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What to Wear With Your Pink Colored Contact Lenses

August 29th, 2014

Whether it’s for fancy dress or to swoon the heart of a loved one at a prom or party, pink contact lenses never fair to entrance on-lookers and get their wearers’ noticed. But what exactly do you wear to accompany your magical pink eyes? Providing you get it right, pink colored contacts can be significantly enhanced with some clever use of color and clothing.


Update Your Look With Pink Contact Lenses

Casual Daily Wear

Okay, so pink eyes might not be the most common of eye color but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn for ‘every day’ purposes. The thing to remember if you are wearing pink contacts for everyday activities is not to go overboard with make up or clothing.

As Mai Quynh, celebrity make up artist, states:

“Pink brightens up the face without having to wear too much make up. It creates a fresh, happy look on the eyes.”

In terms of clothing, choose clothes that will complement your pink eyes. Gray goes hand in hand with pink and is also a popular ‘everyday’ color. Similarly, black goes great with pink, so you may want to opt for black items of clothing so that your beautiful black eyes really shine through and are not ‘stifled’ or clashed with gaudy colored clothing.

. Subtle make up that doesn’t ‘compete’ with the conspicuousness of the contacts
. Opt to wear colored clothes that complement your pink eyes, which again don’t draw attention away from your eyes. Grays and blacks work especially well with pink and are perfect for everyday use, particularly as the colder weather is beckoning.

Costume Parties & Evenings

When it comes to wearing pink colored contact lenses to a costume party or to a glamorous evening event, less subtlety should be applied. In fact, there should be all hands on deck to be noticed! Why not augment the wow factor of your pink eyes by coloring your hair pink, wearing a pink wig or even dyeing your eyebrows a shade of pink? Make your eyes really come alive by wearing a pair of luscious false eye lashes, not to mention lashings of pink lipstick.


Complete Your Look With Kiss Violent Lips

And What About The Clothing?

Love it or loathe it, when it comes to color matches that stand out, one of the most ostentatious has to be pink and purple. Turn heads and spark conversation at the forthcoming prom or dinner party by wearing a stunning pink and purple, long, flowing dress, accompanied with a pair of funky bright pink contacts.

Or, if you are really feeling daring, enhance your pink eyes further by wearing an equally as eye-catching pink lip tattoo. This look would be particularly suitable for a fancy dress party where there is always an emphasis on standing out. Or perhaps a club or all-night rave where your pink eyes and lips will really shine under the UV glare.

. Choose equally as conspicuous make up, hairstyles and clothing to enhance your provocative look.
. Opt for color matches that work well with pink and don’t scrimp on flamboyance, such as pink and purple.
Whatever you’re planning on doing this weekend, with pink colored contacts, the world is your oyster.

What to Wear With Your White Colored Contact Lenses

August 27th, 2014

White contact lenses never fail to create a creepy, fascinating look. If you have aspirations to make a real statement, white contact lenses craft a funky, once-seen-never-forgotten look. Your eyes might be taken care of in the dramatic stakes, but what do you wear to supplement such a statement-making accessory? One might assume white lenses should be confined to the theatrical departments of a theatre or Halloween night. On the contrary, white lenses can be worn and enjoyed at a myriad of occasions, regardless of the time of year or even time of day.

To a Day Time Event

Colored contacts are becoming an increasingly popular accessory at music festivals. The denim hot pants and mid-calf boots worn at festivals around the world this summer were accompanied by a number of unusual eye colors, including white. Festivals are all about having fun and standing out and what could be a more eye-catching move than to complement your festival attire with white lenses?

We have to admit, bright red hair and bright red lips look fantastic with white contacts and would make a perfect festival look. Complete this fresh and vibrant look by wearing a white, festival dress, a striking festival hat and some gregarious make up – who cares that it’s not even gone midday yet? It’s a festival after all!

. Wear striking make up to complete the white-eyed look
. Hold no bars with clothing, the skimpier and showier the better!


Get a Striking Look With Manson Lenses

Fancy Dress Parties

To be blunt, white contact lenses are simply made for fancy dress parties, which by their very nature are all about creating a stir. Enhance the eerie look your contacts create by surrounding them with black, gothic eye make up and deathly pale skin. Your hair should be equally as scary.

Whether it’s back combed to high heaven, dyed raven black or hidden with a blood-stained wig, white contact lenses can be made even more dramatic when surrounded by freakily flamboyant hair. When it comes to your choice of costume, the world really is your oyster. From zombie costumes to witches dresses, Frankenstein attire to ghost costumes, the clothing of scary monsters and deadly souls will be infinitely more brought to life with a pair of white contacts.

