5 of The Craziest Zombie Outfits Ever!

ZOMBIES-BANNERSo once a year, Zombie lovers, fans and die-hards all over the world take to the streets in their deadliest and gross Zombie outfits, in attempts to have the most disgusting and scariest Zombie outfits they can possibly think of! With TV shows like The Walking Dead making waves in this particular department, we’ve decided to make our own list of 5 of the craziest zombie outfits ever soon on the streets on the deadly Halloween night. The best thing about these brain eating, gut sucking and infected human is that pretty much anyone can be turned into a Zombie, making costume ideas really quite easy to put together. All you really need to do, is make sure that you’ve stocked up on make-up powder, pitch black eyeliner, loads and loads of oozing fake blood, and then if you really want to create the perfect zombie effect you absolutely must get yourself some of these truly bizarre Face Decay Transfers, which will no doubt scare the zombie out of anyone!

5. The Popping Pregnant Zombie

zombie-pregnantOk, we must admit, this pretty disgusting, and there really can’t be anything more horrifying than watching a disgusting brain eating Zombie eating her own foetus, you’ll definitely score some points in the best dressed competition with this atrocious outfit! There’s quite a few ways you can pull off this outfit, get yourself one of these as insane Zipper Wound Transfers and apply it to your pregnant belly, then cut the top of a dolls arm or head off and glue it in the middle so that it looks as if the baby is zipping itself out of your belly! Pretty gruesome we know, but right on point for a perfect scary pregnant zombie! This is the easiest outfit to pull off if you’re already pregnant and don’t know what else to where. Although if you’re not pregnant and want to get this look, you can easily create a preggo tummy with some Styrofoam!

4. The Zombie Siamese Twins

zombie-twinsImagine the Zombie apocalypse got hold of a pair of Siamese Twins…this could really turn out to be pretty hard core, also this is the perfect outfit if you and your hubby or even you and a friend are looking to create a couples outfit! Simple share an oversized pair of pants and top and of course the fun part, then you just add in all the Zombie and Halloween accessories to make things a little bit more disgusting and zombified! You could create a brain in-between both of your heads, and take turns munching a bit off of it! This is pretty much as gross as it gets! Your friends will remember this outfit for years to come

3. Zombie Little Red Riding Hood

zombie-red-riding-hoodIs there really anything more cute, sweet and innocent than little Red Riding Hood, just walking happily through the woods wanting to take her granny come muffins and cookies? Well of course, there’s nothing cuter than that! So clearly we need to zombify the heck out of this sweet and innocent little character, make sure you gash up her red hood, give her some ridiculously gross cuts on her face, and maybe even some Zombie Rot Transfers and make sure that her cookies and muffins are actually brains and guts! You’ll scare the kids though, so maybe get dressed at a friend’s house for this one!

2. Zombie Girl Scouts

zombie-girl-scoutOh don’t you hate it when summer comes and every single Girl Scout in the county is knocking at your door trying to sell you some Girl Scout cookies? Well picture a Zombie Girl Scout trying to sell you brain and blood flavoured cookies! This could be a fun and freaky outfit to put together, especially if you used to be a girl scout and really don’t need your uniform for anything anymore! Dress it up with blood and gore, and really give your face a bit of Zombie swagger, loads of fake blood will work perfectly, and so will a pair of white out contact lenses. The possibilities with this outfit is endless!

1. Star Wars Zombie

Photos of the Adelaide Zombie Walk. Saturday 25th October 2008, starting at Rymill park, and finishing at the Worlds End pub. http://www.adelaidezombiewalk.org/ Photos taken by Michael Kubler of Grey Phoenix Productions for more information check out www.greyphoenix.bizYes!! This must be the coolest Zombie outfit ever, especially with the new Star Wars coming out and all those Star Wars fans wanting in on some Zombie action but not wanting to let go of their Star Wars devotion! This way you can be both a Yoda and a Zombie, or even a Stormtrooper and a zombie combination would totally work as well!! There will always be a handful of ComiCon Devotees that really don’t want to put their Comic Book and Marvel costumes to waste, so why not combine the two! It’s perfectly scary!

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10 Tricks to Getting Your Eyes to Look Bigger

brown-eye-bannerThere really isn’t a lot you need to do to get your eyes looking bigger and fuller, especially if you’re a regular contact lens user. I’m sure that you’re constantly looking for tricks that will help you enhance and make your eyes look bigger and fuller, well know you can, here’s a list of the best and only tips and tricks you should be following for bigger eyes!

Start Off Smoothly

brown-eye-brightSo as cute, squidgy and adorable those super cute Shar-peis are, you don’t want to look like one, puffy and wrinkly eyes are not at all attractive! So if you’ve been working crazy hours, or partying the night away and are left with puffy and baggy eyes, get yourself a box of adhesive eye pads, which will zap out all the swelling and inflammation of your naughty nights away in under 10 minutes! You could also just use anything cold, a packet of cold peas works wonders to a hangover face, and gently add a small dab of a silicone-based primer to the outer laugh lines of your eyes and the crows foot on your forehead, this will fill out and soften any lines.

