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What to Wear With Your Green Colored Contact Lenses

September 17th, 2014

Green eyes, whether natural or acquired with colored contact lenses, add an extra layer of glamour to pretty much any outfit, even the pyjamas you hang around the house in. There are several color choices you can make though which will help your green eyes be even more dominant and attention-grabbing. And if your eye color is indeed a result of a pair of green color contact lenses, then getting them to shine to their maximum and grab plenty of that attention is surely what it’s all about. So here are a few tips for a variety of situations which will make the most of the green in your eyes.

Casual Daily Wear Colors for Green Eyes

There are several shades of brown which work wonders for green eyes. Dark, chocolate browns help the green of your eyes stand out and work particularly well with lighter or blond hair. For fully paid up members of the brunette club, try tan shades reminiscent of a warm coffee with milk. There are some shades that should be avoided, however, especially very light shades of brown. Beige is right out.

Quick tips:
• Darker browns with lighter hair.
• Darker tans with darker hair.
• Avoid beige or its variants.

Green Eye - Black and White

Stand Out With Green Contact Lenses

Smart Daily Wear Colors for Green Eyes

For smart wear during the working day, you can’t go wrong with black. Again, it’s a dark foundation which lets the bright color of the eyes shine out. A more colorful combination is to match deep reds with some dark blue as green eyes respond well to warm colors. Just make sure the red is more prominent. Light colors won’t do much for green eyes, and especially avoid light blue if you want your lovely green peepers to be noticed.

Quick tips:
• Black works well with lighter colored eyes.
• Deep, warm colors, especially red.
• Avoid light blues.

Eveningwear Colors for Green Eyes

When it’s time to glam up for an evening out, then you should consider purple as your base color. It’s an elegant color that works well with most types of jewelry, though particularly well with silver. Also try out some plum make up, as the deep warmth of plum greatly accentuates the green of your eyes. If you really want to go for it though, then deck yourself out in head to toe gold. You want it to be an earthy gold, nothing too shiny, but if you get it right then expect to be turning plenty of heads.

Quick tips:
• Purple and plum are perfect.
• Go golden for extra glamour.
• Avoid anything too shiny or sparkly.

Green Eyed Girl with Piercings

Go Natural With 3 Tone Green Lenses

Colors to Highlight Subtle Green Eyes

While there are plenty of green eyes that are bright and colorful, there are also plenty that are more subtle shades which can get lost in poor lighting or in the bright glare of the sun. In such situations you want to break out some green colors to help highlight your eyes. Sage and olive tones are excellent, while darker bottle greens also help accentuate the green in your eyes.

Quick tips:
• Greens with yellow bases (olive etc).
• Dark greens work if they are rich in tone.
• Avoid lemon shades.

What to Wear With Your Silver Colored Contact Lenses

September 14th, 2014

Silver eyes bedazzle, entrance, mystify and enchant. If you want to brighten up any kind of look, a pair of silver contact lenses will never disappoint. But what do you wear with your new glimmering, shimmering eyes? As silver contacts come in numerous shades, ranging from more subtle lenses with a hint of silvery gray to more dramatic tones of dazzling silver, you can wear them to a myriad of occasion, both during the day and at night.


Silver contact Lenses Look Truly Amazing On

What to Wear With Your Silver Contacts During the Day

We have to admit a more subtle shade of silver contacts would be more appropriate during the day. The soft, shimmery finish of these lenses can be intensified by some clever use of make up. Draw out the beauty of the tones with some subtle use of gray eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. Alternatively, light brown tones work well with silver, so why not cast a flicker of light brown eye shadow to your upper and lower lids? Whether you opt for gray or brown eye make up, just remember to keep it at a minimum to avoid looking too flamboyant during the day.