. Get theatrical with make up, the more blood-curdling the better
. Flamboyant hair suits lurid eyes
. Go to town with your choice of monster costume


Light Up Your Look With White Lenses

To an Evening Event

As popular are colored contacts becoming at festivals they are becoming as popular in clubs and raves around the world, particularly might we add, white lenses. White eyes really stand out under the UV strobe light at such events and therefore so should the rest of you. Why not complement the potent white glare by wearing an eye-catching white outfit? As it can get pretty hot dancing all night at a rave or night club, it might be best not to overdo it with the make up and keep the likes of mascara and eye-liner to a minimum to prevent it running down your face by the end of the night!

. Accompany white lenses with a showy white outfit
. Keep make up to a minimum, after all it’s the color of your eyes that will do the talking

The most important point to remember is to enjoy yourself and have fun. After all that’s what theatrical colored lenses are all about!

What to Wear With Your Purple Colored Contact Lenses

August 25th, 2014

With the popularity of temporary eye color changes really taking off, it’s time to start thinking of interesting ways to get involved other than the usual brown eyes to blue or blue eyes to brown. That’s where our wide and varied selection of purple color contact lenses comes in. You can go bright or dark, look natural or recreate an anime character’s eyes. There are several special designs to consider too such as animal eyes and logos, though these ones are probably more suited to parties and other fun occasions.

Whatever your preference, it’s a good idea to know in advance what kind of clothing color combinations help enhance the purple eyed look. Here’s a quick guide to a variety of situations to get you started.

Casual Daily Wear with Purple Color Lenses

You can have a lot of fun when wearing purple contact lenses for casual daily wear. As well as making use of the tips in the sections below on how to accentuate and enhance your purple eyes for more serious or glamorous occasions, you also have the luxury of being able to clash.

Yellow is probably the best color to clash with, especially if you want a loud, summery look. Each of the colors makes the other really stand out and you can work some interesting combinations. A purple top, for example, matched with a bright yellow scarf will give your purple eyes the platform they need to turn heads and be noticed. Avoid dark greens though, unless you particularly want to remind people of the Joker.

There are some non-clashing color combos that work too. Wear light blue or turquoise which will highlight your eyes without shouting too loudly. Any similar shade to purple, but either significantly lighter or darker than the purple tones of your eyes, will look good too.

Quick tips:
• Don’t be afraid to clash (purple on yellow works well in a casual environment)
• Keep your colors bright and lively (Batman is watching!)
• Do wear other purples, but similar and markedly different tones to those in your eyes

Why not have a bit of fun with these H Tomoe purples contact lenses. They feature softer highlights and occasional pink splodges to turn your eyes into an interesting talking point for everyone who sees them. There are also other purple contacts which feature various designs, even dragon and wolf lenses to give you an even more extravagant look.


Add Striking Glamour to Your Look With H Tomoe Lenses

Smart Daily Wear with Purple Contact Lenses

An underrated color combination is purple upon gray. It’s obviously a very sober look (unless you purposefully ramp up the glamour with a flowing evening gown, see below), which makes it ideal for smart wear for work or even special occasions where you don’t particularly want to go overboard with the glamour. As sober as it is, do not think you will be flying under any radars as it is still incredibly eye-catching and you will be noticed.

A light grey business suit is an ideal accompaniment for when you are wearing your purple color contact lenses, preferably match with an under top in a neutral color such as black or white. It’s an effortless look that suits all hair colors and skin tones across the light/dark spectrum.

You can try adding additional purple accessories, such as jewelry or a visible pocket hanky, though that is only really advisable for a special occasion where you do not want to overdo the glamour. In a work environment, it is better to let people find your beautiful purple eyes by themselves without sign-posting them with matching accessories.

Quick tips:
• Sober gray suits/short dresses
• Match with neutral colors
• Only accessorize for non-work occasions

The ideal pair of color lenses for smart daily wear are these Passionate Purple color contacts. They are more subtle than many of the other purple contact lenses. They’re not too bright or eye-catching, but still provide that elegant purpleness that will elevate your smart daily wear to another level.


Purple Contact Lenses Work With Any Outfit

Glamorous Eveningwear with Purple Color Contacts

The glamour of purple is massively increased when matched with similar shades. If you are rocking the purple eyes look, then matching your eyes up with lighter shades such as lilacs and lavenders will work wonders for those with lighter hair. Both light and dark shades of full-on purple compliment each other nicely with blond hair, so make Prince proud and be your own version of the Purple One.

