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Colored Contact Lens Passport Warning

April 23rd, 2014

Similar to dyeing your hair another color, wearing a pair of glasses or putting on a wig, colored contact lenses can make you look significantly different. If your natural eye color is brown and you wear a pair of bright blue contacts, your features, skin tone, hair color and whole appearance can look different. It stands to reason therefore that when having your passport photo taken you should avoid wearing colored contact lenses.

Traveling Abroad Smoothly

Pack your colored contacts for holiday but don't wear them at the airport to prevent possible complications.

Pack your colored contacts for holiday but don’t wear them at the airport to prevent possible complications.

With strict guidelines and stringent checks in place, getting through passport control and traveling on planes can be time-consuming, stressful and a general headache. Having a proper passport that satisfies the standards required will ensure you are able to travel from country to country freely. If your passport photo does not adhere to the required standards, your passport paperwork is likely to be returned, delaying your travel plans.

Passport photos need to capture the true resemblance of an individual. Consequently wearing items or concealing parts of your face that hampers your true visual identity will result in your passport application being denied. With the phenomenal growth and popularity of colored contact lenses, which can dramatically change your look, the government had warned about wearing colored contacts while having your passport photograph taken.

Not just in the US

Don't risk the chance of being refused entry to other country.

Don’t risk the chance of being refused entry to other country.

It’s not only in the United States where the use of colored contacts are being warned against on passport photos. Last month, officials in Taiwan urged nationals not to wear colored or circle lenses while taking passport photos to avoid being denied entering other countries. Michael Yin, deputy head for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Bureau of Consular Affairs, announced they had received reports of nationals of Taiwan being denied entrance into foreign countries because their passport photos were noticeably different from their actual appearance.

“Some custom officials in the United States and in the European Union have difficulties matching the photographs on R.O.C passports and the people holding them because the passport holders were wearing circle or colored contact lens when they took the photographs,” said Yin reported The China Post.

Whilst wearing these fashionable and decorative lenses does not violate official International Civil Aviation Organization regulations, Taiwanese officials are advising nationals to avoid doing so in order to prevent visa applications from being denied or access into foreign countries being forbidden. The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), which deals with the visa applications for nationals of Taiwan, recently posted advice on its official website that colored contacts are not acceptable as part of its photo specifications when applying for a US visa.

The bottom line is take your colored contacts on holiday with you by all means, but avoid wearing them when you have your passport photograph taken or when traveling.

What Every Contact Lens Sleeper Should Know

April 21st, 2014

Nearly every contact lens wearer has been guilty of it once or twice – accidentally falling asleep in their contact lenses in. While almost everyone does it at one point or another, the bottom line is you should endeavor to take your lenses out every night to avoid putting your optical health at risk.

The FDA has warned of the dangers of contact lens misuse, including failing to remove them at night. So what exactly are the risks associated with sleeping in contact lenses?

Corneal Neovascularization

Due to the various possible causes of corneal neovascularization, it is important to rule out conditions not related to contact lens wear before making a definitive diagnosis.

There are many causes of Corneal Neovascularization including extended wear of contact lenses. Find out more here!

When you sleep in contacts you run the risk of developing Corneal Neovascularization. This disease of the eyes occurs when not enough oxygen reaches the eyes. With a deprivation of oxygen, abnormal blood vessels grow in the usually clear and translucent cornea. Sufferers of the disease can develop mild to severe decrease of vision. While anyone can develop Corneal Neovascularization it is mainly associated with extended use of contact lenses.

Corneal Ulcers

People who wear contact lenses to bed are at an increased risk of corneal ulcers.

People who wear contact lenses to bed are at an increased risk of corneal ulcers. Find out more here!

A Corneal Ulcer is an open sore that is formed on the clear layer of the front of the eye known as the cornea. You may notice a number of symptoms before the ulcer is actually formed. Your eyes may become itchy, watery and a discharge may start leaking from them. Some sufferers also experience a burning or stinging infection in the eye. When the ulcer is formed it is typically accompanied by inflammation of the eye, blurred vision, swollen eyelids, sensitivity to light, excessive tearing, sore eyes, a white spot on the cornea and you may feel like you have something in your eye.

This infection can be caused by a number of factors, including wearing contact lenses for too long and sleeping in them. All corneal ulcers should be seen to immediately by a medic to prevent blindness.

CLARE Disease

There are many causes of CLARE Disease including Conjunctivitis. Find out more here.