Even Things Out

brown-eyed-beautyIf you have dark circles or rings around your eyes, they can make your eyes look smaller than they actually are, so choosing the right concealer really is key here. The right concealer can work double duty on discolouration or any dark spot or areas you may have around your eye area, and will usually illuminate the entire eye area and will draw attention to your long dark eyelashes instead. When shopping for concealer, try and pick a shade that is just slightly lighter and warmer than your skin tone, so that it will brighten and fix any darker areas on the skin.

Curling It Up

brown-eyed-heavenOK, so if you don’t own an eyelash curler you need to get online right now and get yourself one delivered. Today. End of story! Every women needs to own an eyelash curler, and if you do own one, you probably forget to use it most of the time, biggest mistake ever made in make-up routines, is forgetting to curl up those lashes! Especially if you have naturally long lashes, as long eye lashes can cast a shadow over your eyes, making them seem smaller than they are, so, making sure that you spend those extra 20 seconds to curl up your eye lashes will ensure that your eyes look wider and a lot more open. Always curl, no matter what!

Mascara, Mascara, Mascara

brown-eyes-mascaraSorry, did I happen to mention Mascara! Making sure that you apply a lengthening mascara to your eyes is absolute key to making them stand out bright and bold! Finding the right mascara is a major factor to your make-up routine, but finding the right brush is even more important than the mascara formula. Going for shorter stemmed brushes that are made of rubber work better than actual brushes and will help open lower lashes, creating wide, gorgeous lashes, and then adding a thickening coat of mascara over the top lashes will help you create even flirtier look than you initially set out for!

Drawing the Line

brown-eyes-palateTo help enhance your eyelashes even more, (picking up on the drift here?) and to help frame your eyes properly on your face, try applying a super thin strip of black liquid liner across the bottom of your upper lashes, this will help give your eyes a rich inking look, will still looking completely controlled and precise! Add a little flick at the end of your eye, this will just open them up even more making your contact lenses stand out even more than they already do.

Lightening up the Waterline

brown and whiteWe all love us some smoky eyes don’t we? However, this dark liner trend on the bottom waterline will look so smoking hot and sultry with the right smoky eye shadow, but try it with bronzes and laughter eye shadows and you could actually be making your eyes look HALF the size that they actually are. For a bigger is better look, and for fuller looking eyes, try and find a nice thick and bright white eye liner to run along the bottom waterline of your eyelid, this will open up your eyes a lot more.

Define that Crease

brown-eye-creaseYes, we all know this one don’t we, I just felt the need to enforce it a little stronger this time. If you apply a medium brown or bronze eye shadow right into the crease of your eyelids you’ll be opening your eyes up so much, although you need to be careful that you don’t end up looking like an 80’s pop star, so use a fluffy brush to help sweep a matt eye shadow in the shape of an arc across your eyelid, all the way from the outer corners to the centre of your eyes. This is a great trick if you have hazel contact lenses in your eyes, as the brown will highlight the brown shades in your eyes.

Time to Trim Your Brows

brown-eyebrowsMaking sure that you permanently have groomed and arched eyebrows will help you create a flattering frame for your eyes. If your eyebrows are properly groomed, anything that you add on after that will accentuate your eyes and make them look a little larger than they are. Make sure that you tweeze away any stray hairs floating around and then fill up any empty gaps in your brows with an eyebrow pencil.

So, it really isn’t that difficult to make your eyes look and feel bigger, you just need to know how to frame your eyes correctly! Easy as pie.

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Face Lace is coming to YouKnowIt.com!

face-lace-bannerWhen you hear the words Face Lace, I’m sure that your first thought must be, ‘What on earth is that?’ Well I’m about to tell you all about what’s trending with Face Lace and how you can achieve superior looking make-up in under 10 to 15 minutes. Intricate make-up designs that would usually take a make-up artists a couple of hours to pull off, can now be pulled off by the average home make-up enthusiast, simply by using these ridiculously awesome Face Lace appliques! Probably one of the most boho, hip and even trendiest ‘looks’ of the spring and summer seasons this year, The Face Lace range will soon be available at YouKnowIt.com and we’re here to get your creative make-up side, excited and worked up for the launch, so that you know exactly what to do with your Face Lace when it arrives in your mailbox.face-lace-eyelaces-fleutyInvented and designed by the uber talented, make-up artist queen, Phyllis Cohen, who also goes by the name of the ‘Face Fanatic’, who was initially inspired to create the Face Lace line, after looking back at work that she actually did back in the 80’s for a Zandra Rhodes Fashion Show. Over 30 years ago, Phyllis was already making face art, using latex, fabric and an assortment of beads and rhinestones, which were adorned on the faces of models walking the run way, Phyllis created some show stopping looks, which set quite a trend back in the 80’s era. Phyllis recently came back to her drawings and photographs of the designs she created back then and was overwhelmed with inspiration to recreate her artwork, and work on bringing out a line of these industry-breaking, and phenomenally stunning, Face Lace pieces for us ‘normal’ every day gals, who want to achieve star struck make-up to use whenever an however we want to!

