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YouKnowIT – Contact Lens Blog

The Best New Years Eve Costumes

December 19th, 2014

New Year’s Eve is a time to go overboard with your costume. It may seem a good idea when discussing with friends, to dress up as a bottle of Champaign from head to foot, or even the Empire State building. However you have to survive the evening, possibly dance till the early hours, and will have no chance trying to impress anyone seriously, whilst dressed in a gradually disintegrating costume. The rules are simple; keep it interesting, but not cumbersome.

For men it is best to play safe and wear a tuxedo, bow tie and even a top hat and the obligatory cane,which can be discarded later. It will give you that Fred Astairepanache,and if you can actually dance,all the better. Temporarily darken your hair and slick it back and for extra suave appeal, put in a pair of black awesome lenses to get that brooding matinee idol effect.

Steer clear of the full Captain Marvel or Avengers costumes, likewise Conan the Barbarian, unless you have the muscles to back it up. Lastly the traditional gorilla suit is definitely a no go. Firstly, nobody will recognize you, unless that is what you want, secondly it’s going to get awfully hot in there and lastly, you have no chance of a kiss on the stroke of New Year, with a face like that.

The Charleston Look

Ladies you need something that is also easy to move around in, but at the same time different from the usual maid in a short dress or over the top glitter queen. What about the Charleston look? Stylish without being over flashy, airy and easy to dance in. If you can do the Charleston in such a dress, you can move to anything. If you add modern boots and slightly shorten the hem, it looks bang up to date. Go for darker sultry eye colors, a smoky green would look authentic.


50′s Prom Queen

What could be easier to dance around in than a high wasted flared skirt, bobby socks and the preferably short jacket? The Fonze would be proud of your vintage look. An alternative would be a flared polka dot skirt in bright colors. Try some bright color lenses such as Funky Blue contact lenses to emphasis your chosen color scheme.


Sheer Dazzle

So you want to look sexy, well New Year is the sort of occasion to get away with sheer figure hugging silver or gold,even sequin panels to reflect the light from the Disco Glitter ball. You can match the dress to your eyes with something like these Jewel gold contact lenses, or these Glimmer silver lenses. Off the shoulder can be more playful than bare shoulders, and backless looks tantalizing, providing the front is more modest. If all else fails the little black dress always was a winner, especially with strappy high heel shoes.

Remember that what you go in has to last six or so hours at the minimum, so make it easy and entertaining, or smart and wearable, or funny but comfortable. Make sure your foot wear can take the pounding and not cripple you. And lastly, have a great time.

Christmas Green Contact Lenses

December 17th, 2014

With holly draped around the home, ivy protruding from the mantelpiece, not to mention mistletoe hanging above the doorway, it’s safe to say, like red, green is a real Christmassy color. Why not make the most of this deep, penetrating and alluring Christmas color by wearing green contact lenses this festive season?

One of the best parts about green contacts is that they are available in such a diverse range of tones and shades. Whether you are wearing a sexy little green number to the office Christmas party this weekend or have decided to wear a stylish olive green suit on Christmas Day, with You Know It there is a pair of green lenses for every occasion.

Get Noticed In Funky Green UV Lenses

So you’re off to a nightclub on New Year’s Eve and you want to have fun, dance till dawn and be noticed – We can’t say we blame you. You’ve bought an incredibly showy outfit that happens to be in green. If there is one way to get noticed under the strobe light in a club it’s with the help of UV. Accompany your sexy green clubbing gear with a pair of Funky green UV contact lenses.

Hulk Contacts to a Fancy Dress Party

Or perhaps you are going to a fancy dress party on Boxing Day? If so, why not go as the Incredible Hulk? Yes you did read correctly, this predominantly green creature would go down well during a season in which green is a synonymous color! Really go to town by wearing a pair of awesome Hulk Green contact lenses. These bright green lenses possess a slight color gradient that will really jump out at anyone who dares to cast their eyes upon you!

A More Subtle Choice of Green

So if Hulks and strobe lights aren’t your thing, you can still enchant and mystify friends and family this Christmas through a more subtle choice of green contact lenses. Allure your lover under the mistletoe on Christmas Day by wearing a pair of Glimmer Green Contact Lenses.