Your choice of clothes should be equally as well thought out. Again, don’t overdo what you wear with silver lenses to a daytime event. Whilst silver goes well with most colors, it looks particular vibrant when accompanied with darker shades, such as purple, blue and black. As silver is a lively color, be playful with your choice of clothing, but as it’s the daytime, don’t overdo it. Some slinky black jeans, a playful purple top and perhaps a dark gray bag would be a fantastic accompaniment to your subtle silver lenses during the day.

. If you’re wearing silver lenses during the day, keep makeup to a minimum
. Darker shades look great with silver, so be playful with dark-colored clothes



Follow This Gorgeous Silver Make Up Tutorial


Dress Up For a Night Time Event

When the sun goes down, now’s your chance to get more adventurous with your silver contacts. Whether you’re wearing your lenses to a party, a nightclub or a fancy dress event, make your eyes shine like they’re supposed to with some dramatic make up, clothing and accessories. Bring out the shimmer of your eyes by surrounding them with the twinkle of silvery eye shadow. Pile the mascara on fairly thickly to make your eyes look as big as possible. Alternatively, wear false eyelashes to really make your eyes stand out. Get even more theatrical by gluing some silver sequins to your cheekbones and on your eyelids.

Red looks fantastic with silver, so why not complement your eyes with a bright red pout by wearing a generous coating of red lipstick. By the same token, lighten up your eyes even further by wearing a sexy red outfit to your night time party. If your eyes shimmer and shine then why shouldn’t your outfit? Don’t be shy, wear a shimmery sequinned dress to bring out the beauty of your silver contact lenses and really turn some heads!

. Red looks great with silver, think red lips and even a red outfit
. False eyelashes will augment the beauty of your eyes even further
. Shimmery eyes would look a whole lot better with a shimmery, sequined dress

What to Wear With Your Violet Colored Contact Lenses

September 12th, 2014

So we’re entering a new fashion season and with it comes a myriad of glamorous new looks, styles and tones. No doubt fashionistas everywhere are educating themselves of what’s hip, hot and trendy for autumn/winter 2014. Well remember where you heard it first – the color violet is a top shade of the season. With models sporting violet lips down the catwalk, why not take the hip shade one step further by donning violet eyes? But what would you wear with your violet colored contact lenses?


Feel Gorgeous Wearing Violet Lenses

During The Day

If you’re determined to flaunt your stunning colored eyes during the day then you’ll need the right clothing, accessories and make up to match. As with most colored lenses during the day, you should refrain from going overboard with what you wear with them. That said, a generous application of blush on your cheek bones will bring out the violet tones of your eyes no end. Likewise, purple-based eye shadow will enhance the color of your irises, just keep it simple during the day for maximum effect.

Pinkish-based clothing would also craft a maximum appeal to your violet eyes. Take a look at Kiera Knightley in this photograph. The Hollywood mega-star’s violet eyes are really brought to life with blush, purple eye shadow, mascara and eye liner and a pink top. Despite the obvious glamor and appeal of Ms Knightley’s look, it doesn’t look too gaudy or over the top for the daytime.

. Make the violet tones stand out with a generous application of blush
. Wear purple eye shadow to have the same effect
. Opt for pink-colored clothing, again to bring out the unique tones of your eyes


Violet UV Contact Lenses


3 Tone Violet Contact Lenses


Violet Starburst Contact Lenses

During The Night

The general rule of what to wear with violet contacts during the day can be used at night, only intensified. The amount of blush you apply to your cheekbones should be thickened, as should your purple eye shadow. Mascara could be replaced with false eyelashes to make your eyes appear bigger and therefore ensure your violet lenses cannot fail to be noticed. Violet eyes should be accompanied with violet colored lips, after all if it’s good enough for the models, it should be good enough for you.

If you are going to a rave or fancy dress party and really want to go to town why not match your violet eyes with a violent lip tattoo? Your choice of clothing should be equally as flamboyant. Craft an even more shimmering, head-turning look by wearing a stunning violet dress. Check out Eva Longoria, Molly Sims and Amy Adams’ violet dresses on the red carpet. You have to admit, their looks would be augmented further with a pair of violet contact lenses!

