Jordan Hanz The Uber Talented Make-up Artist!

O.M.G! would be my choice of words if I had only one word to describe the unbelievably fantastical and even, implausibly magical pieces of art that are being created by Jordan Hanz, the uber talented make-up artist, who has really just taken the make-up world by storm in the last year with her superb face painting and make-up skills!

jordan-hanz-muscle-makeup-white-eyeJordan is only 24 years old, and is a truly talented, self-taught, make-up artist/face painter, who has only recently started experimenting with make-up-, contact lenses, fake eye-lashes and all kinds of painting techniques to create some of the most phenomenal artworks on her face! Now when I say recent, I mean, pretty much just over a year! Jordan, started transforming her face, and shoulders (most of the time) into a whole assemblage of mystical and fantastical creatures in March of 2014, having never done anything like this before, it’s ridiculously amazing how far she’s come, basically, overnight!

When Jordon first started exploring with make-up and creating all these awesomely inspiring masterpiece creations on her own face, she says that she felt she had finally found her calling, her passion, one of the many reasons that gets her excited to wake up every morning and create! Jordon initially came across some artists who were painting directly on their bodies with acrylic paints, and she was stunned at how realistic it looked, giving her the inspiration and courage to explore and this was her stepping stone into releasing all of her creative juices flow!

jordan-hanz-mortal-kombat jordan-hanz-white-out-contacts

From scary, Mortal Kombat’s Mileena, to the World of Warcraft’s Blood Elf, Jordan has a “thing” for creating characters of video games. Another one of her most mesmerising pieces of work is her Witcher 3 Transformation Make up tutorial, in which she literally transforms her entire face and top part of her body, into a perfectly precise replica of the character Gerald, from the new Witcher video game series, using flabbergasting skill, make-up, paint and yellow comic book contact lenses. The transformation that Jordan creates is mind blowing really, and for a second, perhaps even a minute, you might think that she’s just messing with all of us, and that it must of been PhotoShopped, but then she went and uploaded the actual tutorial of herself painting the make up on her face and putting her contacts in, and that’s it, our minds are blown!

Jordan’s self-taught make-up artistry really is a whole different ball game, and people are absolutely obsessing over her latest creation, the Aphrodite Statue, which she brought-into-being, with a tutorial video that she uploaded only 3 weeks ago. The Aphrodite Statue Tutorial Video, where Jordan creates an uncanny replicated version of a statue, including cracked stone and a white meshed eye contact lens in her right eye, has had over 57 000 views and will probably land her the title of the NYX Face Awards, which she has been nominated for and is currently running in the Top 20!jordan-hanz-witcher-3-yellow-eyesJordan has built up a strong and massive fan base, with over 200 000 followers on Instagram and over 32 000 subscribers on YouTube, she’s constantly posting tutorials on how to (apparently very easily) recreate her blissfully beautiful make-up handiwork. With the combination of Hanz’s talented make-up artistry, and adding in accessories like contact lenses, glitter, extreme encrusted fake lashes and a trusty video camera, Jordan is making quite the name for herself in the industry! Hanz has also been posting tutorials on how to achieve everyday normal, but striking and boldly sexy and sultry make-up!



So if you think you could follow Jordan Hanz’s super wicked tutorials, why not check out these contact lens videos, while you’re on YouTube and stock up on a variety of contact lenses for your new adventure into the world of make-up and face painting art!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of using Contact Lenses

So, even though you might think that your daily routine with your contact lenses is perfect, putting them in, taking them out and cleaning them, it is very possble that its not perfect. You may feel that it’s working well for you, but from recent studies, doctors are saying that many contact users are putting their eye health at risk, with some very common practices, which people think are standard, but really are putting them at risk.

We’ve made a simple to follow list, of Do’s and Don’ts to safely use your contact lenses.


