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How to Achieve the Ultimate Natural Blue-Eyed Look

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

It is hard not to be impressed by someone with dazzling blue eyes, what about Paul Newman, how many of us would like to have that look? Unfortunately most of us have to settle for less colorful tones. There is not a natural way to change your color on a permanent basis.

Your natural iris color is genetic and determined by the amount of melanin it contains. If you only have a small amount of melanin, your eyes are likely to be blue, whilst a lot will make them brown. All babies have blue eyes at first, leading to hopes by the mother that they will stay that way. However once the body starts producing melanin, their eyes generally change.

But Don’t Despair…

You can create a really good safe illusion by wearing contact lenses. Even if you need prescription glasses, you can get colored contacts as replacement prescriptions. The best part is that you can experiment with different blue tones to see what suits you.

To create a blue look you may need to consider your original tone and just tint it slightly, there are some very subtle shades. Otherwise you could go for a blue/grey mix, such as these fusion lenses or even the full dazzling funky blue contact lenses. If you intend clubbing then you could wear electric blue Aqua cat contacts to really purr.


Get Striking Blue Eyes like Cameron Diaz

A New Beginning

To achieve the ultimate natural blue-eye look you could try complementing a pair of natural blue lenses with a subtle use of make up or an elegant hair style.

Take a look at these following make up tips to help you achieve a stunning natural blue look:

• If you wear make up, you could alter the colors you use to bring out natural blue tones in the Iris. Copper and Gold shadows will elevate any blue tone. Brown eyes could be cooled by using blue eye shadow or blue eyeliner, that makes the eye area cooler from a distance.
• Wear some subtly colored lipstick that won’t draw attention from your natural blue eyes but will enhance the color and intrigue. Pick a matte lipstick that is peachy pink or pale pink to help put all the focus on your beautiful blue eyes.
• Winged eye-liner also looks fabulous with blue eyes and can help create a natural look. Cat eyes or winged eye-liner can be worn for everyday occasions like going to the office or to lunch with friends. But for a night on the town, get a more dramatic look to enhance your natural blue eyes further by wearing thicker, more exaggerated lines.

And there you have it, with the right choice of colored contact lenses and some subtle use of makeup you can have the beautiful blue eyes you have always dreamt of and act as if they were the eyes you were born with.

Blue Glamour Contact Lenses

Blue Glamour Contact Lenses

Blue One Tone Contact Lenses

Blue One Tone Contact Lenses

Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Get These Famous Hollywood Star’s Eyes

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Apart from fame, what is the difference between the picture of your favorite movie star, and a photo of yourself? Makeup, hairstyles and clothes all play a part in creating an image, but don’t you often get drawn to the eyes. They seem so intense, smoldering, passionate or deep.

Then, within a week or so the star alters their look and creates a whole new persona. Wouldn’t it be good if you could amaze and intrigue your friends by a few simple changes, and mimic your favorite personality?

The latest craze is for lustrous big eye contact lenses, most likely inspired from the craze for Manga, a traditional form of whimsical cartooning for comics, and animation. Many of the characters have large expressive eyes, which have now been incorporated into selling Manga mascara and the popular oriental look in fashion.

Combined with a startling blue or grey tone, it will be impossible for people when looking at you not to be fascinated. It is not surprising just how many big stars use colored contact lenses to enhance their image. Why should they have all the fun, you can do it too.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has been wearing big circle contact lenses ever since she was in her teens; her favorite color is opaque grey. She now has them custom made to suit, but you can get very close to the same tone at a much more affordable price. Take a look at these Mystic Grey lenses, they have a two tone, natural look that overlays your own color.


Get Hilton’s Grey Eyes

Lady Gaga

What about Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” Video; she looks just like a Japanese doll. Fans went crazy trying to imitate this sexy look. She is one star that can be guaranteed to change her image almost every time she appears. Take a look at these velvety grey big eye contact lenses, don’t they look beautiful?