These shimmering green lenses will subtly tint your natural eye color by adding a soft layer of beautiful green and would look particularly appealing if worn with a gorgeous green outfit, such as a pretty green dress or a sexy green cardigan. And then of course there’s the Christmas Office Party, when every member of staff comes out of their shell and really shows their true colors.

Why Not Make Your Color Green?

Augment a compelling green number with some sexy jeweler and by wearing your hair tied back so there is a real emphasis on your eyes, which are adorned with a pair of Lustrous Green contact lenses. As their name suggests, these penetrating green lenses with a black outer ring are really designed to make others go envy, so why not ensure the envy is directed at your work colleagues?

green 2

Impress With Natural Green Lenses

Get The Frozen Look with Contact Lenses

December 15th, 2014

Since we were introduced to the American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy Frozen in 2013, the world has become engrossed in the kingdom that is perpetually trapped in winter. In fact if we had to lay bets on what would be the best-selling children’s items this Christmas, the shimmering and stunning turquoise Frozen girl’s dresses would have to be a safe option.

Part of Frozen’s appeal are its costumes and make up, which have seen girls and women around the world replicate the beauty and splendor of the Frozen characters. Like with most movies, which put a strong emphasis on the make up and costumes, the eyes play a crucial role in Frozen.

The good news is that the wide-eyed and stunning green and blue hues of the fun-loving and fearless Anna and the equally as beautiful Elsa can be replicated with some clever use of contact lenses, make up and accessories. If Queen Elsa’s fairytale looks tickle your fancy, take a look at this make up tutorial in which a girl takes you through and step-by-step guide on how to achieve the Queen Elsa from Frozen look.

Purple eye shadow plays a central role in this tutorial. Why not take Elsa’s beautiful purple appeal one step further by accompanying the eye shadow with purple lips by wearing our purple Violent Lips tattoo? Purple lips and purple eyes will definitely cast a sensational frozen spell over everyone who looks at you – perfect for the frosty weather!

Snowflake Lenses

With the land under an everlasting carpet of snow and frost, why not augment the winter wonderland theme further by wearing a pair of Snowflake lenses? These enchanting blue lenses engraved with a white snowflake pattern, will go a long way in helping you get the frozen look.

Frozen Contact Lenses

If mystifying blue isn’t up your street then you could always opt for a pair of Frozen contacts. These beautiful turquoise lenses with the same mystifying frosty pattern as the snowflake lenses, are a similar color as Elsa’s shimmery turquoise dress, meaning you’ll definitely turn heads when you walk into a venue this Christmas looking like the beautiful Princess Elsa.

Icicle lenses

Our Icicle Lenses have a similar Frozen-enhancing appeal. These daringly different lenses are predominantly blue with an alluring gray spikey pattern encircling the pupil. It goes without saying that these enchanting lenses will create a totally unique look, which is undoubtedly in-keeping with Elsa and Anna’s gorgeous costumes, make up and accessories.

Bead Bracelets


Or Just go Natural With Blue Lenses

Complete your pretty and inspiring Frozen look off by wearing a stunning bead bracelet. This pretty two row bead wrap bracelet in baby blue will complement your make up, dress and contact lenses in flawless and impeccable fashion. Now stand back, admire your achievements in the mirror and go out and have some Frozen fun this Christmas!

12 Lenses of Christmas

December 12th, 2014

Some people refer to Christmas as the Silly Season, and after reading this blog you’ll probably be one of them. Here we offer you an alternative understanding of the famous seasonal song The 12 Days of Christmas.

Of course, there might be one or twelve subtle references to colored contact lenses somewhere in there, but what’s the point of Christmas if it’s not an opportunity to sell you something?

You know, apart from the whole goodwill to everybody thing, and the family get-togethers, awesome food and the remembering of a guy who whether you believe in him or not, was undoubtedly a pretty awesome dude. Like Batman with a beard. Anyway, we’ll just skip through to the twelfth day otherwise we’ll be here ‘til March. Sing along with me! Here we go…


Check Out Our Vast Range of Lenses

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Sent to Me…

Twelve Drummers Drumming…

…such an amazing beat that I just had to break out my Smiley Face contact lenses and high visibility trousers and start raving right there in the street. (And if you think that’s tenuous, I’m just getting started.)

Eleven Pipers Piping…

…which turned the party into an old country sing song, for which I dutifully changed my eye color to match those of bonnie Scotland with these Scottish flag contact lenses, accompanied by my Old Glory temporary lip tattoos of course.

