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Can I Wear Colored Lenses at Airports?

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Wearing colored contact lenses while travelling through an airport is an issue of growing concern for travelers, with regard to how they will be received by the security checkpoints. It’s an important issue because as the popularity of colored lenses continues to rise, airport security measures also increase. So when, if ever, is it okay to change your eye color by wearing blue, brown or green contact lenses when travelling by air? Will the airport security agents haul you into a back room for additional checks if your eye color doesn’t exactly match that of your passport?

In all probability, the answer is no. However, some countries like the United States understandably have more airport security than others, so it is probably a good idea to be prepared to remove your lenses when travelling through US airports, especially the major ones like JFK.

Airport Terminal Sign Check In

Customs & Border Protection & Colored Contact Lenses

Travelers disembarking a plane in the US will ultimately need to travel through the Customs and Border Protection line, where they will be photographed and fingerprinted, so it is here that it is most likely to be noticed that your eyes are perhaps currently blue while your passport peepers are brown. Again, it is unlikely to cause a problem, but do be prepared to remove them should you encounter a particularly enthusiastic security agent.

Before then, your eyes are unlikely to be noticed, especially if travelling from outside the States. Airline check-ins are more concerned with matching the passport details to the airline ticket, plus ensuring the traveler is legally permitted to fly to the States. The main security checks where your bags and belongings are x-rayed do not require your passport to be checked again, so you certainly won’t face any issues there.

Once through the check-in and main security search, your passport will again be checked to match with your boarding pass, but again the airport staff’s main concern is that the two documents match up. You will of course be subjected to a perfunctory check to ensure your face matches that of the passport picture, but it will most likely be things like your nose and mouth shape, eyebrows and general appearance which will be examined. Your eye color is unlikely to draw much scrutiny here as the rest of your face will match up with your passport picture.

Security Checks & Changes of Appearance

Where difficulties might arise is if you have completely changed your appearance by cutting or growing your hair, or growing or shaving a beard. Weight gain or loss can also change the shape of faces, and these changes may cause the airport staff to double their scrutiny of you. These appearance-changing factors should be considered if you intend to wear colored lenses on a flight, but if you look much like you do in your passport picture, then a change of eye color shouldn’t be an issue prior to boarding the plane.


Green 3 Tone Contact Lenses


Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses


Brown 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Never Wear Colored Lenses in Passport Pictures

One thing that should be mentioned is that under no circumstances should you wear colored lenses in your passport photo. It’s akin to wearing a hat or even sunglasses for your passport picture. We wrote a blog about this particular issue last year, so you can read more about our Colored Contact Lens Passport Warning at the link. In brief, it’s a very serious problem should you do it and it will result in your passport being rendered completely invalid.

Additional Contact Lens Airport Concerns

While many folks might want to wear colored lenses while travelling for fashion and style reasons, some people like to wear them for more functional reasons. For example, one blue eyed person enquiring about the legality of wearing colored lenses through airport security was concerned because they liked to wear darker brown lenses which they felt protected their eyes from the intense glare of airport lights. The lights gave this traveler headaches which the darker lenses helped protect against. Other travelers may have tinted or colored prescription lenses which help correct a vision disorder.

Whatever the reason for wearing lenses while flying, always ensure to keep some wet eye drops on your person as the change in air pressures throughout the different parts of the flight can dry eyes out, especially when wearing any type of contact lenses. This is particularly important if you are on a long haul flight from one side of America to the other, or perhaps travelling to or from Europe or another far flung part of the world. Of course, you must also remember not to carry any liquids over 100ml or they’ll be confiscated at the security gate, so make sure your wet eye drops bottle is no bigger than that.

To sum up, it might be worthwhile to leave purely aesthetic lenses off if travelling long distances to arrive in a major US airport, but even then you can simply be prepared to remove them at the final check-through should it be required.

Celebrities Who Love Wearing Contact Lenses

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Being a celebrity means that you are in the spotlight almost the whole time, chased by desperate photographers, eager for that shot that will sell to the newspapers. If you want to keep up an image,it is a full time job just looking great the whole time. The use of color contact lenses is a widespread fashion phenomenon amongst famous people. For some, the color changes according to a whim, for others they have stuck with a certain color, to the extent that many think it is their natural shade. Let’s look at some who love wearing contact lenses.


