Troi look by wearing a pair of black diva contact lenses to wipe out all the color of your eyes. Now all you need is a flamboyant Grecian hairstyle and you’ll be able to read everyone’s emotions the way only Betazoids can.


Get Piercing Black Eyes Like Deanna

Dazzling Blue Eyes Like Leonard H. McCoy

Leonard H. McCoy is the ship’s chief medical officer and surgeon. A noted scientist of the 23rd and 24th centuries, McCoy served aboard the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise A for a combined period of 27 years. The resident surgeon is distinguished primarily by his mesmerizing bright blue eyes. By simply putting a pair of blue contacts in your eyes, you will be halfway there to achieving the hypnotic Leonard H. McCoy look. Now all you will need is the landmark sky blue jumper and black trousers Leonard McCoy is usually seen in.

Striking Captain Kirk’s Blue Eyes

One of Star Trek’s most famous characters, Captain Kirk is a 23rd century human star fleet captain. The blue-eyed Chris Pine played Kirk more latterly but the iconic role was originated by William Shattner in 1966. Recreate the swaggering, ripped t-shirt-wearing James Kirk look by wearing a pair of stunning blue lenses. Accompany the lenses with a classic Captain Kirk gold shirt uniform, which is available to buy on Ebay.

Zombie Conventions To Die For!

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Good news for zombie fans this year as many of the horror and sci-fi conventions are featuring a Walking Dead reunion theme with past and present actors from the show ranging from the top billers to the men and women who regularly feature as various different zombies. There are plenty of other attractions to get excited about as well including many other celebrity guests, special effects workshops and costume competitions.

MonsterCon – Greenville, SC (July 18-20)

The largest three day multi-fandom and pop culture convention in South Carolina features plenty of celebrity guests but is far more than just an opportunity to get some autographs. MonsterCon will have a special effects workshop with RJ Haddy from SyFy’s FaceOff, a film festival as well as a costume contest. The competition will be pretty stiff so if you want to stand a chance then you better get some zombie contact lenses to perfect your costume. There are plenty of great tutorials online on how to make a great zombie costume as well.

However, if it’s your first cos-play attempt then don’t be intimidated by all the cos-play experts you will run into. MonsterCon welcomes the veterans and the newbies equally and there will even be a special event on the first day to help new cos-players and show them that absolutely anyone can take part in this awesome hobby.

Of course, don’t spend so long sorting out your costume that you miss the special Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead Q & A with plenty of cast members including several who play multiple different zombies, such as Sonya Thompson (who was also in Zombieland) and Michael Koske who has played more zombies on the show than anyone else. You’ll also get to see Savana Jade Wehunt who played The Governor’s daughter Penny.

Zombie Walk Costume with Red Contact Lenses

Get the Zombie Look with Red Lenses

Monster-Mania Con – Cherry Hill, NJ (August 15-17)

The Crowne Plaza Hotel plays host to the semi-annual horror film and memorabilia Monster-Mania convention this year, which will include a guest panel of Walking Dead stars including Lawrence Gilliard Jr (also of The Wire), Alanna Masterson (Tara) and Steven Yeun who plays everybody’s favorite geek, Glenn.

There are plenty of non-zombie guests to get excited about too, including fan convention stalwarts and original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward. You will also get to see the T-1000 in the flesh as Robert Patrick makes an appearance along with actors James Remar, Kenny Johnson and Verne Troyer.

You can also meet wrestling legend and occasional action movie star Rowdy Roddy Piper, and look out for Bill Moseley who played Otis in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

Scare-A-Con – Verona, NY (September 12-14)

One of the best horror and sci-fi fan conventions of the Northeast incorporates a film festival, a special film makers’ meet and mix gathering, their own awards ceremony and a psychic fair. There are plenty of themed parties as well including Saturday 13th’s ‘Zombie Massacre-ade Costume Party’ which will feature live entertainment.

There are loads of celebrity and horror-themed guests booked for Scare-A-Con over their three days at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, including two of the actors who have portrayed the iconic Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise, C. Thomas Howell and the always awesome Chris Sarandon – he of original Fright Night and The Princess Bride fame. Plus gentlemen of a certain age who were falling in love with Baywatch babes long before Pamela Anderson arrived on the scene will be pleased to note an appearance by Erika Eleniak.