If you’re at all like me, you love make-up and are constantly pinning your favourite make-up styles and tutorials on your Pinterest account, but you most likely never have time, let alone the patience, or even the skill to follow through with a one hour make-up tutorial. So you keep pinning, and watching 5 minutes of the beginning of a tutorial and that’s about as far as you get, and why? Because you think that you’ll never be able to reach that level where you can achieve dreamy, upscale make up! Those days are over ladies, and it’s really all thanks to the Face Lace line!

So what exactly is a Face Lace and how do I use it?

face-lace-fluwertyThese Face Lace designs are intricately cut adhesives, which you can very elegantly apply to you eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, and even across the entire top part of your face and wear it like you would a masquerade mask! The adhesive glue itself which is used in the making of these Face Lace stickers has been made from a hypoallergenic medical adhesive and has been used before, on various cosmetic adhesives for years now. These Face Lace adhesives have been completely approved to use cosmetically, obviously though, you need to be careful that you don’t get the sticky part in your eyes.

You can use these artfully alluring pieces as you please, by either adding them to your normal everyday make-up, you’ll create an exciting and unique effect. If you’re looking for a more radical and dramatic make-up look for your night out, you can always apply the Face Lace and then work in some more crazy detail with make-up around the adhesive, throw in a pair of dreamy green contact lenses and you’ll look like a goddess!

I would recommend doing your make up after you have placed the Face Lace onto your clean skin. Applying the Face Lace on top of make-up is also possible but your adhesives won’t last as long as if you put them onto clean skin, because once you remove them you’ll be able to place them straight back onto the backing sheet that you receive with your Face Lace after wearing it, you should then be able to wear it more than once.

face-lace-red-headI think this Face Lace applique’s are the hottest and trendiest make-up accessories right now and you absolutely must try them out, especially if you love experimenting and playing around with different make-up designs! You can totally walk out of your front door now, looking like you’ve just stepped out of your own personal make-up artist’s studio! Probably the best and most attracting part about owning these Face Lace appliques is that once you’ve applied them to your face it’s going to look like you’re wearing top of the range make-up, and it won’t fade, smudge or look dull after a few hours! It’s going to look vibrant all night long!

We can’t wait for YouKnowIt.com to launch the Face Lace range, so that we can team up some radical looking make-up with all kinds of ultra-cool contact lenses and create superb summer looks!

So watch this space ladies! Face Lace is coming….

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The Right Clothing to be matched with Women’s Coloured Eyes

eye-red-scarf-woman-eyes-blueSo ladies, we all know how fabulous us women are at matching out clothes with the right shoes and some of us even the right make-up for our eye colours, but do you know the right clothing to be matched with women’s coloured eyes, I thought so, so that’s why I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog to getting the right coloured eyes matched up with the right coloured clothes! You have to be able to choose the right tones and shades of colours when going through your wardrobe in the morning so that you can get the perfect mix and match going with your eyes, so that your eyes become the main feature on your face, and the first thing that people are going to look at, as they’ve been highlighted to the max, giving them the bold and statement making look that they deserve! So if you’re looking to boost those hazel nut tones in your beautifully brown eyes or want to bring out the olive shades in you green eyes then you’ve come to the right place. Enhancing the natural tones in your eyes will give you a more authentic looking vibe to your entire look, and if you’re going for a pair of contact lenses because you’ve been wanting to see what you’d look like with blue eyes or green eyes, make sure that you choose natural coloured lenses that will blend in with your eyes, if your eyes are light stick to lighter tones of contact lenses and vice versa.

So remembering that the colour of your eyes could be the key note to your wardrobes style and distinction id key here. You need to remember that certain colours you wear, could hide the good natural colour of your eyes and make them not stand out at all, where certain other colours will enhance them so much people won’t be able to stop staring at your gorgeous eyes, so you need to work on building up a wardrobe that will essentially work with your eyes. So it seems that the term opposites attract doesn’t only apply to many different life and relationship advice but is also a key piece of wisdom to keep in mind when working with the beauty of your eyes and the clothes that you wear. Picking clothes, whether it be a top, a new dress or an old coat you love, if you choose colours that are opposite to that of your eye colour you’ll be enhancing the colour of your eyes and helping them stand out even more! BUT, as much as choosing colours in opposite colours you need to also consider that choosing colours in the same tones and shades of your eyes, as this is another fun way to make the irises of your eyes pop more with colour! Sound confusing? Don’t stress, just keep reading and I’ll tell you all about the right colours for which eyes you need.

