Cat Contact Lenses

Cat contact lenses are a fantastic way to create a dramatic look easily. Cat contact lenses are coloured lenses that have a black almond shape in the centre. When you wear the lenses, this makes it look like you have the vertical pupils of a cat. Cat’s eye contact lenses give a very convincing effect and by changing the shape of your pupil, they really transform the overall look of your eyes. Cat contact lenses are perfect for cat themed Halloween costumes but they can also be used to recreate the look of snake and reptile eyes or for a wide range of costumes unrelated to cats.

Realistic Cat Contact Lenses

Yellow Cat Contact Lenses

Yellow Cat Contact Lenses

If you want to create realistic looking cat’s eyes, it is important to choose a realistic looking colour. Most cats have golden or amber eyes, although green and blue are also common. These yellow cat contact lenses by ColourVue are ideal for creating this realistic look. These lenses are excellent quality and very comfortable to wear. Like all ColourVue lenses they have a high water content that ensures your eyes stay hydrated and feel fresh all day.


Fantasy Cat Contact Lenses

Cat contact lenses are not just available in realistic colours; they also come in a huge choice of designs. Below are just a few of the cat contacts that we have here at, which you can use to create endless different costumes and cosplay.

Blue Cat Contact Lenses

Blue Cat Contact Lenses

Green Cat Contact Lenses

Green Cat Contact Lenses

Pink Cat Contact Lenses

Pink Cat Contact Lenses


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How to Achieve the Ultimate Natural Blue-Eyed Look

It is hard not to be impressed by someone with dazzling blue eyes, what about Paul Newman, how many of us would like to have that look? Unfortunately most of us have to settle for less colorful tones. There is not a natural way to change your color on a permanent basis.

Your natural iris color is genetic and determined by the amount of melanin it contains. If you only have a small amount of melanin, your eyes are likely to be blue, whilst a lot will make them brown. All babies have blue eyes at first, leading to hopes by the mother that they will stay that way. However once the body starts producing melanin, their eyes generally change.

But Don’t Despair…

You can create a really good safe illusion by wearing contact lenses. Even if you need prescription glasses, you can get colored contacts as replacement prescriptions. The best part is that you can experiment with different blue tones to see what suits you.

To create a blue look you may need to consider your original tone and just tint it slightly, there are some very subtle shades. Otherwise you could go for a blue/grey mix, such as these fusion lenses or even the full dazzling funky blue contact lenses. If you intend clubbing then you could wear electric blue Aqua cat contacts to really purr.


Get Striking Blue Eyes like Cameron Diaz

A New Beginning

To achieve the ultimate natural blue-eye look you could try complementing a pair of natural blue lenses with a subtle use of make up or an elegant hair style.

Take a look at these following make up tips to help you achieve a stunning natural blue look:

• If you wear make up, you could alter the colors you use to bring out natural blue tones in the Iris. Copper and Gold shadows will elevate any blue tone. Brown eyes could be cooled by using blue eye shadow or blue eyeliner, that makes the eye area cooler from a distance.
• Wear some subtly colored lipstick that won’t draw attention from your natural blue eyes but will enhance the color and intrigue. Pick a matte lipstick that is peachy pink or pale pink to help put all the focus on your beautiful blue eyes.
• Winged eye-liner also looks fabulous with blue eyes and can help create a natural look. Cat eyes or winged eye-liner can be worn for everyday occasions like going to the office or to lunch with friends. But for a night on the town, get a more dramatic look to enhance your natural blue eyes further by wearing thicker, more exaggerated lines.

And there you have it, with the right choice of colored contact lenses and some subtle use of makeup you can have the beautiful blue eyes you have always dreamt of and act as if they were the eyes you were born with.

Blue Glamour Contact Lenses

Blue Glamour Contact Lenses

Blue One Tone Contact Lenses

Blue One Tone Contact Lenses

Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses

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Awesome Summer Contact Lenses

Get gorgeous colorful and glittery eyes this summer. We have a wonderful selection of summer contact lenses which will light up your look and leave you feeling glamorous all day long.

