Funky as Funk Blue Lippie is the Trend!

blue-lippieOk, can we just take a second here to thank the make-up god’s for bringing us wild and funky as funk brands and styles!? I mean, who decided to bring in the blue lipstick ladies? I love it, I think it’s daringly beautiful and that pretty much anyone that wants to stand out and bring a touch of madness to their look, should be trying out blue lippie, in some shade or form! So lets get up close and personal with the blue lip trend girls…

Seriously, I cannot get over how trendy this blue lipstick phase is that everyone seems to be going through, I mean have you ever? Yes, yes I know what you’re saying, but its fall, it’s time for vampy, warm red and orangey maroon tones for lippies isn’t it? Well, obviously those colours are still around, and still look absolutely rocking with a good smoky eye, or even a bare and natural looking eye make-up sesh, – blue has joined the crew, and in a very big way! Blue lipstick is not just the “addition” to the party ladies, no, blue lipstick is the absolute life of the party – with Rihanna strutting her gorgeously pouted blue lips all over the place, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

dark-blue-lipsI also totally understand if you’re not really that into the whole blue trend that’s going on right now, some people just don’t like blue, and I get it. However, there’s no reason why you can’t go for other unconventional lip colours, like greens and purples, or even greys, which are definitely suited for the season, especially with Halloween coming up. This is ultimately good news, if you aren’t a big fan of the browns and berry colours that are making their way up the trend ladder this season as well. Even though I’ll always love a traditional vampy red lip colour, I’m not going to fool myself into thinking the traditional autumn colour palette could do with a little vavavoom to spice things up a little. So if you are all about mixing things up this autumn, then get yourself ready for one hell of a stylish journey.

Try finding the perfect Crayola inspired colour to match your style, personality and tone. Looking at celebrities use of the weird and wonderful, I always tend to end up checking out Rihanna, that girl knows how to rock anything that’s new and completely unconventional, and not only does she rock them, she quickly turns it into a trend. With girls all over the show rocking blue, green and grey lipsticks, we’re soon going look like we’re in a hipster setting of the Nightmare Before Christmas, which admittedly, sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Here’s how you can make the Blue Lippie Trend your own!


There really is nothing more embarrassing than to have to tell someone that they have lipstick on their teeth, or looking in the mirror half way through the night and you only have a line of blue lipstick holding on for dear life, and the inner of your lips are now smudged from drinking, dancing, talking. You end up feeling embarrassed, and so does everyone else. Well I’m here to save you. By following a few simple rules, you will have beautifully coloured lips through all of that, and more! To keep your pout azul for as long as humanly possible, you need to make sure you always do all of the following:

EXFOLIATE – I can’t stress this enough, get a Lip Scrub and exfoliate those babies, you don’t want any dead skin sitting on your lips giving you’re gorgeous lipstick a cracked lip effect halfway into the night

MOUSTURIZE – Just use a store bought lip balm to soften up the skin on your lips and get them healthy looking.

PRIMER – This just evens your lips out and gets them prepped for fabulous colour.

FOUNDATION AND POWDER – Blend in a light amount of your foundation around and slightly over your lips, then pat in some concealer powder to give it a very matt and finished look.


LIP LINER – I get it, we’re not from Jersey, but trust me on this one, get a lip liner in the closest possible shade of your lipstick and gently line your lips evenly and smoothly, but also colour in your lips lightly with the lip liner.

LIPSTICK – Finally, make sure that you don’t rush this step and apply your lipstick evenly and smoothly, following the shape of your own lips shape, unless you’re going for the Kardashian look, in that case make them big girls!

BLOT – Last of all, take a piece of tissue or toilet paper and split it so that its only 1 ply and then blot it on your lips, now reapply your lipstick. Do this one more time, and keep a small pack of tissues with you throughout the night so that you can blot and reply whenever you need to.

HOWEVER! If you dont trust the good old lippy, why not try out some of these Passion Lip Tattoos!