Blue Eyed Beauty

red-top-lovely-blue-eyesAs odd as this may sound, wearing different tones and shades of orange will turn up the heat of your bold and beautiful blue eyes, and this is an old trick actually, as blue and orange are very complimentary of each other as they sit literally opposite of each other on the colour wheel. Although going for any shade of blue clothing will also enhance the colour of your eyes, but don’t stress about what tone or shade of blue you wear, because either hue of blue will make your eyes pop!

Boldly Brown

Mila Kunis attends the "Friends with Benefits" premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on July 18, 2011 in New York City.

Brown eyes are a little trickier to work with your clothing as it’s a neutral colour and doesn’t sit on the colour wheel the way a green or blue would. However, since brown is s mixture of all the primary colours you have a massive choice. Try going for warmer shades of oranges, maroons and reds, and surprisingly enough, a small amount of gold flecked greens also work beautifully with your eyes.

Hot Hazel Eyes

 hazel-green-topIf you have Hazel coloured eyes, you’re one lucky lass, you have endless choices of colours to wear, and all the same colours that can be worn by green eyed and brown eyed girls can also be worn by you. Going for colours like purple, green and orange are in your favour and if you add a touch of gold sparkle somewhere this will bring the gold in your eyes out too!

Gorgeously Green Eyes

green-eyes-green-topStraight up, if you have green eyes, wear as many different shades of greens as possible (please not all at the same time) – emerald greens and dark greens to light pale greens will work with your eyes.  You can also play around with various shades of purple for your green eyes. If you have a much darker shade of green, go for lavender purples and if your eyes are a brighter and lighter green choose eggplant purples and royal purples for your clothing choices, these will make the green tones in your eyes pop.

Lady of Grey

OK, so grey is also considered a neutral, just like brown, but is easy to match up with clothing, as it is the perfect colour to contract, dark blacks and bright blues or green will being out the silver tones and shades in your eyes and really make them pop, and since grey eyes tend to usually have a green or blue shades to them so you can follow the rules of those shades too.

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Lets Talk Purple!

purple-eye-bannerLadies, I am absolutely falling in love with the colour purple all over again and it’s all thanks to the latest beauty trends that have been hitting catwalks and fashion mags lately, so today, let’s talk purple!

Hot off the fashion runways on the summer and spring 2015 collection is the dazzling and inspirational use of all kinds of shades, tones and hues of purple. It really is a trendsetting year this one, to say the least. With all the natural and original looks that are coming out this summer, I’m ridiculously excited to see what’s going to be hitting the catwalks in Autumn and Winter 2015, but let’s get back to this purple haze trend that really is making waves and taking the fashion and taking the makeup world by storm this year. With Vera Wang being one of the first designers to adorn her models in overly exaggerated purple eye shadows, the purple eye has just taken off from there onwards.

If you’re anything like I am, you want to try anything new and hot off the catwalks, but obviously sometimes it’s a little harder to pull off than we think, and of course those models have all their make-up don’t for them by professional and well experienced artists who know what they’re doing..

I know what a lot of you may be thinking, that purple is a more teenage immature kind of colour to be using on your eyes right? WRONG! Purple is often regal and understated, not exactly juvenile though and if you’re concerned that the flashy shade won’t work on your eyes, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re wrong again. It’s not really the colour that won’t work on someone specifically, but the actual undertone, there’s a perfect shade for everyone, and it’s just a matter of finding that perfect shade, whether it be a dark plum purple or lighter lavender purple. So I dug a little deeper to find out all the ins and outs of using purple eye shadow and what the deal is when you have green eyes, brown eyes and yes even the blue eyed girl can pull of this look! So let’s get cracking and get to the nitty gritty of customising this trending purple look to your eyes and style.

The Perfect Marriage with Green Eyes

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before in a few of my articles about green eyes, purple is the perfect and utmost elegant colour to pair up with your divinely green eyes, and can really create an elegal and almost regal feel to your entire look! To hit all the right spots with this particular purple trend, try looking for darker and more warm and rich purples, think eggplant purple. Also you don’t want to cover your entire eyelid with the colour purple, touches of a dark and smooth purple on the part of your lid closest to your eyes is perfect. Blend a slightly lighter tone above that and finish it off with a slick line of eyeliner and loads of mascara, and you’re good to go!

Beautifully Brown Eyes with Purple Tones

I’m a brown-eyed girl, and to be honest with you, I was super nervous to take on this purple haze challenge, but after doing all the right moves and going through all the blends and shades I finally found the perfect shade and hue to use on your brown eyes. You need to find yourself a palate of purple eye shadows with warm hue undertones. The best move you could make when applying purple tones to your eyelids would be to stick with a very warm and darker purple hue and hen blend in some bronzy brown tones to accentuate the brown colour in your eyes itself, so by adding in this extra warm, you’re not going to kill the colour of your own brown eyes and you’re going to have the purple shades pop with vibrancy!

