Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Enjoy sexy looks by wearing the great range of cat eye contact lenses available. You can choose cat eye contact lenses in a variety of colours, both natural and unnatural. Cat Eye Contact Lenses always add interest to your look but are particularly great for fancy dress parties, Halloween and theatrical events. You will find that wearing cat eye contact lenses will completely transform your look due to the vertical pupil and outrageous sharp colours.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses Info

• Dramatic Transformations
• Wide Colour Options
• Minimum 90 Day Life Span After Opening
• Most Available in Single & Pair
• Full Day Comfort
• Suitable for Light & Dark Eyes

Cat Eye Contact Lens Colours

White Cat Contact Lenses

Pink Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Yellow Cat Eye Lenses

Orange Cat Eye Lenses

Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Aqua Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Green Cat Eye Lenses

Blue Cat Eye Contact Lenses

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