Go Blue Like Paris

Colored Lenses On The Red Carpet

Paris Hilton is always on the front page of one magazine or another. But although her style of clothes is always up with fashion,she has stuck by her favorite lenses for many years. She wears opaque blue/grey that stands out bright and fresh from her normally clear skin,tanned or not. She is also fond of the big eye variety,which accentuates the effect,making her eyes the focal point of her face. Take a look at Solar blue as an example of how you can achieve a similar appearance, or three tone blue, for a more brilliant effect.

As trend setters,celebrities have almost an obligation to look better than normal,the whole concept is for fans to want to emulate them. You will see trends quickly appearing on the street, often inspired by someone in the music or film business. When Jennifer Aniston (brown eyes), Jessica Alba (Brown eyes) and Megan Fox (hazel) all start wearing blue big eye lenses,then you can bet many fans will also change.

There are plenty of male celebrities who like wearing different color lenses. Even if Tom Cruise prefers his natural color, Orlando Bloom was certainly very noticeable as Legolas, with bright piercing blue contacts. However in normal life he also wears blue prescription contacts to change his natural brown eyes and also correct his vision.


Get Dreamy Brown Eyes

Ivanka Trump is a truly stunning woman, who would look good in any shade of lenses. Her normal dark brown eyes are often given a boost by using a golden hazel color over them. There are very few people with genuine vivid blue eyes such as Pierce Brosnan or Paul Newman, this is because research shows that it is an effect of the immune system which limits the amount of melanin in the eye that protects us from sunlight.

Amber Rose is a model,actress,singer and designer who already had a stunningly different look. But when her natural dark eyes are covered with almost opaque white lenses with fresh grey pupils, hair cut short and dyed white, against tanned skin, she is pure exotic.

Penelope Cruz is the perfect example of a gorgeous Latina. Famous for roles in films such as Captain Corelli’s mandolin and Vanilla sky, she has the classic Sophia Loren look, and stunning natural brown eyes. However she is also a celebrity that likes to experiment with different color lenses. There is no reason why you should not achieve the same look, take some time to scan our wide selection of color and wide eye contact lenses here at Youknowit.

Enhance Your Appearance With Colored Contact Lenses

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Nothing shows up your face more than the color of your eyes, and a nice friendly smile. It is your point of contact with everyone,the eyes say it all,make sure you get noticed.You can be intense, startling,or alluring. In fact, you can choose when to be any one of them,by just popping in a pair of colored contact lenses.

It may be that you just want to emphasis the natural color of your eyes, by adding a slightly stronger tint,or go for a completely different image,that will enhance your choice of outfit, for a particular occasion. What if you have just grown tired of your old look, and want a make-over that is more permanent. There is nothing like a change of hair style and color, and why not have those bright blue or intense green eyes, you have always wanted.

You can choose from throw-away lenses that are very affordable, or 90 day lenses that will give you time to decide if you like your new look. If you settle on a particular tint,then it is possible to purchase yearly lenses. Don’t worry if you have to normally wear glasses; it is easy to obtain prescription lenses in most color tones.


Get Deep Blue Eyes Like Jennifer Lawrence


Blue Contact Lenses

One of the most popular colors has always been blue. Somehow they seem to add a sense of charisma to any face, just think of Paul Newman or Jennifer Lawrence. They appear to have an intensity that looks right through you. Although it is possible to buy really bright blue lenses,they may be a bit too powerful, except for special occasions, and something like Blue one tone lenses would be more suitable for day to day wear.

Green Contact Lenses

Green lenses, especially the more muted and darker tones, carry mystery and depth with them. It is said they entice and entrance you, and exude a feeling of deep knowledge. They may not be as instantly striking as a strong blue,but people will look at you with more intensity, once they focus in. Take a look at these gorgeous green three tone lenses,they are full of nuances, smoldering with intensity.