Yellow Contact Lenses

Yellow Contact Lenses

Yellow Contact Lenses

Get the ultimate summer look with these vibrant Yellow Contacts. The solid yellow color will not only light up your look but will completely cover up your natural eye color, so everyone will be immediately drawn to your gorgeous face.

If you’re looking for a dramatic yet colorful new look, you will absolutely love wearing these impressive 90 day life span yellow lenses by Funky Eyes. Wear them with your favorite floral prints and attention-grabbing Halloween costumes.

Glimmer Green Contact Lenses

Glimmer Green Contact Lenses

Glimmer Green Contact Lenses

Get in the party mood with a pair of Glimmer Green Lenses. The soft shimmer and delightful green shade will define your eyes and will make them glitter wonderfully in the light.

Not only will you fall in love with the sparkly design but you will be amazed with the 90 day life span and amazing water content which will keep your eyes safe and hydrated.

If you’re planning on wearing them to a party or special occasion, team some jewellery and glittery makeup to enhance your appearance. Strike a pose in these magnificent lenses and watch as everyone gasps in amazement.

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Perfect Festival Lenses


Fantasy Festival

Britain’s Glastonbury might be synonymous with the mud and wearing hot pants and wellies but if you’re off to a festival in the United States, ornateness, excess and grandiosity is required. In fact, to really stand out at many of the big US festivals, not an inch of your body should be left untouched, including your eyes. Enchant everyone who looks at you by wearing a pair of brightly colored and truly funky contact lenses. Whether you want an theatrical look or to create a Gothic vibe, colored contacts will help you dress to impress at a festival.

Take a look at five of the biggest festivals in the United States and what kind of fashion contact lenses would be appropriate to augment the flamboyance of the occasion.

The Mardi Gras

It’s not long now before the debauchery, hedonism and over-consumption of the Mardi Gras hits New Orleans. This colorful, family-friendly affair combines time-honoured traditions with the spirit of spontaneity. If you are attending this year’s Mardi Gras, which is taking place February 27 – March 2, 2014, then you may want to don the festival’s colors – purple, green and gold, which represent justice, faith and power. A pair of colored contact lenses in one of these colors, such as these purple ones, would tie your outfit together perfectly.


Pink UV Contact Lenses

Electric Daisy Carnival

From June 20 – 22, 2014 the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) will be coming to the Las Vegas Strip. This energetic three-day dance party pulls in more than 200,000 visitors. Attendees are encouraged to wear a costume to get them in the mood. Whatever elaborate costume you choose, exemplify your uniqueness with a pair of colored contacts. As you’ll be in sunny Las Vegas, at a festival nicknamed the “American Ibiza”, why not wear a pair of funky yellow UV contact lenses?

San Francisco Pride

Celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual culture for more than 40 years, the San Francisco Pride Festival epitomises what San Francisco is all about. Over a million ‘proud’ visitors will flock to the streets of this colorful and pioneering city from June 28 – 29, 2014 to join in the electrifying celebrations. Naturally you will need to dress up appropriately for this iconic event and as pink is the color representative of gay pride, a pink costume would be an obvious choice. Make your costume stand out further by complementing it with a pair of pink UV contact lenses.


Halloween Parade

Fantasy Festival

Calling all fun-loving party animals who can’t resist a masquerade party. From October 17 – 26, 2014, 10 days of pure revelry will hit Key West in Florida. Rivalling the Mardi Gras as the leading free-for-all hedonistic festival in America, if you don’t look outrageously daring at the Fantasy Fest, you’ll look painfully out of place. An event of such theatrical splendour demands eyes to match the hedonism of the crowd, so why not wear a pair of Blue Star Crazy Contacts or Funky Orange UV ones?

The Village Halloween Parade

If you want to celebrate Halloween in style then get yourself over to New York this October for the Village Halloween Parade. Dress up in an elaborately frightening Halloween costume and join in the excitement unravelling in Times Square. Make your costume really come to life with a pair of Halloween contacts.

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Contact Lens Myths

Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Care

There are a lot of contact lens myths floating around, mostly perpetrated by people who have never even worn them.