  • DO get your eyes examined annually! Many contact users don’t realise that the fit of your lenses is something that can change throughout your life, and having your and annual check can determine whether you need any adjustments made to the size of your contact lenses. A pair of contact lenses that are too tight or too small can cause problems to your eyes in the long run
  • DO work on finding an optometrist that you trust and stick with her/him! Switching from doctor to doctor, based on who has the latest specials or promotions at the time, who can keep track of your eye’s health and wellbeing. If you ever do run into serious problems, schedule and urgent appointment with your optometrist and not an urgent care centre, where they don’t know your history.
  • DO make sure you wash your lenses and your case correctly! One mistake the many people make and don’t realise, is that water is a terrible substance to wash your contact lenses with, so is saliva, so please don’t run your contacts under the tap or stick them in your mouth to clean them! Tap water may contain traces of organisms in it that can lead to very severe infections. Make sure that you clean your contact lenses with a proper accredited contact lens solution and also try to empty out the solution in your case and refill daily instead of just topping it up!


  • Lens EyeDON’T use your contact lenses past their recommended date! Don’t just wear your contact until they feel they need to be changed, that’s a very bad sign that something bad has already started to happen to your eyes. You could have abrasion to your cornea or there could be bacteria building up on the inside part of your lens, damaging your eyes and slowly starting an infection. Stick to the instructions, if your lenses are meant to be replaced every two weeks then do it!
  • DON’T go to sleep with your contact lenses still in! Honestly, no matter what manufacturers will tell you about sleeping in your contact lenses being safe, there are so many studies that show a very strong link between sleeping with contact lenses in and infections that it really is just the smart thing to take them out when you’re going to bed. When you’re asleep there is a decreased amount of oxygen flow going to your eyes and this can lead to infections as your contacts will be getting less oxygen too. It really is just safer to remove your contact lenses on a daily basis.
  • DON’T ignore warning signs of an infection! If you’re experiencing any soreness, redness, itching, pain, or light sensitivity and blurriness, please, for the love of all good, go and see a doctor. If any of the above symptoms persist for longer than these symptoms persists for more than 24 hours, get yourself over to your optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you have severe symptoms you need to be seen by a doctor immediately, and if the infection is treated properly and in time, most contact lens-related issues or infections won’t lead to long term vision problems, but be warned that if you leave it for too long and your case becomes severe, you could end up with reduced vision or scarring, so please don’t take it lightly.

Boy getting eye exam

Following these simple rules of thumb, you really should have a happy and pleasant experience using contact lenses, without any infections or irritations. Remember there are such a massive variety of contact lenses to choose from out there, why not have a look at some of our contact lens video and see if there any that you would love to you this summer.

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Achieving the Goth Look with Contact Lenses

rock-concert-lensesIf you’re looking at achieving that Goth look and already have the right clothes, hair and make-up, but still feel like you need to add a little something extra to your whole get up? Ghastly and Gothic contact lenses will add so much more dramatic edge to achieving the Goth look that you want!

Whether you’re already into the whole Goth look, or if this is really just for a special occasion, you can rock out at some of your favourite rock-band and metal concerts this year with a completely demeanour and radically awesome gothic look and feel. Whatever your reasons for wanting to scare the bewitches out of everyone that see’s you, we’re here to show you all the wildly, wacky and crazy Gothic contact lenses that will put some much needed darkly demonic looking touches to your outfit.

rock-metal-contactsGet this elegantly dark and demonic Gothic look by dying your hair completely silver/grey, working some magic make-up skills, you can never have enough white face powder and black eyeliner in your drawers if you’re into the Gothic scene. Also make sure you have the right accessories and jewellery to match your outfit, make-up and hair. To wrap up your look with a nice edgy touch of scary demeanour, pop some Whiteout Contact Lenses into your eyes…


This look is slightly easier to achieve than the last one we went over. With still applying a substantial amount of dark black and grey tones of eyeliner and eye shadow around your eyes,  and lusciously longing lips coated in a red maroon shade, your make-up will be good to go (don’t forget to insert your contact before starting your make-up routine -with CLEAN HANDS!) Create a deadly look on the tips of your hair with some white chalk and then the final and most enticing touch would be to add a set of Mirrored Silver Contact Lenses in your eyes.

gothic-contactsAchieve Angelina’s Zombie Gothic look with some simple but striking make-up techniques, which involve loads of red and black eye liner and shadows around the eyes, please try and use oil-free make-up products, so that you don’t get make-up seeping into your eyes and irritating your contact lenses. Cover your lips in a deadly and grotesque grey shaded lipstick to give your face a zombie edge. To complete this look you want to find a pair of contact lenses that stand out boldly and clearly, which should be a dramatically white-blue shade, perhaps a pair of White UV Contact Lenses.