There are many causes of CLARE Disease including Conjunctivitis. Find out more here!

If you sleep in your contact lenses you also put yourself at risk of contracting CLARE disease. CLARE stands for ‘Contact Lens Acute Red Eye’. The symptoms of this infection of the eye include redness, pain in the eye and sensitivity to light.


Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) is a type of allergic conjunctivitis caused by prolonged mechanical irritation. Find out more here!

GPC is a type of allergic conjunctivitis caused by prolonged mechanical irritation. Find out more here!

There is also a condition known as GPC which can be caused by a prolonged use of contacts and sleeping in them. GPC stands for ‘Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis’ and consists of small bumps occurring under the eyelids. Sufferers of GPC usually experience mucous discharge and severe itching, particularly when the lenses are removed.

Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Acanthamoeba eye infections in contact lens wearers are rare but serious. Find out more here!

Acanthamoeba eye infections in contact lens wearers are rare but serious. Find out more here!

Acanthamoeba Keratitis is a much rarer disease associated with sleeping in contact lenses. It is however one that all contact lens wearers should be aware of. With Acanthamoeba Keratitis amoebae invade the cornea, which causes redness, discomfort and, if left untreated, could even result in permanent impairment to sight.

With the necessary care and attention, including taking your contact lenses out before you go to sleep, the above diseases and conditions are all preventable. recommend that lenses should never be worn for longer than eight hours at any one time or overnight. Lenses should be cared for and stored proper at room temperature to prevent the risk of diseases.

A Cat’s Eye View

April 18th, 2014

Ever had that creepy feeling when you’re in the company of a cat and its attention is caught by something but there doesn’t appear to be anything there? A cold shiver ambles up your spine as they stare intently at what seems to be nothing. What could it be? Are they seeing other-worldly apparitions we can’t see with our boring human eyes?

No, don’t be silly, But cats do have very different eyesight to humans and it’s likely they are simply looking at different shades and shadows our eyes don’t pick up. Scientific research has revealed that cats have wider periphery vision than humans, with a 200 degree visual field compared to our 180 degree vision, but you might be surprised to learn that their daytime eyesight is actually poorer than humans.

Cats Have Wider Periphery Vision Than Humans

Cats Have Wider Periphery Vision Than Humans

Cats Eyes Compared to Human Eyes

Cats see fewer colors and less detail in the bright light of day than we do, which might lead to them finding interesting things to stare at where we just see a wall. We can see it clearer, so it’s just a wall to us, but if our vision was a little blurrier and a little less defined then we might find ourselves staring at random blotches and splodges for longer than necessary as well. Cats’ eyesight comes into its own at night time though, where they don’t lose so much detail in the shadows as we do. Artist Nickolay Lamm released a series of pictures last year comparing the view of a human to a cat’s and it’s quite astonishing the difference between a cat’s daytime detail and their night vision.

Cats Have Better Vision Than Humans at Night

Learn How Cats See Things

Evolutionary Balancing Act

Most probably an evolutionary result of their preference for hunting at night, their poorer vision during the day is due to their eyes adapting to see better in the dark, though their daytime eyesight is still pretty impressive when you consider the instant blindness that happens to a human wearing night-vision goggles when you shine a light at them. Many purely nocturnal animals have also developed excellent night vision but at the expense of being practically blind in the daylight. Cats have found a happy medium, even if that happy medium does result in a few random nothings being stared at.


Strike a Pose in Cat Eye Lenses

Human & Cat Eye Crossover

Unfortunately, wearing a pair of cats eye colored contact lenses isn’t going to give you improved night-vision; only eating your carrots as a child will do that. But the good news is that with the superb contact lens material used nowadays, you don’t have to suffer any vision impairment either. Ladies can hog the limelight at a fancy dress party or costume convention by decking themselves out in head-to-toe black leather or latex, arming themselves with a cat o’ nine tails whip and wearing these amazing cats eye contact lenses to become the ultimate Catwoman.

Men can get in on the act as well, recreating the famous Thunder Cat heroes like Lion-O and Panthro using cats eye contact lenses, depending on how hairy or bald you are. You can also use cat eyes contacts to affect a reptilian appearance, should you desire to masquerade as a high level Scientologist for an evening. So while we can’t acquire the superior night-vision of a cat, affecting the appearance of cats’ eyes with colored contact lenses is one of the best ways of creating a costume that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Just don’t go climbing any trees after a few drinks as the firemen who rescue you won’t be as sympathetic when you get stuck.