Zombie fans are in for a celebrity treat as well as Scare-A-Con will feature both Lew Temple and Vincent Ward who played Axel and Oscar on The Walking Dead, plus you will also get to see Eugene Clark who played the legendary zombie Big Daddy in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead.

Scare-A-Con Logo

You’ll Love The Scare-A-Con

Walker Stalker Con – Atlanta, GA (October 17-19)

This convention is the pick of the bunch for Walking Dead fans, and what better place to have it than in Atlanta. Walker Stalker has the most cast members and crew attending as guests, including currently alive characters and those who have long since been eaten by the undead and/or shot by their friends and/or family.

Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies will be in attendance alongside their equally perished pals Michael Rooker and Laurie Holden. Among the actors portraying currently alive characters are the increasingly awesome Chad Coleman (Tyrese) and Josh McDermit (Eugene). Melissa McBride has also recently been added to the guest list and there may be more additions yet. Also keep your eyes open for the actors who played Michonne’s pet zombies, though they’ll probably have their arms and bottom jaws attached so you’ll need a keen eye.

Greg Nicotero and Jay Bonansinga will also be answering questions and more than likely revealing little tidbits about the next season. And who knows, attend in an awesome zombie costume and you just might get noticed by the show’s bosses and hired to eat somebody’s face before taking a hammer to the head!

Zombie Walks

If conventions aren’t really your thing but you’d still love to zombie-up with like minded folks then you need to get involved with the zombie walk phenomenon. Movements like the Crawl of the Dead have swept across America and have gone worldwide with people from all walks of life dressing up in their best zombie costumes and coming together to create their own wandering horde of the undead.

There are so many nowadays that I won’t simply pick one and publicize that, but there are plenty of websites which document and advertise up coming zombie walks and you should be able to find one near you. And if you can’t then you can simply organize one yourself!

Some of these zombie walks even have competitions for the best costume, so you’ll want to do a bit more than splash some fake blood on your face and wear a torn t-shirt. Get some zombie costume advice from some of the many online tutorials (there are also plenty posted on our blog) and perfect your costume with something like these white contact lenses to give yourself the creepiest appearance possible. Then just get out there and help bring the zombie apocalypse down upon your own home town, all the while screaming BRAAAAAAAAIIIIINNS!

Enthusiasts dressed as zombies take part in a  Zombie Walk procession in Prague

Try a Zombie Walk This Year

The Hottest Summer Make Up Looks For Green Eyes

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

The rarity of green eyes has always made them extra special and just a little bit mysterious. And whether you’re naturally green eyed or have invested in some green contact lenses to spice your style up a little for the summer, there are some excellent make-up tutorials online which will help you make the very best out of your emerald peepers.


Go Glamorous With Green Lenses

Summer of Green Eyes

It’s also an especially good summer to have green eyes as one of the major trends this year is purple make-up, which is actually one of the ideal make-up colors to match with green eyes. Whether the shade is lavender or lilac, orchid or violet, these purple shades really bring green eyes alive. Look out for the models in the fashion magazine photo shoots and on the cat walks of the big shows over the summer and note how many of them are green eyed, either naturally or with a little help from some natural green contact lenses, while sporting various shades of purple make-up.

Online Make Up Tutorials for Green Eyes

Whether you give yourself the purple touch via eye shadow or on your lips, it’s important to get a little advice from some make-up experts as such a bold color can look awful when applied incorrectly. Luckily for the likes of me, there are plenty of make-up specialists out there who have uploaded tutorials on how to apply your layers of make-up perfectly. Some of the tips and techniques they reveal are amazing and easy to do yourself in front of the bathroom mirror.

Quick Make Up Tips for Green Eyes

For a general idea of what to do to make your green eyes especially vibrant, choose your eye shadow color carefully and try to incorporate a blend of colors such as violets, lilacs or mauves with darker, more intense colors like bronze and copper.

If you prefer a more natural look then keep your eye make-up single tone, but for a more obviously glamorous style then go for a combination of those lighter colors with the darker colors. Avoid cool shades like white or silver as they will make you look far too pale, and don’t use nude shades either as these will have a similar effect.

Another interesting tip you will see mentioned in many of the make-up tutorials for green eyes is to ditch the black eyeliner and instead use either brown or bronze eyeliner. As for your blush colors; they should always be in tune with your eye make up regardless of your eye color, so stick to brown or rose shades which will compliment your blended eye shadow. Complete your look with plum or burgundy lipstick which will ensure that all eyes will be on you for all the right reasons.