If you have dark hair, preferably as close to black as possible, then wearing purple contact lenses with an all black ensemble will give you a magical appearance which you can enhance further with purple themed jewelry. Try earrings and pendants featuring amethysts, for example. Framed by a long black gown and your flowing dark hair, your purple eyes will emanate with mystery. The look does lose its impact as the hair gets lighter though.

Again, gray also works as a glamorous option for all hair colors and skin tones. A short dress is no good for this though as that will have a similar effect to the smart daily wear of a business suit-style outfit. You need a gown, preferably flowing and with a lace accent around the breasts, shoulders or arms. It’s an especially great look if you should happen to know a rival of yours (in either love or work, etc) will be dressing in bright colors, as your understated elegance will make other people’s colorful attempts at glamour look garish in comparison.

Quick tips:
• Purple combinations (lilacs, lavenders and violets)
• All black ensemble for the mysterious look
• Gray or silver gowns for superior glamour

The perfect lenses for the glamorous look are these Starburst color contacts which are deeply mesmerizing. They won’t distract people’s attention too much from the rest of your outfit, but will perfectly enhance your eye-catching glamour to the point where you might end up with every other pair of eyes in the house upon you. Not for the shy or unassuming!

What to Wear With Your Blue Colored Contact Lenses

August 22nd, 2014

Blue eyes naturally shine due to their brightness, but they can be greatly accentuated by your choice of clothing too. Classic neutral colors like black, white, and even navy, are great bases to build off, but there are plenty of bold color choices which can make your eyes shine brighter than other color combinations.

What will work perfectly for you will depend on your exact shade, as blue eyes range from very pale and almost grey shades, to very dark, marine blues. Some of the color combos are best suited for casual or daily wear, while others are ideal for dressing up for a party or glamorous evening out. While it is always recommended to experiment and ensure you are comfortable in what you are wearing, there are some definitive combinations which are tried and trusted by the fashion industry and style conscious celebrities. Here is a quick guide to the best colors to wear with blue eyes.

Blue Eyes with Blue Accessories - Fashion Model

Get Blue Eyes Like a Fashion Model

Casual Daily Wear for Dark Blue Eyes

Wearing various shades of blue is an excellent choice, especially if your eyes are a darker shade of blue. Wearing blue near the face via a neck or head scarf will enhance your blue eyes immeasurably. Wear a bold cobalt hue to deepen your eye color. And to maximize this deepening effect, try matching a bold blue top with a turquoise accessory such as a scarf, large earrings or hat. A faded denim jacket is also a perfect accompaniment for darker blue eyes, while light blue jeans with a white t-shirt, blouse or vest is a very casual but also very effective blue eye enhancer.

• Blue combinations to deepen your natural (or unnatural, wink wink) eye color
• Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
• Keep those blue combos near or around the face

To darken pale blue eyes, try these Mystic Aqua color contact lenses to make all of the color combinations mentioned above perfect for you. Even if you have brown, hazel or green eyes, these brilliant blue contacts will open up whole new fashion adventures for you to embark upon.

Casual Daily Wear for Light Blue Eyes

Light pastels colors work well with a wide variety of colors, but lighter blue eyes more than most. Also, the paler your blue eyes, the warmer colors you should wear. Pastels are perfect and offer a wide range of options. Pinks and various rosy shades will subtly highlight your lighter blue eyes. You can also experiment with various shades of brown as both light and dark brown work well with light blue eyes, though it is a classy daily wear look more than glamorous eveningwear.

• Pastels are perfect
• Warm shades like rosy pinks
• Brown combinations to let your eyes shine


Taylor Swift Rocks The Blue Eyed Look

Glamorous Eveningwear for Dark Blue Eyes

Blue eyes work wonderfully with bright colors. Light green and lemon are two that work especially well, though there is certainly no rule so you should experiment with various shades to see what matches up well with your skin tone and hair color. If you really want to ramp up your glamour factor though, then you should consider going for gold. Gold clothing will make your blue eyes shine like precious jewels and there are few color combinations that can rival it.

• Bright and light
• Consider how your skin tone and hair color match your clothing colors
• Go golden for a super glamorous look

Glamorous Eveningwear for Light Blue Eyes

The pastel colors that can work so well with pale blue eyes for daily wear also translate easily into eveningwear. Try lilacs and lavenders for an effortlessly glamorous style. There’s no rule saying you can’t wear brown or tan for a glamorous evening look, but that color combo tends to work better with more casual style clothing, so try warm pink shades that will give your eyes a deeper and more immediately striking appearance. Light or pear green is another fantastic option which can bring your eyes to life.