Night Vision Contact Lenses

April 16th, 2014

The future of contact lenses looks extremely bright, literally. Night-vision contact lenses are a step closer to being established after researchers created a tiny infrared light detector which is small enough to fit on a contact lens.

According to a Sky report, scientist Zhaihui Zhong, of the University of Michigan, said that unlike comparable infrared night detectors available which require cooling equipment to work, the night-vision contact lenses can run at room temperature. The design is built so slim “it can be stacked on a contact lens or integrated with a cell phone,” Zhong told Sky News.

Night Vision View

Night Vision View

The research team began developing the night-vision lenses with a graphene. A graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that can sense the entire spectrum of infrared. However, currently the lens can only absorb approximately 2% of the light that hits the it. This means it cannot regularly produce a detectable electrical signal.The infrared detector is currently the size of a small fingernail. The team however says the size can easily be scaled down.

“The challenge for the current generation of graphene-based detectors is that their sensitivity is typically very poor. It’s a hundred to a thousand times lower than
what a commercial device would require. If we integrate it with a contact lens
or other wearable electrons, it expands your vision”
said Professor Zhong.

Contact lenses are increasingly being integrated and utilised into innovative modern technology. Earlier this year Google unveiled ‘smart contact lenses’, designed to help people living with diabetes monitor sugar levels in their blood. Using a miniature wireless chip and a tiny glucose sensor embedded between two layers of lens material, the ‘smart contact lens’ can measure glucose levels in tears.


The Future Of Contact Lenses is Looking Bring

The smart contact lenses are so small that, according to Google, they look like bits of glitter. The company also added that a “lot more work” was required to perfect the lenses before the technology can be worn everyday.

“It’s still early days for this technology, but we’ve completed multiple clinical research studies which are helping to refine our prototype,” Google said in a blog post.

Exciting times for wearable technology

There has been a significant increase in the number of companies looking to develop in the wearable technology sector. It has to be said, innovative contact lenses seem to be at the forefront of the current drive for wearable technology.

The possibilities of wearable technology could be endless

The possibilities of wearable technology could be endless

Last year plans for the ‘Contact Lens Computer‘ were unveiled. Soft contact lenses that could display information to the wearer and provide continuous medical monitoring are being developed. Built by several research institutions, including Samsung, the innovative contact lenses use new nanomaterials to solve some of the problems that have made contact lens medical monitoring and displays not a practical or viable solution.

From lenses that give you bright blue eyes when your natural color is brown to night-vision contacts creating a “new way to detect light”, it seems that virtually anything is possible with contact lenses.

Contact Lenses for Casinos

April 14th, 2014

Contact lenses have come along way since the late nineteenth century when the Swiss physician A. E. Fick invented the first contact lens. Who would have thought not much more than a century after Fick’s bulky glass lenses we’d be wearing contacts to change the color of our eyes, as theatrical accessories and to cheat casinos.

Yes you did read correctly, in October 2011 a gang cheated a casino out of £55,000 (approximately $92,000) by wearing special contact lenses that enabled them to see invisible ink on marked cards. According to reports, the gang made two separate trips to a poker table in a casino in Cannes, France. The staff were confused to how the gang managed to win on two successive trips, walking away with a cool £55,000 altogether.

At first even the police were stumped at how the three Italian men secured their windfall. Initially they thought the fraudsters may have been using cameras but a further investigation revealed that invisible marks on the back of the cards were being used. A line denoted an ace, a cross was and king, and being able to see the invisible marks through the high tech contact lenses, gave the men a significant advantage in the game of Poker.


The Daily Mail Reports on Casino Cheated Out of 55K

Infrared Lenses

According to The Telegraph the men, codenamed “Parmesan”, managed to mark the cards with invisible ink. They then used infrared lenses, which they purchased online for 2,000 Euros from a Chinese company. The infrared lenses enables the fraudsters to see the invisible ink and read their competitor’s hands.

Strange Behavior

The casino’s lawyer said the alarm was raised after the men secured ongoing success. The men were sentenced. One received a 100,000 Euro fine and a two-and-a-half prison sentence. His accomplice was also fined 100,000 Euros and given a three-year sentence. The last man was fined 50,000 Euros and sentenced to prison for 30 months.