Black Contact Lenses

Black lenses are really meant for those who want to make a statement about their choice of appearance. They would go well with those who like to dress in very dark colors,expressing a brooding character. It would suit Goths or Matinee idol looks. If you have the type of character to carry off the effect, they would be ideal for adding a real sense of danger to your face.

For the rest of us, try Black & gold contact lenses for a stunning look. General color lenses are affordable and therefore it would be quite possible to build up a range of different ones. Changing your make-up may come naturally, so why not your eye color as well. Take a look at the wide range available on this site, to see what would suit you.

How To Prevent Infection From Bad Contact Lens Care

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Your eyes are one of the most precious things you have. If you are going to wear contact lenses, it is imperative that you take great care in how you clean and store them, so that any chance of eye infection, or damage from foreign bodies can be greatly reduced. Let’s look at the basics:

    1. Read the manufacturers instruction carefully. There may be slight differences in how certain lenses are treated,don’t assume old practices still hold true.
    2. Make sure that you use the recommended solution for your contacts. Don’t try using other brands, and most importantly, never mix old and new solutions.
    3. Just using water to store lenses, even in an emergency, is not a good idea even if the water is sterilized. Tap water has microorganisms that may not be harmful to drink, but Acanthamoeba can cause eye infections.
    4. Use the contact lens storage cases, don’t use ones from previous lenses or borrow any from a friend. Make sure they are regularly cleaned out. Use only the recommended solution.
    5. Always use the lenses for their prescribed length of time. Don’t be tempted to re-use throwaways, or stretch the use of a pair beyond their stated lifespan.
    6. Don’t wipe lenses with material that can leave microscopic traces of lint, or even scratch the polymer. It is better to use a very clean finger and the palm of your hand,with proper cleaning solution. Then wash any residue or debris that may still be clinging to the lens. A single hair is often a culprit.
    7. If you have an existing eye condition or are suffering irritation, do not wear contacts, until it is cleared up. We suggest you visit your doctor or optician to get advice first.
    8. Always use trusted suppliers and quality lenses. Getting a cheap bargain, may be good for some items, but not where your eyes are concerned.
    9. If you experience pain when you are wearing contacts, take them out at once, they could be damaged.
    10. If you are careful, there should be no problems with wearing lenses, many people find them far more comfortable than glasses and have been using them for years without problems. You are also not likely to sit on them or leave them on the train.

Use Our Contact Lens Set To Look After Your Lenses

A Few More Suggestions When Using Contact Lenses

  1. Avoid using moisturizing soaps to wash your hands before cleaning or putting in lenses. Residue can cause irritation. If Hydrogen peroxide solutions are used for disinfecting, then never apply the lens to the eye, until they are thoroughly cleaned, likewise your hands.
  2. Some people create more protein in their eyes than others, it may be that you would need a specialist solution, but consult your doctor if this is a problem.
    If you have an eye care regime that has worked well for you, try not to change it, unless for a good reason.
  3. Cheap store brand solutions may be old stock or slightly different with each batch. Although they have to be FDA approved lenses, they may not be as reliable as the recommended make.
  4. This all sounds very complicated to someone just starting out with contacts. But once you get acquainted with a regular procedure, it is not difficult.

Read Our How to Wear Lenses Information Page

Which Is Better: Glasses or Prescription Contact Lenses?

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Both contact lenses and glasses have their definitive advantages and disadvantages, and which is better will come down to your personal preferences and the situations in which you usually wear your glasses or contacts. It’s worth going through the pros and cons of each and seeing how many match up to your particular circumstances.

Benefits of Glasses Over Contacts

The main benefit of glasses is that they do not sit directly on the eye and are thus less likely to cause irritation. With the advancements made in contact lens technology over the past decade or so, it’s rare for someone to not be able to wear contacts at all, but there some people with sensitive eyes who do not desire to go through the week or so of acclimatization it can sometimes take the more delicate among us. However, keeping your lenses clean with saline cleaning solution and handling them only with clean fingers will prevent irritation.