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The Happiest Halloween Make-Up Ever!

rainbow-pukeRainbow puking is a thing, apparently, and even though it’s a little be weird and wacky, it can totally be worked into your Halloween make-up routine! So if you’ve been living under a rock for the last month and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me recap things for you, the super popular Snap Chat app, which recently upgraded their software to once again, include the rainbow puking filter is taking the social media platforms by storm. Yay….just what I need, my timeline covered in rainbows being thrown up! Although one make-up vlogger on the world of YouTube loves the snap chat app, and has very cleverly taken her creative flair and put it to the test, by creating a tutorial on how you can take the snap chat filter that everyone has been posting all over the darned place, and use it for your oh-so-with-it Halloween outfit this year, instead of the boring, old, scary vampire or zombie – hey I’m not saying I don’t love all the zombies and witches on Halloween night, I just think it’s a nice change to see something this vulgarly pretty!

snap-chat-rainbow-pukeYouTube make-up vlogging sensation, “GettingPretty” put her skills to the test a couple of days ago and uploaded her Snapchat rainbow puke makeup tutorial, which is actually a lot easier than you would think at first, actually I think I might be able to really pull this one off this year. Now, even though Snapchat removed there rainbow puke filter for a few weeks after initially introducing it, they seem to have brought it back with its latest software update, which is clearly making a ton of users so happy they could puke…rainbows. The new and funky filters that you can get on the snap chat app are really mainstream and trendy right now, but are most likely going to be old news by next year, com Halloween, so I reckon, take advantage of this one while you can.

As much as you think you might need a wicked makeup palette to get all the rainbow colours into this make-up session, I would recommend either getting some of these wicked fun body paint tubes, or even these Lip and Eyeliner pens in UV colours to make your make-up really stand out! Then all you really need is what you already have, a good concealer or base and some light pink blush, as well as a white eyeliner, and to make things just slightly more perfect than it already is…get some really gigantic false eye-lashes and Big Circle Contact lenses!

So if you really are quite eager on embarrassing your teenager daughter this Halloween, (although you could become rather a legend among her friends as the uber Millennial Mom) – whatever your choice may be, this costume make-up is so easy and fo funky, you have to try it out at least once.

1. Use a White Eyeliner Pencil to Line your Eyes

1-eyelinerVery thickly and smoothly, trace your waterline and then continue under the eye with a white eyeliner pencil which will create the illusion of having bigger and rounder eyes!

2. Trace over the White Liner with Brown Shadow

2-eye-shadowBy adding in this extra bit of brow shadow along the edge of the white liner, you make then pop with even more definition.

3. Apply your Makeup as per Usual

3.make-up-as-normalSmooth in your foundation, concealer, contouring, and bronzer, whatever your normal ‘natural look’ routine involves, just make sure that you leave your chin bare, as that what you’re going to be covering in rainbows!

4. Apply Bright Pink Blush adding in a bright and almost neon pink blush onto the proper apples of your cheeks you’ll create them SnapChat cheeks, don’t worry about over-doing it here, you want it to look animated, almost cartoonish, so try to not blend a lot.

5. A Touch of Colour to the Lips

5. rose lipsYou don’t want to look like you’re wearing lipstick, but you also don’t want bland, pale looking lips, so add a lightly plush rose coloured lippie to give them a little bit of life.

6. Make a Rainbow!

6. draw stripesBegin the first line of your rainbow in red, and draw wavy and thick lines of red paint or pencil from the inside of your bottom lip down the entire front of your neck.

7. Repeat all the Colours onto your Face

7-repeat-colousOn this specific tutorial, the vlogger used only the standard rainbow colour combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, but I say go cray-cray and use the colours that match closely to the actually SnapChat app.

8. Give some Definition to the Bottom

8-define-edgeWhen you get to the end of the rainbow puke paint…make the edges a little rough, and speckle it just slightly so that it creates an illusion of moving. You could even use a bit of white body paint to add some “clouds” on the top of it.

9. Add Sparkles

9.sparlesNow sticking with the same white body paint if eyeliner pencil that you used to add clouds, now add some scattered sparkles throughout the rainbow!

10. The finished product…

10-the-endFabulously fab isn’t it!?

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Halloween in Japan!

halloween-creepy-japanYes you read that right, Halloween in Japan is a gradually becoming a major and super awesome event! Many, many moons ago, when I first visited Japan, it happened to be over the week that Halloween fell on, and being the country that so many horror films originate from, I was expecting to see a massive flow of people, foreigners and locals swarming the streets in scary-ass outfits! Alas, I was wrong…there was the odd foreigner in a bar dressed as a vampire, freaking the locals out, or the creepy clown on the train that was way too drunk to be on public transport, but the local Japanese people just figured that were crazy foreigners who had just a little too much Saki with lunch and decided to dress up like weirdo’s! They had no idea what all the fuss about Halloween was about 15 years ago, they just didn’t get the point of it!