Heavenly Pairing with Blue Eyes

One would think that having blue eyes, it would be really hard to pair up a shade like purple to your eye colour as they’re so similar and close in tones, but this is exactly why you want to be working it with the purple tones and shades, they’re going to make the natural blue in your eyes pop so much more! So because the colours are so close in shades and hues, it’s essential that you look for lighter and cooler shades of purple tones, this is definitely the way to go if you’re looking to get that purple haze look. Look for a purple eye shadow that has some grey undertones in it, and dusty, almost dirty lavender tones of purple are going to just accentuate and enhance the blue colour in your eyes more than ever, and add some extra dimension to your eyes.

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Awesome Make-up Tips for Green Contact Users

banner-green-make-upGreen eyes are so rare that I know a ton of women who are opting for green contact lenses, especially in the summer, as it gives your face such a striking a fresh look, but I’m sure that sometimes you get stuck, not knowing what make-up to use for your green eyed look, so here are some awesome make-up tips for green contact users as well as you lucky ladies with naturally green eyes! There are a ton of make-up tricks and tips that will actually conflict with green eyes, and certain colours won’t work well with green eyes, like silver for example, silver is a no-no when it comes to eye shadows for green contact lens users, as it almost hides and pushes your gorgeous green eyes back and doesn’t make them the centre of attention!

Ladies, don’t despair, I’m going to give you the low down on all the right make-up that you should be playing around with when it comes to wearing green contacts, colours, tones and shades that will elevate and bring your green eyes out, and make them look absolutely drop dead gorgeous! To make this a little easier and a lot more authentic for you, I’ve actually tried on a pair of green contacts and then tested each of these make up tricks that I’m about to list below, so I can guarantee you that they’ll look ridiculously gorgeous on your green eyes too!

1.      Playing around with Purples

purple-on-greenI love the combination of purple and green, you really can’t go wrong with passionately purple shades of eye-shadows worked in with your green eyes. Make sure that you use a varied palate of purple tones when you’re working these colours onto your eyelid. An eye shadow primer would be a good idea to apply before starting with a darker shade of purple from right above the lashes and then go lighter as you work your way up your eyelid, applying a lighter, almost white-pink touch right below your eyebrows to make the purple tones pop, and bring out your green eyes beautifully!

2.      Warming up with Autumn Bronzes

bronzy-green-eyesGreen eyes have a special union when it comes to warm bronzy and brown tones. When selecting a warm palate of eye shadows for your green eyes, go for gold, browns and all kinds of shades of bronze. This was probably one of my more favourite shades to work with, because its perfect in summer and in winter, and the colours are so easy to blend together, and make a massive effect on your eyes, bringing out the green in a way no other colour will! Using a warm bronze tone on your eyelid will definitely get some heads turning!

3.      Daring to go a Darker Green

green-on-green-make-upI know, I know, most make up tutorials and blogs will tell you to avoid using green tones on green eyes, but I totally disagree with that theory! You can create some of the most dauntingly daring and gorgeous looks, by using a shade of green that it darker than the tone of green that your eyes are, and then working it out into a lighter bright green. So choose a varied palate of green shades, when going for this look. Using dark green eye liner or lighter-than-your-eye green eyeliner will pop the green in your green contact lenses even more!

4.      Thin Lines of Liner

black-liner-on-greenThis is one trick you need to master to perfect, but once you’ve grasped it, you’ll want to use it every day! Work sparingly when you use eyeliner. But using a strikingly dark and very black eyeliner to create a thin and perfect line along the top and bottom of your eyes, with a very small amount of dark grey shadow to line and blend will bring your green eyes out and give them a very natural and organic feel. The black bring out the green in your contact lenses and will really make a bold and strong statement. I love this look, and could easily recommend it as an every-day-go-to-look for green eyes, as it’s easy once you’ve grasped the hang of applying it correctly.

5.      Steer Clear from Silver

silver-eye-makeupSilver is one colour that really doesn’t work with greens eyes, and really won’t do anything to complement the green contacts that you’ve put in. Silver jewellery is a great way to enhance your green eyes funny enough, but silver shades will actually hide the green tones in your eyes and won’t at all bring out the bold and striking tones in your green eyes that you really do want to show off! Rather stick with the warms bronzy and copper colours that I’ve recommended – Plus Plums and purples are also way more complimenting to your green eyes than silver.

6.      Blush your Cheeks with Plush Peaches

green-eyes-pink-soft-makeupThis was one tip that surprised me at first, because who would of thought that a blush would make a difference to the tones in your eyes! Choose a very plush and peachy coloured blush and make sure you have a smooth and even foundation as a base for your complexion, as the creamy and soft peachy blush that you want to use on your cheekbones must really blend in with your skin and look natural. This will bring out the natural green tones in your eyes and make them stand out in a way that you haven’t seen before! This will make your eyes pop with colour, make sure that you use some of the plums, purples or even the darker greens that we talk about for eye shadows for this look, as you don’t want to kill the soft look with warm coppers, they won’t mix well.