• Gentle summer tones (pastels are perfect again)
• Combinations of pink and light red shades
• Light greens (look for pear green shades)

To lighten your eyes, try these Solar Blue color contact lenses to give your eyes a brighter appearance and make all these pastel and pink combos work for you. Again, these contacts work even if your eyes aren’t blue to begin with. So if any of these fashion tips appeal to you, then why not occasionally match your eye color to your outfit instead of the other way round.

The Most Amazing Fancy Dress Weddings Ever!

August 20th, 2014

Are you thinking of getting married? Have you already popped the big question and now it’s just a case of arranging where to take your vows and have the big party afterwards? Are you really going to go with the traditional wedding suit for the groom and big white dress for the bride?


But you don’t have to be so boring and unimaginative. More and more couples are choosing to break with tradition and do something a little more interesting for their nuptials. Themed costume weddings are so much more fun than the fuddy-duddy traditional type and let’s face it, once you’ve been to one traditional wedding, you’ve been to them all. So take some inspiration from the couples below who pushed the boat out and truly made their special day absolutely unforgettable.

Star Wars Themed Wedding

You can’t make a list of themed costume weddings without mentioning Star Wars. The adventures of Luke Skywalker and friends in a galaxy far, far away have been capturing the imaginations of multiple generations of kids and adults alike for over 37 years now. And while the second batch of prequels may not have been able to recreate the impact of the original films, they at least introduced a plethora of previously unknown characters to dress up as for parties, or indeed your wedding day.

One of those new characters that always makes it into a Star Wars themed wedding is Darth Maul; the multi-colored, horn-headed Sith lord from The Phantom Menace. In the video below, he makes a surprise appearance during the wedding vows before being seen off by the brave groom and best man. Make sure you check out the awesome cake at 5:02 featuring the legendary exchange between Han and Leia from the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

Other Star Wars weddings feature the guests dressing up as whichever character takes their fancy. Obviously, not everyone gets really into it, while others take the lazy route by wearing little more than a dressing gown over their normal clothes. But if you’re one of those who loves to seize the moment and really go for it, then some red and black face paint and a pair of these Darth Maul contact lenses will turn you into the Emperor’s fearsome apprentice in no time at all. Oh, and you’ll also need a black dressing gown, as it does appear that most characters from the Star Wars universe get caught up in all sorts of adventures before they’ve had the chance to get dressed properly.

Shrek Themed Wedding

Another popular theme is everybody’s favorite fat green ogre, Shrek. The lovable oaf deservedly found love with his fellow green-skinned lovely, Fiona, and their story is often recreated in actual real life human weddings. You might think that that Shrek-themed weddings are popular because it’s an easy costume to recreate with a bit of green body paint, but it’s not quite as simple as that.

Firstly, you need to have a bit of weight on you or at least wear a padded suit. Shrek was a bit of a chunky chap and if you try and recreate a skinny version of him then you’ll probably end up looking like Jim Carrey’s Grinch. Nathan and Amanda had no such worries though when they tied the knot as you can see in the video below. With green body paint all over and the perfect clothing to match their characters, they really went for it and even encouraged their guests to get involved with the fairy tale theme as well. Among their guests you could see characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland and perhaps one of the most bizarre incarnations of B.A. Baracus from the A-Team there will ever be.

Also noteworthy, is that the bride and groom refused to receive gifts and instead asked their guests to donate to a cancer research charity instead. Such an altruist attitude really inspired their guests to dress up as much as possible, though it was always going to be Shrek and Fiona who stole the show.

If this is the theme for you, then once you have the green body paint and padded suit, should you require it, don’t forget to match up your eye colors as Shrek has big brown eyes while any budding Fionas out there will need some bright blue color contacts.

Random Costume Themed Wedding

Having a fairy tale theme like the couple above certainly gives your guests plenty of options for their costumes, but like the English couple Toby and Laura in the images below, sometimes it’s better to have no theme other than some kind of costume and let everybody dress up as anything they like.

As you can see, such a free theme resulted in a group of guests containing a variety of Thundercats, Transformers, Anime characters and Ghostbusters. Alongside Scooby Doo and Boba Fett, there’s even someone wearing half a tuxedo matched with fishnet stockings and high heels. The bride and groom themselves opted for a more traditional ancient warrior and medieval princess look, and when surrounded by their guests they actually look pretty normal.

If you’re ever invited to such a wedding then you sure as hell don’t want to be the party pooper who looks like they wore their normal clothes and didn’t get into the swing of things at all. You’ll want a striking costume, either instantly recognizable or impossible to forget. And while bright wigs and outlandish outfits might look great in the group photos, when it comes to close-ups and interacting with the other guests, there’s nothing more attention-grabbing then a pair of color contact lenses.