Glasses also remain a popular option because they have many practical uses. The fact that you can put them on and take them off in an instant can be advantageous, especially in a situation like being on holiday which might involve trips to the beach or swimming pool. You must never swim while wearing contact lenses, so glasses come in very handy for when you’re reading a book on the beach (or checking out your fellow sunbathers) in between occasional dips in the sea. One problem that does arise in that situation though is shading your eyes from the sun. You would need to get a pair of prescription sunglasses or suffer the glare of the sunlight; unless you wear contacts then you can wear your trendy shades all day long.

Alternatively, many folks have special glasses they only require for reading or watching television, and contact lenses just for these particular activities would be a bit of a pain. The only other real advantage glasses offer is as a style accessory, should you like to rock the geek/secretary/bookworm style that has been popular these last few years. During the height of that fashion, many hipsters would even wear glasses with plain lenses in them just to have the bookish intellectual look.

Miami Heat v New York Knicks

Tired of Glasses? Take a Look at Our Prescription Lenses

Benefits of Contact Lenses Over Glasses

Where do we start? A good place would be the fact that contact lenses improve your vision better than glasses do, even if they are the same prescription. As contact lenses sit directly on the eye, the lens is doing its job immediately, either refracting or focusing the light rays into your eye. Glasses sit a little way away from the eye so there are a little less accurate than lenses.

Sports and physical activities will leave people wearing glasses with either a broken pair of glasses, or at the very least a disadvantage due to the obstructed view caused by the frames. Contact lenses solve this problem, and there are even professional sportsmen who have used tinted contact lenses to help them focus on the action during bright sunlight.

Wearing lenses regularly also involves the ritual of removing them at night and placing them in the cleaning solution. This ritual may sound annoying, but is very quick, simple and easy once you get used to it. It also prevents unwanted breakage which can often happen with glasses as they tend to be left lying around, sometime sat on, knocked or bumped and scratched.

Prescription lenses are particularly useful for when you are going out on the town or to a party. You can let your hair down without worrying about your specs cramping your style or getting lost somewhere when you take them off to have a dance or run naked through the street, plus you can even get colored prescription lenses to enhance your natural eye color or change it completely. Contact lenses have loads of advantages, and so long as you take care of them and ensure that you only buy prescription lenses of the correct strength for your eyes, you should have no problems with them at all.

Swimming Pool #1

An Option for Non-Prescription Lens Wearers

What Are The Main Reasons People Wear Contact Lenses?

Monday, January 12th, 2015

The main reasons why people like wearing colored contact lenses are pretty simple. They can be a stylish accessory, turn a good costume into an awesome costume, plus contacts are much easier and more practical than wearing glasses. There is a bit more to it than that, of course, so here are the top three reasons people wear colored contacts in a little more detail.

Wear Contacts to Enhance or Change Natural Eye Color

The most obvious reason why people wear colored contact lenses is to change the colors of their eyes. There can be all sorts of reasons behind the desire for a change of eye color, from matching your eyes to an outfit or new hair color, to simply wanting to know what life is like for blue eyed folks or another eye color.

Do people react differently to you when you have a different eye color? Many people report that they do indeed notice different reactions. This can be down to a new eye color being more striking or attention grabbing, or simply that the change puts a spring or a bit of swagger in our step in the same way a new outfit or haircut can do.

It’s not just about completely changing your eye color though. Colored contact lenses allow you to highlight natural colors in your eyes without changing the color entirely. Many people with hazel or light brown eyes will notice flecks or rings of green in their eyes which don’t show up so well without shining a light a light directly into your face. Green colored lenses can then cover some of the dominant brown in your eyes and the let the natural green elements shine.

It’s the same for people with blue eyes, as many blue eyes have a variety of shades and tones as well as darker flecks. Colored lenses can eliminate darker flecks or highlight them even more to brighten the eye color or to give them a darker, deeper appearance.

Beautiful eye

Strike a Pose in Purple Colored Lenses

Contact Lenses for Costumes & Cosplay

With so many high quality cosmetic lens options around these days, they have become a staple for cos-play enthusiasts to complete their costumes and turn their eyes into those of the characters they emulate. Obvious candidates for this kind of thing are zombie costumes, where a pair of white contact lenses perfects the look, and also the likes of vampires and werewolves where red or yellow contacts can really make the costume come alive.