. Bring out the blush – the more the better!
. Go to town with purple eye shadow
. Wear false eyelashes to draw even more attention to your eyes
. Why stop at theatrical eyes when you can have theatrical lips too? Wear a purple lip tattoo
. Complement your violet eyes with a stunning violet dress

What to Wear With Your Gold Colored Contact Lenses

September 10th, 2014

There is nothing new about the intense allurement of gold. For centuries gold has fascinated and enthralled, with the price of gold being a barometer of currencies. Unlike bygone centuries when gold was confined to the jewels of royalty and the aristocracy, we can now grace gold-colored eyes, thanks to colored contact lenses. If you succumb to the unique attraction of gold contact, you’ll want to know what to wear to enhance your stunning new assets. What you should wear with gold contacts very much depends on the occasion.

For a Daytime Event

We have to admit, being the ultimate glamorous color, gold contacts should primarily be prized from their case for an ultra-glamorous occasion. If, for example, you are attending a racing car tournament or a similarly glam event you might want to wear your gold lenses with a similarly-colored hat. Angelina Jolie’s 1920’s cloche hat in a beige/gold color would complement the golden tones of your eyes to a glamorous event.

Take the aristocratic 1920s look even further by wearing a smart gold-colored suit or jacket. Your make up should be not too heavy. Your sparkly eyes will look even more enchanting with a subtle use of mascara and perhaps a thin flick of gold eye shadow.

. Where gold contacts to only the most glamorous of daytime events
. Complement the tones with similar colored clothes and accessories
. Don’t overdo makeup. Use it subtly to enhance the beauty of your eye


Recreate Alice’s Look With Gold Twilight Lenses

For A Night Out Clubbing

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, now’s your chance to ‘let rip’ with your gold contacts. If you’re going to a club, rave or party and want to stand out from the crowd, augment your magical irises by wearing some striking make up and accessories. Red and gold go beautifully together so why not wear a red Lyrca mini dress with your gold contacts?

Complete the look with eye-catching red lips and perhaps a pair of sparkling gold shoes. The beauty of the gold can also be exemplified when surrounded by dark, smoky make up. Really go to town with eye liner, eye shadow and mascara to create a smoky look that makes your gold lenses look even more magical.

. Red lipstick and dark ‘smoky’ eyes will complement and enhance the color of your eyes
. Stand out even further by wearing an eye-catching outfit such as a red Lycra dress

For a Fancy Dress Party

Being such a glittery, glamorous color, gold lenses were simply made for a fancy dress party. If, for example, you were going to a 70s night, make your glittery, knee-high platform boots, your super short baby doll dress and your afro hair stand out even further with a pair of gold contact lenses.

. Go to town with other equally glittery clothes and accessories
. Don’t be shy, now’s your chance to shine – literally!


Get Golden Eyes Like Angelina

What to Wear With Your Red Colored Contact Lenses

September 8th, 2014

There is nothing quite like the color red to denote danger, spookiness and intrigue. It’s hardly surprising film directors around the globe are increasingly turning to the aid of red contacts to intensify the mystery, creepiness and destruction of a character. One only has to look to the Twilight Saga to realize the unique allurement of red ‘vampire’ eyes. The great news is red eyes are not confined to actors on movie sets. With red contact lenses we can all boast the mystifying look red irises portray. But what do we wear to really make our eyes glow?

A Daytime Look

Okay, so you might not feel comfortable wearing a pair of red contact lenses to the office or on a picnic with the in-laws but that doesn’t mean to say these striking lenses are void of daytime wear. Pick the right occasion and your lenses will make a powerful addition to daytime attire. Take a music festival for example. With some subtle use of make up, a fabulous hairdo and the right clothes, your red eyed lenses will really make your festival look come to life.