Ten Lords a Leaping…

…because when you’re a lord you have a lot to leap about for, I presume. Unless you’re a Lord of Darkness, in which case you’ll probably be skulking about in the shadows wearing a long leather coat and some badass Skull contact lenses to show everybody how lord of darknessy you are.

Nine Ladies Dancing…

…which I’m pretty sure is a test so I better not look too much. But they’re all so pretty in their PVC boob tubes, apart from the scabs and bruises. Such lovely blue eyes too. I wish I had lovely blue eyes. And now I can with these amazing blue contact lenses!

Eight Maids a Milking…

…which is probably the weirdest thing my true love has ever sent to me, I’m not going to lie. These maids look like they’d been milking too long as their eyes have turned white, like they’re wearing a pair of spooky white lenses (I did warn you it was going to get even more tenuous).

Seven Swans a Swimming…

…which is probably the scariest present my true love has ever sent to me, and I suspect might be my true love’s revenge for me paying a little too much attention to the nine ladies dancing. Swans are dangerous, feathery critters, and none more so than that whacked-out nut job played by Natalie Portman. Get her look with these Black Swan color lenses.

France Flag Lenses

France Flag Lenses

Glimmer Gold Lenses

Glimmer Gold Lenses

Blue Cat Lenses

Blue Cat Lenses

Six Geese a Laying…

…and that’s my breakfast and Christmas dinner sorted. Now all I have to do is start thinking of a few things to send to my true love in return for all these wonderful presents she is sending me. I think I’ll start with twelve road workers drilling, and they can all wear UV contact lenses so they can work all through the night. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Five Golden Rings…

…for each of my fingers, which along with my gold trousers, shoes and waistcoat combo and a pair of gold contact lenses, finally completes my King Midas cos-play outfit.

Four Calling Birds…

…who are surprisingly annoying once you’ve heard them calling a few times. Luckily I had my cats eye contact lenses handy and my true love’s cat costume which I wore to scare them away. And yes, we cos-play as King Midas and his cat, what’s it to you?

Three French Hens…

…clucking and clacking in a ridiculous but somehow incredibly sexy accent. The French people are very patriotic, of course, so there’s no better way to impress them than with a pair of French flag contacts. Unless they’re French hens, in which case get the oven on.

Two Turtle Doves…

…dammit, I asked for turtle GLOVES. I need them to match my Ninja Turtle socks and half-shell backpack. What the hell am I going to do now? I already cut eye holes in my red bandana and bought some reptilian contact lenses. Everything is ruined.

…and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Seriously? Is my true love even aware of the additional postage costs of having an entire tree delivered from the mail depot? Worst. Present. Ever. In fact, I’m going to have to rethink this whole ‘true love’ thing, as she’s totally ruined my holidays. I’m even liable for aiding and abetting the highly illegal sending of live poultry through the mail now.

Time to skip town I think. I’ll change my appearance with some natural color contact lenses and leave all these silly presents behind. Well, all the presents except the nine ladies dancing. They can come with me. In fact, this could turn out to be a pretty wonderful Christmas after all.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Contact Lens Christmas Stocking Fillers

December 10th, 2014

Color contact lenses can make awesome stocking filler presents for the right person. If you have a friend or family member who loves dressing up in costumes or outlandish outfits, then there are loads of options for you to make their day with some amazing cosmetic lenses to add to their outfits.

If your loved one is extremely fashion conscious and likes to ensure they’re always on top of their fashion game, then they’ll be delighted to get some natural color-enhancing lenses or even a pair of contacts that allows them to completely change their eye color to something new and exciting.

Whoever that special person is you have in mind, the products featured below should give you a good idea of what to go for when choosing a pair of contact lenses as a stocking filler present.

Saw Contact Lenses – One Year Set

A nice and slightly crazy one to begin with, but it’s also an excellent option for someone who is new to colored contact lenses. The Saw contact lens set includes everything you need to keep your contact lenses stored safely, including a contact lens storage case and a 60ml bottle of cleaning solution. The life span of the lenses is also a full year, so there won’t be any pressure for your friend to try them out immediately.

The lenses themselves feature a design inspired by the infamous Saw horror film franchise, with a thin red outer rim encircling a thick white inner rim. They’re perfect for costume parties in a variety of outfits like dolls, vampires and even zombies.