Robert Pattison

The Twilight star Robert Pattinson, became a heart throb to millions of teenage girls, achieving his intense look by using big eye circle lenses. The ones used when acting the part of a vampire, may not be your choice for day wear,but would be great for a party, or to scare your friends at Halloween. There are plenty of vampire eyes to look at on Youknowit.


Take a Look at Our Wide Range of Twilight Lenses

What should you consider?

• What skin tone would go with your chosen contacts color? Are you going to try being pale and sultry or tanned and healthy?
• What style and color of clothes will you be wearing?
• Do you want to mimic a star or be individual, mixing it up a bit?
• Do you want to be subtle or extrovert with the color of your lenses?
• Some lenses will simply enhance the tone of your original color, the change will be subtle, making it warmer or cooler.
• Remember that you can buy extended wear or disposables. If you intend staying with one color then buy the extended, which will last you up to a year. Otherwise, the disposables may be better, if more constant changes of style are preferred.

So what is stopping you, having a makeover and giving yourself a whole new image? There are so many different colors and tones to choose from on

Create a Scary Dragon Look with Lenses

Friday, November 21st, 2014

The ancient winged reptile race, which are feared and loved in equal doses for their magical capabilities and fearless prowess, have been the source of fairy tale fantasy fiction for centuries. Being such a timeless and enchanting feature of fiction for so long it is hardly surprising that these giant reptiles get mimicked at parties, parades, plays and shows around the world. If you are wanting to go to a forthcoming event dressed as a fierce and fantastic dragon, take a look at the following steps in creating the ultimate scary dragon look.

Complete Your Fiery Look With Dragon Lenses

The Make Up

It’s safe to say that when dressing up as a dragon, you’ll need plenty of face paint. One of the greatest things about face paint is that you can craft a myriad of authentic looks in a simple and cost-effective way.

An authentic dragon look can be easily produced with some creative and generous use of face paint. Create a silvery scaly look by flicking shades of silver and blue scallop shapes across your cheeks.

On your forehead, concentrate on crafting some elaborate diamond shapes to generate a stunning dragon-like look. Don’t leave any part of your body untouched. Complete the look by painting your lips in an elaborately fearsome dragonish color such as glittery silver or dark deathly blue.

Have a look at this tutorial to get some ideas on how to make up your face so you mimic the fantastical legend-like look of a dragon without having to spend too much money.

The Wings

Now for the really fun part. A dragon can’t be a dragon without wings and the great news is these vital dragon traits can be made fairly simply and cheaply.

As this tutorial titled ‘How to Make Cheap Dragon Wings’ demonstrates, all you will need is fabric, a tape measure, a drill, some poles, some wire string, blots, VC cement, scissors, foamies sheets, a little patience and tones of creativity.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you will have some eye-catching extending dragon wings that will definitely turn heads at a parade or a party.

The Eyes

As we said earlier, no part of your body should be left untouched when creating the ultimate dragon look, including your eyes. Make your whole dragon costume come to life by wearing a pair of dragon contact lenses.

Whether you opt for bright and fiery tones of yellow and red or the classic dragon shades of green and yellow, a pair of dragon contacts will completely transform your look. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t get left in the shadows at a fancy dress party or play this festive season, follow the above steps and tips and you’ll have a breath-taking, fire-breathing, eye-catching costume without having to spend too much money!

Contact Lenses Make an Appearance in Thor 2

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

You know contact lenses have really secured their position as a movie production necessity when the list of the cast and crew includes a ‘contact lens optician’. This is the case in Thor 2 when the magnetic eyes of the characters demanded a contact lens optician to be on standby.

If you saw Thor: The Dark World in 2013, you’ll likely to remember the superhero film’s legendary costumes. Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to 2011′s Thor. This powerful production boasted incredible costumes and special make-up effects which augmented the movie’s appeal.

Gold Contact Lenses

Movies featuring red, azure blue and emerald green lenses have become fairly familiar in the modern era but characters with gold lenses take the concept of surreal and fascinating eyes to another level.

