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What’s The Difference Between Brown & Hazel Eyes?

October 17th, 2014

What’s the difference between Brown and Hazel Eyes? This is a very good question and one that needs exploring. One might tend to assume hazel eyes are slightly lighter than brown eyes but is this really the case? You might have natural brown eyes, or hazel eyes, or perhaps one of both! Or maybe you yearn to have mystifying dark brown eyes or luscious hazel ones, and wear brown or hazel colored contacts on a night out. Whatever your association with brown or hazel eyes, take a look at what the differences are between these beautifully colored eyes.

Brown Eyes

The color of a person’s eyes depends on the production of a chemical called melanin. The more melanin present in an iris, the higher the chances are that the eyes will be brown. The shades of brown eyes vary significantly, ranging from light brown to very dark brown, which is often confused with being black. The shade of brown is dependent on how much melanin is present in the iris. Compared to green and blue eyes, brown eyes have the highest levels of melanin in them. But where do hazel eyes fit in?


Get a Sexy Look with Brown Contact Lenses

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes resemble the color of a hazelnut, hence their name! These intrinsically pretty eyes combine an interesting mix of brown and green, which makes them appear to change between pure brown eyes and pure green eyes. Two genes are responsible for this mix of green and brown and hazel eyes being produced. These genes are known as bey 2 and gey. Both of the genes have two versions, one of which makes higher levels of melanin and one makes less amounts of melanin. Someone with hazel eyes have both the bey 2 and gey genes present.


Hazel Contact Lenses Look Gorgeous On

The Differences

Brown eyes will always stay brown but hazel eyes are a mixture of green and brown and therefore sometimes look predominantly green and sometimes look predominantly brown. Brown eyes have significantly more melanin in them than hazel eyes. The hazel color in eyes is a result of less quantities of melanin in the iris. Hazel eyes are extremely rare in Asia and the Middle East. They are most common in Europe and America. Both brown and hazel eyes are unquestionably beautiful and the good news is that even if you weren’t born with these equally as enchanting colored eyes you can enjoy brown and hazel eyes with colored contact lenses.

Contact Lenses & Sport Guide

October 15th, 2014

Unlike glasses, which can be a hindrance when worn on the sports field, contact lenses offer no such hurdles. These convenient accessories can be worn and enjoyed when playing almost every sport and regardless of the level of physical activity. That said, there are certain points to consider when wearing contacts and playing sport.


If you go running or perhaps jogging and wear glasses, the momentum of the run is likely to cause your glasses to slip down your nose and end up on the floor. Contact lenses give you the freedom to run as freely as possible without being in fear that your glasses will slip off. If it is a particularly sunny day when you go for a run, you may want to consider wearing some UV protecting sun glasses. The shape of these specialized glasses will ensure they stay safely on your head and they will protect your contacts from the glare of the sun.

Female butterfly swimmer

Take a Look at Our Can You Wear Lenses In Swimming Pools Blog

Ball Sports

Glasses and ball sports such as squash, badminton and tennis do not go hand in hand for the simple reason glasses could easily be knocked off by the ball. Again, contacts give you the freedom to run around the court freely and give you a complete, all-round view without any chunky frames getting in the way of your field of vision.


When going on a bike ride, whatever the terrain, it is advisable to wear a pair of specialist cycling glasses. These professional glasses use advanced technology and ergonomic features to create a versatile, lightweight and high performance set of sports glasses. Naturally, if you are wearing conventional glasses you won’t be able to take advantage of the performance-enhancing features of cycling glasses.

It would therefore make sense to trade your glasses for a pair of contacts when going out on a cycle. These carefully-designed glasses will also help protect your contact lenses and eyes from any potential grit and dirt that might flick up into your eyes when cycling.