We recommend wearing a dress with some red in it. A floral maxi dress emblazoned with red flowers would complement the red tones of your eyes and make them really stand out. We also advise that when wearing red contacts during the day your choice of make up should be subtle. A fairly heavy coating of mascara with place greater emphasis on your eyes but perhaps skip wearing any eye shadow or eye liner. A gentle flick of red lipstick will also complement your eyes, but again refrain from over doing it.

. Only wear red contacts during in the day if an appropriate occasion occurs
. Keep make up to a minimum but make your eyes stand out further with mascara
. Wear an outfit with red in it to complement the tones of your eyes


Get a Deadly Look With Twilight Contact Lenses

A Fancy Dress Party

Whereas wearing red lenses during the day demands some subtleness, a fancy dress party is your ticket to really go overboard. Choose a character renowned for their devilish eyes and have fun crafting an outfit around that character. For example, if you decide to attend a fancy dress party or Halloween event as a vampire, accompany your vampire lenses with an authentic vampire costume. Get inventive with your make up by enhancing your eyes with dark, sultry eye make up. Wear blood red lipstick to help bring your eyes to life and craft an even spookier tone by having fake blood dripping from the corners of your mouth.

. Get theatrical with your make up – the more gruesome the better
. Complete the look with an authentic fancy dress costume

Out Clubbing

Make sure you’re noticed under the glare of the strobe light by wearing a pair of red contact lenses. Take your eye-catching look even further by donning an equally as conspicuous clubbing outfit, such as a red PVC dress. As things can get pretty hot when dancing under the strobe light, wear your hair tied back. Not only will wearing a ponytail help you stay cool but it will also draw greater attention to your mystifying eyes.

. Wear an eye-catching clubbing outfit
. Tie your hair back

Now go out and enjoy your red contact lenses, that’s what they’re designed for after all!

What to Wear With Your Aqua Colored Contact Lenses

September 5th, 2014

Eyes that resemble that color of the ocean! Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? The great news is that virtually anyone can have eyes as inviting as a tropical lagoon with a pair of aqua contact lenses. So you’ve got the color of your eyes sorted out for the forthcoming party of the century, now all you’ve got to decide on is what to wear to go with your stunning new eye color.


Get A Pop Star Look With Our Aqua 3 Tone Lenses

A Daytime Look

One of the greatest components of aqua lenses is unlike more theatrical lenses, they can be worn to everyday daytime occasions. Take the office for example. Craft a subtly sexy yet domineering look at the office by wearing a pair of aqua contact lenses with a stunning blue power suit or a blue blouse that really exemplifies the beautiful tones in your eyes.

As it’s the daytime you shouldn’t overdo it with make up. Instead, place a thin flick of blue eye shadow onto your upper lids and make your eyes appear bigger with some mascara. Hair tied back in a ponytail creates a power dressing, no nonsense look at the office, particularly when someone has eyes the color of the ocean. Yes, tie back your hair to make your eyes really stand out at the office.

. Accentuate aqua blue tones with blue clothing
. Wear subtle make up that makes your eyes stand out without overdoing it
. Wear your hair tied back to ensure your eyes are noticed to the max!


Update Your Look With Aqua Lenses

A Night Clubbing or to a Party

Wearing aqua lenses during the day might demand subtlety. When worn at night however, aqua lenses should be dramaticized further with flamboyant clothing and make up. Opt for citrus colored make up to heighten the tones, such as bright orange eye shadow. Wearing thick blue eye liner and mascara will have a similarly eye-catching effect when worn alongside aqua lenses.

Likewise really go to town with your lipstick. Lips caked in baby pink lipstick will provide a perfect frame for your aqua eyes on a night clubbing or to a party. Outfits should be equally as flamboyant. Accentuate your striking aqua eyes at an evening event with an equally as outstanding mini dress in a bright color, such as blue, pink or white – A look designed to be noticed under the strobe lights!