Thor 2 features gold lenses through the Norse god Heimdall. Heimdall is an Asgardian, an extra-dimensional powerful race who were worshipped by the Norsemen as Gods. Though Heimdall boasts sensory capabilities which far exceed those of other Asgardians. Consequently Heimdall is given the role of the gatekeeper to Asgard.

Enhancing his powerful and beyond human look are Heimdall’s gold eyes set against his shiny gold armor. His huge helmet and compelling gold eyes entrance fellow characters and the movie’s audience in equal doses. You can recreate Heimdall’s inspiring look in Thor 2 by wearing a pair of gold contact lenses.


Jewel Gold Lenses


Gold Glimmer Lenses


Black Gold Jewel Lenses

Loki Laufeyson

Loki Laufeyson is the main antagonist in Thor and its sequel Thor: The Dark World. Loki is an expert liar and is considered a God of Mischief. Loki’s looks are deceptive, appearing to be genuine and nice when in reality he believes he is destined to rule Asgard or even Earth.

Loki’s true colors are exposed when he and other warriors go to the healing room after battle to treat their wounds. When Loki lifts the Casket of Ancient Winters, his skin turns Jotun blue whilst his eyes turn Jotun red.

This powerful scene in Thor 2 naturally required the use of stunning red contact lenses to transform Loki’s look into one of power, menace and intrigue.

If you want to mimic Loki’s eye-changing capabilities, why not purchase a pair of red contact lenses? Whether you are going to a fancy dress party this Christmas or merely want to finish an eye-catching outfit for New Year’s Eve off impeccably with a pair of contact lenses, like Loki’s eyes in Thor 2, red contacts never fail to create a stir.

Thor 2 is one of a long line of movies in recent years, which have reaped the enchanting and dramatic benefits colored contact lenses bring. It’s hardly surprising directors are having to call upon the expertise of ‘contact lens opticians’ as part of the crew!

Loki laufesyson

Dazzle With Gold Contact Lenses

Teen Wolf Contact Lenses

Monday, November 17th, 2014

So you’re a fan of MTV’s Teen Wolf. We can’t say we blame you. The American TV series, which is loosely based on the 1985 film also called Teen Wolf, has certainly generated a storm of fans since it premiered in June, 2011. Part of Teen Wolf’s widespread appeal has to be given to the characters’ incredible cosmetic features, and none more so than their eyes.

As the popularity of the Teen Wolf series jumps in leaps and bounds, so too does the craze for Teen Wolf contact lenses so fans of the drama can mimic their favourite character’s eyes. Take a look at three of the most popular characters in Teen Wolf and how you can recreate their stunningly dramatic look.

Scott McCall

The softly-spoken high school student has been bitten by a werewolf and though he tries to keep it a secret, Scott’s bright yellow ‘wolf eyes’ are likely to rouses suspicion. Scott’s hypnotic yellow eyes dominate the teenager’s whole look when he transforms from human to werewolf. You too can create Scott’s mesmerising werewolf look by wearing a pair of Wolf Eye contact lenses.


Recreate Scott’s Look With Orange Werewolf Contacts

Derek Hale

Derek Hale is one of Teen Wolf’s main characters. He was born into a family of werewolves. According to Peter Hale, when he was 15 years old Derek wanted to bite his girlfriend so she too could become a werewolf. When his plan didn’t go ahead, Derek killed his girlfriend.

Because Derek had taken an innocent life, his eyes changed from yellow to blue, as werewolves who have killed an innocent person are marked by receiving a pair of signature azure blue eyes. The werewolf’s eyes also flash red to symbolise his werewolf antics.

Whether you are going to a fancy dress party or want to create a stir this New Year’s Eve, you can do so by mimicking Derek Hale’s changeable glowing eyes by wearing a pair of dramatic wolf lenses.


We Love Derek’s Red Eyed Look

Jackson Whittemore

Jackson Whittemore is Scott McCall’s high school nemesis. The character is renowned for his stunning bright blue eyes. If you too want to turn heads and cause a stir at a forthcoming party or night out, purchase a pair of Blue Wolf Contact Lenses.