Kirsten-gothic-lookCreate Kirsten’s more evil and almost bloodly looking Gothic look by putting in a very bright and devilish red set of contact lenses, and pairing them up with extremely dramatisised eye make up, make sure that you’re using all shades of red, maroons and blacks and greys, again be sure that your are using oil-free products and clean hands! Ofcourse the dark velvety red lips, will add an extra touch of lush… and lastly, dont brush your hair!

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Funky and Far-Out Contact Lenses for Summer Hippie Festivals

contacts-at-the-festival Summer is upon us, and with all the music festivals, movies festivals, cannabis festivals and dance festivals that go down in summer, why not go for a look that will make you stand out from the rest! Contact Lenses that will give you a unique and trendy aura, with some of these wacky and wild contact lenses you’ll look amazing, whether you’re dancing the days away or chilling under the summer moon with all your closest friends in front of a blazing bonfire!

Choosing the perfect set of contact lenses to wear to a festival really isn’t that hard, especially when there’s such a massive selection out there to choose from! You could go for a very subtle set of glimmering green contact lenses that light up your eyes, brighten your face, and show off your dreadlocks or you could make more of a statement with a set of bright yellow smiley contact lenses.

Here’s my selection of some of four of the funkiest, wackiest and perfectly paired contact styles for you to choose form for your festival roaming’s this summer!

Go for some UV Green Contact Lenses, if you’re looking to attract some crazy and fun attention, the effects of these wicked contacts are by far my favourite as they’ll glow under the strobe lights at night but also look deeply mystical during the day time light. Shockingly bright green contacts will look even more spectacular if you have a fair or freckled skin tone, or have strawberry blonde and even red hair.

If you’re looking to create a more feminine look, but still want something that’s going topurple-lens-festival show off your wild and wacky characteristics, try going for a set of contact lenses that have a blend of bright whites, mixed in with pinks or purples. The fun part about lenses like this, is you can pair them up with any kind of outfit, and they’ll match all skin tones and hair colour really. Perhaps look at a pair of sunburst purple toned contact lenses, which will give a super striking effect to your eyes in the sun rays as well as in the night sky.

We all have that one friend in the group, who will always be smiling at festivals, non-stop, 24/7, just thinking about him/her, puts a smile on your face doesn’t it? That person deserves a pair of awesome yellow smiley contact lenses to go with their awesome summery smile, and lucky for you, they’re priced just right!

So, of course if you’re attending a Cannabis Festival, first of all, wearing contacts is going to weed-contact-lensesrequire a lot of artificial tears and solution to keep your eyes hydrated and your contact lenses moist. So don’t forget drops! Secondly, there are some super stoner, crazy cannabis themed contact lenses that will totally match your hippie outfit and style! Plus you’ll get to freak a ton of people out while wearing them, how fun!

Now, I really could go on and on all day about hundreds of hippie-girl-festivaldifferent coloured and different themed contact lenses, all of which will give your eyes a trendy and completely utterly unique and different look, but like I said, we would be here all day!

So, with a head start into the game of festival contact lenses, go forth and shop till you drop! And, please boys and girls, if you’re going to be wearing contact lenses and partying the day and night away, make sure that you’re drinking a lot of water, hydrating your eyes with the correct drops, and if you need to take your contacts out to give them a clean, to do so in a sound state of mind, with washed and clean hands!

Go and have a look at our videos on YouTube and see all the funky and wacky eye lenses you can get for your summer festival parties! Have a great summer everyone!