Random Costume Wedding - 2

Take a Look at Our Wide Selection of Costume Contact Lenses

There are so many options to choose from, but why not plan ahead and get yourself some UV contact lenses that match your chosen costume. Not only will they look great during the day, but they will take everybody by surprise when they start glowing as the lights dim during the evening party, ensuring your costume is truly unforgettable.

Do People With Brown Eyes Have More Fun?

August 18th, 2014

The quick answer to the question of whether brown eyed people have more fun is yes, technically. Although that’s only because there are far more brown eyed people in the world than anyone else so they pretty much have more of everything.

But with the wide availability of high quality color contact lenses today, the question of whether certain eye colors can make you feel better or have more fun is often discussed. The truth, ultimately, is entirely subjective to each individual because how we feel with a certain eye color will also be influenced by the reactions of other people to our coloration of choice. Those reactions are then influenced themselves by a variety of factors such as the confidence boost that a change of eye color can give us, or how certain hair colors will enhance or highlight different eye colors.


Get Gorgeous Brown Eyes Like Jessica Alba

Hair & Eye Color Combinations

When discussing our preferences for the opposite or same sex, whatever floats your boat, we often talk in terms of blond or brunette. And while such a preference can often be directly about hair color, there is also an underlying preference for eye color revealed as blonds are usually associated with blue eyes while brunettes are associated with brown eyes. However, some of the most attractive looks one can affect are a result of mixing up that blond/brunette dynamic.

Dark hair punctuated by bright blue eyes is a fantastically eye-catching look, while big baby browns framed by flowing blond locks has a subtle but engaging presence that not only competes with, but often outshines many other color combinations.

Which Color Eyes Are the Sexiest?

There is a common misconception that blue and green eyes are more exotic and thus sexier. However, this idea ignores the fact that brown eyes come in a much wider variety of shades than other eye colors. Brown eyes can be dark and mysterious, and yet they can also be light, speckled and even incorporate green and almost orange hues too.

As brown eyes are the most common, the idea that blue or green eyes are more attractive is born from their apparent scarcity, because something new and different is considered exciting. But again that idea falls flat when you consider the huge variety of brown eyes in existence. And it is the very versatility of brown eyes that makes them so interesting. From deep, dark tones to bright and shiny eyes and everything in between, the brown eyed among us often have little in common with each other’s eye colors while still being lumped all together into the same category.

It’s when you stop to notice the variety of brown eyes, and when you examine the intricate patterns that brown eyes can boast, it is then that brown eyes can rightly stake a claim to being the sexiest eye color in the world. But not everything, perhaps disappointingly for some readers, is about sex.

Kim Kardashian At E! Channel Brand Evolution Event

Learn More About Eye Colors

Brown Eyes Are More Trustworthy

One admittedly limited study has revealed brown eyes to be more trustworthy than blue or green eyes. Researchers at the Charles University in the Czech Republic published their results last year; results which strongly indicated that people are more inclined to find brown eyes more trustworthy than other colors. The report was published in the international and peer-reviewed online publication PLOS ONE and involved 238 participants rating 80 different faces for attractiveness and trustworthiness.

The trustworthiness results were also not correlated to the attractiveness results, so being handsome or pretty had no effect on the trust factor. The researchers also noticed a small element of potential color bias, where brown eyed females were more likely to mark blue eyed females as less trustworthy. Whether this is coincidental or brown eyed women have it in for their blue eyed rivals remains unknown.

Eye Colors Move in Mysterious Ways

This issue of brown eyes being more trustworthy could possibly be some kind of evolutionary residue, as brown eyes are far more prevalent around the world than blue or green eyes and thus the familiar is usually considered safer and more trustworthy than that which is different. But who really knows about that kind of thing. Maybe it’s nothing to do with evolution and it’s more to do with God only having a small amount of blue and green paint left after making all the skies, plants and oceans. So when he made everybody’s eyes and he just swathed the majority of us with his various browns which he had plenty of left.

Whatever the genetic or spiritual reason for it is, if you are blue eyed and want to become a professional con-artist, or perhaps just get your bank manager to believe that loaning that money to you isn’t an utterly disastrous idea, then it might be good to get yourself some natural brown contact lenses to ease your way.

Important Things to Know About Your Contact Lenses

August 15th, 2014

Knowing how to care for your contact lenses is vital to ensuring they last as long as they are intended to last, as well as keeping the risk of eye infections at bay. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various lens types that are available before you buy contact lenses for the first time. It might be that one type of lens doesn’t suit you, but another works perfectly.