Colored lenses allow people to become fantasy princesses with purple eyes, or science fiction heroes like Riddick with some glimmer silver contact lenses. If you want to dress up as the Terminator, you only need a black leather jacket and some Terminator contact lenses for an amazing outfit.

Anime or Manga characters are more faithfully recreated by wearing a pair of Big Eye contact lenses, which enlarge the iris to give a live human a more animated appearance. When it comes to costumes and co-play, colored lenses seal the deal. They take a costume that might get marked down as a good effort, and turn it into something special that gets everybody talking.

Scary vampire girl

White Lenses Looks Fantastic On

Contact Lenses for Sports & Leisure

Although most colored contact lenses are worn for aesthetic reasons, it is possible to have prescription lenses made with a color tint of your choice. Contact lenses are a popular choice for people as they offer freedom in ways that glasses do not. You don’t have to worry about rain when wearing lenses, while people in glasses may wish someone would invent a mini windscreen wiper they could attach to their specs!

Physical activities such as sports are much more easily played when wearing contacts too. Glasses obstruct the vision at the extremities, can become dislodged with sudden head movements and are of course prone to being broken should they receive any kind of impact or fall off. All these problems are solved by wearing contact lenses, so it’s no wonder they grow increasingly popular, especially for more active people.

Many glasses wearers still persist with their specs due to a dislike of the process of placing the contacts directly onto the eye, but it’s a process that you get used to very quickly. For this reason, contact lens wearers will also say that their contacts are much easier than wearing glasses.

The ritual of removing them at night and placing them in their contact cleaning solution also means the lenses are much safer than glasses, which can be removed on a whim and often end up getting sat on or knock off of tables and the like. Contact lenses actually make life much easier, and with the option to change your eye color as well, they are a must-have accessory for the fashion conscious among us.

Glasses or Contact Lenses

Wear Prescription Lenses Instead of Glasses

Is It Bad For Your Eyes To Wear Contact Lenses Every Day?

Friday, January 9th, 2015

How good or bad contact lenses are for your eyes are questions people often ask, and with good reason. Eyes are delicate and every care should be taken to ensure you don’t damage them. Thankfully contact lens technology is far more advanced than it was even five years ago and the safety of lenses is less of a concern if you ensure that you care for your lenses correctly.

Contact Lenses & Eye Conditions

There are some eye conditions which can be exacerbated by wearing contact lenses, though luckily these are quite rare and also very easy to diagnose. There are certain safety precautions which you should always take, such as not swimming or showering with your lenses in and never ever use tap water to clean them.

The reason for this is that there are unfriendly microbes in the likes of tap, sea or pool water which can fester between the lens and the eyeball. They can cause infections which, if left untreated, can result in serious damage to the eye and even loss of sight.

However, as gnarly as that sounds, contact lens care is pretty straight forward. So long as you avoid wearing lenses when you shouldn’t (when swimming and often when sleeping), only wear lenses for their specified amount of time and only ever clean and store them in the designated saline cleaning solution, such issues as I just described are practically impossible to occur.

Lens Eye

Learn How To Care For Your Lenses Correctly

Prescription Lenses

Many eye disorders such as nearsightedness or farsightedness can actually be corrected by prescription contact lenses. They help diverge or converge light rays so the eyes can focus on objects either near or far. Of course, wearing prescription contact lenses should always be preceded by a visit to your optometrist or ophthalmologist, who will be able to test your eyes and ensure you know exactly which lenses are ideal for your condition.

Your eye doctor will also be able to advise you on which kind of lens is best suited for your eyes, as there are multiple options ranging from soft lenses containing water to harder lenses, usually referred to as Rigid Gas Permeable or RGP lenses.

It’s crucial to understand the kind of lens you have, as some are designed to be worn for a day and then discarded, others to be worn for anywhere between and week and year. Usually, lenses need to be removed every night before you got to sleep, but there are plenty of contact lenses options which do allow you to sleep with them in. Never sleep wearing lenses if they are not specifically designed for it though.