This Lady is Sporting Brazil Lenses for a Sports Game


Swimming is one of the only sports where wearing contact lenses is not advised. Swimming when wearing contacts can result in irritation, eye infections and even conditions that could be potentially threatening to one’s sight, such as a corneal ulcer. The FDA recommends that contact lenses should not be exposed to water of any kind, including swimming pools, the sea, rivers, lakes, baths and showers.

So if you go swimming, remember to take your lenses out. The majority of sports however can be enjoyed with contacts, which prove irrefutably more liberating and performance-enhancing then conventional glasses. Just remember to wash your lenses after the sport to remove any dirt that might have built up and, when possible, wear specialist sports glasses to protect your eyes and lenses.

The Most Amazing Animal Kingdom Lenses

October 10th, 2014

Calling all animal lovers…, unbridle your wild side and let the fun commence with our wild and wacky range of animal contact lenses. Animal lenses are the perfect way to reveal to the world your love for a creature – both real and fantasy. These colorful, cleverly-designed lenses would lighten up any fancy dress, Halloween event or party where standing out, being noticed and having some wild fun is the name of the game. Check out three of the most compelling and unique animal contact lenses.

Cobra Eyes Contact Lenses

There is something fascinating and captivating about reptiles. If you are a fan of snakes, then you’ll be excited to learn about the Cobra Eye Lenses, which will mesmerize everyone who looks into your eyes. The color of these deep green lenses is intriguing in itself but what really makes these contacts stand out is the vertical pupil, which makes the whole of the eye come to life, just like a cobra’s. These enchanting lenses will certainly be a conversation-stimulator at any party and if you are mad about snakes and reptiles then these are definitely the lenses for you!


Cobra Lenses Are Perfect For Halloween

White Cat Contact Lenses

Is it white or black cats that symbolize good luck? Many believe it’s a white cat and if you walk on the road and see a white cat, then it’s your lucky day! Superstition aside, if you’re a cat-lover and are going to a forthcoming fancy dress or Halloween party, why not take your enthusiasm for cats to greater heights by wearing a pair of White Cat Lenses?

These stunning lenses have a plain white background, broken up by a black vertical pupil down the middle. These cat-like eyes would also work well with an eerie vampire or snake-themed costume. One thing is for sure, when you walk into the room wearing these White Cat Lenses, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.

Wolf Eye Contact Lenses

When it comes to frightening animals, what could be scarier than a ravenous pack of wolves? Is the wolf a man in disguise? Is it really the devil? Should it really be a creature to be revered? There are numerous superstitious beliefs surrounding the wolf and consequently these fearsome creatures make great characters at fancy dress parties and on Halloween.

Make your wolf costume really come alive by wearing a pair of Wolf Contact Lenses. Like the devil himself, wolves are known for their threatening yellow eyes, so these statement-making contacts with their red and yellow tones, will mimic the frighteningly captivating eyes of a wolf impeccably. Whatever your favorite or most feared animal is, our funky range of animal lenses are designed to get you noticed.


Wolf Eye Lenses Look Striking

What to Wear with Your Gray Colored Contact Lenses

October 8th, 2014

Gray eyes are often confused with blue eyes, but they are a distinctly different eye color altogether. While true blue eyes are unmistakable, gray eyes often include blue, green or brown flecks, sometimes even flecks of gold and orange, and the gray tone can vary in lightness too.

In a well lit environment, gray eyes are more easily determined, while darker environments are what usually lead to the assumption of them being blue. Another cause of confusion is ignorance, as a large number of people simply don’t recognize gray as a definitive eye color. But it is, and the difference between gray eyes and blue eyes is actually similar to the difference between a cloudless blue sky and an overcast gray sky.

Gray Eyes - Bar Refaeli

Get Incredible Sparkling Eyes With Gray Lenses

What Causes Gray Eyes?

When light shines through the cornea it passes through two layers in the iris and an area in between called the stroma. The light is then reflected back and it is that reflection which determines the color of the eye as observed from the outside.