Some contact lens myths are understandable, such as worries about any pain or discomfort wearing contact lenses might cause, though others are a result of simply not having done quite enough research.

Whichever category they fall in, all these myths need a good busting so here’s a top ten list of the biggest myths about contact lenses and why they’re simply not true.

1 – “Contact Lenses Hurt”

This is a complete myth because contact lenses wearers usually forget they are even wearing them. It’s true that there will be a new sensation on your eyes when you first start wearing contact lenses, but wearers soon get used to the feeling and stop noticing it. It certainly isn’t painful.

2 – “Contact Lenses Are Always Falling Out”

It is possible for a lens to fall out but it is actually quite rare for it to happen. Prescription contact lenses are fitted to your eye so the chances of them falling out are minimal at best.

3 – “I Can’t Put Contact Lenses On”

To the uninitiated, putting contact lenses on can seem a daunting affair as they are not used to touching their eyes. However, after a bit of practice, the technique becomes second nature and it is actually quite easy. Check this quick on how to put in contact lenses.

4 – “Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck”

This is nonsense as contact lenses are specifically designed not to get stuck to the eye. If you leave them in too long they can become dry, which makes taking them out a little more difficult, but that is a problem easily solved with a couple of eye drops.

5 – “Contact Lenses Can Cause Eye Infections”

The contact lenses themselves won’t cause any eye infections, but you must make sure to follow the cleaning and storage instructions correctly and have your eyes checked by your optician every year to ensure you have the right lenses for your eyes.

6 – “Contact Lenses Can Get Dislodged Around the Eyeball”

This is actually impossible because of the thin membrane between your upper and lower eyelids which is what the lens actually sits on. This membrane is more than strong enough to prevent the lens from disappearing behind the eye.

7 – “Contact Lens Care is Time-Consuming”

Obviously, disposable contact lenses are only worn once and then thrown away, so there’s no time-consuming care involved with those, but even longer-lasting contact lenses are quite simple to clean and store correctly. You just remove them and place them in the container with the cleaning solution and you’re done.

8– “Contact Lenses Are Not Powerful Vision Correctors”

Contact lenses can actually correct many vision disorders including short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Manufacturers make all kinds of lenses suitable for all kinds of people with all kinds of vision correction needs.

9 – “Children Can’t Wear Contact Lenses”

Not actually true, though an under-18 will need the permission of a parent to do so. However there is absolutely no medical reason why teenagers and children can’t enjoy the benefits of contact lenses as well as adults.

10 – “Contact Lenses Are Expensive”

The cost of contact lenses has dropped quite dramatically in recent years, though there is no average price due to the many different kinds of prescription lenses that are available. Buying contact lenses online can also reduce your costs in a big way, assuming you have been checked by your optician in the last twelve months and know the exact kind of lenses you need.

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Top 10 Questions About Contact Lenses

Inserting A Contact Lens

Inserting A Contact Lens

Contact Lens Holder

Contact Lens Holder

Blue 3 Tone Contact Lens

Blue 3 Tone Contact Lens

To the uninitiated, using contact lenses can be an intimidating task. But are they really worth being nervous about, or is it a lot of fuss over nothing? Here’s a list of the top ten questions asked about contact lenses, and especially the use of cosmetic colored contact lenses:

Are Contact Lenses Safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe to wear. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage and make sure you store them correctly and they will not cause you any harm. If you have suffered an eye condition in the past then you would be best advised to consult your optician before wearing cosmetic contact lenses, just to be on the safe side.

Who Can Wear Contact lenses?

Studies have shown that children as young as eight years old can handle and care for prescription contact lenses, though most opticians would not advise them for pre-teens. It’s not just about the eye and whether it can adapt to contact lens use, but also about the maturity and personal hygiene levels of the user. It should be noted however that the cosmetic contact lenses available in the You Know It store are designed specifically for adult eyes and are not guaranteed to fit anyone under 18. Some eye conditions and seriously impaired vision can also make them unsuitable, so if you suffer from any of these then consult with your optician before wearing them.