However, if you step out into the streets of Tokyo this year on the 31st of October, you can bet your bottom briefs that there’ll be some pretty freaky, scary and cute outfits being pulled off by the Japs and foreigners alike, and just like the Japanese do with everything, they go all out on Halloween now, but what got them to this point? What kicked off this eerie, creepy but oh-so fun holiday in this Asian country that never used to celebrate Halloween? Well, I think that there were two very significant companies that kicked off the start of Halloween being celebrated in Japan, one of them being the Tokyo Disneyland and the other Universal Studios Japan. Tokyo Disneyland was the first major theme park to host a major Halloween event back in 2000, and every year since then, it’s just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger! With Universal Studios in Tokyo and Osaka both joining in on the action and also hosting their own events for Halloween, getting the locals super excited as the years passed for the super eerie Halloween events!


So even before the Japanese caught on with us on their Halloween events and parades, it always seemed like a logical fit to me, I mean it’s the birth country of Cosplay, Anime and some pretty scary horror flicks right, how could they not love Halloween?! Even today, there isn’t a lot of widespread trick-or-treating and in the areas that there is, its super organized and run to strict schedule… hmmm, strange right? However, more and more kids are dressing up and the adults are also starting to love the Halloween Holiday and taking part in major and massive Halloween parades, going all out on Halloween out fits and scary Halloween make-up

As with most things that become popular in Japan, there is of course a massive and wide spread increase in the merchandising of Halloween ranging from cute little pumpkins, cakes, cookies, Halloween make-up and outfits, and of course decorations galore!! ! With families loving this American imported holiday, there’s a number of increasing haunted houses popping up over the “Halloween Season” and even some of the local bars and cafes’ start putting up decorations around the second week of October to get people excited for the scary season!

Participants wearing costumes take part in a Halloween parade in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, October 26, 2014. More than 100,000 spectators turned up to watch the parade, where 2,500 participants dressed up in costumes, according to the organizer. (Yuya Shino/Reuters)So if you’re looking to experience a super wacky, super Japanese Halloween, Tokyo is the place to be! Back you bags, get yourself a ticket, and make sure you take a ton of Halloween accessories with you, you’re going to want to dress up to the max!

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There Needs to be an International Catwoman Day!


Ok, so here’s a cool little fact I want to tell you about, if you don’t already know, which you might, but the 26th of September was International Batman Day, which was started off as a “once-off” do, but has apparently been such a hit all over the world that it’s turned into an annual event! It doesn’t surprise me though, because over the many, many years that the land of DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been around, they have managed to pull off a plethora of wickedly amazing heroes, villains, antiheroes and sidekicks, which have all remained pretty iconic characters in both the glossy pages of comic books and the big screens of cinemas world-wide! So, if we go into the world and background of Batman and everything that comes with him, you can’t deny that one of the most intriguing and ever-so smooth character in his world, must be the classy and iconic Catwoman aka Selina Kyle. catwoman-halle-berryCatwoman was known as a character whose notoriety and even arguably rivalled relationship to Bruce Wayne, himself, this very amazing and complex anti-heroine played and jumped in-between sympathy and hostility with Batman and also had an extreme love-hate relationship with the hero, creating and remaining one of the most manipulative partnerships in comic book history.

Now to be completely honest with all of y’all, the fact that we have a Batman Day, Star Wars Day and even a National Guacamole Day in the States, I think it’s more than high time that we instate an International Catwoman Day! Here are some pretty wicked facts about the anti-heroine that definitely qualify her for her own day!

1. She Ooze’s Style

Throughout the entire evolution of this amazing character, one thing that Catwoman has always conveyed is that she’s one stylish lady! So whether you love her go to outfit in the the skin-tight leather route that was rocked by Michelle Pfeiffer in the Batman Returns edition of Catwoman, or if you’re more into her grittier style which was very gorgeously rocked by Camren Bicondova’s when she portrayed as a young Selina in Gotham. Either way, there really is a Catwoman look or outfit for every style and personality!