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Circle Lenses vs. Regular Contact Lenses

So everyone is talking about this new craze, Circle Contact Lenses, but what do we know about them and which is better to use, circle lenses or regular lenses this should clear up the debate that everyone has been having, Circle Lenses vs. Regular Coloured Lenses


Firstly, what are Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses are a cosmetic contact lens that hat hot the world with a bang and has become super popular in Asia, and gradually has made its mark in Hollywood, with Lady Gaga making them super famous in her “Bad Romance” music video, where she wore some wicked circle lenses, although keep in mind that her editors played around a lot with Photoshop in this video, so you won’t get such massively effective eyes as seen in her video! Circle lenses have also been called Big Eye Circle Lenses, as they tend to make your eyes look much bigger, with their wide outer black ring, which will widen the irises of your eyes and make them appear larger and more attractive. Generally though, 40% of circle lens users, don’t use a prescription set, but instead just as a fashion accessory. These Big Circle lenses won’t interfere your vision though

Benefits of Circle Lenses:

  • circle-lenses-redA great way to add drama and magic to your eyes.
  • Pull of an anime or manga character look, down to the very last detail.
  • Create larger and bigger looking eyes.

 Secondly, what are the differences between Circle Lenses and Coloured Contacts?

Probably the biggest difference between circle lenses and coloured contact lenses is that Circle Lenses have a much bigger diameter than what coloured contacts do and will definitely create a more flattering and defined look on your eyes, on both woman and men alike.

Another big difference between regular contacts and circle contacts, is as their name suggests, the actual thin black circle rim which sits around the edge of lenses, which will intensify the appearance of your irises and make them look a lot bigger than what a pair of regular contact lenses will, as on regular contact lenses this band is usually transparent.


In my opinion, I love the look of circle lenses, on both woman and men, the alluring mystical look that they create is luscious and super appealing to the eye, making you look very dreamy and sultry. Although, it really does depend on the kind of effect you are looking to make with your eyes, if you really are only looking to go for a natural look, then regular coloured contacts are the way to go for you! Circle lenses will give you a much more defined and larger looking eye, and create an exceptionally charismatic look and feel to your eyes.


Why not have a look at our videos on Circle lenses and see what they look like with some dramatic and effective make up!

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Movies that pulled off using Contact Lenses perfectly!

movie-film-contact-lensesJune is my favourite time of the year, all the new movies that you’ve been hearing about all year get released and finally you get to watch them all. Movie producers and directors have definitely become wiser and more advanced in their technique over the years, and special effects have sky rocketed to a new level of greatness! Over the past 5 to 10 years, we’ve witnessed some spectacular special effects and fantasy creation in movies and contact lenses have played a major role in a lot of these movies!

Here’s a list of some of the some of the most incredible movies that pulled off using contact lenses perfectly!

The Twilight Series

twillight-eyesThese sexy and luscious looking vampires had such an impact on the world that people are still going gaga over Bella and Edward, with their deep, sultry orange and red eyes! Get your own vampire look on with these Twilight Contact Lenses.

The Incredible Hulk

Hulk-Green-Contact-LensesWith his incredibly strong muscles and ridiculously radical super powers, The Incredible Hulk is a legend who is the strongest of all the super heroes and oh, did we mention he has the most amazing bright green eyes!? Get his look with this phenomenal contact lens set.





The evil fairy godmother that we all believed was this terribly awful witch, who was out to kill snow white and destroy her life, turns out to be a very hurt, and lonely woman, who’s heart was broken! Superb movie, sensational eyes too! Steal her look with these Emerald Green Contact Lenses.





underworld-contact-lensesThis action/thriller movie, had us all enthralled and on the edge of our seat, wanting and waiting to find out the secrets and history of the vampire and lycans that walk the face of the earth. An intriguing and bewitching movie that will always be a favourite for years to come! My favourite character has to be Selene the Vampire Death Dealer who sported the most daunting and insanely blue eyes!


avatar-contact-lensesOf course this movie is in here! One of the biggest grossing movies of all time, with some of the most unbelievably fantastic special effects and artwork, including those alluring yellow eyes, which captured so many people’s hearts. If you want to get closer to the lifestyle of an Avatar, give yourself a coat of blue paint and try these striking Avatar Contact Lenses.

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5 Reasons Why Contact Lenses are Cooler in the Summer!


I know how frustrating it can be to wear glasses in the sweaty and raging heat of summer, constantly having your glasses fog up, or having to push them up your nose bridge all day as you’re dripping in sweat, not to mention the limited amount of sunnies you get to choose from, so I’ve made a list of 5 Reasons why Contact Lenses are cooler in the Summer!