How Do You Wear Contact Lenses?

Inserting a contact lens can be tricky at first until you get used to it. There are plenty instructions available online and we have a step-by-step guide here at You Know it. You’ll need clean fingers and a steady hand, but once you get used to touching your eye, it is really quite a simple process.

How Can I Touch My Eye?

It helps to get used to touching your eye without a lens, and you will find that this concern is shared by more males than females as women are often more used to activity around their eyes due to their experiences in applying make-up. A good tip for getting used to touching your eye is to put a warm drop of water on your finger and bring it gently to touch your eye. The water will have a numbing effect on the eye and you may not even feel it when your finger touches. It can be daunting at first, but everyone gets used to it very quickly and you’ll soon wonder what all the fuss was about.

How Do You Store & Clean Contact Lenses?

You must always use the contact lens cleaning solution by filling a Cosmetic Contact Lens Storage Case with it and then immerse the lenses in the solution. You can give them a little shake for a more intensive clean but never, ever wipe them as this can irreparably damage them. Clean before and after use to ensure they remain in good condition.

What Are Colored Contact Lenses Made Of?

All colored contact lenses available in You Know It store are designed to be soft and flexible, although the exact composition can vary from brand to brand. For example, ColourVue Contact Lenses are made from their patented Hydrogel material which helps keeps your eyes hydrated all day long, though even the standard lenses feature a 38% water content which helps keep your eyes feeling fresh all day. They are manufactured according to the EU Cosmetics Directive and packaged in a sterile buffered isotonic saline.

Do Colored Contacts Work on Dark Eyes?

Absolutely. Not too long so you would have had trouble finding good color-changing contacts for dark eyes, but new advances in the technology means that there are plenty of options for dark eyed people today. Read our in-depth information page on Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes.

How Long Do Colored Contact Lenses Last?

All the contact lenses can be stored (unopened) for up to twelve months, but once opened we can only recommend their use for between 30 and 90 days. If you intend to use them on multiple occasions then you will need to clean and store them correctly to ensure they last as long as possible. Also avoid wearing them when your eyes will come into contact with water, such as swimming or showering.

How Long Can I Keep Them In?

You should only wear them for up to eight hours at a time, which is more than plenty of time for you to enjoy their effect at a party or special occasion. You shouldn’t sleep in cosmetic contact lenses either and once again ensure you clean them properly before and after each use to maximize their usage.

Will Colored Contacts Lenses Impair My Vision?

No, color contact lenses won’t impair your vision because the part of the contact lens that covers the pupil is transparent. However, the lenses should be handled and stored correctly to ensure they remain perfectly clean.

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Iconic eyes of Iconic Characters

There have been plenty of iconic characters hitting our screens over the years from wise-cracking heroes to terrifying bad guys, and it’s usually these characters that make the best cos-plays for parties or conventions. A lot of them are surprisingly easy to replicate as well, especially with the addition of the right colored contact lenses. Here are three of my all time favorites with a few tips on how to acquire their look for a costume party.

King Joffrey

Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones

Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones

Jack Gleason’s performance as Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones has been hailed as one of the greatest small screen villains of all time. The despicable boy king has managed to unite entire nations in hatred of him and his enfant terrible ways. It’s for this reason that Joffrey is one of the hottest looks to imitate for costume parties and fan conventions around the world, and it’s pretty easy to do. Acquire some regal looking clothes, preferably with some Lannister-gold trim, a straw-like blonde wig ideally twinned with a minimalist crown tilted ever so jauntily atop the head, and then the pièce de résistance: those cruel, piercing eyes which you can replicate with these electric blue contact lenses. Don’t forget to squeal I AM THE KING every few minutes, though do be prepared to get slapped a lot.

The Terminator

The Terminator fancy dress costume idea.