2. She’s Super Quotable

cat-woman-gifOK, so it goes without saying that every meow-loving Catwoman fan across the entire globe are very into her gleefully purred quotes! The anti-heroine’s classic one-liners have become some of my most favoured quote to throw at people on a crappy day. With everything from “I am Catwoman. Hear me Roar” to “Life’s a b**ch. Now, so am I” and my favourite “But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it”

3. Perfect for a Couples Costume?!

Ok, so Halloween really shouldn’t be our only excuse to dress up in costumes and act like Catwoman, although most of only do get dressed up on the 31st of October, imagine how fabulous it would be to have a partner in crime to bounce Batman and Catwoman quotes off of each other!

4. Taylor Swift would defos Endorse Catwoman Day

The woman loves cats so much, it’s actually a little bit creepy, but hey – the fact that she’s pretty much the president of pop music right now and really, really loves cats, I’m pretty sure that she would make the Catwoman holiday one to always remember!

5. The Cat Photos Would Be Legen…Wait For It…Dary

Ok, for reals! Picture this: Cats being dressed up as Catwoman — ok can you really picture that!? Cats dress as Catwoman you guys!? I just pictured it, and it’s pretty freaking adorable, because in all honestly, when is it ever possible to go wrong when animals do things that people do? Oh wait, I give up, it cannot.

6. It’s about time all the Women in Comics get more Props

This has been a long and pretty unfortunate happening in the comic book world. Female characters are very often relegated to ingénue roles, or just utterly unappreciated. We actually saw this happen this year when the character of Black Widow was left out of the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron toy collection. So to just set the record straight here – ash Catwoman is one of the most iconic characters in the Batman franchise, she most definitely is more than worthy of her own day.




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You Can Now Contour Everything

contour-it-allOk, Ok, I know, most of us are still trying to figure out how to define of cheekbones with the contouring phenomenon that Kim Kardashian started making popular a few years ago, but apparently you can now contour pretty much everything! I sometimes feel like the beauty world likes to leave me behind, as I’ve really on just managed to master my cheekbones with perfect contouring. Yet, they move ahead a little bit every day, with eye contouring being what I thought was latest craze to hit the make-up world, I soon found out that you can actually contour whatever you want! Contouring seems to be the new Photoshop, because you can now not only contour your entire face, but your hair can be contoured now as well, in a way that will shape your face and neck gorgeously, giving you an entire new look! I’m convinced that there really is nothing that make-up cannot do now, with make-up vloggers even taking on cleavage contouring! Have we lost our minds, or does this actually work!? Well, let’s have a little look….

Eye Contouring

contouring-your-eyes contouring-eyes heavy-countoured-eyes

Getting those baby blue’s or heavenly hazels to stand out and look utterly defined, is apparently all about using the right shade of shadows, and by using the correct method of applying your shadow according to your eye shape. So, there are basically three different eye shapes that can be narrowed down here, a visible crease, a hidden crease and a barely visible crease. As much as each crease has a different approach to it, there are a few simple steps to keep in mind when attempting to contour your eyes. Even though each shape has a slightly different approach, there are a few things to keep in mind for all of your techniques when you’re contouring your eyes. Matte eye shadows, will make your eyes look bigger and will make them appear larger, the lighter tones will draw attention to your eyes, and the darker shades will help recede your eyes. This little rule is pretty much true for any contouring though. For all and any shaped eyes though, I would recommend using neutral shades, choose four shades, 2 shades that are slightly lighter than your skin tone, and two shades that are a darker tone that your own skin tone.

Contouring your Nose

contour-nose contour-itYes, it’s true! You can now have a nose job in a matter of minutes, by contouring your nose to look slimmer and sleeker, it’ll look as though you’ve just healed from a nose job! All you’ll need is a small blending brush, the same kind that you would use in the crease of your eyelid, make sure that it’s clean of any other shadows before using it on your nose though. Now this is when you dip in the brush into a bronzer, tap off any excess powder and then, by gently but firmly shading, use the brush from the inner corner of your eye and then shade all the way down to the end of your nose, making sure that you’re sticking to the side of your nose. And not the middle, as that’s where you’ll highlight, if you need to. Blend in the shading and add in some highlighting if you want an even slimmer look.

Contouring your Hair!

haircontouringJust when we thought that going to the hairdressers was a pretty simple task, cut colour or blow wave right? Well, no, not quite! You can now step into a salon and ask your hair dresser do master some contouring skills to your hair too, and I love it! I mean how much better does it get when you can now contour pretty much anything you want, plus your hair!? So, this hair contouring skill, is when a hairdresser makes use of her freehand colouring and highlighting techniques to enhance the shape of your face, but basically colouring in your hair with highlights, low lights and colour, in certain places and spots on your hair, which make it all come together, into a beautifully contoured face – by doing your hair! When you highlight and shade certain parts of your hair, you can create a different look for your face.