Blue Color Contact Lenses - Swirly

Make Your Eyes Stand Out With Big Eye Lenses

TV Tie-In Contact Lenses

Talking of zombies, if your friend or loved one is a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead or the myriad of zombie movies out there, then there are loads of other options to choose from. There are pure white lenses, fiery red lenses and the classic crazy yellow contact lenses. It might be worth finding out what your friend’s favorite zombie variety is before choosing, as we have something for every undead walker, biter and rotter ever imagined.

Another popular TV tie-in you could go for is to offer your friend the chance to become a Targaryen from the Games of Thrones TV series and the Song of Ice and Fire books that inspired it. The dragon-riding Targaryens are renowned for their silvery hair and purple eyes, so you can pick up a pair of these violet contact lenses so your friend can indulge in a little fantasy role-play.

Fashion Contact Lenses

If that’s all a bit crazy for you then maybe you just need a little color enhancement from the Natural Look lens selection. They can help highlight a natural color or even turn your friend’s eyes an entirely new color. Turn brown eyes blue with a pair of these Aqua Elegance contacts.

Alternatively, why not offer your friend a little element of mystery with some natural green contact lenses. It’s a much rarer color and thus will always have a little bit of mystique about it. Plus, they look gorgeous when matched with green clothing and jewelry, so if your friend or loved one is a bit of a fashionista, then look no further for the perfect stocking filler present.

Mysterious Green Eyes

Feel Stylish With Green Lenses

Contact Lens Lingo

December 8th, 2014

Here is a quick glossary of contact lens terminologies to help any newcomers to contacts understand all the lingo, and maybe a few of us old heads remember some of the things we’ve forgotten.

Top Lens Lingo

Anterior Chamber

A space between the iris and cornea filled with aqueous humor. Glad we could clear that up for you.

Aqueous Humor

Goo, basically. A transparent, gelatinous fluid with a similar texture to plasma to be more precise. So yeah, it’s goo.

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution is a solution used to clean contact lenses. I know, I know, I’m still trying to get my head around it as well. Truth be told, it is a very special liquid (hence the term ‘solution’) as lenses should never be washed with ordinary tap water which can contain germs and certain bodies you don’t want festering between your eyeball and a contact lens. Also see Saline Solution.

Colored Contact Lenses

Also referred to as cosmetic contact lenses, wear these to completely change the color of your eyes or to give them a spooky effect. Color contact lenses can make costumes for fancy dress or Halloween parties really come alive.


The transparent front of the eye covering the iris, pupil and anterior chamber, which helps to refract light should you ever need a bit of light refracted.

Daily Wear Lenses

Lenses specifically designed to be worn all day and removed at night to be placed in some of that mind-bending cleaning solution for safe keeping.

Disposable Lenses

You wear them once and then kick them to the kerb like some low down dirty dawg who just don’t respect you. You go, girl. (Are we still saying that?)

Dry Eye Syndrome

Otherwise known as ‘tough guy eye’ because it’s caused by the eye not producing enough tears and thus drying out. Cry baby wimps hardly ever get this problem and contact lens wearers can be particularly susceptible to it because they’re extremely tough and strong and something about the lenses drying out the eye or whatever.

Extended Wear Lenses

Lenses you can wear while sleeping thus negating the need to remove them each night. Most types can be worn for about a week before removal though there are some brands which will go for 30 days or so before you remove them.


Being farsighted isn’t as exciting as it sounds, and simply means you struggle to focus on nearby objects (hence you are far-sighted, as you can only focus on stuff far away). It’s caused by light rays not focusing properly by the time they reach the retina because the eyeball is too short and fat.

Hard Contact Lens

Originally the name of the first ever type of contact lens, which while functional also starved the eye of oxygen. That kind of lens is obsolete now, and the term is more widely used to refer to Rigid Gas Permeable lenses, further detail of which is not alphabetically appropriate to discuss here.


The hoity-toity term for farsightedness, which I’ve already explained has nothing to do with being able to divine the future. It just means you’ve got a short, fat eyeball. Sorry.


This is the colored area of your eye, usually brown, blue, green, hazel, gray or sometimes a little bit of everything. It regulates the pupil to let in or shut out light.


Another term fancy people use, this time for nearsightedness, which I’m alphabetically obligated to explain in the next paragraph.