. Bring aqua lenses to life with citrus colored makeup and blue mascara and eye liner
. Accompanying blue eyes with baby pink lips will create an irresistible look
. Wear a brightly-colored dress to ensure your eyes are as striking as possible

A Sexy Beach Look

Aqua eyes look especially great when set against the blue sea and are therefore an especially appropriate accessory to wear to the beach. Blue eyes look especially alluring with blonde hair. If you’re going on a late summer holiday to sunnier climes, craft a sexy, beach-Goddess look with aqua contact lenses and baby blonde hair. Why not complete the ‘Christina Aguilera look’ with some subtle pink lips?

What to Wear With Your Black Colored Contact Lenses

September 3rd, 2014

Dark eyes have long been synonymous with mystery and intrigue. Completely black eyes take the enigmatic appeal of dark eyes even further and craft an eerie yet bewitching look. The unnerving merits of black eyes are blatant, but what should you wear with your black lenses to do the look justice?


Black Contacts Will Make Your Cruella Look

As Black as Halloween

Black contact lenses should be accompanied with a black outfit, especially on Halloween when the world is cast in darkness. When it comes to black Halloween costumes to accompany your black eyes, the world is literally your oyster. Whether you opt for a vampire costume, a Dracula dress or a witch’s outfit as black as the Ace of Spades, your eyes will look infinitely more threatening when wearing an equally as dark costume.

Eyes Like Ebony, Lips Like Blood

Black lenses will really come to life with the right choice of make up. Create a fairytale look that the evil witch in Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs would have been proud of by painting your lips in blood red lipstick. Make your skin deathly pale with some face paint to ensure your black eyes and red lips are spectacularly noticeable.

. Wear a spooky black costume to accompany your black contacts
. Enhance the dramatic look with blood red lips and deathly pale skin

A Daytime Choice


Wear Our Blackout Lenses With Your Vampire Costume

Of course black contacts need not be confined to the full moon of Halloween. On the contrary, irises as dark as a raven can be worn anytime of the year to a myriad of occasions.
A festival, for example, would be the perfect occasion to stand out from the crowd and get into an eye-catching spirit with a pair of black contacts.

What Would You Wear to a Festival?

If there are two colors that go great with each other despite being overtly contrasting, it’s black and pink. Make the most of your black eyes and get into true festival spirit by dyeing your hair bright pink (a pink wig will suffice!) Really go to town with the pink and black contrast by wearing pink lipstick, pink eye shadow and even a pink dress!

Of course if you’re not partial to pink opt for a different color that also goes well with black. Red would be a good choice, just as long as you opt for red hair, red lips, red eye shadow and a red outfit. Alternatively you could set white against your black eyes, though you might run the risk of looking like Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians – great for a fancy dress party but perhaps not so appropriate or a festival. Then again, it depends what type of festival you are going to!

. Make your black eyes stand out with a contrasting color
. Steer clear of wearing anything too Halloween-esque!

Finally, black contacts are designed to make their wearers be noticed. Embrace the conspicuous nature of your lenses with an equally as eye-catching outfit, hair and make up.

What to Wear with Your Orange Colored Contact Lenses

September 1st, 2014

There is no color quite like orange to add some spice to a look. With the autumn approaching and the likes of Halloween round the corner, now might be a good time to succumb to the aesthetical charms of a pair of stunning orange contacts. But what do you wear with your orange lenses? Take a look at the following advice on what make up, hairstyle and clothes to wear to accompany your bright orange eyes.


Brighten Up Your Look With Orange Lenses

For Everyday Wear

So you might get some strange looks when you walk into the office sporting a pair of bright orange irises. Whilst not a natural eye color, the unnaturalness of orange eyes should not prevent you from wearing this type of lens whenever you want, including during the day. The trick is to tone down other elements of your attire.