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Australia’s Fright Night Run will Scare the Life out of You!

thorpe-park-fright-nights-2If you happen to be ‘Down-Under’ for Halloween this year, you better plan accordingly and make it a frightening one. When you touch down in Sydney on the 31st of October, head over to the Sydney International Regatta Centre, and make your mark at the Fright Night Run being held this year! A gruesomely wicked and dangerously fun 8km obstacle course, which will be featuring some eerie and downright nasty effects, including zonked out zombies, blood-thirsty vampires, crazy axe murderers and definitely some daemons, who will all be hiding in the in the bushes of the land of Oz, waiting to give you the most adrenaline rushed run of your life!

Held annually by the co-creator and owner of Running Scared, this spooky and spectacular obstacle run will test your limits for sure, not so much physically, but your scare-o-metres will be put to the test as well. Returning every year with an even scarier and gorier themed run, this year’s paranormal pandemonium will have you more excited about Halloween than you’ve ever been, this is one run you don’t want to miss out on if you’re in the area!

haunted-hallowen-runHalloween is gradually becoming a more celebrated holiday in many countries that never really grasped onto the American Holiday as much before, besides from the obvious markets looking to profit off the holiday, I must admit, the idea of dressing up like a complete wacko, going out to knock on strangers doors, scaring the hell out of them, only to be rewarded with sweet candy treats and chocolate, sounds awesome to me! So, taking this crazy and ridiculously entertaining holiday, and turning it into, pretty much everything that you love about horror movies and combining it into a fun and healthy “running” event, that gets your butt off the couch is just, plain genius! Plus, after you’ve done a 8km run through swarms of freaky zombies and murderous whack-jobs you’ll be able to eat all the darned candy and chocolates as you want, without feeling to guilty about all the sugar.

Using a carefully selected cast of about 100 actors, who all had to audition to part take in being the “features” of the Running Scared Run, were asked to give out their eeriest and goriest shrieks, manic screams, hill billy cackles, creepy clown laughs, zombie moans and groans, and all kinds of crawls, creepy jumps and manic movements, which would all be used on the night of the run! The volunteering actors then get dressed up, the gruesome make-up is done, and they are literally kitted out in the craziest, scariest and most horrifying outfits for Halloween night. Mmmwahahaha!

Besides featuring all your ‘regular’ Halloween vamps, warewolves and zombies, this year’s Running Scared Run will also have a few extra additions of girls from The Ring, clowns, classic 80’s horror characters and a few cannibals will be thrown into the mix, just to make sure that there’s a good dose of fright added to your night.

scared-fright-nightThe run starts off in an absolutely horrific maze, with all these characters trying to scare participants, who need to work their way through the maze, which then breaks out into the run, covering 8km and over 20 insane obstacles. The obstacles have all been combined into specifically themed scare zones. Runners will need to crawl and jump over all kinds of obstacles put in their way, from being slimed by monsters and zombies to being splattered in mud and blood, participants need to overcome to reach the end of the race!

Aside from the combined themes and new scenery that will be incorporated into creating the perfect Halloween run, runner and participants will now be able to have their creepy Halloween make-up done by a professional. I reckon, if you can make it to this run, get your make-up done for sure, but you better take some of your own props and Halloween accessories if you want to stand out from the rest and scare them zombies right back to their hideouts!

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Kylie’s Rocking New Mint Hair


So, I’m all about wild and adventurous hair, and sometimes I actually admire the insane hairstyles that celebrities can come up with, although many of them also go a little over the edge with their hair-do’s. Kylie Jenner though, has always been one of my favourite “Wild-Hair-Advocates” and is absolutely rocking a soft, pale, green mint colour do at the moment, and it is sooooo gorgeous! Most of the time, you’ll see Kylie showing off her latest hair colour, at awards shows, fashion shows or when she’s just out grabbing a coffee. Some of her wildly coloured hair-do’s are crazy, yes, but she does it with such style and with no care in the world of what the fashion police will say, that she’s built up quite the fan base of die-hard followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