Instead of a short, fat eyeball, you have a long, lanky one. All it really means is that the light rays focus before they reach the retina, which somehow results in a difficulty to focus on far away objects. Far away objects are far away though, so screw ‘em.


As well as being the ultimate nightmare for a lisp sufferer, ophthalmologists are eye specialist doctors. They have white coats and everything. They often diagnose and treat eye poblems and diseases, and even perform the surgeries to fix them. These guys and gals are the top rung on the ‘please fix my eye’ ladder.


These guys aren’t doctors, though they do generally know a thing or twenty about eyes. Their knowledge will be concentrated on the relationship between the eye and lenses in general. Many actually specialize in contact lenses specifically and end up even more qualified in dealing with specific contact lens issues than the opthas- optsssalom- opthamologsthth- them other ones.


The middle rung of eye care (it’s not the biggest ladder in the world, to be honest). They are proper doctors too, though they will not perform surgeries themselves but will engage more in pre-op and post-op care and a hell of lot of more besides.


The little black bit in the middle of your eye that gets really big when you talk to someone you find attractive. With the help of the iris, it regulates the amount of light that hits the retina.


At the back of the eye lurks a thin squib of tissue that receives the light rays, and thus image of what the eyes are looking at, which it then translates into electrical impulses and fires them off via optic nerves to the brain. And that’s how we see stuff.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

These are longer lasting lenses made from breathable plastic that is usually custom-shaped to the specific curve of the cornea. They are often referred to by the initials GP or RGP, because why not.

Saline Solution

Saline solution is the more technical term for the contact lens cleaning solution in which contact lenses are cleaned and stored. It’s a sterile salt solution, so you don’t have to worry about it breeding.

Soft Contact Lenses

These are known for being more comfortable for anyone new to contact lenses. They are made from a more flexible gel-like plastic which contains water, though the amount of water will depend on the brand. They are also what colored contact lenses are made from.

Wetting Drops/Solution

A moistening solution which helps combat dry eye syndrome and eases the application of lenses in general. Wetting drops are advised when wearing contacts for any significant length time, especially during air travel or extended time outdoors.

Why Do We Love Wearing Colored Contact Lenses?

December 5th, 2014

We probably all have our personal reasons for why we love wearing colored contact lenses, but there are three main reasons which are regularly the source of our love for cosmetic lenses. Here’s a quick look at those reasons, so see if you recognize yourself in any of them, because all of us at certainly do!

Psychological Confidence Boost

Human beings communicate a lot about themselves via their personal fashion and style choices. And while that communication can be very important, it can also get to a point where a particular style is restrictive. You see people break free of these restrictions all the time, be it via a complete fashion overall or by cutting long hair short and other drastic changes. Such changes can reinvigorate the soul, and that’s where colored contact lenses come in.

Cosmetic lenses have the capacity to drastically change our appearance without the risk of regret that can accompany splashing out a lot of money on a new wardrobe (retail therapy) or a complete change of hair style. But changing eye color can provide a psychological boost that isn’t permanent or expensive, and one you can customize to your particular mood any given day.

The colors and styles we choose to wear reflect our personalities and moods. Color contacts give us more control over the statement we are making about ourselves, and that is one of the reasons why so many people love wearing colored contacts.

Zombie Cosplay

Recreate this shocking look with white contact lenses

Enhancing Natural Colors

Along with that psychological confidence boost that colored contacts can give someone, there are of course the much more fashion-functional reasons why contacts continue to grow in popularity. It’s not always about completely changing your eye color, but enhancing the eye color you already have.

Take the model Tyra Banks for example, as she is the proud owner of two of the world’s most Googled eyes. Most questions about her eyes revolve around whether or not they are naturally green or whether she wears colored contacts. The truth is that they are indeed naturally green, just not quite as green as they often appear in her photo shoots. You can see a marked difference by comparing certain pictures of her, because she sometimes uses color contacts to enhance her natural eye color.

Most people have a variety of shades and colors in their eyes, and color contacts can enhance one of those particular shades and make it the dominant color across the whole eye. This can have a dramatic effect on your appearance without actually changing your eye color. Those silver slivers can suddenly shine more prominently, or a green outer rim can dominate the brown inner ring even in dark lighting. Being able to enhance our natural colors is another of the big reasons behind our love for fashion contact lenses.

Tyra Banks 2

Tyra has naturally green eyes – get some yourself!