Make-Up for Eyes with Green Contact Lenses

The make-up techniques aren’t any different whether you are naturally green eyed or are wearing color contact lenses. There are so many natural looking green contact lenses to choose from these days that you can either go for a more subtle olive-eyed look or really stand out with a pair of really bright green contacts. Browse through our selection of natural green contact lenses to see which shade will best suit you this summer.

How to Take Care of Your Contact Lenses at Festivals

Monday, July 7th, 2014

It’s always worth doing something a little extra special during a festival weekend because it’s pure party time so why not let it all hang out and go absolutely nuts. Some people like dressing up in costumes while others go the opposite route and just get completely naked. While both of these options are awesome in their own ways, you can get in on the act without worrying about designing a costume or getting arrested for indecent exposure. Just get some colored contact lenses to give yourself a memorable style which will look amazing not just during the festival, but in all the pictures you and your friends inevitably upload to Facebook and Instagram.

Festival 1

Check Out Festivals Like The Holi One

Glow All Night Long

When the night comes and the lasers start flying through the sky, there are no better colored contacts to have than glowing UV lenses. They will make your eyes shine brightly in the dark and there are so many options to choose from including white, blue, green, orange and yellow. There even funky designs like the biohazard symbol or these i-Glow Red Dragon contact lenses.

Pure Party Animals

You can always show the rest of the festival goers what a wild party animal you are by wearing some wild wolf contact lenses. Maybe you prefer some cats eye contact lenses instead or a more sinister reptilian look. Whatever your spiritual party animal is, you’ll find something at You Know It that matches up with your inner beast so you can unleash it all weekend long.

Melon Twisting Mind Benders

Why not get into the mind-bending spirit of the occasion with these Black Spiral contact lenses so you can twist the melons of your friendly festival fellows. You can also turn yourself into a living anime character with a pair of big eye lenses, or just go for something simple but dazzlingly colorful which will look awesome in the pictures you and your friends take of you having the time of your lives.


Keep Your Lenses Clean & Follow Our Care Information

Festival Contact Lens Care Advice

One thing you must take extra care about when wearing contacts at a festival is washing your hands properly before handling them. There won’t be any luxurious bathrooms to scrub up in so you’ll need to bring everything you need yourself. Hand wipes and anti-bacterial gel should do a decent enough job of cleaning your hands, but you’ll also need to bring a protective storage case for the lenses and a plentiful supply of contact lens cleaning solution. Luckily, none of these items are particularly large or heavy so they won’t be a burden if you have a small bag to carry them around in. If you’re camping out then make sure your contact lens gear is safely packed away as tents have a habit of collecting plenty of dirt over the course of a weekend. A zip-up toiletries bag is ideal which you can then place into another plastic bag to keep it all extra safe and clean.

Extra Safety Precautions

If at any time your eyes become irritated then remove the lenses and clean them as soon as possible. Keep the storage case with you at all times in a pocket or your bag as you may want to remove them halfway through the set of your favorite band when you won’t really feel like trudging off to find your tent. Also bring some eye drops so you can keep re-wetting your eyes regularly or whenever they feel a bit dry. Now, just have a great time and be ready for some interesting conversations with beautiful strangers who are mesmerized by your amazing eyes!

Recreate Angelina Jolie’s Incredible Maleficent Look

Monday, June 30th, 2014

If there is one actress that could carry off Disney’s iconic Sleeping Beauty villainess it is Angelina Jolie. The 2014 movie Maleficent tells a story of a beautiful young woman whose once pure heart is turned to stone after an invading army disrupts the harmony of her idyllic lands. In a tale of revenge, jealousy and vanity, Angelina Jolie emits a compelling meaning behind Disney’s classic 1959 Sleeping Beauty.

We have to admit with her sunken cheekbones and pale skin framed with ebony hair and lit up with blood-red lips, Angelina’s beautifully haunting looks were made for playing the eponymous Disney villainess. That said, Ms Jolie’s natural melancholic beauty was augmented further in Maleficent with some clever use of make up and costumes. Take a look and how to recreate the incredible Maleficent look.