The Terminator fancy dress costume idea

If you want villains though, then one of the greatest of all time is the original Terminator. He might have become a big softy in the sequels, but Arnold’ Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of both the original unstoppable machine and the vulnerable good guy version of the first sequel have ensured the iconic status of the T-800. It’s an awesome costume to create as well. All you will need is a large green army jacket to be the original Terminator, or a black leather jacket to be the hasta-la-vista-baby version of Terminator 2 (arguably the more iconic version). Then get some theatrical make-up and design a wound surrounding one of your eyes, then fill in it with the metallic silver shine of the Terminator’s exo-skeleton exposed by the wound. Now just wear these Terminator contact lenses which feature one black lens and one red lens to represent the Terminator’s real eye beneath the fake skin. All you need then is somebody’s clothes, boots and a motorcycle. No problemo.

The Swan Queen

The Swan Queen fancy dress costume

The Swan Queen fancy dress costume

The most iconic eyes featured in films of the last few years are probably those belonging to Natalie Portman’s dark alter-ego in the psychological ballet thriller Black Swan. It’s another pretty easy look to mimic, assuming you don’t mind pulling on a tutu. Add some pale face paint and dark eye make-up in the shape of swan wings and then freak your friends out by wearing some colored contact lenses to finish off the look.


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Special FX Contact Lenses

If you have a costume in mind, or simply just want to make a cool impact then the Special FX Contact Lenses are well worth checking out. You can create dramatic, theatrical or scary eyes by wearing Special FX Contact Lenses, making them ideal for parties and other sociable events. You can choose a pair of Special FX Contact Lenses by colour, price or latest which makes the whole process quick and easy.

Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses Pair

Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses

Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses

For a look that nobody will forget in a hurry, try out these stunning Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses, you will definitely get some second, third and probably fourth glances from these babies. The Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses have a sulphur looking yellow ring, which appears to seep out from behind the pupil. You can wear these Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses with a demon, alien or ghoul costume, or simply put them in for the super reactions that will flow in. These excellent Eclipse Crazy Contact Lenses are by ColourVue which means comfort, safety and impressive designs.

Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses

Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses

Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses

You will make heads turn and stare with these amazing Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses, the bright red and yellow gives the surreal imagery of eyes literally alight. The fiery Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses will completely cover your natural eye colour, creating all the focus on your hot eyes. You can comfortably wear the Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses all day long, whilst enjoying hydrated eyes thanks to ColourVue’s patented Hydrogel material used. You can enjoy a 90 day life span on these Wild Fire Crazy Contact Lenses once they have been opened.

Anaconda Crazy Contact Lenses

Anaconda Crazy Contact Lenses

Anaconda Crazy Contact Lenses

For a pair of slithering snake eyes, check out these awesome Anaconda Crazy Contact Lenses. The classic signature vertical snake pupil looks fantastic down the centre of these electric green Anaconda Crazy Contact Lenses. You can dress up in pretty much any outfit with these eyes, they are sure to bring out the smooth side of you in no time at all. The Anaconda Crazy Contact Lenses have a 90 day life span once they have been opened, so you can wear them again and again.

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Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Have some fun this year and wear our eye-catching range of non prescription colored contacts. These bold and attention-grabbing lenses are available in a wide range of designs, life spans, colors and water contents which will instantly update your look. Whether you’re after some natural looking 3 tone lenses, mesh contacts for fancy dress or a pair of block colored lenses, you will be able to find them here at

Aqua 3 Tone Funky Eyes Contact Lenses

Aqua 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Aqua 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Everyone will enjoy wearing these attractive aqua 3 tone Funky Eyes contact lenses. The gorgeous rich shades of aqua, brown and black will definitely uplift your style. Our fantastic quality lenses come in a wide range of designs which will certainly turn heads! With a life span of 90 days once opened, you will be able to wear these beauties all day long. The beautiful blend of colors will instantly open up your eyes and make them glitter with style. Everyone will be impressed with your striking new look and will definitely want a pair of aqua 3 tone contacts to coordinate with all their favourite outfits and accessories.

Colour Vision Violet Contact Lenses

Violet Contact Lenses

Violet Contact Lenses

Update your look with a cute pair of violet contact lenses by Colour Vision. These attractive block color lenses will instantly open up your eyes and will add a touch of girly glamour to your overall look. Their fantastic 38% water content will keep your eyes feeling fresh, hydrated and cool all day long. Wear these amazing 1 year life span contacts to all your parties, concerts, special occasions and much more! It’s very easy to achieve big and beautiful eyes thanks to our shimmering violet contacts lenses which will define your eyes.