Next Level Costumes

Modern high quality cosmetic lenses have opened the doors to the most amazing cos-play and party costumes the world has ever seen. Before modern soft-lenses made changing eye color so easy, costumes could still be good if you were dedicated enough, but the addition of costume eye colors brought the whole thing to the next level.

You now see anime characters coming to life with their massive eyes in tact thanks to big eye contact lenses. You see zombie costumes that incorporate professional theatrical make-up matched with a pair of spooky white eyes instead of just torn clothes and some ketchup dribbled down the face. Purple-eyed video game characters can be truly represented, while other famous characters with colored eyes like the Terminator and the Twilight dude can all be fully and faithfully recreated with the help of color contacts.

From werewolves and vampires to cyborgs and aliens, the world of cos-play and costumes has never been more accessible. And for that, we have colored contact lenses to thank.

That’s why we love them!


Take a look at our sensational range of anime lenses

Best Colored Contacts for Raves

December 3rd, 2014

We like a good rave at You Know It and whenever the urge takes us out to a field or a warehouse to join in the throbbing masses for a party, we always feel obligated to show off some of our awesome color contact lenses at the same time. Colored contact lenses tend to go down well at parties whatever style or color they are, but there are a few designs which are especially suited to the rave scene. The three designs we discuss below are without a doubt the best of the bunch.

UV Contact Lenses

With so much black light flying around during raves, one of the best contact lens options will always be something from the UV color contact lens range. They’re bright, they glow and they will make your eyes shine like beacons when you’re doing your thing on the dance floor. The selection of UV contacts at is pretty extensive, with a whole array of color options including blue, green, orange, pink, violet, yellow and even white.

All of the colors feature the UV capability which makes them shine under UV or black light, but they also look pretty fabulous during the day time. Match a pair of orange UV contact lenses with a high visibility safety vest or a pair of those bright orange road worker trousers for a vintage raver style combo.

Biohazard Contact Lenses

Another vintage style emblem of many a raving crew is the biohazard warning symbol. You have a few options available with this design as well, including a UV version. There is also the Biohazard contact lens where the design reaches across the entire lens, and another where the design stops short of the edges. This design can look especially good when only one lens is worn, so one of your eyes looks normal while you sport the funky lens in the other.

Try mixing and matching some other generic warning symbols on your other clothing. Maybe a t-shirt with TOXIC WASTE emblazoned across the front. Or even better, show your old school mettle with a classic Toxic Avenger t-shirt. A bit of pop culture always goes down well at a rave; I’ve lost count of the amount of awesome conversations I’ve had which started with a compliment of some random raver’s t-shirt.


Stand Out With Green UV Lenses

Silver Mirror Contact Lenses

These silver mirrored contact lenses are perhaps the most versatile rave-friendly color contacts around. You can wear them with luminous clothing or with pop culture t-shirts, though they are at their best when part of a futuristic themed outfit. They dazzle and reflect light, like having little disco balls in your eyes, and they look amazing with a little silver face paint as you can see in this silver mirror contact lens video below.

If you’ve ever seen Pitch Black or any of the subsequent Riddick films starring Vin Diesel, then you already know how awesome metallic silver eyes can look. They are practically an entire rave outfit by themselves, so you can pretty much wear anything you like with them, or nothing at all, whatever floats your boat.

3D Printed Contact Lenses Will Change Fashion Forever

December 1st, 2014

The future of contact lens technology just got a lot more exiting when it was revealed that scientists have created a 3D printer that can print an LED (light-emitting diode) in layers. It is speculated that these layers will soon be able to be manipulated into functional contact lenses in the future, making the otherwise fanciful idea of viewable screens or heads-up displays directly on our eyes a lot more realistically attainable.

How 3D Printed LEDs Will Affect Contact Lens Technology

The potential applications for this technology are so great that this latest development carried out by the researchers at Princeton University, New Jersey, was funded by the US Air Force. The Air Force’s hopes are that advancements in contact lens technology will allow them in future to provide wearable lenses for pilots that can display in-flight information as well as monitor their health and physical condition.

Obviously, this in turn could impact on how fighter jet controls are designed in the future, though a more immediate benefit will be the ability to monitor the fatigue levels of the pilots. Sensors embedded within the lens would detect the fluid levels of the eye which would indicate whether a pilot’s fatigue-levels are such that he should be recalled from flight.