Aside from albinos, everybody has melanin pigments in the back layer, which creates all eye colors, but brown-eyed people also have melanin in the front layer which makes them darker. The blue eyed effect is created when the front layer has little to no extra pigments, similar to how we observe the reflected light of a clear sky as blue.

The light is ‘blue’ because it bends and appears differently according to vision capabilities of the human eye. What causes gray eyes is believed to be extra deposits of collagen in the stroma between the two layers, a bit like the extra deposits of water in the air that create overcast skies (preventing the light from bending in the same way it does when it appears blue).

Blue-eyed folks don’t have the melanin pigments in their front layer that cause brown eyes, nor the extra collagen in the stroma that causes gray eyes. But more importantly than how it all works, how can we look our best with gray eyes, whether they are natural or created with the modern wonder of gray color contact lenses?

Color Combinations for Gray Eyes

The exact color combinations that will work for you will depend on which other colors are present in your gray eyes. Often there is a little blue, green or brown, so wearing whichever of these is prominent in your eyes will help highlight that color. If your eyes are pure gray, then you’re actually very lucky as your eyes will work with pretty much any clothing color combo. The key though, is in the eye make-up that will accompany your eyes.

Gray Eyes - Joaquin Phoenix

Get Mysterious Silver Eyes

Make-Up Tips for Gray/Blue Eyes

This is one of the most common gray eye color combos, and there are plenty of eye make-up colors which help to enhance your eyes and make them shine. The shades that work best with gray/blue eyes are:

• Gray (with shimmer)
• Light purple shades
• Violet
• Bronze
• Dark Blue

Remember also that the darker your skin tone, the darker the eye make-up shades should be too. The shimmer gray color could also be switched up for a shinier silver color, though that would be more suited to a party atmosphere than a serious work environment.

Make-Up Tips for Gray/Green Eyes

For gray eyes with green parts, it is similar to the gray/blue scenario, though obviously the dark blue won’t work to highlight green. There are plenty of non-green colors that help to accentuate the green parts of your eyes though. Some popular ones are:

• Gray (with shimmer)
• Taupe
• Warm reds (not too pink)
• Lilac/Lavender
• Copper

Instead of using blue to highlight the blue, you can of course simply use green eye make-up to highlight the green parts of your eyes. Make sure to experiment in the privacy of your own home first to ensure it suits your skin tone. There is not much worse (make-up wise) than wondering why everyone keeps asking if you’re feeling okay today.

Gray Eyes -

Aishwarya Rai’s Gray Eyes Look Incredible

Make-Up Tips for Gray/Brown Eyes

If you have brown flecks in your gray eyes, then what make-up you choose will obviously depend on whether you want to darken your eyes towards the brown, or lighten your eyes towards the gray. To highlight the gray tones of your eyes, you will need to use light make-up which will help other people’s eyes pick up on your gray tones more than the brown. Some good ones to start with are:

• Gray (with shimmer)
• Silver
• Light purple shades
• Soft green
• Light blue

To darken your eyes, you can utilize bronze and copper shades which will pick out your brown flecks as well as they help highlight blue and green flecks. Those metallic tones will also enhance any specks of orange which sometimes appear in gray/brown eyes.

What to Wear with Your Hazel Colored Contact Lenses

October 6th, 2014

Hazel eyes are an awkward bunch to color-coordinate for, as it is often the various other accompanying colors that define them. They often start with a light brown or green base, but have their own category due to the numerous other colors that often make hazel eyes a little bit special. Many hazel-eyed folks appear to be green-eyed with light shining near them, but brown-eyed in less well lit situations. One of the causes of this effect is that hazel eyes have considerably less melanin in them than true brown eyes, but significantly more than is present in blue eyes.