kylie-jenner-green1The reality star who recently launched her own range of hair extensions called Kylie’s Kouture Hair with Bellami Hair and despite the fact that they’re pretty insanely priced, they really are the hottest hair extensions on the market right now, and Kylie is often seen wearing extensions and wigs from her own range. At her 18th Birthday Bash, where the star’s rapper boyfriend Tyga surprised her with a brand new Ferrari, she was wearing an over-the-top, fabulous blonde wig, with very dark roots, which apparently she decided to wear as a gift for Tyga, as he’s a fan of blonde hair. However Kylie has recently admitted that she’s on the road to getting her hair as light as possible, as she’s looking at going platinum, like her sister Khloe, who has taken just over a year to get her hair as light as it is without out completely damaging her natural hair colour.

kylie-hair-mint4So, I must admit, I was pretty surprised, but in a totally good way, to see that she stepped onto the carpet at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie Grand Opening in New York on Wednesday night, confidently rocking a sultry pale mint green hair-do, which honestly, and I’m no hair expert, but it looks pretty real to me! Even though, fairly recently, Jenner admitted that had been making use of a ton of different wigs and extensions so that she could get her hair prepped and ready to be bleached, so that she can get that platinum look that she’s after. Although, this new mint green hair of hers is looking ridiculously real, and I just have to wonder to myself, has she taken that plunge into mermaid-hood?! Wig or not, either way, it looks fantabulous, and I would totally love to try it out!

51851675 Reality star Kylie Jenner and her rapper boyfriend Tyga are seen leaving the Trump Soho Hotel in New York City, New York on September 16, 2015. Kylie, who has denied recent engagement rumors, can be seen rocking a ring on her ring-finger! FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813Kylie sure knows how to be the fashion and beauty trend rebel lately, despite it being the end of summer, and the fact that we’re almost in Autumn, the reality star, still manages to pull off a light hair look, and still fit in with the season’s trends, or shall I say, she’s setting the trend!? Not only is Kylie an extremist when it comes to her hair, but her style in an entirety has always been fairly rebellious, sporting an array of wild piercings and her famously pouted lips which she admitted to having filled with fillers, the reality star is rarely seen without any make-up on, and oh does she love her false eyelashes, they really do bring out her gorgeous brown eyes though. There really is a pretty diverse amount of fashion tips I would take from her, including her wildly wacky hair colours, extensions and voluptuously luscious lips which are always sporting a new trendy colour!

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How to Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

pirates-dayInternational Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day is actually an official parotic holiday that is celebrated across the seas by matey’s from all walks of life, so make sure if ya have ne’er celebrated this swashbuckling holiday, that you get y’rself and your matey’s prepared to have one arrrrresome holiday! Originally created in 1995, when Ol’ Chumbucket (John Baur) and his best right hand man, Cap’n Slappy (Mark Summers), who both sailed in from Albany, Oregon, went out into the world and proclaimed that every year on the 19th of September that every single matey and beauty out there in the big old world, should spend the entire day speaking like a pirate, making use of the all the right slang and cries for your pirate inspired day! Since that epic day back in 1995, the cunningly fun day has been celebrated year in and year out, with more and more shipmates jumping on board every year, you best know how to dress the dress if yer be joining for the first time matey!

Now, of course ya could just be sailing round all day, in yer normal clothes, but if yer gonna be talking like one of us there matey, yer might as well look the part too. Get y’rself kitted out in some of the best pirate gear available out there! So that when ya be walking a-cool-pirate-costume-for-womeninto yer office for that day’s graft, you want to have some of them rum stained costume teeth when ya bellow out “Ahoy Matey” to the Captain of the ship. So listen up, and listen carefully shipmates, ya’ll be having about 7 suns up and 7 suns down, before this legendary day of swashbuckling fun is upon ya! So let’s make a check list there, of all the pieces o’eight and treasures that you be needing to get y’rself involved.

Now we understand how them nickels that the Cap’n be paying aint always enough to buy all the rum that you need for a day like this, but getting kitting out in some epic, absolutely no-fail equipment, will give ya some of them real pirate swagger that you’ll need. Now, especially if, like all us matey’s are trying, trying to save them nickels for rum, then we best suggest that you don’t be spending them nickels on a pirate costume set…nah matey, build y’rself one up with all these banging pirate accessories, and all that ya’ll need to throw onto your over-tanned and dirty pirate body would be some old and tattered clothes.