“Security found his behavior rather strange as he won very easily and, above all, because he folded twice when he had an excellent hand, suggesting he knew the croupier’s cards,” said the lawyer.

Casino Cheaters

The Telegraph Reports on Casino Contact Lenses

Advances in Contact Lens Technology

As technology advances at prolific speeds the uses and capabilities of contact lenses are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Asides aiding criminals in their quest to cheat casinos, contact lenses are being developed with a whole host of innovation in mind. For example, high tech contacts are being developed to help the referee in a game of soccer keep a closer eye on the action occurring on the pitch.

These highly sophisticated lenses will bring real-time information from sensors placed in the players’ boots, possibly bringing an end to controversial decisions, such as giving unfair penalties and red cards. From enabling people to see much clearer, to giving us the color eyes we’ve always dreamed of, from helping a gang of casino fraudsters beat an almost unbeatable casino system in Cannes to helping referees gauge a clearer picture on the soccer pitch, it’s safe to say it’s exciting times ahead for contact lenses.

Best Disney Movie Contact Lenses

April 11th, 2014

There’s nothing quite like Disney to fondly take us back to our childhood. In fact what could be more fun than dressing in a Disney costume? Asides the flamboyant make up, unruly wigs and recognizable costumes, why not really enhance the Disney character look by replicating the character’s eyes. This can of course be achieved with optimal results by wearing a pair of colored contact lenses. To ensure you achieve the right Disney look, take a look at the following Disney movies with the strongest eye colors.

Disney’s Rapunzel in Tangled

The beautiful princess Rapunzel who appears in Walt Disney’s 50th animated feature film in 2010, Tangled, isn’t just instantly recognizable for yards and yards of luscious blonde locks, but also for those huge green eyes. Rapunzel’s gentle and innocent green eyes puts everyone that looks at her under her spell. You too can achieve such a mesmerizing look by wearing a pair of green big eyes contact lenses. Complement your new Disney Rapunzel-like eyes by wearing a pretty pink dress and of course a long, blonde wig.


Take a Look at our Wide Range of Movie Lenses

The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

Premiering on July 26, 1951, Alice in Wonderland was Walt Disney’s thirteenth animated feature film. This classic fairytale and its magical characters have been reproduced and replicated in many different guises in the ensuing decades. One of the most memorable characters in Alice in Wonderland is of course the Mad Hatter. In 2010 Johnny Depp played an incredible portrayal of the Mad Hatter. Depp’s costume couldn’t have been more convincing. The frizzy red hair that looked like the Mad Hatter had been electrocuted was complemented impeccably with a pair of hypnotically Mad Hatter green contact lenses. You too can recreate this freakishly provocative look with a crazy red wig, a lofty top hat and a pair of enchanting green contact lenses.


Get the Mad Hatter’s Eye-Catching Style

Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid

Who can blame guys for wanting to dress up as a handsome prince to a fancy dress party? And who could be more handsome than Prince Eric of the 1989 Disney animated film The Little Mermaid. The character is based on the ‘prince’ character in the Hans Christian Anderson story “The Little Mermaid”. Asides his floppy black hair, black knee-length boots and friendly smile sporting pearly-white teeth, it’s Prince Eric’s big blue eyes that never fail to woo the ladies. Surely no eyes can be this deep blue naturally? They can with a pair of deep blue contacts – Come on lads if you want to find your own Rapunzel at a forthcoming fancy dress party, simply dress as Prince Eric, and don’t forget the contacts.


Blue Contact Lenses will Give You a Dreamy Look

Match Your Outfit With Your Eye Color

April 10th, 2014

You can forget about matching your hair color with your outfit, as these days it’s all about coordinating the color of your eyes with the shades of your attire. With a wide spectrum of beautiful hues at your disposal, it can be difficult to acclimatize to having blue eyes one week, green the next and violet the following week. Wearing a suitably-colored outfit can help your overall look adjust to your new eyes. Take a look at the following advice to matching your outfit with the color of your eyes.

Green Eyes

Scarlett Johansson Green Eye Outfit

Scarlett Johansson Green Eye Outfit

Green is an enchanting color. These mesmerizing tones should be enhanced to the maximum with some wisely chosen clothes. Purples and plums work great with a pair of gorgeous deep green eyes. From a paler lavender to a rich shade of deep purple, these fashionable colors will intensify green eyes. Darker reds also work well with green eyes. Think rich burgundies, deep wines, and dark clarets to bring additional sparkle to those stunning green eyes. Also, don’t be afraid to wear makeup that has these complementary tones in. Purple, violet and lavender eye-shadow augments the green tones of the eyes.