7.      Plums and Pinks to Pop some Colour

Black and white colored portrait of beautiful girl with stylish makeup and flowers around her face

Pinks and plums are such an elegantly soft and dainty way to pop the colour of your green eyes, this is a lot more of a romantic look for your green contact lenses than say the green or copper look, but is just as effective as it brings out the soft and dainty looks of your green eyes and shows them in a different light. I would go for shades of pink, nothing too bright or luminous, but soft and romantic shades will be the ideal colours you’re looking for. This is the perfect look to pair your green eyes up with for a dinner date or even wedding make-up! A ink or plum eyeliner is also a gorgeous touch to add some spark to your eyes.

8.      Ravishingly Red Shadows

eye-make-up-for-green-eyesOoooooo, ok, I have to admit this is another one of my favourite colours to pair up with green contact lenses, especially if you also have red hair. You’ll be able to create an extremely sexy and ravishingly gorgeous look by combining red-based eye-shadows and working them around your eyes to bring out the green in your eyes. Start off with a red eye liner and then gently work a dark red shade of red with a very thin brush just under your bottom eyelid and then slowly work this shade and a shade lighter onto the crease of your eyelids, with a final touch of a very bright and light white shadow under your eyebrows.

9.      Don’t be Shy with Mascara

loads-of-mascara-eye-make-upAll you green-eyed girls, please don’t be scared of your best friends, the mascara brush! Piling onf a ton of mascara will bring out the deeper and intense shades of greens in your contact lenses and will give them a very natural and stunning look and feel. Go for a mascara that will lengthen your eye lashes and an expensive and good quality mascara is usually a very worthy investment, especially if you don’t want clumps forming on your eyelashes, you want to bring out the breathtakingly stunning colour in your green eyes, not hide them.

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Crazy/Beautiful Make-Up You Must Try at least Once in Your Lifetime!


 You know what I’m taking about when I say ‘crazy/beautiful make-up you must try at least once in your life time’, don’t you girls? I’m talking about the insanely full eyebrows that have been enhanced with super bright eyeliner, and cat eye contact lenses! The kind of make-up that you’ll only ever see on models, walking Fashion Week runways right? Wrong! There are so many crazy but insanely beautiful make-up looks that the runways have showed off, that we really, really want to try out, even if it is just once, at least you’ll be remembered for wearing insanely gorgeous make-up one in your life time, and not just mediocre plain Jane make up.

So, let’s get straight to it! Some of the looks that we see on the runways are a little bit unrealistic for everyday wear, I mean are you really going to paint your entire eyelid with blue and black eye line and then glue a massive feather onto the side of your face, just before you head down to the store to grab your morning coffee before work? I don’t think so! Unless your job is a cabaret dancer in some Broadway musical! However, if you’ve been invited to a dress up party or a Halloween party, why not try it out, everyone is going to go dressed up as a sexy nurse or sexy cop, it gets old after a couple of years, why not go as an enchanted forest creature, and cover yourself in crazy body paint, making your make up the centre of attention? Instead of showing you a bunch of whacky and insane runway looks I’ve decided to break this down in a more avant-garde manner for you, by showing a group of select celebrities who have all pulled off the crazy but beautiful make up look in some way or another, here goes!

Extremely Crazy Cat Eyes

GwenStefani-cat-eyes katy-pery-cat-eyesIt’s really hard to pick which celebrity ‘does’ this look best, my two favourite celebs who pull this look off perfectly, and ever-so-elegantly, yet with much extremity, are Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry. Gwen Stefani seems to go for a more finished and eloquent look with her cat eye make-up where Perry often rocks this look with all kinds of colour variations, giving it a little bit of extra edge! Check out how she layers her bright greens and shocking blue’s with this cat eye make-up version, make sure you get a shimmering and creamy eye shadow if you’re keen on this look, and maybe a pair of dark brown contact lenses, especially if you have lighter eyes, the dark eyes will elevate this look much more. Oh, and of course a set of big, chunky false eye-lashes.

Smoky Glittery Madness

lady-gaga-glittered-smokeSeriously, what crazy make-up story is complete without a little bit of the crazy and uber fantastic Lady Gaga? I actually adore this look, and while trying to wear this much smoky grey eye-make-up and glitter at the same time is probably not a good idea to your mother-in-law’s BBQ this Sunday, it would be perfect to your next night out clubbing with the girls! So if you’re going to go for Gaga’s smoky glittery madness look, then you’re going to need charcoal grey or very dark navy blue eye shadow, and try stick with creamy and smooth shadows though, that way it will be easier when you have to layer on all the glitter. When choosing a glitter, make sure you’re getting a glitter that matches the eye shadow you’re using, so stick to darker shades for this look.

Ravishing Red Eyes

167730896DK00009_2013_CostuKirsten Stewart completely knocks the ball out of the ballpark with this look! I absolutely love her smoking red and deeply dark make up that she’d wearing. Stewart has been known for her red eyes in other promiscuous situations, however these red eyes, are the gorgeous kind. Now, usually red eye shadow is not a great palate choice for eye make-up as it tends to make you look rather ‘flu-ish’, but if you mix in a deep plum shaded eye shadow with the red, and top it off with sleek kohl eye liner, you’ll create a very alluring, seductive and even mysterious characteristic to your make-up. Perfect make-up for a first date, especially if you grab yourself a pair of striking green contact lenses to add a finishing touch to your make-up.