Contact Lens Care #2

Get Your Very Own Contact Lens Storage Case

Cosmetic Lenses

Colored contact lenses do not affect your vision but simply change the color of your eyes. They are made from the water-based soft lens material to help keep the eyeball moisturized, and should usually only been worn for a maximum of eight hours. The modern materials used for cosmetic lenses today are perfectly safe, though it can be worth a visit to the optician to check if you have any existing eye conditions which might be irritated by the wearing of any kind of contact lenses.

Even though colored lenses are not designed to amend vision disorders, they still need to be cared for as much as prescription contact lenses. They must only be handled with clean hands, and the lenses only cleaned and stored with the same saline cleaning solution that you would clean a prescription lens with. If you are looking after your contact lenses in the correct way, then you have little to worry about and you will find color contact lenses perfectly fine for your eyes even if you wear them every day.

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Contact lenses are so called because they are in direct contact with the eye, which allows them to be much smaller and thinner than the lenses of glasses. As the lenses of glasses rest an inch or so away from the eye, they have to be much thicker and also have a much wider ‘optic zone’ than contact lenses.

Think about it as looking out of a window. If it’s a small window, then you need to be very close in order to have a wide view of outside, whereas the further away you are, the larger the window needs to be to afford you the same view. It’s same with contacts and spectacles.

How Do Contact Lenses Correct Vision Disorders?

Contact lenses correct vision disorders by refracting and focusing light. This means that the lenses alter the direction of light rays so that they focus on the retina properly. The two most common vision disorders, nearsightedness and farsightedness, are both corrected via these light ray-altering methods.

Nearsightedness, or Myopia, is a condition that renders eyes incapable of focusing on far away objects. It is caused by the light rays focusing on the eye before they reach the retina, resulting in blurred vision when viewing anything in the distance. Prescription contact lenses solve the problem by diverging the rays of light so that they focus directly on the retina instead of before it.

Farsightedness, or Hyperopia, is the inability to focus on close objects, often a problem when it comes to reading or watching television. It is caused by the light rays not focusing properly by the time they reach the retina. Contact lenses fix this problem by converging the light rays so that they come into focus directly on the retina.

Boy getting eye exam

Switch to Prescription Colored Lenses

How Do Colored Contact Lenses Work?

Color lenses work by utilizing the same soft lens technology used in many prescription lenses, but without refracting or focusing light rays. The lens itself will be colored to change the eye color, but the pupil is left exposed and uncolored so the light rays pass through to the retina as usual.

Even though cosmetic contact lenses do not usually correct vision disorders, it is possible to have prescription color contacts that do. Mostly though, color contacts will either enhance your natural eye color or change it completely. You can change blue eyes to brown eyes and vice versa, or even turn your eyes white, red or whatever you feel like. Some color lenses simply serve to enhance your natural eye color, making one of the shades present in your iris the more dominant one.

These natural color contact lenses are popular with the likes of fashion models as they seek to make their eyes brighter or darker according to their current needs, while they remain perfectly natural looking. There are also many celebrities who regularly use natural looking lenses to adjust or enhance their eye colors, such as Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston, to such a degree that you might not recognize them without their lenses in.

All in all, contacts are not really any different in the way they work from glasses as it’s all about bending light rays so that they focus in the right place of the eye. Other than that, color contacts also give you the option to change your eye color, should you have a certain look you want to emulate. Whether it’s a natural color enhancement you want or a pair of crazy colored eyes to perfect a costume, we have everything you need right here at You Know It.


Get a Wide Eyed Dolly Look with Big Eye Lenses

Feel Wintry By Recreating This Jack Frost Look

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Send a chill down the back of your friends with this incredible Jack Frost look. It is so realistic that they will hardly believe that it is you they are looking at, particularly if you dress up, mind you I don’t think she wears much for this costume. To get the full effect you will have to cover a large area of your shoulders and face with frosty looking make up and put in some eye-catching lenses.

Let’s start with the contact lenses, what about Frozen contacts, which includes a crazy ice crystal pattern. If you want the really cold frosty stare then Glimmer silver lenses may do the trick. The Silver mirror lens effect reflects back the light and gives you a stare so cold, it will freeze the very air you breathe.

Applying The Make Up

Use silver body paint with a large foundation brush to your entire face, including ears, lips and up as far as your tied back hair line. Also cover your shoulders and neck area. Go over all shadow areas and prominent cheek bones with a blue shimmer, then add glitter everywhere.