  1. Sweat and Glasses don’t gel well!

We’ve all been there! The constant irriwear-contacts-insteadtation of having to push your glasses back up to sit in place, and then having to permanently clean them, all because your face is a dripping, sweat producing machine in the summer, and all you want to do it take them off, but you won’t see a thing if you do?! So think about how awesome a set of contact lenses will be in your eye instead? Gone are the days of having to play “push up the glasses” games, you’ll feel so much more comfortable with a well fitted pair of contact lenses in your eyes.


  1. Stay Cool in the Pool!

swimming-with-contact-lensesOK, come, let’s face reality here, wearing your glasses in the pool sucks doesn’t it!? Sure you can pay a fortune to get specially made prescription goggles made just for you if there is no other option, but are you going to play pool games and talk to the hot ladies sunbathing with them on? I don’t think so guys! Wearing glasses in the pool is a royal pain in the butt, with contacts you’ll be able to swim as much as you like, play pool volleyball, dive in from the high dive, and chat up the girls, without having to think about your glasses at all!.


  1. Get Styling with Sunnies!

Wear-sunglasses-in-summerSo there is always the option of having your glasses fitted with transitions lenses, and they are great if you really love a certain style of frame and want to use that frame as your glasses and sunglasses, with the lenses tinting darker when necessary, but let’s face it! Not all the latest and fashionably trendy designer sunglasses frames are available in this option. A real pair of sunnies has such a different effect, especially if you have your eye on the latest trendy sunglass craze! With your contacts you can get yourself as many sunglasses as you want and swap them around as many times as you like, without having to worry about whether you’ll be able to see or not!


  1. Foggy Glasses are NOT Cool

foggy-sunglassesThis happens to me all the time, I get all dressed and ready to head out and as I step out of my air-conditioned house out into the summer heat, my glasses instantly fog up and I can’t see a thing in front of me! Now you can get an anti-fogging layer of magic applied to your glasses but this is yet again another cost you don’t want to have to fork out for! With your contact lenses on this will never be an issue, you’ll be able to walk out into the mad heat and then back into the cool house with no foggy irritation!


  1. Freaky and Fun Prescription Contacts

freaky-uv-contactsMake a statement when you head out to all the summer parties you’ll be attending, with some freaky and fun prescription contact lenses. There is a massive range of really cool and freaky prescription lenses you can choose from vampire yellows to hell raiser reds, to awesome UV Rave-style contact lenses, you can get the party started with a new and freakish look in your eyes, plus, because you can get them in your prescription, you’ll be able to see just fine!

Check out the video below of how great you can look in some of the UV Lenses available!

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Mumbai Doctor creates 24 Carat Gold Contact Lenses!

 If you’ve ever taken a trip through India, or even just watched a Bollywood movie, you can’t help but notice the copious amounts of gold they love, from golden jewellery, clothes, teeth and apparently now even golden eyes! Indian based Optometrist, Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan has taken his love for all things gold and shiny to a whole new level with his 24 Carat Gold infused contact lenses! Yes, that’s what I wrote, 24 carat gold contact lenses.


According to the Mumbai based eye doctor her has always had a love for all things gold, and after all the hype that happened with the Twilight movies, when people worldwide started buying sparkling and golden contact lenses, he thought it quite fitting to create contact lenses that were actually infused with real Nano 24 Carat Gold particles! He have very specifically created a method to add golden flecks to the contact lenses in a specialised paste format and then to avoid eyes coming in contact with the gold itself, he applied an extra layer between the part which will sit on the eye and the gold

Of course this is a product that has sparked many controversial debates and conversations between eye specialists worldwide, and we can understand why. These spell binding golden contact lenses weigh 5grams each and it’s still unknown whether the golden flecks will cause damage to the eyes, regardless, Bollywood actors and singers have been spotted wearing these sparkling eye bling contacts.

golden-contact-lenses-bannerAlthough these really are dishy and every so luxurious, we would recommend getting some gold glimmer contact lenses that have actually been medically approved for use and won’t need you to take out a loan just a to buy a pair, as the 24 carat gold contact lenses go for a staggering £11,690! Isn’t that crazy? So unless you’re a Hollywood superstar and really want to spend that amount of money on contact lenses, we’d recommend trying out some of glimmer gold contact lenses  that are available.