Hazel eyes are actually considered semi-rare; that is, far less common than true brown eyes, but more common than pure green eyes, Hazels often contain two separate and distinct color rims around the pupil, with the most common variety of this effect being a brown inner rim circled by a green outer rim. It is this clear distinction between some of the colors in hazel eyes that makes the light levels of a room affect how the eye color is perceived by others. Other types of hazel eyes include speckles or rims of orange and yellow. It is this interesting mysteriousness of hazel eyes that makes them such a popular choice for cosmetic lenses, with hazel color contact lenses providing a versatility that other purer colors cannot match.

Hazel Eye 2

Draw Everyone’s Attention with Hazel Eyes

Color Combinations for Hazel Eyes

All hazel eyes respond very well to autumnal colors. The many shades of brown, as well as green and gold, all serve to highlight hazel eyes. The best method though is a combination of these colors, as hazel eyes are a combination of colors themselves. Copper and bronze shades work perfectly with hazel eyes showing orange tones. Reds can work too, but they must be warm and deep reds, and with complimentary browns and earthy gold to match. Hazel eyes rarely benefit from wearing one color tone, so look to vary the shades of the garments you’re wearing.

Quick tips:
• Autumnal colors are perfect.
• Warm reds only, nothing too bright.
• Wear a variety of color tones.

Color Combinations for Green-Dominated Hazel Eyes

To highlight the green elements of hazel eyes, you need to wear green clothing near the face. Mossy greens, olives and any green with a yellow base should enhance the green elements of hazel eyes. Wear a green scarf or headband for maximum effect, but the effect will still work with tops, jackets and even jewelry.

Quick tips:
• Wear green to highlight the green in hazel eyes.
• Green clothing worn near the face is preferable.
• Green jewelry like jeweled earrings and necklaces work too.

Charlize Theron - Hazel Eyes

Wear Our Angel Hazel Lenses to Recreate Charlize Theron’s Look

Color Combinations for Brown-Dominated Hazel Eyes

To accentuate the brown elements of hazel eyes, then you need to wear dark brown colors. The darker the brown you wear, the more the darker brown elements of your hazel eyes will dominate. Perhaps surprisingly following the dark brown advice, you can also wear white, which brown tends to stand out against better than other colors and shades. Dark brown and white together is a very effective color combo for highlighting darker hazel eyes. Black will also work similarly to how dark brown works, but there will be no real correlation between eye color and outfit so the effect may be less than if you went with a dark chocolate brown.

Quick tips:
• Wear chocolate browns to enhance the brown in hazel eyes.
• White works as a fantastic highlighter of brown eyes.
• Avoid greens and yellows, which only accentuate similar colors.

Rachel Weisz - Hazel Eyes

Find Out Which Celebrities Have Hazel Eyes

Celebrities with Hazel Eyes

There are numerous celebrities with hazel eyes that you might not even have noticed. Actors like Charlize Theron, Rachel Weisz and Angelina Jolie all have hazel eyes, though you might struggle to notice when looking at some of their photo-shoots due to a little bit of photo-shopping and light manipulation to highlight the lighter elements of their eyes. Audrey Hepburn is one of the classic movie stars with hazel eyes, while modern up and comers like Mila Kunis and Kristen Stewart also have eyes with the most difficult to define color.

Some of these celebrities often appear to have green or even blue eyes sometimes, but it is not always down to Photoshop. Hazel eyes will often reflect similar colors in their surroundings, so magazine images and film posters are often manipulated during the shoot to make the eyes brighter and more striking. Celebrities like actors are often being photographed by the paparazzi as well, which means bright camera flashes going off before their faces which also results in the lighter elements appearing more dominant.

Not every hazel-eyed celebrity appears to change eye color from picture to picture though, and many of them are proud of their hazel eyes. Pop star Kelly Clarkson even felt the slightly unnecessary need to describe her eye color in her heartbreak anthem Behind These Hazel Eyes. Quite what it has to do with the end of the relationship she’s singing about is anyone’s guess. Perhaps her ex wanted someone with less interesting peepers.