Other speculative applications are a bit more fun and could even involve entertainment purposes some time in the future. It’s probably quite a long way away, but the possibility of contact lenses being able to display screens for internet browsing and film watching will certainly ensure that funding for contact lens technology won’t start and end with the military.

3D Printed Contact Lenses

Learn More About Google Lenses

Google Contact Lenses

Google are known to have been working on their contact lens tech for some time now in their secretive Google X lab. The Google contact lens is officially aimed at helping people with diabetes by constantly measuring the levels of glucose in their tears. However, knowing how Google likes to expand its empire as wide as possible, it’s more than likely that there are several other applications they are also working on. One we know of is an integrated contact lens camera to help the visually impaired, which is still at the theory stage as far as we know (which, thanks to Google’s secrecy, isn’t very far).

The Science Bit

The New Jersey research team, led by Michael McAlpine, 3D printed five layers to create the QLED, which is a quantum-dot LED which is superior to an organic LED or OLED. The bottom layer is a ring of silver nano-particles which act as a metal conduit, beneath two polymer layers which transfer the electrical current to the next layer, which consists of the quantum dots (cadmium selenide nano-particles). The final layer is the cathode which is made from something called eutectic gallium indium, which may or may not also be the name of a Swedish heavy metal band.

Techno Eye

Read Our Previous Blog on Tech Contact Lenses

Imagining the Future of Contact Lens Technology

Group leader McAlpine said, “The conventional microelectronics industry is really good at making 2D electronic gadgets. With TVs and phones, the screen is flat. But what 3D printing gives you is a third dimension, and that could be used for things that people haven’t imagined yet, like 3D structures that could be used in the body.”

The biggest hindrance the team faces in transferring this new 3D printed LED technology into a wearable contact lens is how to power it. Lenses would require some kind of on-board power supply, which will of course be a serious issue as you can hardly attach a battery pack to your face. One thing is for sure though, this first example of a 3D printed electronic device has got everybody involved in the race for contact lens technology very excited. It’s one big obstacle overcome, and the future is not as far away as it used to be.

Contact Lenses for Men

November 28th, 2014

Many men wear contact lenses rather than glasses; normally they are not intended to change the color of the eyes, but why not? Increasingly men are becoming more aware of their looks, and are keen to improve their image. We see just as many adverts for men’s cosmetic products, as those for women.

Anything from hair gel and tinting out grey, to incredibly close shave razors, and the ultimate body spray, that will have their girlfriend swooning. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle change to make an impact. The use of a geometric design lens that is hardly noticeable, combined with a slightly deeper color than your natural tone, will have those that know you, trying to work out what is different about you, and why now there is a sparkle in your eye.


Get Vibrant Blue Eye’s Like Daniel Craig

Changing Your Eye Color For a Night Out

There is no reason why a man cannot change his eye color to go out in the evening. Everyone dresses up to enjoy themselves; you could be a bit more daring and go for the shock value of a strong color such as Green Elegance. There is nothing like being noticed for all the right reasons.

To know that people are impressed when they are talking to you, may require you to be interesting, possibly funny and stimulating. But it doesn’t do any harm to have a few props that make you feel better in yourself and more confident. What about Mystic blue lenses to give you that Daniel Craig look? They are semitransparent to enhance your own color that will also show through.


Get Deep Masculine Natural Blue Eyes

And What About Fancy Dress?

Most men are happy to be gregarious for a fancy dress party, even to the point of wearing dresses and wigs. It is all seen as fun, and not to be taken seriously. But never having spent their lives putting on make up or being over fussy about what they wore to work, it becomes difficult to adjust to something regarded as not particularly macho.

But times are changing, the craze for tattoos which were once basically the preserve of men, is now considered a must have fashion accessory for both sexes. Many men now wear an earring, and have very trendy moustache and beard shapes. There are also plenty of males prepared to have some very outlandish hair styles.

Having a change of eye color is not such a big step, and can always be replaced depending on preference. If you have never thought about doing it, take a look at the wide range of possibilities of colored contact lenses available. Something may start your imagination rolling, don’t stick in a rut, be adventurous and try something new.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, it is nothing to worry about. They are medically safe and easy to put in, with practice. Depending on the product they may be disposable or can be used over and over again. Just follow the directions and you will find that with time you will not even know you have them in.

The start of being, a whole new you.

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