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Can I Wear Colored Lenses at Airports?

Wearing colored contact lenses while travelling through an airport is an issue of growing concern for travelers, with regard to how they will be received by the security checkpoints. It’s an important issue because as the popularity of colored lenses continues to rise, airport security measures also increase. So when, if ever, is it okay to change your eye color by wearing blue, brown or green contact lenses when travelling by air? Will the airport security agents haul you into a back room for additional checks if your eye color doesn’t exactly match that of your passport?

In all probability, the answer is no. However, some countries like the United States understandably have more airport security than others, so it is probably a good idea to be prepared to remove your lenses when travelling through US airports, especially the major ones like JFK.

Airport Terminal Sign Check In

Customs & Border Protection & Colored Contact Lenses

Travelers disembarking a plane in the US will ultimately need to travel through the Customs and Border Protection line, where they will be photographed and fingerprinted, so it is here that it is most likely to be noticed that your eyes are perhaps currently blue while your passport peepers are brown. Again, it is unlikely to cause a problem, but do be prepared to remove them should you encounter a particularly enthusiastic security agent.

Before then, your eyes are unlikely to be noticed, especially if travelling from outside the States. Airline check-ins are more concerned with matching the passport details to the airline ticket, plus ensuring the traveler is legally permitted to fly to the States. The main security checks where your bags and belongings are x-rayed do not require your passport to be checked again, so you certainly won’t face any issues there.

Once through the check-in and main security search, your passport will again be checked to match with your boarding pass, but again the airport staff’s main concern is that the two documents match up. You will of course be subjected to a perfunctory check to ensure your face matches that of the passport picture, but it will most likely be things like your nose and mouth shape, eyebrows and general appearance which will be examined. Your eye color is unlikely to draw much scrutiny here as the rest of your face will match up with your passport picture.

Security Checks & Changes of Appearance

Where difficulties might arise is if you have completely changed your appearance by cutting or growing your hair, or growing or shaving a beard. Weight gain or loss can also change the shape of faces, and these changes may cause the airport staff to double their scrutiny of you. These appearance-changing factors should be considered if you intend to wear colored lenses on a flight, but if you look much like you do in your passport picture, then a change of eye color shouldn’t be an issue prior to boarding the plane.


Green 3 Tone Contact Lenses


Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses


Brown 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Never Wear Colored Lenses in Passport Pictures

One thing that should be mentioned is that under no circumstances should you wear colored lenses in your passport photo. It’s akin to wearing a hat or even sunglasses for your passport picture. We wrote a blog about this particular issue last year, so you can read more about our Colored Contact Lens Passport Warning at the link. In brief, it’s a very serious problem should you do it and it will result in your passport being rendered completely invalid.

Additional Contact Lens Airport Concerns

While many folks might want to wear colored lenses while travelling for fashion and style reasons, some people like to wear them for more functional reasons. For example, one blue eyed person enquiring about the legality of wearing colored lenses through airport security was concerned because they liked to wear darker brown lenses which they felt protected their eyes from the intense glare of airport lights. The lights gave this traveler headaches which the darker lenses helped protect against. Other travelers may have tinted or colored prescription lenses which help correct a vision disorder.

Whatever the reason for wearing lenses while flying, always ensure to keep some wet eye drops on your person as the change in air pressures throughout the different parts of the flight can dry eyes out, especially when wearing any type of contact lenses. This is particularly important if you are on a long haul flight from one side of America to the other, or perhaps travelling to or from Europe or another far flung part of the world. Of course, you must also remember not to carry any liquids over 100ml or they’ll be confiscated at the security gate, so make sure your wet eye drops bottle is no bigger than that.

To sum up, it might be worthwhile to leave purely aesthetic lenses off if travelling long distances to arrive in a major US airport, but even then you can simply be prepared to remove them at the final check-through should it be required.

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