What Contact Lenses Can Do

All the lens types can be designed to correct most of the vision disorders that occur, with the most common disorders being as follows:

• Myopia or near sightedness.
• Hyperopic or far sightedness.
• Astigmatism or blurred vision.
• Presbyopia or loss of close-up vision (usually related to age).

What will usually determine the type of lens you should go for, will be comfort and the variable lengths of time that they can be worn. Some lenses are worn just once while other types can last for years. It’s important to get your eye doctor to advise you before making your first purchase of contact lenses, and follow up any initial consultation with regular check-ups (every six months or so) as your eye condition can change over time. The ideal type of prescription lens for your eyes can change as your eyes adjust or as your condition either worsens or improves.

Hard Contact Lenses

Also called Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses, hard lenses can be worn to correct most eye problems while providing remarkably clean and crisp vision. One of the main advantages of hard lenses over soft lenses is that they are more breathable, allowing more oxygen to reach the eyeball which reduces the risk of eye infections. Another plus for hard lenses is that with proper care, and assuming your prescription doesn’t change over this period of time, the same lenses can last you between two and three years, vastly reducing your costs.

There are some disadvantages though. Hard contact lenses are more prone to slipping off the center of the eye than soft lenses, which will then blur the wearer’s vision as well as cause mild discomfort. Hard lenses must also be removed every night to be cleansed and disinfected, though this is also true for many soft lenses. Hard lenses also take longer to get used to than soft lenses, with some first-time wearers reporting that it took them up to a week before becoming accustomed to wearing them.

Eye Check-Up - 1

Have an Eye Test Before Choosing Your Prescription Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses can be worn to correct the majority of vision problems and are the most popular kind of contact lens, not only in the United States but around the world as well. The main advantage of soft contacts is that they conform to the natural curve of the eyeball, meaning they are more comfortable than hard lenses. Another benefit of this natural conformity is that soft lenses will remain in place better than hard lenses, even throughout vigorous physical activities such as sports or dancing the night away.

The main disadvantage of soft lenses, technically, is that they do not last as long as hard lenses. However, this supposed disadvantage is actually what allows soft lenses to be so versatile. There are disposable lenses, which you wear for one day before removing and discarding. Then there are the extended wear contact lenses, which you do not have to remove before sleeping. They still need to be removed about once a week to be cleaned and disinfected, but obviously provide a nice option for people who may not have the inclination to be removing and properly caring for their lenses at the end of an evening.

The most common types of soft lenses are daily wear lenses. Similar to hard lenses, they need to be removed and cleaned at the end of every day, but can be worn again and again for a certain amount of time. How long that time is will depend entirely on the brand and manufacturer, but can be a number of weeks or months.

Customized and Tinted Contact Lenses

There are a number of varieties of specialized contact lenses, including bifocal and multi-focal contacts which are available as either soft or hard lenses. Some people also prefer hybrid lenses, which have a hard or Rigid Gas Permeable center but with a soft outer ring. Tinted or color contact lenses will either enhance or completely change the color of the eye. This is often for purely cosmetic reasons, but can also help cover up damage caused by certain medical conditions and/or subsequent treatment.

Una Mirada Saludable

Strike a pose in blue contact lenses

Contact Lens Care Guidelines

Contact lens wearers must be aware of the correct contact lens care guidelines for their lenses. Not only will caring for your lenses correctly maximize their lifespan, but will also minimize the risk of eye infections. The risk of a corneal infection is due to the fact that all contact lenses restrict the access of oxygen to the cornea. However, it’s not something you need worry about so long as you care for your lenses correctly and do not wear them in situations they are not designed for, such as sleeping or swimming.

Follow these guidelines below to ensure your contact lenses are kept in their best condition:

• Always wash your hands before handling the lenses.
• Unless specifically advised by your eye doctor that it is okay, always remove your lenses before sleeping.
• Only clean your lenses with the correct cleaning solution because there are microbes in tap water, pool water and saliva which can cause infections.
• For the same reason, always remove your lenses before swimming or showering.
• Always be aware of expiration dates for your lenses and cleaning solutions and do not use them beyond these dates.

Following these guidelines and any instructions that come with your lenses and cleaning solutions will ensure your vision is corrected without fear of infection. Over 30 million Americans wear contact lenses every day without any issues because they follow the cleaning and care instructions to the letter. So many people have no problems at all because caring for contact lenses is actually a very simple and easy process which will become second nature in no time at all.

The Hottest Summer Make Up Looks For Brown Eyes

August 13th, 2014

Having brown eyes means you share your eye color with over half of the world’s population. But that’s no excuse for blending into the crowd as there are plenty of make-up tips and tricks to make the most of all the various shades of brown that occur in human eyes. Online make-up tutorials can show you step-by-step methods for making your brown eyes truly spectacular. There’s even more good news in the fact that brown eyes are incredibly versatile when it comes to colors to work with, so there will always be something for every taste.