These stunning contacts really will grab you the attention you are after and ensure that you make a statement wherever you go. Whatever character you opt to replicate from the popular Teen Wolf series, one thing is for sure – wearing a pair of Wolf Contact lenses will never mean you blend anonymously into the crowd.


Glow All Night Long with Our I-Glow Yellow Lenses

Contact Lenses: The Most Effective Fashion Accessory

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Colored contact lenses are the newest fashion accessory used by personalities, superstars and public celebs. Designers and photographers include them in their creative repertoire, to produce overall effects, be it to enhance a model’s appearance or capture a particular mood on someone’s face.

Anyone who is anyone uses them to promote their appearance as someone special. Some famous celebrities have been wearing them for so long, that we actually think that is their natural eye color. Others prefer to change, in order to co-ordinate a new look, or to shock or amaze in a music video or on television. Film makers have realized the potential, particularly in making their stars look exceptional, or even out of this world.

The most popular colors have been shades of blue such as Blue Glamour and green as in Glimmer green, and also grey, but there are numerous variations, including semitransparent or full on color to obscure the original Iris. These have been most effective in the passion for horror and particularly Zombie movies.

The impact of the Twilight series on young people has produced a sub culture in fashion accessories, which include not only colored contacts but face tinting and astonishing hairstyles. In this case colors such as complete opaque white, red, solid black lenses and even Gold are very popular.

Celebrity Choice

Fashion celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian have been seen parading different eye tones. It is important for them to be continually in the news, and being photographed. This is a simple way to draw renewed attention to themselves. Even top sportsmen wear them.

One major NFL player actually wore red contact lenses in a game, to intimidate his opponent. The enormous eyes, produced by large oval lenses, create an oriental look, and have been used successfully by singers such as Lady Gaga. Paris Hilton is an advocate of blue lenses. And we all know about Orland Bloom in the Lord of the Rings.


Get Hazel Eye like Kim Kardashian

What Can Changing Your Eye Color Do For Your Personal Fashion?

Eye make up now incorporates a larger area of the upper and lower eye socket area. Complimentary coloring to emphasis the new lenses, is also stimulating new ways to produce stunning creative expressions. Changing your eye color, means that you can experiment with different supporting hues and tints.

It also means that you could introduce new shades into your wardrobe collection, or result in acquiring a different hairstyle or color. An altered appearance could inspire a new confidence and provoke action that could liven up your social life. If your new look excites you, it will brighten up your demeanor and incite a fresh and diverse approach.

Be up-to-date with the latest trend and join the growing number of people who have found a change of color lenses has invigorated their fashion sense. Contacts are perfectly safe if you follow the instructions carefully and make sure that they are kept clean, particularly if they are re-usable, take a look at the vast selection on this website.


Take a Look at our Wide Range of Fashion Lenses


Most Common Eye Colors

Monday, October 20th, 2014

The human eye is possibly the most beautiful part of our bodies. No two pairs of eyes are exactly the same, they are thoroughly unique. Despite the uniqueness of our eyes, there are certain eye colors that are regarded the most common.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world. In fact, more than 55% of the global population have brown eyes. Most people in Asia and Africa share brown eyes. This beautiful color of eyes is darker than any other eye color and is generated by a strong presence of melanin in the iris. Brown eyes go with a multitude of looks and outfits. If you have a hankering to change the color of your eyes, opting for a pair of natural brown contact lenses will ensure your look is natural and stunning and can be worn to everyday events as well as big nights out and parties.


Blue eyes

Blue eyes are considered the most beautiful of eye colors. They are formed by a lack of the melanin chemical. Blue eyes might not be as common as brown ones worldwide, they are more common in northern Europe where many people don beautiful blue eyes. It has been estimated that 8% of the global population have blue eyes.
Natural blue contact lenses will give you the gorgeous look only 8% of the world’s population have been naturally blessed with. Whether you are going to a party or just want to spruce up your look at the office, a pair of natural blue lenses will talk volumes.

Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are lighter than brown ones and combine tones of green and yellow. The beauty of hazel eyes stems from the fact they are noticeably darker around the border of the eye. This is due to higher levels of melanin around the outside of the eye, which makes the iris look multi-hued. Depending on the lighting, hazel eyes can vary between brown and green. It has been estimated that between 5 and 8% of the world’s population have hazel eyes. You too can enjoy the multi-hued tones of hazel eyes. Simply wear a pair of natural hazel contact lenses and have hazel eyes during the day or on even events – the choice is yours.

Green eyes

Despite many people having green eyes in the Western world, compared to the likes of brown, globally they are significantly less common. In fact it has been estimated that just 2% of the world’s population have green eyes. Nonetheless 2% of the global population is significant and green eyes are considered one of the most common color of eyes. Green eyes are produced by a small amount of the pigmentation melanin and possess golden tones. Thanks to natural green contact lenses anyone can enjoy the beauty and attention green eyes generate and due to the naturalness of these lenses, they can be worn during the day as well as at night.

What’s The Difference Between Brown & Hazel Eyes?

Friday, October 17th, 2014

What’s the difference between Brown and Hazel Eyes? This is a very good question and one that needs exploring. One might tend to assume hazel eyes are slightly lighter than brown eyes but is this really the case? You might have natural brown eyes, or hazel eyes, or perhaps one of both! Or maybe you yearn to have mystifying dark brown eyes or luscious hazel ones, and wear brown or hazel colored contacts on a night out. Whatever your association with brown or hazel eyes, take a look at what the differences are between these beautifully colored eyes.

Brown Eyes

The color of a person’s eyes depends on the production of a chemical called melanin. The more melanin present in an iris, the higher the chances are that the eyes will be brown. The shades of brown eyes vary significantly, ranging from light brown to very dark brown, which is often confused with being black. The shade of brown is dependent on how much melanin is present in the iris. Compared to green and blue eyes, brown eyes have the highest levels of melanin in them. But where do hazel eyes fit in?


Get a Sexy Look with Brown Contact Lenses

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes resemble the color of a hazelnut, hence their name! These intrinsically pretty eyes combine an interesting mix of brown and green, which makes them appear to change between pure brown eyes and pure green eyes. Two genes are responsible for this mix of green and brown and hazel eyes being produced. These genes are known as bey 2 and gey. Both of the genes have two versions, one of which makes higher levels of melanin and one makes less amounts of melanin. Someone with hazel eyes have both the bey 2 and gey genes present.


Hazel Contact Lenses Look Gorgeous On

The Differences

Brown eyes will always stay brown but hazel eyes are a mixture of green and brown and therefore sometimes look predominantly green and sometimes look predominantly brown. Brown eyes have significantly more melanin in them than hazel eyes. The hazel color in eyes is a result of less quantities of melanin in the iris. Hazel eyes are extremely rare in Asia and the Middle East. They are most common in Europe and America. Both brown and hazel eyes are unquestionably beautiful and the good news is that even if you weren’t born with these equally as enchanting colored eyes you can enjoy brown and hazel eyes with colored contact lenses.

50 Shades of Gray Contact Lenses

Monday, October 13th, 2014

In case you don’t already know, the best-selling book 50 Shades of Grey is being turned into a movie. The film of the erotic novel is set to be released in 2015. If you are in the seemingly minority of the population who have not read the book, 50 Shades of Grey is about a young college graduate who falls in love with the successful and older Christian Grey. Christian Grey might have the hearts swooning and pulses racing of every woman who picks up the book but we have to admit if there is one thing sexier than the novel’s protagonist, it’s gray contact lenses.