Hazel Eyes

Jessica Alba, Hazel eyes and Pink top

Jessica Alba, Hazel eyes and Pink top

The beauty of hazel contacts is they often include specks of lighter tones, such as gold and burnt orange. Pink can work well with the multi-hued hazel eyes. A silky pink dress will look ultra-sexy with eyes this color. With the summer coming, wear a pair of nude platform sandals that will emphasis both the pretty dress and those gorgeous eyes.

A black dress will also look great with a pair of hazel contact lenses. Being set against a dark and solid background will cause your eyes to gleam. Wear a pair of black sandals to finish off the sultry look.

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes, Black Dress Combo

Blue Eyes, Black Dress Combo

Apart from being sexy, sassy and utterly gorgeous, one of the greatest components of blue eyes is they can be manipulated to either look lighter or darker depending on your choice of outfit. For example, a pretty light blue top and a pair of light blue skinny jeans will bring out the lighter blue tones in your blue eyes. By contrast, opting for darker shades, such as black tops, a dark gray dress or a black suit will emphasis the deepness of the blue, making the eyes appear darker.

Pink can also look great with blue eyes. Wear a baby pink dress or a pale pink top to cast a pleasantly contrasting look.

If you’re wanting to create a subtle more demure look avoid contact lenses that are too conspicuous and ‘loud’. For an earthier look in which your eye color looks like it might be your natural color, wear a pair of natural contact lenses that will cleverly blend into your whole outfit. For more ideas check out the Youknowit Pinterest.

Is It Bad to Share Contact Lenses?

April 7th, 2014

You can share most things with your best friends but can you share your contact lenses? This is the kind of question that we suspect, through logic, the answer is no but it has not been ‘confirmed’. To set the record straight, your suspicions are right, you should never share your contact lenses with anyone. But why?

Risk of Exchanging Germs

The eyes are moist and if you have an eye infection contact lenses can allow germs to thrive. If therefore you gave your lenses, whether they’re colored contacts or lenses to aid vision, to a friend to wear, the lenses could carry the bacteria from your eyes to your friends’. Likewise if you were to wear your best friend’s stunning pair of blue contacts to a party on Saturday night, you could run the risk of picking up an infection.


Read our Contact Lens Care Page for More Information

The Risk of a Sty

Whilst styes are mostly harmless, they can be irritating and upsetting. There are several causes of styes. Not washing your hands properly and touching your eyes can lead to the formation of these red lumps to appear. Likewise not rinsing contact lenses properly, and wearing somebody else’s contact lenses.

The risk of infection and styes are not the only reason why shouldn’t swap and wear other people’s contact lenses. Similar to how you wouldn’t wear a friend’s of member of your family’s prescription glasses for the simple reason they have been specifically optimized to aid somebody else’s vision, the same precaution should be taken with contact lenses.

Unless they are a pair of colored or fashion contacts (which should not be swapped either due to reasons mentioned above) wearing another person’s personal optical devices could make you strain your own eyes and may result in blurred vision and even giving you a headache.


See Our Frequently Asked Question Page

An Incorrect Fit

Contact lenses for optical reasons are individually fitted. In therefore wearing another person’s lenses, the contacts will not be correctly fitted to your eye shape or size. This can result in permanent eye injury and may even lead to blindness.

It’s not just wearing contact lenses that belong to a friend of member of your family that could potentially cause infections and be dangerous. Failing to dispose of the lenses within the recommended usability time-frames can also cause problems.

You should always discard of contact lenses, whether they are for cosmetic purposes or visual, as indicated on the accompanying instructions or by your optician or doctor. Also, as your knew deep down anyway, never share contact lenses with anyone.

Hypnotize your Lover with Spiral Contacts

April 4th, 2014

“Look into my eyes and you will not be able to resist me.” It might be to rouse passion into your relationship or to try and get your partner to give into something you want, if you’re looking for ways to hypnotize your lover, spiral contact lenses might be the hypnotizing aid you’re looking for.

Or perhaps you’re going to a fancy dress party, a festival or an all-night rave and what to look hypnotically fabulous? Whatever your aspirations are for being noticed and mesmerizing everyone that looks your way, spiral contact lenses guarantee to generate results.