Take a Look at Our Wide Range of Movie Contact Lenses

Death Defying Eyes

A villain quite simply cannot look like a villain without mysterious, hypnotizing eyes. Angelina’s spooky fusion of green and yellow eyes brought the whole of Maleficent’s face to life. With a pair of green yellow fusion lenses you too can have eyes as enchanting as Ms Jolie’s. Though devilish-colored eyes alone aren’t enough to recreate the hypnotizing Maleficent look. Angelina’s alluring eyes were enhanced by lashing of black mascara, black eye-liner and impeccably-arched eyebrows.

Lips As Red As Blood

When we think about Disney’s mesmerizing female villains they all seem to have one physical characteristic in common – lips as red as blood. Of course red-blood lips are fairly easy to achieve with some deep red lipstick. Though as we all know the problem with lipstick is that it has a tendency to be smeared onto glasses and gradually fade as the night goes on. Eradicate such a problem and ensure your lips are as blood red and enchanting as Angelina Jolie’s in Maleficent all night long by wearing a pair of blood red temporary lip tattoos.

Disney’s Maleficent Make Up Tutorial

With those striking green eyes and fiery red lips it is hardly surprising an increasing stream of Maleficent make up tutorials are beginning to circulate the web. For a step by step makeup guide on how to achieve a look that Angelina Jolie carries off so effortlessly take a look at the Disney’s Maleficent Make up Tutorial.

Hair As Black As Ebony

A villainess wouldn’t be quite as domineering and quake-inducing if she didn’t have jet black hair. Complete your Maleficent look with either dyeing your hair black or wearing a long ebony wig. The blackness of your locks will dramatically contrast with your pallid skin, enchanting green and yellow eyes and lips as red as rubies. Or was that blood?


Complete Your Maleficent Look With Green Dragon Lenses

6 Amazing Lenses For The World Cup 2014

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Finally the waiting, build-up and speculation is over and the World Cup 2014 has arrived. The good news is you don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to Brazil to enjoy the World Cup fever. With a little theatrical imagination and flamboyant dress sense, you’ll find yourself at the heart of World Cup fervor. It’s as simple, inexpensive and effective as wearing a pair of contact lenses. Yes you did read correctly, take a look at the following six incredible lenses perfect for the World Cup 2014.


Keep Up-To-Date with the World Cup 2014

England Contact Lenses

Will England finally break 48 years’ of ‘hurt’ since they won the World Cup of 1966 and lift the trophy once more? We’ll find out as the drama unravels in Brazil. Meanwhile if you’re an England fan you can create some drama of your own by wearing a pair of St George contact lenses. Now’s the time to be super patriotic by wearing a pair of stunning predominantly white lens with an unmistakable red cross down the middle.

Germany World Cup Lenses

No matter how sensational or mediocre the German team are they can never fail but to do well in a major football tournament. Great if you’re a German fan and not so great if you aren’t. If you are flying the German flag this World Cup then why not accentuate your passion for the team by wearing a pair of Germany flag lenses? These bright yellow, red and black lenses will certainly ensure you stand out at all the German matches.

Sweden Flag Contacts

Being a stunning shade of blue with a striking yellow cross in the middle, the Swedish flag is definitely a memorable one. If you’re supporting the Swedes during the World Cup bring your eyes and the atmosphere to life by wearing Sweden Flag contacts that boast the distinct yellow cross and blue background of the Swedish flag.




Brazil Flag Contact Lenses

Since it was announced the World Cup 2014 was to be held in Brazil, the nation has been awash with controversy and protests. Rouse some controversy of your own by wearing a pair of Brazil Flag Contact Lenses. Not only do these eye-catching lenses sport the unmistakable Brazilian colors but they also come in an equally as conspicuous design with a bright yellow diamond stood out on a vibrant green background.

Portugal Flag Contact Lenses

Portugal are one of the World Cup 2014 favorites. Can Cristiano Ronaldo and his team pull it off this year? Give the lads a boost by sporting a pair of Portugal flag contacts to all the Portugal fixtures. This unusually-designed lens which is predominantly red with a flash of green down one side are guaranteed to get supporters of the opposing team quaking with trepidation at all the Portuguese fixtures.

Spain Flag Contact Lenses

Of course for England or any other nation to be crowned World Cup champions they’ll have to beat Spain, which is not an easy task. The World Cup champions are keen to retain their status as the best football team in the world. If you’re a supporter of the Spanish squad let everyone know it by wearing a pair of Spanish flag contacts with that unmissable red and yellow stripe.

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