What to Wear With Your Yellow Colored Contact Lenses

October 3rd, 2014

We’ve been gathering plenty of advice from fashion experts and professionals over the last few weeks for people with all sorts of eye colors like the common blues, greens and browns. But you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there isn’t an awful lot of fashion advice out there for people with yellow eyes.

Fear not, as we have also been gathering some color combination and costume tips for those of you sporting irregular color contact lenses, such as red lenses, white lenses, or indeed yellow contact lenses. While most of the advice for yellow eyes will be costume-centric, there are still a few pointers for anyone wanting to rock a pair of yellow contact lenses without dressing up as a comic or screen character as well.


Take a Look at Our Eye0-catching Selection of Yellow Contact Lenses

Color Combinations to Enhance Yellow Eyes

The key to making yellow eyes work as a general fashion statement is to clash. Wearing yellow colored clothing with yellow eyes doesn’t work as well as other colors do in highlighting a similar eye color (such as wearing green to accentuate green eyes). You also need strong colors, so avoid pastel shades and any very light varieties. Purple works really well to make yellow eyes stand out, but you can wear true reds, blues and greens as well.

Another interesting combination to try is wearing yellow contact lenses with a grey outfit. In this instance, it is better to wear lighter greys than darker, stronger varieties of the shade. With your yellow contact lenses being the only splash of color, they will stand out tremendously. Black and white can also work, but a grey ensemble is a lot more stylish and works surprisingly well with yellow.

Quick Tips:
• Clash with strong, true colors.
• Avoid pastels and yellow colored garments.
• Wear light grey for an especially stylish look.

Yellow Eyes - Anakin Skywalker

Get Yellow Eyes Like Anakin Skywalker

Costume Ideas for Yellow Contact Lenses

Colored contacts are perfect for party costumes and cos-play. With yellow eyes, there are loads of famous fictional characters you can dress up as well as plenty of generic characters such as werewolves. In fact, yellow eyes have been the preferred eye color for movie and TV werewolves ever since the classic American Werewolf in London flick changed the game for special effects in monster movies over 30 years ago. Today, it’s still the eye color of choice for werewolves as you can spot similar werewolf yellow eyes on both MTV’s Teen Wolf series and Hemlock Grove on Netflix.

Werewolf Costume Tips:
• Fake sideburns help mimic the mid-change werewolf look.
• Glowing UV contact lenses add extra spookiness.
• Get more ideas for the rest of your costume from current TV werewolves.

Star Wars fans can easily recreate Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side with a pair of yellow contact lenses, preferably with an angry red rim like these Wildfire yellow colored lenses. The look is from the Revenge of the Sith film, and marks the moment Anakin passes the point of no return on his journey to becoming Darth Vader. All you need to complete the look is a brown bath gown or baggy brown sheet wrapped around you, a hood to gaze menacingly out from under, and the complete and utter inability to inflect any semblance of emotional depth into your voice.

Anakin Skywalker Costume Tips:
• Wear yellow contacts with fiery red rims.
• Wear a hood to enhance your dark side.
• Only speak in the monotone inflections of a bored teenager.

If you prefer dressing up in red leather – which, let’s face it, we all do – then you can pull off one of the most iconic images of the entire 1980s. Michael Jackson’s Thriller video is still regarded as one of the greatest of all time. And while it was and still is an awesome tune, it was the accompanying ghoulish video and short film that it is most remembered for.

Younger readers might recognize the popcorn-eating gif that has been circulating the internet since forever as the standard response when other people start arguing with each other. But for older viewers of the original video, it was pretty shocking when Wacko revealed his spooky yellow eyes for the first time. To recreate the vintage look yourself, just team those yellow eyes with a red leather jacket, practice a few crotch grabs and high-pitched squeals and you’re all set for a thrilling time.

Thriller Costume Tips:
• The red leather jacket is vital (and instantly recognizable).
• Surprise people by putting on the yellow lenses halfway through the party.
• Use yellow contacts with an animal theme, such as cat or reptilian.