Firstly, you must get y’rself a pair of pirate teeth, so that yer smile which will be reeking of rum, will make sense, because you can’t be having pearly whites if yer a pirate matey! Although if you’re looking to be a bit more of dangerous pirate, then I would say ya be getting some of that fake blood that be on sale, and also, if ya really want to add some realistic feel to yer pirate look, then maybe get y’rself one of these fake wounds or scar’s to add just some added pirate swagger to your face or neck.

218_hair-mascara-for-temporary-hair-color 218_cut-throat-special-effects-3d-wound-transfer_1 218_pirate-pearl-billy-bob-costume-teeth_1 Reusable-Tattoo-Transfer-Eye-Doodles

Oh and the beauties best be getting dressed up in their own rough and tough pirate outfits, but I know what it’s like, ya want to still look like a beauty don’t ya?! So besides getting y’rself a pair of Pirate Teeth, a proper keg of rum and a big and puffy pirate skirt, I reckon ya should also grab one of these face masks or eye doodles, so you can just add some of them extra sexy traits the boys be liking ya know? One thing that ya absolutely have to get y’rself, whether ya be a beauty or a matey, every pirate has a crazy streak to them…well a lot more than a streak, but to be subtle, why don’t ya get y’rself some temporary hair dye to make sure that your flari stand out under all the Rum fumes and cigar smoke!

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Breath-taking Skills with UV Body Paint


When it comes to using UV Body Paint, the first thing that comes to my mind are crazy techno clubs and hippie fests scattered with black lights and wacky paint covered girls and guys running around and dancing to insane music vibes, while they mesmerise everyone around them with their extremely neon and fascinating colours patterned onto their bodies. So imagine the surprise and absolute awe that took over my mind when I came across this phenomenally inspiring artist, whom everyone in the world of art has dubbed “The Bob Ross of Black Light Body Painting” as he really is just unbelievably skilled an talented at using UV Body Paints, and using the human body as his canvas has really just accelerated his talent to new and insane levels of awesome!

John Poppleton used to be your regular old wedding photographer, taking portrait after portrait, and after 20 years of taking happy couples photographs on their happy days, he just felt like his mind was lacking the creativity that he wanted it to have, he needed something more, he wanted to do something different and more artistic than just taking photos of couples getting married, he wanted to create a scale of creativity that no one had ever seen before. So, after fighting with his boredom for days and weeks, somehow he managed to through all his ‘ingredients’ as he likes to call them, together and unexpectedly he managed to collide a world of awesome and completely amazing “BodyScapes”. The style that Poppleton uses to create his masterpieces is, just literally out of this world, with the sceneries he chooses to paint on the backs of his clients, using UV Body Paint, and black light, combined with his photography, he really is creating something you’ve never seen before, something that will last you a life time!

How precious would it be for a mother and daughter to get something like this painted on their backs, not only would you need to endure the hours of sitting together in a dark and UV-lit room, which no doubt, is an experience on its own, but you’ll have a breathtakingly gorgeous masterpiece of art to symbolise your relationship that no one else has!


Or even a newly married couple to have something like this painted on their backs and then photographed and blown up onto a canvas for your bedroom or living room?! So much more amazing than a wedding photo don’t you think?

body-paint-uv-coupleAren’t you bored of seeing the same old pregnancy photos that mothers take when they’re expecting? What about creating something completely different, that no one else will have! This mom requested an autumn garden to represent her unborn child that was due in autumn of the same year, and Poppleton created an absolutely picturesque UV body paint mural painted on her gorgeous baby belly. How spectacular is that going to look in the baby nursery!?body-paint-uv-preggersMaybe you recently travelled to the Amazon and you want to recreate something from your epic visit to remember the unbelievably beautiful and ridiculous lush forests and waterfalls that you came across? This just takes my breath away completely, the skill this guy has to mix his colours and achieve the results he does is mind-blowing!

body-paint-uv-waterfallNot only does John use UV Body Paint to create painting on the human body, but he also uses them to manipulate colours and light with black light when he’s doing photo-shoots! Look at this woman’s hair that he’s added splashes of red UV Body paint into and then very cleverly used a fan to blow her hair up while taking a photo with a black light on, her hair looks like it’s on fire!! body-paint-hair-fireOK, you know how everyone is loving the “trash the dress” trend, where you get to trash your dress after the wedding, by jumping into the sea, or rolling in the mud or whatever crazy act you want to do, this woman has her dress covered in splashes of white and blue UV Body paint and light splatter of UV Body Paint on herself and how amazing are the results!? UV-paint-dressSo if you’re ever in Utah and want to have your own BodyScape experience, make sure you go and check out John Poppleton’s studio which is just outside of Salt Lake City, until then, get yourself a UV light, some wicked UV Body Paint and create some of your own fascinating masterpieces!