Create a sparkling and starry eyed look this summer with a wide variety of contact lenses that come in a range of golden tones which really are quite flattering. The warm golden tones in the contact lenses will light up your face and add a mystical and magical feel and look to any outfit. Make sure you look after your eyes and your lenses properly, avoiding painful and strenuous infection, that really is the last thing you need this summer!

Have a look at all our crazy and wonderful contact lense videos!

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What Make-Up to wear with your Big Eye Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for that dolly look that you love on all the gorgeous girls of the anime world, you can totally get them, with some easy tips and advice on what make up to wear with your Big Eye contact lenses, you’ll be looking as cute and as adorable as the Japanese Anime girls in your comic books!



Big Eye Contact Lenses will quickly give your eyes a bigger and more dolly feel, but you can add some more drama to your look by playing around with your eye shadow palette. Now since circle lenses and make-up go hand in hand, you don’t need to be a major skilled make-up artist to pull off optimal beauty in this look. Eye makeup will help create a subtle look and make it easy to add depth and richness to your eyes. You can show off you best facial features using Big Eye contact lenses and some neat eye makeup accessories, like false eye lashes, mono-lid tapes and a variety of eye shadows that will make your look pop with style!

Probably one of the most common mistakes us ladies can make is thinking that more makeup means more gorgeous, and boy are we wrong! To get the best results when doing your make-up, try and stay natural and as authentic as possible, make-up is only here to help us enhance the beautiful features we already have!

So now, let’s get right to it! I’ve got some fab make-up tricks that will accentuate your eyes, by using Big Eye lenses and the right choice of eye makeup, you’ll be looking super sexy in no time. Now, you need to remember that the eye shadows you use with say, your Grey Big Eye colour contacts won’t give the same effect as when you’re wearing your Green Big Eye contact lenses, so I’ve made a list of some of the most popular lenses and what shades and make up to use with each! Enjoy!

evening-grey-big-eyes-contact-lensesGrey Big Eye Lenses

  • Use a beige highlighter on the bones of your brow and lightly stoke it over on the eye lids.
  • Next, apply a purple/brown eye shadow to the deepest part of where your eye socket starts, to give the illusion of more depth.
  • Lastly, use a light and warm pink blush on the inner corner of the eyes, this will open up your eyes and just make them stand out more.




Blue Big Eye Lenses218_big-eye-butterfly-aqua-contact-lenses-pair

  • Use a white or beige eye shadow as a highlighter on your brow bones. This can also very easily give volume to your eye lids if you apply it on sparingly.
  • Now, apply a purplish grey or either a dark brown eye shadow to give depth to the eye socket.
  • For this one, make sure you use a sheer light pink eye shadow, and apply it to the inner 9orner of your eyes, this will make them sparkle.




party-green-big-eyes-contact-lensesGreen Big Eye Lenses

  • For green contact lenses, you’ll need to apply either a golden or a white eye shadow as the highlighter across your brow bone
  • Next, try to apply a greyish violet shade of eye shadow as this will create an intriguing and sexy contrast against green eyes
  • Lastly, to brighten up your eyes, you’ll need to add just a hint of light coral on the inner corner of your eyes




Hazel Big Eye Lenses pretty-hazel-big-eyes-contact-lenses

  • Highlight your brow bones with a golden eye shadow, to bring out the beauty of the hazel colour in your eyes.
  • Next, you’ll want to apply a purplish green shaded eye shadow which will give dimension to the eye socket area of your eyes
  • Lastly, give yourself a touch of freshness by adding just a hint of a soft peach blush on the inner corner of your eyes.




Celebraties like Kylie Jenner have also been seen wearing Big Eye Contact Lenses and they really do make a massive statement!


 Some Extra Helpful Tips:

  • Choose a concealer that is close to your skin tone.
  • Try to keep you eyebrows naturally arched, your eyebrows are very strong facial features as they frame your entire face, so try to keep them tidy and neat, because poorly done eye-brows can spoil even the most beautiful looking eyes.
  • If you wear a lot of heavy jewellery, avoid wearing very heavy or glossy and shimmery make-up. Let the jewellery shine on its own whilst leaving your eyes create a subtle mystic look with their Big Eye contact lenses and soft matte eye shadows.
  • If you’re prone to getting dark circles under your eyes, try to avoid using purple and greys as these colours will highlight your dark circles instead of minimizing them.
  • Try not to “cake” your make-up on and avoid heavy artistic make-up except when it is Halloween of course! Halloween contact lenses can create a gruesome and wicked look when worn with Halloween costumes and makeup.