Eye Love Game of Thrones

October 1st, 2014

We might have once thought a TV show couldn’t have got more popular than the Sopranos. We’d be wrong, as the American fantasy drama Game of Thrones, has now overtaken the Sopranos in the popularity takes, with a whopping 18.4 million Americans turning in each episode. Asides the great acting and compelling storyline, much of Game of Throne’s popularity stems from the character’s incredible costumes and none more so than the color of their eyes. Read on to discover how you can get your favorite Game of Throne character eyes using colored contact lenses.

Daenerys Targaryen’s Gorgeous Eyes

Emilia Clarke is a British actress and Game of Thrones marks her first major TV role. Emilia stars as Daenerys Targaryen, the only surviving child of King Aerys II Targaryen. Daenerys Targaryen’s beauty is blatant and is heightens significantly through her stunning gray eyes surrounded by mesh of baby blonde hair. You too can have eyes as intriguing as Daenerys Targaryen’s by simply wearing a pair of gray contact lenses.


Strike a Pose in Gray Contact Lenses

The White Walkers

If you are going to a fancy dress party or to a Halloween event, why not go as a White Walker? These mythical creatures are a species of humanoid beings in the North, ‘beyond the wall’. As the lands ‘beyond the wall’ are primarily wild, unchartered and untamed, so is the attire and look of the White Walkers. As well as their unkempt hair and intensely lined skin, the White Walkers boast eyes as blue as the hottest part of a flame.

By wearing a pair of bright blue contact lenses, back-combing your hair or putting a wild and unruly wig on and painting deep and prominent lines on your skin, you can certainly resemble a White Walker and given the popularity of Game of Thrones at the moment, your choice of fancy dress costume is certain to go down with a bang.


Get Ice Cold Blue Lenses

Catelyn Stark

The red-haired Catelyn Stark is played by Michelle Fairley and is one of the leading characters in Game of Thrones. Catelyn is the wife of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady of Winterfall. Catelyn’s wild red locks are augmented by her powerful blue eyes.
Regardless of whether you have red hair or not, you can have eyes as blue as Catelyn Stark’s by wearing a pair of blue contact lenses.
Whoever your favorite character is in Game of Thrones, with a little theatrical imagination, clever use of make up, an inventive costume, and, most importantly, a pair of colored contact lenses, you too can look like you’ve just stepped onto a Game of Thrones set.

catelyn stark

Show Off your Natural Blue Eyes

Why Wear Colored Contact Lenses?

September 29th, 2014

Why dye your hair bright pink and be stuck with it for months when you can stand out from the crowd much more simply by wearing a pair of colored contact lenses? Colored contacts are a cost-effective, easy and effective way to look great and be noticed. Asides the blatant gorgeous-inducing traits of sporting eyes as green as emerald, as blue as topaz or as brown as chocolate, colored contacts also conceal the color of eyes an individual might feel unhappy with. Take a look at some of the reasons why people choose to wear colored contact lenses.

To a Party or a Special Occasion

Whether it’s the end of year prom, the office Christmas party, New Year’s Eve or a Halloween party, colored contacts are guaranteed to enhance your outfit and make you feel and look delightfully ostentatious. One of the greatest components of colored lenses is that they come in such a huge range of colors and styles. If, for example, you are attending a fancy dress party as a vampire, wearing a bright and vivid pair of mesmerizing red vampire lenses will take your vampire look to a new level. Or perhaps you want to look as gorgeous as possible to a special occasion, such as a prom or Christmas party? Wearing a pair of Aqua contacts would make you look irrefutably different and undeniably irresistible.


Feel Gorgeous With Blue Contact Lenses

To Conceal Natural Eye Color

It’s an unfortunate trait of contemporary society that certain eye colors are deemed more ‘beautiful’ than others. We only have to look at the eyes Hollywood stars and A-list celebrities to realize what color eyes are considered the ‘height of beauty’.