Make the Most of Your Brown Eyes

Brown eyes really pop with electric colors. Vibrant blue works really well with darker brown eyes, while lighter brown eyes with flecks of hazel are enhanced by a variety of purple shades. It’s important not to overdo it though, as the richness of brown eyes means you only need subtle shades to make the most of them. Green eye shadow can also work for a really fun look. But if you want a more serious, sensuous style, your brown eyes will benefit most from an eye shadow of either copper or gold, preferably with a little added shimmer.

Online Make-Up Tutorials for Brown Eyes

Whether you’re going for the bright and electric colors to stand out, or for more traditional darker color to enhance the deep brown tones of your eyes, it always helps to get some advice from experts who work in the make-up and fashion industries. It’s easy enough to slap a bit of make-up on, but there are techniques for applying make-up which will elevate your eyes to a whole new level. This video tutorial below shows you how to use blue eye make-up to compliment brown eyes, and all with affordable make-up brands.

Quick Make-Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Perfecting the blue make-up look for brown eyes can be a bit of a balancing act. First of all you should use a white base which will make the blue eyeshadow really pop. Then you will need two or three shades (preferably three) of blues which start off light at the inside and gradually darken at the outer edges. You can use a purple shade for the darker areas too, while the addition of pink at the extreme edges really helps to blend the make-up on lighter toned skin. To finish, dark blue or purple eye liner is preferable to black, though black does work too if that’s all you have available.

Make-Up for Eyes with Brown Contact Lenses

If you are naturally blue or green eyed, then you can still achieve the effect that these shades of blue can do for brown eyes. There are so many fantastic shades of brown to choose from in our selection of natural brown contact lenses. These colored lenses also allow dark brown eyes to lighten up or lighter brown eyes to darken down for a deeper, richer texture. So, whether the summer blues inspire you or you just want those sensual copper tones that traditionally enhance brown eyes, there are loads of online guides and tutorials to help you make the very best out of your beautiful brown eyes, whether that’s your real color not!

10 Facts About Contact Lenses

August 11th, 2014

From the original conception of contact lenses by Europeans to Americans reinventing the idea and showing everybody how it should be done, through to celebrities using them to disguise their true eye colors and the inevitable commandeering of contact lenses at the hands of fashion designers, there are plenty of interesting facts about lenses that aren’t common knowledge. Here are ten good ones starting with their invention and ending with the future of contact lens technology.

Leonardo da Vinci is Credited with the Concept of Contact Lenses

Though it was in the 19th century that contact lenses began to become an actual thing, their original concept is often credited to the 16th century Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci. He designed sketches of his ideas around the year 1508 which centered on placing the cornea in direct contact with water in order to alter the optics of the human eye. Nothing immediately came of his idea, as it was probably lost among his movable barricades, hydraulic pumps, mechanical knights, steam cannons and reversible crank mechanisms he was also inventing around that time (to name but a few).

First Practical Contact Lens Idea Conceived in 1823

The concept of contact lenses didn’t surface again until 1823. It was then that British mathematician, astronomer, chemist and inventor John Herschel conceptualized a practical design for contact lenses. By 1827, Herschel had announced a proposal to make a mold of someone’s eyes which would allow him to create a corrective lens that would perfectly fit the person’s eye. However, it would be some fifty years later that his concept would become reality.

Electronic Contact Lenses

Learn More About the Future of Lenses

The First Contact Lenses Were Made Out of Blown Glass

The very first contact lenses ever actually created were made of glass, as hard and brittle as any glass you care to mention. There is some dispute as to who actually made the very first glass contact lens, with glassblowing German F.A. Muller scrapping it out with the tag team of French optician Edouard Kalt and Swiss physician Adolf E. Fick for the honors. What we do know for sure is that the first contact lenses were created in the late 1880s and covered the entirety of the eye including the sclera (the white part). Due to the fact that these first ever contact lenses were very heavy, uncomfortable and also severely restricted oxygen from reaching the eye, they could not be worn for any significant length of time and thus failed to gain any popularity.

Americans Invent Contact Lenses That Actually Work

In 1936, American optometrist William Feinbloom of New York added plastic to contact lenses in a combination with glass to create a much lighter and more practical contact lens, though his design still covered the entirety of the eye. However, in 1948 it was Kevin Tuohy, a Californian optician, who paved the way for the modern contact lenses we know today. Tuohy reinvented contact lenses by making them entirely out of plastic and having them only cover the cornea of the eye. Further inventions and developments would be needed to improve contact lenses to the standard we have today, but it was Tuohy who opened the door.