Clockwork Orange Lashes

Genniffer Goodwin and Jennifer Lopez, two celebs who absolutelyLOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Actress Ginnifer Goodwin attends the 40th American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)adore wearing false lashes, especially the big feathery and chunky ones, and do you blame them? What a fun way to liven up plain Jane make-up, with some edgy and funky feathery lashes, especially if they’re worn on the bottom lashes, like Goodwin does! Just remember that if you’re going to go for this look, and are a contact lens user, you need to be 100% sure that your contact lenses don’t come into any contact with the glue that you’ll use on your false lashes, and your best option would be to put your lenses in well after your lashes have dried properly!

Check out all our contact lens videos to see which lenses will work well with your make up look!

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Jordan Hanz The Uber Talented Make-up Artist!

O.M.G! would be my choice of words if I had only one word to describe the unbelievably fantastical and even, implausibly magical pieces of art that are being created by Jordan Hanz, the uber talented make-up artist, who has really just taken the make-up world by storm in the last year with her superb face painting and make-up skills!

jordan-hanz-muscle-makeup-white-eyeJordan is only 24 years old, and is a truly talented, self-taught, make-up artist/face painter, who has only recently started experimenting with make-up-, contact lenses, fake eye-lashes and all kinds of painting techniques to create some of the most phenomenal artworks on her face! Now when I say recent, I mean, pretty much just over a year! Jordan, started transforming her face, and shoulders (most of the time) into a whole assemblage of mystical and fantastical creatures in March of 2014, having never done anything like this before, it’s ridiculously amazing how far she’s come, basically, overnight!

When Jordon first started exploring with make-up and creating all these awesomely inspiring masterpiece creations on her own face, she says that she felt she had finally found her calling, her passion, one of the many reasons that gets her excited to wake up every morning and create! Jordon initially came across some artists who were painting directly on their bodies with acrylic paints, and she was stunned at how realistic it looked, giving her the inspiration and courage to explore and this was her stepping stone into releasing all of her creative juices flow!

jordan-hanz-mortal-kombat jordan-hanz-white-out-contacts

From scary, Mortal Kombat’s Mileena, to the World of Warcraft’s Blood Elf, Jordan has a “thing” for creating characters of video games. Another one of her most mesmerising pieces of work is her Witcher 3 Transformation Make up tutorial, in which she literally transforms her entire face and top part of her body, into a perfectly precise replica of the character Gerald, from the new Witcher video game series, using flabbergasting skill, make-up, paint and yellow comic book contact lenses. The transformation that Jordan creates is mind blowing really, and for a second, perhaps even a minute, you might think that she’s just messing with all of us, and that it must of been PhotoShopped, but then she went and uploaded the actual tutorial of herself painting the make up on her face and putting her contacts in, and that’s it, our minds are blown!

Jordan’s self-taught make-up artistry really is a whole different ball game, and people are absolutely obsessing over her latest creation, the Aphrodite Statue, which she brought-into-being, with a tutorial video that she uploaded only 3 weeks ago. The Aphrodite Statue Tutorial Video, where Jordan creates an uncanny replicated version of a statue, including cracked stone and a white meshed eye contact lens in her right eye, has had over 57 000 views and will probably land her the title of the NYX Face Awards, which she has been nominated for and is currently running in the Top 20!jordan-hanz-witcher-3-yellow-eyesJordan has built up a strong and massive fan base, with over 200 000 followers on Instagram and over 32 000 subscribers on YouTube, she’s constantly posting tutorials on how to (apparently very easily) recreate her blissfully beautiful make-up handiwork. With the combination of Hanz’s talented make-up artistry, and adding in accessories like contact lenses, glitter, extreme encrusted fake lashes and a trusty video camera, Jordan is making quite the name for herself in the industry! Hanz has also been posting tutorials on how to achieve everyday normal, but striking and boldly sexy and sultry make-up!



So if you think you could follow Jordan Hanz’s super wicked tutorials, why not check out these contact lens videos, while you’re on YouTube and stock up on a variety of contact lenses for your new adventure into the world of make-up and face painting art!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of using Contact Lenses

So, even though you might think that your daily routine with your contact lenses is perfect, putting them in, taking them out and cleaning them, it is very possble that its not perfect. You may feel that it’s working well for you, but from recent studies, doctors are saying that many contact users are putting their eye health at risk, with some very common practices, which people think are standard, but really are putting them at risk.

We’ve made a simple to follow list, of Do’s and Don’ts to safely use your contact lenses.