But have you ever considered the prospect that the stars weren’t actually born with such vibrant colored eyes and their eyes as blue as the ocean are actually created with colored contacts? It is widely rumored that Paris Hilton’s famous baby blue eyes are not her natural color and the illustrious socialite was actually born with brown eyes.

Achieving the color of eye we have always dreamed of is one of the leading reasons people wear colored lenses. If you are going to wear contacts as a means of carrying off another color, you may want to opt for more natural colored tones of green, blue, brown and hazel.


Green Lenses Are a Great Choice

To Hide Unwanted Color Pigmentation

Some people are born with conditions that results in their eye color being ‘different’ to the usual blue, green and brown the majority of people are born with. Whilst having an unusual eye color should be considered unique and desirable, many people living with a condition that effects their eye color strive to change the shade of their irises.

For example, albinism usually results in a lack of pigmentation in the eye causing red-colored eyes. Someone with albinism might want to change the color of their eyes to a more ‘conventional’ green, blue or brown. Whatever your reason for wearing colored contacts, one thing is for sure, these stunningly theatrical lenses are designed to get you noticed!

What to Wear With Your Brown Colored Contact Lenses

September 26th, 2014

Statistically, brown eyes are the most overwhelmingly prevalent eye color on the planet, but there are so many different shades and tones of brown out there that the statement is pretty much redundant. There are many different shades of dark brown, light brown, and browns with specks of other colors too. Even if you were born with brown eyes, there are still many other shades of colored contact lenses that you can try out to see what works best with your skin tone and hair color. But once you have decided your favorite shade of brown, what color styles can you wear to maximize their lovely brownness? Read on to discover some fantastic color combinations which help to highlight brown eyes and make the most of them, whether they’re natural or just for the evening.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Pink and Gold

Get Seductive Brown Eye Like Catherine Zeta Jones

Everyday Colors for Brown Eyes

There are so many good color options for casual daily wear, but let’s start with a less obvious one. Blue is very much the friend of brown eyed people. It might not strike you as an exceptionally complimentary combination at first, but there are so many shades of blue which work wonders with brown eyes. There are the darker tones like navy and cobalt which work well, plus lighter tones like turquoise and other soft denim colors which are also highly complimentary. Whatever you blue you choose, really go for it and don’t be too subtle.

Of course, blue isn’t the only color that works in a casual situation. Try bright, true reds and oranges which can highlight the many deep layers of color that brown eyes can have. There are also a number of light green shades like olive and mossy green which compliment brown eyes. Yellow works too, as do the lighter brown shades like khaki. Avoid black though as it doesn’t really do anything for brown eyes.

Quick tips:
• Most blues work brilliantly with brown eyes.
• True reds, but light greens and browns.
• Avoid black-dominated outfits.



Our Choco Diva Lenses Look Similar To Jessica Alba’s

Eveningwear Colors for Brown Eyes

Again, avoid black as it’s not a color/shade that works well with brown eyes. Black works with brighter colors like blue and green, but brown eyes will lose a little of their luster when paired with black. Brown itself can work in a more glamorous environment though, but go for a shade closer to cinnamon which will let your eyes shine without you appearing to have a brown theme going on (which is not particularly glamorous to be honest).

Light purple shades such as lilac and lavender are wonderfully elegant, while taupe is another shade you should seek out in an evening gown, as it looks magnificent as well as accentuating your eyes’ brown tones. Golden colors are excellent during autumn time and again look absolutely stunning with brown eyes. You want it to be a warm gold though, nothing too shiny or reflective. Also watch your jewelry choices if wearing golden clothing. Silver pieces will often work with a golden gown better than golden jewelry.

Quick tips:
• Avoid black.
• Cinnamon instead of brown, taupe instead of true purple.
• Never overdo the gold.