Contact Lens Eye Jewelry

Once contact lenses had been practically perfected as they are today, it was only a matter of time before someone started adding extra stuff to them to make them more interesting. Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek has invented dangling ornaments resembling crystals and flowers that hang off of the contact lens via a wire and dangle down your cheek. Klarenbeek told The Daily Mail, ‘It started out as an experiment but I decided to put it into production when I got positive feedback from wearers.’ Quite who let him ‘experiment’ by dangling things off of their eyeballs remains a mystery.

Christian Dior Branded Contact Lenses

The occasionally outrageous and drunkenly offensive John Galliano designed specially branded contact lenses for Christian Dior. Speckled with gold and featuring a Christian Dior logo (which a Christian Dior spokesman claims helps the wearer know which way up the lenses go), the branded contact lenses are part of ‘The Dior Eyes’ range and have actually been around for nearly ten years.

Sports Contact Lenses Invented by Nike

The famous sports brand Nike invented their MaxSight contact lenses to help sportsmen and women see better during competition. They have a couple of different designs, each with a different tint that filters out specific light wavelengths which can help you focus on particular objects such as balls or even the lay out of the pitch or course.

Now Humans Can Sparkle Too

There are also contact lenses that actually make your eyes sparkle. Indian designer Anthony Mallier achieved the naturally sparkling effect of these special contact lenses by fusing Swarovski crystals into the outer rims of the lens material. Mallier, who calls his creation ‘Sparkle’, says, ‘Swarovski crystals have the power to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary through their sheer brilliance.’ He makes no mention of what it feels like to have crystals rubbing up against your eyeballs though.

One Blue Eye, One Brown Eye

Transform Your Look With Blue Contact Lenses

Eyes That Tell Lies

With the quality of colored contact lenses these days, it’s no wonder there are plenty of celebrities out there whose real eye color is a mystery. Model Tyra Banks, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton are just a few of the celebrities known for having an eye color which is not their own. While it might be a little unfair to lump Banks in that group – she only changes her eyes from green and brown to pure green – there are old pictures of Hilton and Aniston which reveal their famous blue eyes are not all they seem to be.

Bionic Eyes Are On Their Way

Scientists at the University of Washington are currently working on creating contact lenses featuring imprinted electronic circuits and lights. These features will create an augmented reality display and could possibly lead to the equivalent of a computer screen directly on our eyes. The thought of these electronic lenses makes Google Glass already seem outdated, which is probably why Google’s X lab is also currently developing its own contact lens technology. The race is on.

The Hottest Summer Make Up Looks For Gray Eyes

August 8th, 2014

There’s no two ways of putting it, gray eyes are utterly gorgeous. It is not uncommon for gray eyes to come with a tint of blue, green or even hazel. Consequently those blessed with gray eyes can afford to be a little experimental with their make up, particularly during the summer months when experimental fashion and the hot weather go hand in hand. Make the most of your gorgeous gray contact lenses this summer with the following hottest summer make up looks to create shimmering gray eyes people can’t prize themselves away from.

The Smoky Look

Smoky-eyes with nude or pale pink lips looks deeply alluring and sexy with gray eyes. Smudging eye liner around the bottom and tops of the eye and covering the lids in a smoky gray tone will bring gray eyes to life. For a step by step smoky eye make up tutorial watch this video and you enjoy the enticing look smoky make up creates, particularly when the wearer has gray eyes.

Metallic Is The Must Have Trend Of The Season

It has to be said if there is one color dominating the catwalks, designer boutiques and high street stores this summer, it’s metallic. From chic gray metallic dresses to shimmery gold blazers, metallic tones are everywhere this summer. For people with gray eyes this potent fashion trend is fortunate as if there is one color that accentuates gray eyes like no other, it’s metallic.
From silver to gold and even copper, metallic eye shadow, eye liner and even mascara will bring out the beautiful cluster of alluring tones in gray eyes. However, If you were asked to name a color that went fantastically well with gray apart from metallic colours, pink would definitely be a leading contender.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out With Purple

Gray eyes stand out at the best of times but to draw the maximum attention they deserve opt for darker colored make up, particularly purple. The darkness of deep purples and other dark colors such as black, deep gray and dark browns will make the whites of the eyes appear brighter, making the enviable gray tones more noticeable. Like metallic tones, purple is one of the season’s fashion trends. Accompany a purple dress or purple handbag with eye shadow of a similar color to really accentuate those beautiful gray eyes.


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