  • DO get your eyes examined annually! Many contact users don’t realise that the fit of your lenses is something that can change throughout your life, and having your and annual check can determine whether you need any adjustments made to the size of your contact lenses. A pair of contact lenses that are too tight or too small can cause problems to your eyes in the long run
  • DO work on finding an optometrist that you trust and stick with her/him! Switching from doctor to doctor, based on who has the latest specials or promotions at the time, who can keep track of your eye’s health and wellbeing. If you ever do run into serious problems, schedule and urgent appointment with your optometrist and not an urgent care centre, where they don’t know your history.
  • DO make sure you wash your lenses and your case correctly! One mistake the many people make and don’t realise, is that water is a terrible substance to wash your contact lenses with, so is saliva, so please don’t run your contacts under the tap or stick them in your mouth to clean them! Tap water may contain traces of organisms in it that can lead to very severe infections. Make sure that you clean your contact lenses with a proper accredited contact lens solution and also try to empty out the solution in your case and refill daily instead of just topping it up!


  • Lens EyeDON’T use your contact lenses past their recommended date! Don’t just wear your contact until they feel they need to be changed, that’s a very bad sign that something bad has already started to happen to your eyes. You could have abrasion to your cornea or there could be bacteria building up on the inside part of your lens, damaging your eyes and slowly starting an infection. Stick to the instructions, if your lenses are meant to be replaced every two weeks then do it!
  • DON’T go to sleep with your contact lenses still in! Honestly, no matter what manufacturers will tell you about sleeping in your contact lenses being safe, there are so many studies that show a very strong link between sleeping with contact lenses in and infections that it really is just the smart thing to take them out when you’re going to bed. When you’re asleep there is a decreased amount of oxygen flow going to your eyes and this can lead to infections as your contacts will be getting less oxygen too. It really is just safer to remove your contact lenses on a daily basis.
  • DON’T ignore warning signs of an infection! If you’re experiencing any soreness, redness, itching, pain, or light sensitivity and blurriness, please, for the love of all good, go and see a doctor. If any of the above symptoms persist for longer than these symptoms persists for more than 24 hours, get yourself over to your optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you have severe symptoms you need to be seen by a doctor immediately, and if the infection is treated properly and in time, most contact lens-related issues or infections won’t lead to long term vision problems, but be warned that if you leave it for too long and your case becomes severe, you could end up with reduced vision or scarring, so please don’t take it lightly.

Boy getting eye exam

Following these simple rules of thumb, you really should have a happy and pleasant experience using contact lenses, without any infections or irritations. Remember there are such a massive variety of contact lenses to choose from out there, why not have a look at some of our contact lens video and see if there any that you would love to you this summer.

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Achieving the Goth Look with Contact Lenses

rock-concert-lensesIf you’re looking at achieving that Goth look and already have the right clothes, hair and make-up, but still feel like you need to add a little something extra to your whole get up? Ghastly and Gothic contact lenses will add so much more dramatic edge to achieving the Goth look that you want!

Whether you’re already into the whole Goth look, or if this is really just for a special occasion, you can rock out at some of your favourite rock-band and metal concerts this year with a completely demeanour and radically awesome gothic look and feel. Whatever your reasons for wanting to scare the bewitches out of everyone that see’s you, we’re here to show you all the wildly, wacky and crazy Gothic contact lenses that will put some much needed darkly demonic looking touches to your outfit.

rock-metal-contactsGet this elegantly dark and demonic Gothic look by dying your hair completely silver/grey, working some magic make-up skills, you can never have enough white face powder and black eyeliner in your drawers if you’re into the Gothic scene. Also make sure you have the right accessories and jewellery to match your outfit, make-up and hair. To wrap up your look with a nice edgy touch of scary demeanour, pop some Whiteout Contact Lenses into your eyes…


This look is slightly easier to achieve than the last one we went over. With still applying a substantial amount of dark black and grey tones of eyeliner and eye shadow around your eyes,  and lusciously longing lips coated in a red maroon shade, your make-up will be good to go (don’t forget to insert your contact before starting your make-up routine -with CLEAN HANDS!) Create a deadly look on the tips of your hair with some white chalk and then the final and most enticing touch would be to add a set of Mirrored Silver Contact Lenses in your eyes.

gothic-contactsAchieve Angelina’s Zombie Gothic look with some simple but striking make-up techniques, which involve loads of red and black eye liner and shadows around the eyes, please try and use oil-free make-up products, so that you don’t get make-up seeping into your eyes and irritating your contact lenses. Cover your lips in a deadly and grotesque grey shaded lipstick to give your face a zombie edge. To complete this look you want to find a pair of contact lenses that stand out boldly and clearly, which should be a dramatically white-blue shade, perhaps a pair of White UV Contact Lenses.

Kirsten-gothic-lookCreate Kirsten’s more evil and almost bloodly looking Gothic look by putting in a very bright and devilish red set of contact lenses, and pairing them up with extremely dramatisised eye make up, make sure that you’re using all shades of red, maroons and blacks and greys, again be sure that your are using oil-free products and clean hands! Ofcourse the dark velvety red lips, will add an extra touch of lush… and lastly, dont brush your hair!

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