Oh and just incase you dont belive that these are real artworks and that they’ve been manipulated with Photoshop…check out this video for good measure! Happy Painting

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Get Creepy with some Funky Costume Teeth

crazy-shit-teethIf you’re anything like me, you’re already planning your Halloween outfit, even though it is only September, you need to have a plan in place if you want to pull off the creepiest and freakiest looking outfit at your annual Halloween party! So I’ve decided to talk about some of the coolest and latest new additions to the accessories family when it comes to Halloween, and boy are there some creepy-ass looking things out in the market right now!

I’m not talking about fake wounds, scars and fleshy cuts, which are pretty awesome as they are, but this is a completely different genre of Halloween fun! Imagine if you could completely transform your entire Halloween look with just one set of crazy looking teeth in your mouth. Well now you can look like a real vampire, with actual vampire teeth, or dress up like your favourite warewolf character and complete your entire look with warewolf teeth that look so authentically real that your friends will most likely be a little bit more concerned than they should be!

These gross costume teeth are so realistic and will really give your outfit that extra bit of edge that it lacked last year. Costume Teeth have been crafted by an actual dental technician who, frankly, was sick and tired of making people’s teeth look pretty and perfect, and decided to take matters into his own hands and start his own range of ugly, dirty, disgusting and downright nasty looking teeth for us gorgeous guys and guys to transform ourselves into scary and foul looking weirdo’s, which we love doing, especially over Halloween, right?! These Costume teeth are so simple and easy to fist into your mouth that you will look just like Hill Billy Betty in less than 10 minutes!

Let’s have a look at some of my personal favourites, and when I say favourite, I mean I’ve picked three of the most Hill Billy inspired and most sickeningly, repulsive fake teeth available!

Huntin’ & Fishing Halloween Costume Teeth

hill-billy-teethThis is a set of teeth that you really should getting if you’re planning heading down south to spend Halloween with those wacko cousins of yours, yes you know, the ones that you never really tell people about, the cousins who live on a house boat on the Bayou and catch crawfish day in and day out? Yes them! They’re not going to be very impressed with your pearly whites, especially if you’ve decided to dress up like a Bayou-Fisherman-turned-Zombie! So just do yourself, and everyone a favour and get yourself some of these Huntin’ & Fishing Halloween Costume Teeth, because the last thing you want is to look like a pretty boy zombie at a Hill Billy Halloween party!

Pirate Pearl Costume Teeth

Pirates-stinky-teethOK boys, this one is for you! If you and your maty’s are planning on dropping your anchors into some beauty’s lagoon this Halloween you guys better get off your wooden legs and get yourself a proper dirty and rum stained set of Pirate Pearl teeth, I mean what beauty will believe that you’re a real pirate if your teeth are sparkly white? Arrrr! So get your rum barrel filled to the brim with some nasty tasting Pirate rum and get working on a sexy but dirty Pirate outfit, and make sure you polish them wooden legs! Them beauty’s will love your grossly rum stained teeth staring back at them through your choppy beard, make sure you freshen up on your Pirate swagger though, you’re going to have to go the full 9 yards with this one!

Meth Billy Bob Costume Teeth

math-outfitAdmittedly, there really is something seriously wrong with you if you plan on dressing up as a Meth Addict for Halloween, but hey, I’m not here to judge you’re Halloween outfit choices, plus these teeth weren’t made for nothing right? Someone needs to wear them, for something? So why not freak the living daylights out of your colleagues at this year’s annual Halloween party at the office warehouse, and pitch up looking like an absolutely sickeningly gross Meth Addict! Hahaha, we bet you that you’ll get the best dressed outfit for the night and it won’t even take that much effort, all you’ll need are a set of these siff looking teeth, try to not wash your hair for a couple of days, or bath for that matter, just so that you can get a really stinky odour going that you need to pull of this look properly, and you colleagues will be talking about it for years!

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