A gentle flick of mascara and swipe of gray eye shadow would be enough make up to enhance your orange lenses further without going overboard. As the color orange always goes well with citrusy siblings, wearing other ‘sunset’ tones, such as a pale yellow shirt with a red scarf, would bring out the cheery tones of your eyes without looking too gaudy.

. Go easy with the make up, just enough to enhance the beauty of your eyes
. Wear other citrus colors to complement the orange but keep them subtle

For Costume Parties

Orange lenses put the perfect finishing touches on a ghostly, witchy look at a costume party such as Halloween. Coming in various patterns and tones, you can really go to town bewitching fellow party-goers at such an occasion. Heighten the creepy enchantment of orange-themed lenses by surrounding them with blood-stained, elaborate make up. Scrape your hair off your face to really draw attention to your eyes. Alternatively, dye your hair a citrus tone, such as bright red or pink to bring out the tangerine tones of your eyes. Your costume should be equally as flamboyant. Instead of opting for more traditional witchy colors like black and green, wear a bold witch’s dress in orange, sported with a pair of black and orange striped tights.

. Go to town with make up, the more blood, dirt and creases, the better
. Draw attention to the eyes by scraping your hair back or dyeing it a citrus shade
. Wear a flamboyant, eye-catching costume, preferably another autumnal shade


Orange Cat Lenses


UV Orange Lenses


Pumpkin Eye Lenses

For Evening Wear

Whether you are going to an all-night rave this Saturday or to a house party, orange contacts will ensure your presence is noticed and remembered. As orange goes well with blue, draw out the beauty of your orange eyes by surrounding them with tones of blue eye shadow, mascara and eye-liner. Your lips should be augmented to a similar eye-catching status with some orangey-red lipstick.

In terms of clothing, as orange is a fairly versatile color, you have the option of wearing very bright shades to more demure colors. Depending on the evening event you are attending, you could either opt for a bright red, orange or even blue outfit to really enhance the glamor and flamboyance of your look. Alternatively choose more demure colors such as black, gray or brown that would be equally as complementary of your orange eyes.

. Opt for blue eye make up to bring out the orange tones
. Wear citrus-centered lipstick
. Opt for either fellow bright shades or more demure colored clothes
Now stand back, take a look in the mirror, admire your handy work and prepare to turn heads this evening!

What to Wear With Your Pink Colored Contact Lenses

August 29th, 2014

Whether it’s for fancy dress or to swoon the heart of a loved one at a prom or party, pink contact lenses never fair to entrance on-lookers and get their wearers’ noticed. But what exactly do you wear to accompany your magical pink eyes? Providing you get it right, pink colored contacts can be significantly enhanced with some clever use of color and clothing.


Update Your Look With Pink Contact Lenses

Casual Daily Wear

Okay, so pink eyes might not be the most common of eye color but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn for ‘every day’ purposes. The thing to remember if you are wearing pink contacts for everyday activities is not to go overboard with make up or clothing.

As Mai Quynh, celebrity make up artist, states:

“Pink brightens up the face without having to wear too much make up. It creates a fresh, happy look on the eyes.”

In terms of clothing, choose clothes that will complement your pink eyes. Gray goes hand in hand with pink and is also a popular ‘everyday’ color. Similarly, black goes great with pink, so you may want to opt for black items of clothing so that your beautiful black eyes really shine through and are not ‘stifled’ or clashed with gaudy colored clothing.

. Subtle make up that doesn’t ‘compete’ with the conspicuousness of the contacts
. Opt to wear colored clothes that complement your pink eyes, which again don’t draw attention away from your eyes. Grays and blacks work especially well with pink and are perfect for everyday use, particularly as the colder weather is beckoning.

Costume Parties & Evenings

When it comes to wearing pink colored contact lenses to a costume party or to a glamorous evening event, less subtlety should be applied. In fact, there should be all hands on deck to be noticed! Why not augment the wow factor of your pink eyes by coloring your hair pink, wearing a pink wig or even dyeing your eyebrows a shade of pink? Make your eyes really come alive by wearing a pair of luscious false eye lashes, not to mention lashings of pink lipstick.