Next you have to apply rather gloopy 3D gel, which gives the impression of ice forming on your face. Don’t overdo it, just stick to a few trailing patches on the sides of your face and also neck area. Next whiten your lashes and eyebrows; they will look strange if they remain dark.

You will now have to paint your hair and blend out the hairline, make sure you use a non-permanent white coloring. Just a few more things to do. First finish the face by adding some rhinestones around the eye area. Then take a look at your hands, apply silver foundation and go to town with frosty designed nails.


Finish Off Your Look With Silver Contact Lenses

Tips To Consider

• Make sure that you use good quality make up, especially the all over foundation color. You don’t want to find out after that you are allergic to some ingredient. Do a test run on your arm or use products that you have previous experience with.
• Be careful when using lots of different products, that you clean your hands thoroughly before putting in your contact lenses. Any paste, lint or grit will have you rubbing away at your carefully constructed design. Remember you have to last the night looking perfect, you don’t want to start rubbing midway through the party.
Try doing a trial run to get used to being an artist on your own face. Don’t leave it till the evening of the event to have a go, remember practice makes perfect. It is a bit of a step from just doing normal makeup. Don’t let it stop you being creative, you may find you have a hidden talent.
• Get a friend to take a couple of close up photos, before you go out. You can then post them on-line and amuse your friends.
• Once you have been successful at one design, experiment with others, there are plenty of examples online, let your imagination run free.

And there you have it, the ultimate Jack Frost look. Perfect for the crisp and icy-cold wintry weather.

The Truth About Colored Contact Lenses

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

There are several misconceptions about contact lenses that continue to be aired whenever the subject arises. Let’s look at some of these and try to clarify supposed and actual problems.

MYTH: Color Change Eye Contacts Cause infections

Unless the contact is actually damaged or scratched it is not likely to cause an infection if properly packaged and sold to you from a reputable company and particularly if you have ordered prescription lenses. The artificial color is completely safe if you choose ones that are regulated by ISO International Standards.

The problem comes from improper care by the recipient. Handling with grubby hands increases the risk of eye infection. Bacteria can easily spread to the eyes if you insert and remove lenses without going through the proper procedures, leading to infections such as conjunctivitis. Always use the recommended solutions, never make your own or buy cheap alternatives.

Make sure all containers are regularly cleaned when using long life lenses. Air dry them and replace with a new one every month or so. Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying or removing lenses, use a lint free towel to prevent foreign bodies entering the eye. The lenses themselves must not be stored in water, even sterile forms. And never use saliva to wet the contact.


Take a Look at Our Colored Contact Lens Range

MYTH: Color Lenses Are Bad For Your Vision

Safe, vision-correcting or color-altering Contact lenses are the perfect solution for people with astigmatisms, presbyopia, eyes that are regularly dry, and other similar problems. People involved in sports prefer the convenience of not wearing glasses that can fall and break or create eye injuries.

Eyes need to breath and remain moist, most soft lenses are made from hydrogel and thus being hydrophilic allow moisture through, keeping the eye healthy. At the same time the lenses are acting as a barrier against other possible forms of irritation. Even if the tint of the lens appears to change your eye color, the reality is that you can still see perfectly well.

MYTH: Lenses Can Get Lost Around The Back Of The Eye

This is not true; your eye has a membrane which will prevent anything from disappearing behind the eye. Contacts can sometimes be a little difficult to remove if they have been in too long and dried out. Sometimes they may slip under the eyelids, and for a moment you think you have lost one, but they are generally unlikely to fall out, after all sport persons wear them, without problems.

MYTH: It Is Expensive To Keep Replacing Color Lenses

Throwaway lenses are relatively more expensive, if you keep buying them. For instance if you liked changing your color, or buying for special events such as Halloween or Christmas. They are less apt to get contaminated, because you are not continuously putting them in or taking them out. General practitioner lenses, tend to be more durable and can be worn safely over a matter of years. They prove cheaper over time, but require a regular cleaning routine to prevent problems and having to buy replacements.


Learn How To Wear Contact Lenses

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