Achieve Princess Leia’s Look

Costumes & Party Colors for Brown Eyes

White is a color (or shade, if you want to get technical) that darkens brown eyes, so if you have natural brown eyes or have brown color contact lenses you want to try out, then going for a white costume might be just the ticket. One good all-white costume is the classic Princess Leia look from the original Star Wars. The silky white dress is fairly important, of course, but it will be those famous pastry buns on the side of the head that will make your costume instantly recognizable, so make sure you get those right.

You also have a lot of options in the ghost department (especially with Halloween arriving on the scene soon), and having brown eyes will actually work really well to help differentiate your ghost from the myriad of zombies and various undead costumes that are so prevalent in modern costume parties. So if you’re going for a ghost, think vengeful Japanese spirit in a flowing white nightdress. Whitening your face with theatrical make-up will make your brown eyes stand out even more. Now just brush your hair straight or get a long wig, practice a spooky head tilt and stare your big brown eyes out from under your fringe at anyone who dares disturb your eternal slumber for a plastic cup of punch.

Quick tips:
• Princess Leia’s white outfit from the first Star Wars film.
• Vengeful Japanese spirits.
• Anything else that lets you wear white.

Rare Eye Colors

September 24th, 2014

Did you know that humans are around 99.9% genetically identical? Think about it. We all have brown, black, blonde or red hair. We all have pale, medium or dark skin. And we all have blue, brown, hazel or green eyes. Well almost all of us. With humans being almost genetically identical, the tiny percentage of us who are blessed with some kind of physical characteristic that can be deemed as rare, should consider it as a blessing, after all who wants to blend into the crowd?

Rare eyes can be beautiful. Though it has to be said, as genetically programmed are our bodies to look the same as our fellow citizens, so are our minds and people, generally speaking, don’t like to be considered ‘different, especially when it comes to our looks. Take a look at some of the rarest color eyes in existence and how, if someone is uncomfortable with their unusual eyes, they can cover them up with colored contacts. By the same token, if somebody wants rare eyes, they can create uniqueness with rare lenses.


Amber Eyes

Yes amber eyes do exist and are caused by the deposition of ‘lipochrome’, the yellow pigment in the iris. Amber eyes comprise of yellow, golden and coppery tones and could certainly be considered beautiful for their uniqueness. As yellow/coppery eyes are common in wolves, amber eyes are also known as ‘Wolf eyes.’

If someone who was born with amber eyes feels uncomfortable about their eye color, they could easily disguise them with a pair of green, blue, brown or hazel lenses. Alternatively, anyone who feels thrilled by the prospect of boasting ‘wolf eyes’ they could create a mystifying gaze with a pair of amber lenses.

Red Eyes

Whilst the human eye typically produces sufficient pigment to color the iris brown, blue and green, in some rare cases not enough pigment is produced. This is often the situation with albinism. With an albinistic individual the lack of pigment in the eyes means the red of the retina is visible through the iris and gives the impression of red or pink colored eyes.

Again, this uniqueness should be deemed as beautiful but many albinistic people could yearn more pigment-heavy eyes. Wearing a pair of colored lenses in blue, green or brown, will ensure somebody with naturally red eyes will have the eye color they wish they had been born with. On the other side of the coin, red eyes can be created with a pair of red contact lenses – designed to make you look thoroughly unique and stand out from the crowd.


Find Out Which Celebrities Have Heterochromia Iridium

Black Eyes

Black eyes are perhaps the rarest colored eyes in the world. Dark eyes are widely considered beautiful so it stands to reason that someone with naturally black eyes would be proud to keep them that way. Thanks to the technological advances of colored lenses, it is also possible to have black eyes, to mesmerize, captivate and create a stir.

Heterochromia Iridium

While we tend to assume everybody has two equally colored eyes, this is not always the case. Heterochromia iridium is a condition in which someone is born with two different colored eyes. Heterochromia is usually caused as a result of either excessive or insufficient melanin, inherited, or caused by a genetic condition. Somebody living with two different colored eyes can have equally colored eyes by wearing a pair of colored lenses.

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