Check out theese Black Dolly Big Eye Contact Lenses, they really add a big bang to your look!

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What to Wear With Your Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Blue eyes naturally shine due to their brightness, but they can be greatly accentuated by your choice of clothing too. Classic neutral colors like black, white, and even navy, are great bases to build off, but there are plenty of bold color choices which can make your eyes shine brighter than other color combinations.

What will work perfectly for you will depend on your exact shade, as blue eyes range from very pale and almost grey shades, to very dark, marine blues. Some of the color combos are best suited for casual or daily wear, while others are ideal for dressing up for a party or glamorous evening out. While it is always recommended to experiment and ensure you are comfortable in what you are wearing, there are some definitive combinations which are tried and trusted by the fashion industry and style conscious celebrities. Here is a quick guide to the best colors to wear with blue eyes.

Blue Eyes with Blue Accessories - Fashion Model

Get Blue Eyes Like a Fashion Model

Casual Daily Wear for Dark Blue Eyes

Wearing various shades of blue is an excellent choice, especially if your eyes are a darker shade of blue. Wearing blue near the face via a neck or head scarf will enhance your blue eyes immeasurably. Wear a bold cobalt hue to deepen your eye color. And to maximize this deepening effect, try matching a bold blue top with a turquoise accessory such as a scarf, large earrings or hat. A faded denim jacket is also a perfect accompaniment for darker blue eyes, while light blue jeans with a white t-shirt, blouse or vest is a very casual but also very effective blue eye enhancer.

• Blue combinations to deepen your natural (or unnatural, wink wink) eye color
• Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
• Keep those blue combos near or around the face

To darken pale blue eyes, try these Mystic Aqua color contact lenses to make all of the color combinations mentioned above perfect for you. Even if you have brown, hazel or green eyes, these brilliant blue contacts will open up whole new fashion adventures for you to embark upon.

Casual Daily Wear for Light Blue Eyes

Light pastels colors work well with a wide variety of colors, but lighter blue eyes more than most. Also, the paler your blue eyes, the warmer colors you should wear. Pastels are perfect and offer a wide range of options. Pinks and various rosy shades will subtly highlight your lighter blue eyes. You can also experiment with various shades of brown as both light and dark brown work well with light blue eyes, though it is a classy daily wear look more than glamorous eveningwear.

• Pastels are perfect
• Warm shades like rosy pinks
• Brown combinations to let your eyes shine


Taylor Swift Rocks The Blue Eyed Look

Glamorous Eveningwear for Dark Blue Eyes

Blue eyes work wonderfully with bright colors. Light green and lemon are two that work especially well, though there is certainly no rule so you should experiment with various shades to see what matches up well with your skin tone and hair color. If you really want to ramp up your glamour factor though, then you should consider going for gold. Gold clothing will make your blue eyes shine like precious jewels and there are few color combinations that can rival it.

• Bright and light
• Consider how your skin tone and hair color match your clothing colors
• Go golden for a super glamorous look

Glamorous Eveningwear for Light Blue Eyes

The pastel colors that can work so well with pale blue eyes for daily wear also translate easily into eveningwear. Try lilacs and lavenders for an effortlessly glamorous style. There’s no rule saying you can’t wear brown or tan for a glamorous evening look, but that color combo tends to work better with more casual style clothing, so try warm pink shades that will give your eyes a deeper and more immediately striking appearance. Light or pear green is another fantastic option which can bring your eyes to life.

• Gentle summer tones (pastels are perfect again)
• Combinations of pink and light red shades
• Light greens (look for pear green shades)

To lighten your eyes, try these Solar Blue color contact lenses to give your eyes a brighter appearance and make all these pastel and pink combos work for you. Again, these contacts work even if your eyes aren’t blue to begin with. So if any of these fashion tips appeal to you, then why not occasionally match your eye color to your outfit instead of the other way round.

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