Complete Your Look With Kiss Violent Lips

And What About The Clothing?

Love it or loathe it, when it comes to color matches that stand out, one of the most ostentatious has to be pink and purple. Turn heads and spark conversation at the forthcoming prom or dinner party by wearing a stunning pink and purple, long, flowing dress, accompanied with a pair of funky bright pink contacts.

Or, if you are really feeling daring, enhance your pink eyes further by wearing an equally as eye-catching pink lip tattoo. This look would be particularly suitable for a fancy dress party where there is always an emphasis on standing out. Or perhaps a club or all-night rave where your pink eyes and lips will really shine under the UV glare.

. Choose equally as conspicuous make up, hairstyles and clothing to enhance your provocative look.
. Opt for color matches that work well with pink and don’t scrimp on flamboyance, such as pink and purple.
Whatever you’re planning on doing this weekend, with pink colored contacts, the world is your oyster.

What to Wear With Your White Colored Contact Lenses

August 27th, 2014

White contact lenses never fail to create a creepy, fascinating look. If you have aspirations to make a real statement, white contact lenses craft a funky, once-seen-never-forgotten look. Your eyes might be taken care of in the dramatic stakes, but what do you wear to supplement such a statement-making accessory? One might assume white lenses should be confined to the theatrical departments of a theatre or Halloween night. On the contrary, white lenses can be worn and enjoyed at a myriad of occasions, regardless of the time of year or even time of day.

To a Day Time Event

Colored contacts are becoming an increasingly popular accessory at music festivals. The denim hot pants and mid-calf boots worn at festivals around the world this summer were accompanied by a number of unusual eye colors, including white. Festivals are all about having fun and standing out and what could be a more eye-catching move than to complement your festival attire with white lenses?

We have to admit, bright red hair and bright red lips look fantastic with white contacts and would make a perfect festival look. Complete this fresh and vibrant look by wearing a white, festival dress, a striking festival hat and some gregarious make up – who cares that it’s not even gone midday yet? It’s a festival after all!

. Wear striking make up to complete the white-eyed look
. Hold no bars with clothing, the skimpier and showier the better!


Get a Striking Look With Manson Lenses

Fancy Dress Parties

To be blunt, white contact lenses are simply made for fancy dress parties, which by their very nature are all about creating a stir. Enhance the eerie look your contacts create by surrounding them with black, gothic eye make up and deathly pale skin. Your hair should be equally as scary.

Whether it’s back combed to high heaven, dyed raven black or hidden with a blood-stained wig, white contact lenses can be made even more dramatic when surrounded by freakily flamboyant hair. When it comes to your choice of costume, the world really is your oyster. From zombie costumes to witches dresses, Frankenstein attire to ghost costumes, the clothing of scary monsters and deadly souls will be infinitely more brought to life with a pair of white contacts.

. Get theatrical with make up, the more blood-curdling the better
. Flamboyant hair suits lurid eyes
. Go to town with your choice of monster costume


Light Up Your Look With White Lenses

To an Evening Event

As popular are colored contacts becoming at festivals they are becoming as popular in clubs and raves around the world, particularly might we add, white lenses. White eyes really stand out under the UV strobe light at such events and therefore so should the rest of you. Why not complement the potent white glare by wearing an eye-catching white outfit? As it can get pretty hot dancing all night at a rave or night club, it might be best not to overdo it with the make up and keep the likes of mascara and eye-liner to a minimum to prevent it running down your face by the end of the night!

. Accompany white lenses with a showy white outfit
. Keep make up to a minimum, after all it’s the color of your eyes that will do the talking

The most important point to remember is to enjoy yourself and have fun. After all that’s what theatrical colored lenses are all about!

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