Angelina Jolie Sporting Spiral Contact Lenses

Angelina Jolie Sporting Spiral Contact Lenses

Featuring spirals that embed onto your iris, these crazy contact lenses give the illusion that the spirals are coming out of your pupil – perfect for creating a freaky look to accomplish a Halloween costume or outfit in which getting noticed and rousing controversy is at the core.

What’s more, these fun and funky contact lenses come in a multitude of colors meaning they can be used to change people’s emotions.

Red Spiral Contact Lenses

Red Spiral Contact Lenses

Red Spiral Contact Lenses

For example, wearing a pair of red spiral contact lenses would not only make your eyes stand out like never before, but they could also help you feel dramatic, bold, not to mention blood-thirsty. The obvious occasion to wear these freaky contacts would be to a party in which vampires were present.

Black and White Spiral Contact Lenses

Black and white is a seriously mesmerizing combination, particularly when the tones are submerged into a playful spiral pattern. From enchanting babies in a book to transfixing toddlers, black and white patterns has long been a potent parental soother.

Spiral Contact Lenses

Spiral Contact Lenses

Thanks to the arrival of black and white spiral contacts, you can now mesmerize all who cast their eyes upon you. This particular color of spiral contact lens is perfect when you feel like making an edgy fashion statement. You might be going to a festival, clubbing or to a fancy dress party and are striving to turn up in the most conspicuous, attention-grabbing outfit possible – black and white spiral contacts will certainly help generate the desired look.

White Glow Swirl Contact Lenses

UV Spiral Contact Lenses - Perfect for Partys

UV Spiral Contact Lenses – Perfect for Partys

Not satisfied with swirls alone? Why not throw some glow-power into the mix and wear a pair of glow white swirl contact lenses. Designed to glow under UV light, these spiral-designed lenses with their glowing white tones are the perfect accessory for ensuring you stand out and get noticed at a club with UV lighting. And generating this much attention is bound to lift your spirits.

Create a hypnotizing effect on everyone who looks into your eyes by wearing a pair of i-Glow White Swirl Contact Lenses.

Colored Contacts & Lip Tattoos Perfect for Hen Parties

April 3rd, 2014

If there is one night girls can afford to dress outrageously flamboyant and act atrociously appallingly, it’s on a hen do. Dressing up in outlandish outfits is a popular feature of many hen parties, as is the hen do goers dressing in similar outfits. In fact, it’s easy to recognize a group of girls enjoying a hen do on a night on the town or at an airport about to embark to sunnier climes, through their clothing, hairstyles and makeup.

As hen dos become increasingly lavish and flamboyant, so too do the outfits and accessories. If you’re arranging a hen do and are determined to outdo former hen parties in terms of unrestrained glamor, why not combine colored contacts with tip tattoos? Yes you did read correctly, why stop at the eye-catching assets colored contacts provide when you can to the same to your lips.


Try out Some Girly Pink Lenses for Your Hen Party

Group The Hens Together

Once upon a time, dressing in sexy school uniforms with fishnet stockings and back-combed hair was a daringly mischievous way to ensure a group on a hen do stood out and could be easily recognized. Take the common hen do aspiration to be ‘noticed’ further by enhancing the two most dominant features of the face – the eyes and the lips.

Instead of dressing all the ladies in the party in similar clothes, imprint their lips with purple violent lips. But why stop there? Complement their purple lips with some equally as dramatic purple contact lenses. You can rest assure that with these dramatic fashion statement accessories, the hens will be appropriately made up to dance till dawn and get up to all the mischief they are supposed to on a hen do.


Strut Your Stuff with Some Cheetah Lips

What About The Bride To Be?

One of the greatest components of lip tattoos and colored contacts is that they come is such a vast range of weird and wonderful colors. The creative ‘no bars held’ color and look these playful and fun accessories provide can be worked to your advantage when organizing a hen do.

For example, it is common at hen dos for the bride to be to dress in an outfit, accessories and makeup that makes her stand out from her friends and family attending the hen do. In this sense, if you are the fellow hen do attendees are adorning yourselves in eye-catching cheetah print lip tattoos, accompanied with equally as dazzling gold contact lenses, make the bride to be look significantly different by ensuring she wears a pair of pink contacts and pink lip tattoos.

It is safe to say you can have boundless fun experimenting with lip tattoos and colored contact lenses on a hen do and whichever color and style you opt for, you and the fellow hen do attendees are guaranteed to cause a stir and be noticed!

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