A Multi-hued Iris

True gray eyes are exceptionally stunning and enhance a multitude of styles and looks. Like blue eyes, the iris of gray eyes combine a clear stroma at the front with a dark epithelium at the back. At a first glance, gray eyes are often confused with blue. Though if you take a deeper look, you may notice small flecks of gold and brown. Or in some cases, the owner of gray eyes might have subtle tones of green or blue strewn within the iris.

Because of the multi-hued nature of gray eyes, numerous coloured outfits can be worn to enhance their stunning appearance. For example, if a pair of gray eyes have a significant amount of blue tones in them, a blue outfit would augment the colour of the eyes. Likewise the eyes would enhance the blue shade of the outfit. By the same token, if the gray eyes are blessed with flicks of gold and brown, autumnal-coloured clothing should be worn to bring out the multi-coloured beauty of the eyes.


Pair Your Gray Lenses With Smoky Make Up

Experiment with Make Up

Natural gray eyes come in a myriad of different tones and so do gray contact lenses. Whether you were born blessed with the beauty of gray eyes or you choose to wear gray lenses in order to create a stunning, sexy look, one of the greatest components of gray eyes is that you can afford to experiment with make up. Gray eyes that border on blue look incredibly alluring with gray shades of eye make up. Create a smoky gray look by smudging gray eye liner to the bottom and top of your eye lids.

Paint a gentle flick of eye shadow on your lids to really bring out those beautiful gray and bluish tones. If the grey eyes boast golden tones craft a dramatic and truly eye-catching look by experimenting with shades of turquoise, silver and even fuchsia. Or if you are going on a big night out, why not really enhance your gorgeous grey eyes by wearing lavender or violet eye make up? Complete this stunning look with a sexy lavender dress. Now if you did bump into Christian Grey, he wouldn’t be able to resist you!

The Most Amazing Animal Kingdom Lenses

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Calling all animal lovers…, unbridle your wild side and let the fun commence with our wild and wacky range of animal contact lenses. Animal lenses are the perfect way to reveal to the world your love for a creature – both real and fantasy. These colorful, cleverly-designed lenses would lighten up any fancy dress, Halloween event or party where standing out, being noticed and having some wild fun is the name of the game. Check out three of the most compelling and unique animal contact lenses.

Cobra Eyes Contact Lenses

There is something fascinating and captivating about reptiles. If you are a fan of snakes, then you’ll be excited to learn about the Cobra Eye Lenses, which will mesmerize everyone who looks into your eyes. The color of these deep green lenses is intriguing in itself but what really makes these contacts stand out is the vertical pupil, which makes the whole of the eye come to life, just like a cobra’s. These enchanting lenses will certainly be a conversation-stimulator at any party and if you are mad about snakes and reptiles then these are definitely the lenses for you!


Cobra Lenses Are Perfect For Halloween

White Cat Contact Lenses

Is it white or black cats that symbolize good luck? Many believe it’s a white cat and if you walk on the road and see a white cat, then it’s your lucky day! Superstition aside, if you’re a cat-lover and are going to a forthcoming fancy dress or Halloween party, why not take your enthusiasm for cats to greater heights by wearing a pair of White Cat Lenses?

These stunning lenses have a plain white background, broken up by a black vertical pupil down the middle. These cat-like eyes would also work well with an eerie vampire or snake-themed costume. One thing is for sure, when you walk into the room wearing these White Cat Lenses, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.

Wolf Eye Contact Lenses

When it comes to frightening animals, what could be scarier than a ravenous pack of wolves? Is the wolf a man in disguise? Is it really the devil? Should it really be a creature to be revered? There are numerous superstitious beliefs surrounding the wolf and consequently these fearsome creatures make great characters at fancy dress parties and on Halloween.

Make your wolf costume really come alive by wearing a pair of Wolf Contact Lenses. Like the devil himself, wolves are known for their threatening yellow eyes, so these statement-making contacts with their red and yellow tones, will mimic the frighteningly captivating eyes of a wolf impeccably. Whatever your favorite or most feared animal is, our funky range of animal lenses are designed to get you noticed.


Wolf Eye Lenses Look Striking

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